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Every parent needs a quality camera to capture her family's big events and daily doings. A standard digital camera is an affordable option that can deliver sharp photos that can be easily uploaded to your computer. Advanced models, including digital single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs), are more expensive but allow you to take higher-quality photos and print larger images. Casual users might be interested in a point-and-shoot Flip video camera or a waterproof camera for the beach or pool. And you always can personalize many set-ups with additional camera lenses or a tripod.

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Black, 24.2MP,5fps, ISO to 25,600, HD Full HD video recording up to 60 frames per second,Nikon SnapBridge technology with Bluetoot...h Low Energy (BLE) for wireless image transfer to compatible mobile devices,3.2" vari-angle LCD touchscreen lets you... read more


Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 40X optical zoom,3" high-resolution LCD screen (921,000 dots),Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for wirel...ess operation and image transfer with mobile devices read more


Video Equipment - From the stage to the studio, the classroom to the house of worship, there are countless good reasons musicians ...and media professionals need to be able to record quality video without investing in high-end video gear, which is why Sweetwater is happy to recommend the Sony HDR-CX675 Handycam. With its impressive low-light handling, heroic stabilization, and surround sound microphone system, this HD digital camcorder is ideal for capturing music events and performances in a wide range of environments. Between its fast and intelligent AF (auto focus) system, its 1.06" 16:9 wide-angle lens, and its cutting-edge Exmor R CMOS sensor, the Sony HDR-CX675 Handycam will ensure you never miss a beat.Sony HDR-CX675 Handycam HD Digital Camcorder at a Glance: Sophisticated stabilization and auto focus for ultra-clear footage. Cutting-edge optics, sensor, and image processor onboard. Impressive surround sound audio recording onboard. From your camera to your audience in no time flat. Also excellent for capturing high-resolution still images. Sophisticated stabilization and auto focus for ultra-clear footageYou can't always depend on whoever is behind the camera (including yourself) to have a steady hand or a superb grasp of changing focus on the fly. Luckily for you, the Sony HDR-CX675 Handycam has that covered. Its Balanced Optical SteadyShot technology features 5-axis Intelligent Active mode, which adjusts to shake, wobble, tilt, and more. You'll really notice this stabilization at work when you go from wide angle to telephoto. Likewise, the HDR-CX675's rapid AF response stays locked into focus, even during unexpected movements, which can be a real lifesaver when you're capturing a stage show.Cutting-edge optics, sensor, and image processor onboardThe Sony HDR-CX675 Handycam really shines when you need to get a clear picture in dimly lit clubs, dark rehearsal rooms, and other challenging low-light environments. Whether you're shooting in the tight confines of your living room or the broad expanse of an outdoor festival, the 1.05" wide-angle Sony G lens with up to 30 x optical zoom (with 60 x 2 Clear Image Zoom) makes it easy to frame your shots, while manual controls for aperture and shutter speed let you get under the hood. The HDR-CX675 Handycam's image encoding and processing side is no less impressive, starting with an extremely low-noise Exmor R CMOS sensor with variable depth of field and ending with the onboard BIONZ X image processor, which gives your footage a professional level of clarity and vibrance.Impressive surround sound audio recording onboardWhen you shoot in HD, the Sony HDR-CX675 Handycam's built-in Zoom microphone system lets you capture full 5.1 surround sound, making it easy to bring the full ambience of your performance straight to your audience. Although you have full control over your levels and great metering on the LCD screen, the HDR-CX675's Auto Gain function is a real lifesaver when recording live music and other performances where you can't fully anticipate level spikes. Likewise, automatic wind-noise reduction can rescue outdoor footage from sudden gusts of wind. Finally, the unique My Voice Canceling feature can automatically detect and reduce any sound (not just voices) coming from behind the camera, something you'll find extremely handy for blocking out crowd noise.From your camera to your audience in no time flatSocial media such as YouTube is an important part of our daily life here at Sweetwater, and we understand exactly how important it can be to get your footage out to your audience quickly. For starters, read more


Video Equipment - Zoom Q4n Handy Video Camera Starter Package, Video Camera s:2017-live-sound-bundle Video Cameras


Video Equipment - Between its solid optics, impressive imaging, and extremely flexible workflow options, the Sony HXR-NX100 NXCAM camcorder bridges the gap between serious hobbyist and professional video production. A full 29mm wide-angle Sony G lens in front of a cutting-edge 1.0"-type Exmor R CMOS sensor with Pixel Super Resolution Technology ensures that you'll get clean and clear video, from broad establishing shots down to 48 x zoom. Record in AVCHD or DV formats in full XAVC S 50 Mbit/s HD quality across two solid-state drives (spanning or redundantly) to accommodate any professional video workflow. And with settings such as Intelligent Auto and optical SteadyShot stabilization, you'll get perfect footage every time from your Sony HXR-NX100.Sony HXR-NX100 NXCAM Digital Camcorder at a Glance: Premium optics deliver stunning picture quality. Exmor R CMOS sensor offers superior imaging. Professional recording formats for serious workflows. Versatile memory management and expansion options. Intelligent Auto with 10 scenes delivers perfect results. Store, recall, and share your custom camera settings. Premium optics deliver stunning picture qualityStarting with the glass itself, the HXR-NX100's Sony G wide-angle lens and 12 x optical zoom sets the tone for the excellence you can expect from this NXCAM digital camcorder. This lens's fixed 29mm wide-angle configuration is perfect for capturing landscapes and establishing shots, with an astonishing level of sharpness and clarity. With three independent manual lens rings, it's easy to adjust focus, zoom, and iris settings on the fly, affording you an added degree of creative control. On top of that, you get Sony's multimode ND (neutral density) filter function, which lets you choose from four mechanical filter positions: clear, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, and 1/64ND. This provides you with an extra level of exposure and depth-of-field control, something you're sure to appreciate when shooting in bright outdoor environments.Exmor R CMOS sensor offers superior imagingFew camcorders at this price come equipped with full 1.0"-type sensors like the Exmor R CMOS sensor Sony loaded in their HXR-NX100. It's roughly the size of a Super 16mm film frame, delivering phenomenal 1080p HD video at up to 50 Mbit/s for impressive low-light performance, smooth depth of field, and stunning colors. Sony's DSP-driven By Pixel Super Resolution Technology extends your zoom capabilities to up to 24 x by intelligently analyzes the input to maintain full resolution imaging, and when you need even more zoom, the Digital Extender can double the range yet again - up to 48 x zoom - by dynamically cropping the sensor area, and you still end up with more than full HD resolution. Simply put, with the HXR-NX100, it's next to impossible to tell where mechanical zoom ends and digital imaging takes over.Professional recording formats for serious workflowsWhether you're working in AVCHD or DV formats, you'll have no trouble integrating your Sony HXR-NX100 into your workflow. In fact, with its XAVC S 50 Mbit/s encoding, you can take full advantage of these formats and enjoy extreme image quality in your NLE software. Speaking of which, if you're working in a professional environment, then time code is an absolute essential, and the HXR-NX100 delivers. You can even sync time-code resets across multiple NXCAM camcorders from the included infrared remote, and you can send both time code and user bits over HDMI as well.Versatile memory management and expansion optionsCompatible with SDXC and SDHC cards, such as Sony's Memory Stick PRO D read more

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