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Home Depot Cameras

$83.75 at Home Depot

Hilti's PMA 20 Extendable Compact Tripod is a must-have for use with your Hilti multi-directional lasers. Simply open the legs, se...t the desired height, and attach your measuring tool to begin working more effectively. This compact tripod will allow your hands to be free during your leveling projects, and it will allow you to move around while the tool stays in the desired location. Do not miss out on the Hilti PMA 20 Extendable Compact Tripod. Read More

Mini Gadgets
$179.99 at Home Depot

This watch has a stylish design that suits any occasion. Covert operators watching their budget will appreciate having a covert de...vice they can rely on for any event. The modern black face of the unit conceals a recorder capable of gathering video data. It also keeps time. This particular watch is the latest step in technology, providing not only a higher resolution than previous watch cameras, but also has a multitude of options that tailor it to your needs. High definition. It delivers 1920 x 1080 video at up to 30 fps. Images and sounds are stored safely within its internal memory. Water resistance. This model is water resistant for up to ten feet. Night Vision. Infrared sensors operate without indicator lights to allow covert night vision recording. Quick file transfer. Files transfer quickly and easily to any computer with the included USB cable. Read More

$29.99 at Home Depot

The Multi-device Tripod and Easel by CommuteMate is a gadget friendly display holder. This unique item gives you the flexibility t...o hold your Tablet (Kindle, iPad, other major tablets), smartphone, and digital camera. With the tablet you can go hands-free for easy web browsing, watching movies, sharing pictures with others or even using video chat without the hassle of holding the tablet. The CommuteMate multi-device works with digital cameras also. Simply attach the camera to the top of the holder and take still photos. Attachment included to support all cell phones from 1.75 inch to 3 inch inches wide to take still photos, play games, watch movies, video chat with ease. Made of ABS plastic with soft scratch-free, base grip for holding your tablet securely. Read More

$395.00 at Home Depot

The ingenious HC Cord Cam, a DVR built into an AC Adapter, is the perfect covert video recording system. This covert system a 4 GB SD card, USB cable, RCA output cable and remote control that provide greater control over resolution and motion sensitivity. The camera is built into the end of the cord. We left out no detail in this invention. Capture high resolution video using motion or remote control activation. When using motion activation, the camera will record for an interval of time every time it detects motion. This model gives you the option to choose between 1, 3, and 5 minute recording intervals. It also comes with a programmable time and date stamp you can show exactly when your evidence was gathered. 30 Second set up and you're ready to go. Since the whole system is powered by the power plug, you'll have no concerns about running out of power. Footage is stored to a removable SD card, giving the option of exchanging the card leaving the unit in place to continue surveillance and while you review the evidence you have. Read More

Bush Baby
$349.00 at Home Depot

The BB2 Wi-Fi Router 16GB is a perfect recording device. Almost every home these days has a Wi-Fi router. Some even have more than... one to get better coverage. This fully working refurbished Wireless N Wi-Fi Router is a perfect addition to any connected home and provides added security with a built in hidden camera, so you can keep track of your kids, a nanny, or simply want to keep an eye on your expensive electronics. Read More

Mini Gadgets
$99.00 at Home Depot

The flash drive hidden spy camera looks and functions like an ordinary flash drive. Yet this storage device conceals a DVR capable... of recording quality color video. Hang on a lanyard for discreet recording at the office or school, or to covertly record as a secret shopper or personal investigator. Motion activation mode. This unit takes quality video and stills at 720 x 480 at 27 frames per second for clear, easily discernible stills and video. The motion activation feature allows you to only capture video during the action, saving battery life and preventing you wasting hours sifting through footage of a silent empty room. Portable and easy to use. The flash drive needs no cables or batteries, making perfect for the covert operative on the go. It doesn't need to be plugged in. Recording is as simple as a touch of the button. Removable storage. This gadget supports up to 32GB microSD cards for storing hours of footage. Read More

$14.99 at Home Depot


Doberman Security
$129.00 at Home Depot

Doberman's comprehensive solution to Home Security. It includes a Wireless Alarm with 2 remote controls. Perfect for the front of ...your home. It also includes 4 Mini Entry Defenders with Chime, 6 Ultra Slim Window Alarms and 2 Door/Window Defenders. The ultra slim design of these alarms make them perfect for sliding glass doors and windows. Read More

$279.99 at Home Depot

Shop for Electrical at The Home Depot. This compact digital thermometer conceals a complete spy camera system. Hide it in plain si...ght by sticking it on a wall or placing it on a table, countertop, desktop or mantel. Great for any room in a house, an office, a hotel room, a meeting room, a garage or workshop, a retail store or anywhere there is a wall. Each HCDigitalThermo system contains a high grade covert video camera (great in low light), built in DVR and PIR motion sensor to preserve the battery life. With motion activation and time and date stamping, covert video operations have never been more simple, easy or fast! Records to a MicroSD card hidden inside the unit and remove the card every day or so to review the footage. Read More

Mini Gadgets
$199.00 at Home Depot

This compact mirrored clock conceals a hidden spy camera recording high resolution video. It can record up to 24 hours of 1280 x 9...60 color video. It supports up to 32 GB MicroSD cards. The wide viewing angle makes sure almost everything will get in the shot. Easy to use. The camera is operated by a simply designed remote control. Press to record or set to motion detection. Transfer files to your computer with the SD card or using the included USB cable. Whether you're looking for a nanny cam or to keep watch on your room while you're away the Mini Clock Cam Pro won't let you down. Read More

Mini Gadgets
$159.00 at Home Depot

Looks just like a bluetooth earpiece, no one will know that your discreetly taking color video recordings. Hiding a spy camera in ...a bluetooth is clever. Not only will the LED indicator alert you to whether you're filming or not look right at home on a bluetooth device, but they give you the freedom to talk to yourself without seeming weird. Unlike some devices, fiddling with it could actually increase the illusion rather than raise suspicions. Take anywhere. The earpiece is comfortable and can be worn all day. This device small and practical device looks right at home whether worn by business people, students, educators, security personal, journalists, law enforcement, or tourists. Quality color video and audio. Records 640x480 AVI files and 1280x1024 stills. Easy to use. Charge and manage your files simply with the included USB cord. The drivers are compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux. Read More

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