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Carry your favorite music wherever you go with Jensen's Portable Stereo CD Player. In addition to its dual CD players, it also with cassette and AM/FM capability. Now you can skip to your favorite track, set a CD to random or just enjoy some good... read more

Pioneer DJ

Turntables - Get used to a great deck, and you'll want to use it everywhere. And with the Pioneer DJ PLX-500 turntable, you can. W...hether you're an analog enthusiast or a performer at heart, the PLX-500 has features to take you from the living room to the booth. The keynote of this unit is its quality analog playback. This is thanks to a smooth and dependable direct-drive motor, short-excursion tone arm with headshell, cartridge, and stylus, and neutral onboard preamp. On top of that, a die-cast aluminum platter and switchable Phono (mixer)/Line (speaker) output make the PLX-500 a winner for DJing. Performers will love parading their record sleeves on the dust cover's stand. And music lovers will enjoy digitizing their collection via USB while they jam.Includes everything you need to get startedTaking a page from the PLX-1000's book, the Pioneer DJ PLX-500 includes all you need to start enjoying and working your vinyl collection. A dust cover to keep your environment clean. A slipmat for spinning. A quality headshell and cartridge for uncolored playback. And a USB cable and free download of rekordbox software to digitize and manage your records. These accessories are just part of the reason Sweetwater recommends the PLX-500 to first-time performers and analog enthusiasts both. Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable Features: Built for spinning, digitizing, and DJing. Quality analog playback: Smooth, dependable direct-drive motor. Built-in preamplifier. Short path from the stylus to the output. Includes headshell with cartridge and stylus. . Switchable Phono/Line output: Phono out connects to a mixer. Line out connects directly to speakers. . USB output digitizes your vinyl while you enjoy. Dust cover with stand shows off your latest release or what's on deck. Includes all you need to get started: slipmat, balance weights, stereo audio cables, USB cord, and rekordbox digital download. Take your vinyl enjoyment to new heights with the Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable! read more


Turntables - Simple, effective, and easy-to-control, the Stanton T.62 direct-drive turntable is your ticket to traditional DJing. Regardless of your style of experience level, you'll feel right at home with the T.62 in no time. A powerful direct-drive motor provides plenty of torque for quick starts and hard stutters, and a straight tone arm provides you with the tracking performance you need to pull off even the most advanced scratching techniques. It's even got a pair of start/stop switches for battle setup. What's more, this T.62 turntable comes equipped with one of Stanton's awesome 500.v3 cartridge and an excellent slipmat. Talk about bang for the buck - get your Stanton T.62 direct-drive DJ turntable from Sweetwater today!Stanton T.62 DJ Turntable Features: This traditional DJ turntable provides you with an affordable way to get into analog style DJing with real vinyl. High-torque direct-drive motor was built for scratching and other DJ techniques that are hard on your gear. Straight tone arm provides superior tracking and stability. Easy-to-operate professional features follow a standard layout DJs of any experience level can master. 2 x start/stop switches provide options for mix or battle setups. Manual pitch control (+/- 10 percent) gives you beat matching flexibility. 33rpm and 45rpm playback accommodates a wide range of vinyl. Includes quality Stanton 500.v3 cartridge pre-mounted on headshell. Additional accessories package includes RCA cables, a dust cover, and a high-quality slip mat. Stanton's T.62 is the old-school direct-drive turntable anyone can afford! read more


Turntables - Stanton's ST.150 direct-drive DJ turntable doesn't just meet the standards set by DJs with decades of turntablist exp...erience - it raises the bar! If you're looking for simply the best feeling and most responsive turntable on the market, Stanton's ST.150 is it. Its direct-drive motor gives you three times the torque of the old standard, plus all the control you need to dial in the perfect feel. Then there's the ST.150's rock-solid stability and a killer quartz clock, plus cool features such as reverse playback and key correction. You're going to be glad you switched to Stanton ST.150 DJ turntables.Stanton ST.150 Direct-drive DJ Turntable at a Glance: Top-quality motor and brake give you feel and response like no other. Rock-solid stability and quartz-locked timing ensure professional performance. Loaded with useful perks and killer bonus features any serious DJ will love. Top-quality motor and brake give you feel and response like no otherIt doesn't matter what turntable you grew up with, as soon as you get your hands on a Stanton ST.150, you're going to be hooked. This isn't some "me too" turntable that's trying to emulate the feel of the late great Techniques 1200 - the ST.150 is in a class of its own! Featuring the strongest torque motor ever found in a stock turntable and an electric brake to match, the ST.150 lets you pull off lightning fast starts and stops. What's more, both the motor and the brake are fully adjustable too, so you can dial in the exact feel and response you need for total control of your LPs.Rock-solid stability and quartz-locked timing ensure professional performancePlatter response isn't the only thing that sets the Stanton ST.150 turntable apart. By far the most important thing about the ST.150 is its incredible stability. You'll be amazed by how structurally stable this turntable is - it's built like a battleship! Every button, knob, and slider give you the same totally sold feel as its platter and tone arm. What's more, the ST.150's quartz lock timing clock keeps your music steady, even under the most demanding circumstances and challenging conditions.Loaded with useful perks and killer bonus features any serious DJ will loveSold performance and killer mechanics - what more could you ask for from a professional turntable? Stanton certainly thought of a few things. That's why they loaded the ST.150 turntable with extra features you're going to love. In addition to a reverse playback function, selectable pitch control, and a height-adjustable tone arm, the ST.150 gives you a S/PDIF output for sending high-quality digital audio to your mixer or audio interface. The ST.150 also come with a full complement of accessories, including a slipmat and a set of L-bend cables - things no DJ should be without.Stanton ST.150 Direct-drive DJ Turntable Features: Arguably the best feeling and most responsive direct-drive turntable on the market. Fully adjustable motor torque, electric brake, and tone arm height let you fine tune your feel. Ultra-high torque 16-pole, 3-phase, brushless DC motor delivers up to 4.5 Kgf-cm of starting torque. Delivers up to 3 x the torque of the "industry standard" Technics SL-1200 series for instant starts. Ultra-stable steel chasis with 332mm die-cast platter and tone arm delvers rock-solid performance. Quartz Lock clocking maintains steady playback, even under the most demanding circumstances. Advance functions include Key correction on line-level outputs and reverse playback modes. Dual Start/Stop buttons allow for battle use. Digital output provides high-quality audio for use with digital mixers and read more

Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats Wireless Studio 2.0 Over-the-Ear Headphones: DSP software Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC) Built-in rechargeable battery 12 ho...urs wireless battery life 20 hours plugged-in battery life Auto on/off feature Battery fuel gauge Beats by Dr. Dre... read more

$399.99 $289.00

Parrot PF562007 Zik 3 Headphones: New automatic adaptive noise canceling and stunning 32bit audio processing Smart touch control p...anel and Bluetooth 3.0 audio streaming Charges headphones wirelessly or uses USB audio to play and charge simultaneously... read more


The JENSEN CD-490 is a stylish, compact, and portable CD player with AM/FM stereo radio. The unit features a top loading CD player... which is CD-R/RW compatible, programmable memory, and a bright red LED display with function indicators. This music... read more


With Bluetooth 4.1, JBL Pro Audio Sound, and an ergonomic earpiece, JBL® Everest™ Elite 100 is legendary sound in an on-the-go des...ign. read more

$59.99 $52.99

Take your music wherever you go with this iHome color changing rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. Speakerphone and built-in microphon...e Wireless Bluetooth streaming or directly connect your phone Digital voice echo cancellation Answer/end call controls 6 color-changing modes Carrying strap Wireless: Bluetooth - Learn more about Bluetooth technology Manufacturer's 1-year limited warrantyFor warranty information please click hereFor information about the modified return policy, please click here Model no. iBT74BC Bluetooth Compatibility Chart Version: Compatible With: Bluetooth Smart Ready* Bluetooth Smart Ready Bluetooth Bluetooth Smart Bluetooth* Bluetooth Smart Ready Bluetooth NA Bluetooth Smart Bluetooth Smart Ready NA NA *This Bluetooth version is backwards compatible. Size: One Size. Color: Multicolor. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. read more


Live Sound Monitoring - Don't sacrifice your listening pleasure just because you're in a noisy environment! Sennheiser's PXC 250-I...Is let you tune out the world around you and focus. PXC 250-IIs are the perfect traveling companions. Their slim and completely foldable design lets you pack them up into a pocket-sized form, and a locking mechanism keeps them tucked away safely. The same locking mechanism keeps them open, too, so they feel sturdy when you wear them. Best of all, PXC 250-II headphones feature Sennheiser's NoiseGard active noise canceling to block out background noise - a real bonus if you often listen to music in noisy environments such as buses, trains, or airplanes. PXC 250-IIs are everything you'd expect from pair of Sennheiser headphones. Not only do PXC 250-IIs live up to Sennheiser's supurb build quality, but they're prime examples of the company's excellence in audio standards. A pair of Duofol diaphragms drive the mid- and higher-frequency ranges, and the PXC 250-II's punchy bass response comes from its bass tubes. Sennheiser even includes a full accessory kit with each pair of PXC 250-II headphones. They come with adapters to convert their 1/8" connecter to the standard 1/4" used by most professional audio gear and the split-mono 1/8" jacks found on airplanes, and you also get a soft belt pouch with an extra pocket. Sennheiser PXC 250-II Closed Stereo Headphones with NoiseGard Active Noise Compensation Features at a Glance: Dynamic stereo mini headphones. Fold and flip compact design that locks in open and closed positions. Soft belt pouch with extra pocket (7.3" x 4.1" x 1.6") included. 5.9' Kevlar-reinforced oxygen-free copper cable with 1/8" jack plug. Includes 1/4" stereo and 1/8" double mono jacks for airline audio. Ideal for environments with consistent noise. Switchable NoiseGard active noise compensation attenuates frequencies below 1kHz by up to -15dB. Duofol diaphragms with spiral embossing for high-resolution sound . Bass tube for powerful, punchy bass. NoiseGard requires 2 AAA batteries for operation. Listen to your music clearly in any environment with Sennheiser's PXC 250-II headphones! Headphones read more

Direct Sound

Live Sound Monitoring - The "sound" solution for monitoring in any environment! Direct Sound EX-29 extreme isolation closed-back h...eadphones are a great find for serious musicians and engineers, effectively solving common problems in the studio. First, the EX-29's highly padded ear cushions provide the ultimate in comfort for long tracking sessions while creating an extreme isolation fortress against pesky bleeds into your live microphones. High-fidelity 500mW input speakers reproduce articulate sound from 20Hz-20kHz, while a gold-plated 1/8" jack with screw-on 1/4" adapter lets you easily take your EX-29s on the road with your MP3 player.The EX-29 closed-back headphones were developed expressly to isolate sound. Their specially designed ear cushions are comfortable for the listener, yet act as a superb barrier between the headphone's speakers and your live microphones. And while other headphones sometimes measure their noise-reduction capabilities at one specific frequency, the EX-29 headphones give you an average of 29dB of noise reduction over a wide frequency range. With a passive isolation average of 29dB, you don't have to worry about bleed ruining that perfect take.While the EX-29 headphones are great for musicians in the studio, they also deliver crisp sound for the engineer when it comes time to mix. Pull on your pair and hear everything neatly reproduced from 20Hz-20kHz. 40mm drivers with 500mW input speakers were carefully designed for high-fidelity performance. While many headphones deliver great sound, the level of comfort they offer is often the tipping point in determining whether they're really worth your investment or not. Sure, they sound great, but if you can't comfortably wear them for long sessions when it really counts, what's the point? When you want closed-back headphones designed with wearability in mind, look to the EX-29s. A padded and adjustable headband lets you position them in just the right place while heavily padded ear cushions cup over your ear, creating a closed-back chamber of sound. What's more, the EX-29's long 9' cable lets you get ready to perform and monitor virtually anywhere in the studio.We've all had that fumbling moment when we've picked up a pair of headphones and scrutinized each side of them for the little "L" and "R" markings before we've put them on. The EX-29s save that time in the studio with their innovative "Red is Right" feature: the inside ear panel of the right channel is covered with bright red fabric. Just tell the musicians "Red is Right," and you can be sure they're hearing exactly the mix you've dialed in for them.Sometimes you need excellent, isolated sound outside the studio - maybe when you're listening to your mix on your MP3 player to see how it translates, or when you want to listen to music or get some mixing done on the airplane. With the EX-29s, you don't need a second set of headphones for your 1/8" MP3 player jack. They come with a gold-plated 1/4" jack that screws on over the 1/8" jack, so you always have headphones handy for every device.Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones Features at a Glance: Dynamic, closed-back speakers within an isolation chamber. 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. 40mm drivers . 32-ohm impedance. 9' cord. 3.5mm stereo plug with gold-plated 1/4" adapter . 500mW input power. 29dB average sound attentuation. The Direct Sound EX-29 headphones provide articulate sound with a comfortable, closed-back design! Headphones read more


Live Sound Monitoring - The Shure SE846 sound-isolating quad-driver earphones feature a state-of-the-art design with four balanced...-armature high-definition MicroDrivers. These give you extended frequency response and stunning high-end clarity and a groundbreaking lowpass filter delivers true subwoofer performance. When you're performing onstage, nothing affects your show as much as being able to hear yourself well. That's why just any pair of earphones simply won't do. You need earphones that deliver the quality, isolation, and definition you demand. Everyone at Sweetwater loves Shure SE846 sound-isolating quad-driver earphones.Four separate high-definition MicroDriversThe SE846 use four separate high-definition MicroDrivers to cover the whole frequency spectrum with staggering detail and clarity. Detachable and formable wire lets you easily achieve the perfect fit - absolutely essential onstage, where comfort is key and keeping your earbuds in is a necessity. Also, SE846 earphones use Shure's sound-isolating sleeves to block out noise, so you'll be able to hear your music or yourself as you never have before. Simply put, the Shure SE846 delivers the ultimate in-ear monitoring experience.Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Quad-driver Earphones Features at a Glance: Unparalleled listening experience with spacious sound and rich bass. 4 balanced-armature drivers in a 3-way configuration . Groundbreaking lowpass filter design delivers deeper bass without affecting midrange clarity . Detachable, formable wire allows easy replacement, personalized comfort, and additional functionality. Sound-isolating sleeves block outside noise and provide a custom fit. Removable nozzles and detachable cable protect your investment. 3 included nozzle inserts (balanced, warm, and bright) let you customize your frequency response. Sweat-proof and built like a tank to Shure's exacting professional standards. The Shure SE846s: ready for the ultimate earphones? Earphones read more

IK Multimedia

Bluetooth & Wireless Speakers - The IK Multimedia iLoud is your ideal grab 'n' go monitor. Weighing under two pounds, the dimi...nutive iLoud delivers amazing stereo sound - and impressive bass - for its size. IK applied their considerable expertise to this 40-watt bi-amped design, giving you a reference monitor that fits in your laptop bag. The iLoud is battery powered, and you can stream audio to it via Bluetooth. It even has iRig circuitry, and when it's connected to your iOS device running an app such as AmpliTube it makes a killer guitar amp! If you do on-the-run music production or just want great sound wherever you go, you want IK Multimedia's iLoud.IK Multimedia iLoud Features at a Glance: Bi-amped with 40 watts of total power. Superior low frequency extension and sonic accuracy. Bluetooth and stereo analog line input. Battery-powered with auto standby, 10 hours of normal usage. Integrated high-performance Li-Ion rechargeable battery. iRig input for guitars and dynamic mics. Makes a great guitar amp when connected to your iOS device running an amp simulator app. Highly portable - easily fits in a laptop bag or a backpack. Perfect for on-the-go music reproduction and music creation. IK Multimedia's iLoud gives you outstanding sound wherever you go! read more


PA Systems & Speakers - Providing you with high-quality sound and optimized dispersion, the surprisingly powerful Turbosound i...NSPIRE iP500 powered modular column loudspeaker manages to fit in an ultra-lightweight, easy-to-use package. Whether you're in a house of worship, boardroom presentation, nightclub, or any other medium-sized performance space, the 600-watt iNSPIRE iP500's custom-engineered 8" subwoofer and 6 x 2" neodymium drivers will fill the room with rich, beautiful sound of uncompromising quality. On top of that, the iNSPIRE iP500 is packed with industry-leading Klark Teknik DSP, Class D amplifier, and Spatial Sound technology, as well as convenient Bluetooth stereo audio streaming and iPhone/iPad remote control. Your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will tell you - you can't go wrong with the Turbosound iNSPIRE iP500 powered modular column loudspeaker!Turbosound iNSPIRE iP500 Powered Modular Column Loudspeaker at a Glance: Compact design for maximum portability and easy setup. Onboard Klark Teknik DSP delivers superb sound. Custom-engineered drivers for outstanding sound dispersion. Class D amplifier provides you with massive power in a lightweight package. Built-in digital mixer for simple, complete control. Bluetooth capabilities allow for convenient audio streaming. Compact design for maximum portability and easy setupThe Turbosound iNSPIRE iP500 powered modular column loudspeaker is designed for maximum portability, letting you easily carry two iP500 columns in the included shoulder bag, carry the base unit with one hand, and still have one hand free. Setup is child's play: attach the columns to the base, connect your mic or mixer feed, then plug the base into a power source. Then sit back a experience a roomful of the rich, beautiful, uncompromising sound that won the coveted Queen's Award three times.Onboard Klark Teknik DSP delivers superb soundThanks to its built-in DSP from Klark Teknik, the Turbosound iNSPIRE iP500 powered modular column loudspeaker delivers superb sound, no matter where you are. And we're not just talking about some paltry EQ enhancement - the iNSPIRE iP500's 24-bit DSP actually analyzes the incoming signal and intelligently applies specific filters, ensuring optimal sound quality. It's like having an audio engineer monitoring and mixing for you, dialing in the perfect EQ, and constantly making subtle adjustments to the crossover, compressor/limiter, and more - resulting in killer sound quality at all times.Custom-engineered drivers for outstanding sound dispersionThanks to its strategically-placed 2" neodymium midrange/extended high-frequency drivers, the Turbosound iNSPIRE iP500 powered modular column loudspeaker is able to fill the room with sound, much like the huge line array systems you've experienced at concerts. The iNSPIRE iP500 provides you with up to a 180-degree horizontal dispersion pattern, eliminating the need for monitor wedges, and creating an even, sonically-balanced soundscape for the entire audience.Class D amplifier provides you with massive power in a lightweight packageThe Turbosound iNSPIRE iP500 powered modular column loudspeaker provides you with enormous power and incredible sonic performance in an easy-to-use, ultra-portable, and lightweight package. Klark Teknik's Class D amplifier technology makes all the difference, giving you phenomenal energy efficiency, and eliminating the need for heavy power supplies and massive heat sinks. In other words, the iNSPIRE iP500 is light enough to carry and efficient enough to rock all night without overheating!Built-in digital mixer for simple, complete control read more

Pioneer DJ

Live Sound Monitoring - Pioneer Pro DJ's HDJ-1500 closed-back headphones give you the sound quality and isolation you need for the... loudest environments, and they also offer a host of other DJ-friendly features. Built to give you big sound when you need it, the HDJ-1500 'phones feature large-diameter speakers and a soft-touch housing that rests comfortably against your shoulders when you're doing one-ear monitoring or need to to keep these headphones handy. You can even fold up the HDJ-1500 headphones for easy transport.Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-1500 Closed-back DJ Headphones at a Glance: Hear what you're doing in any environment. Built from the ground up with DJs in mind. Effective one-ear monitoring. Hear what you're doing in any environmentThe HDJ-1500's large-diameter speaker units can accept power inputs up to 3,000mW for monitoring a high level of sound, and the hermetically-sealed body gives you high sound-insulating ability. Pioneer Pro DJ designed the HDJ-1500 headphones with a folding housing for extremely easy transport. Integrated universal joints allow you to fold the headphones for space-saving and to turn them in each direction for free-style single ear sound monitoring.Built from the ground up with DJs in mindPioneer Pro DJ didn't simply take an existing pair of headphones off the shelf and slap a DJ logo on them. Designed with DJs in mind, the HDJ-100 headphones use a soft-touch housing so they can rest against the shoulders for stability and comfort. Whether headworn or used for one-ear monitoring, these HDJ-1500 'phones are built for the job!Effective one-ear monitoringThe HDJ-1500's flexible design makes it easy to rotate the earcups for single ear sound monitoring. This is an incredibly useful feature, and it helps to make the HDJ-1500 headphones perfect for any DJ. Don't just settle for standard 'phones when you can get purpose-made Pioneer Pro DJ headphones from Sweetwater at a great price!Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-1500 Closed-back DJ Headphones Features: Closed-back headphones with exceptional isolation and bass response. Black. 5Hz-30kHz extended frequency range. Folding design for convenience. Soft-touch housing for comfort. Carrying pouch included. Pioneer Pro DJ's HDJ-1500 headphones give you the dedicated performance you need for the job! Headphones read more


The Braven 405 Speaker packs high-fidelity sound into a compact design for listening at home, camping trips, and poolside lounging.... This portable speaker packs impressive sound into a small package, courtesy of two HD drivers and Bass Optimization technology. Bluetooth facilitates track control from the palm of your hand from up to 33 feet away. Speakerphone functionality supports wireless calls, so you're not tethered to your phone. As a bonus for those with older devices, the 3. 5mm input works with media players and laptops not equipped with Bluetooth. Astounding 24-hour playtime keeps tunes rocking all night long, meaning your party won't come to a screeching halt with a dead speaker. The 2100mAh power bank charges portable devices with its USB output when you're miles from the nearest charging outlet. IPX7 water-resistance shakes off passing showers, poolside splashes, and light submersion without compromising your listening enjoyment. And for those listening at home, it comes with a built-in kickstand for standing on counters, desktops, and night stands. read more

$199.00 $149.00

Full range speakers for huge, crystal clear sound anywhere. Portable speakers that create huge, crystal clear stereo sound. Digita...l signal processing, two full range speakers and bass extending passive radiators. Sound quality you wouldn't normally find in a portable sound system. Water-resistant, with a durable rubber design and easy carry handle, so you can take it anywhere. With one-touch pairing, it connects wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled devise. Also includes an aux-in port for non-Bluetooth devices. During the day, the solar panel or included AC adapter provides ample power. After the sun goes down you can keep listening on battery power for eight hours or more. Doubles as a cell phone charger thanks to the built-in micro-USB port. Imported. read more

Outdoor Tech

A shockproof, compact and water resistant speaker that wirelessly plays your favorite music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. It'...s now 20% louder than version 2.0. Take your favorite music to the beach, picnic or campsite with this compact Bluetooth speaker. Shockproof design. Pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device where your music is stored. Floats if accidentally dropped in water. Easily fits in a pack or shoulder bag. Built-in microphone lets you answer calls through the speaker. High-capacity lithium-ion battery with Power Bank feature to charge your phone and other devices. Dual speakers and passive bass radiator deliver up to 96 decibels of crisp sound. Includes USB charging cable, 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable, carry pouch and user manual. Patented Dual Directional Sound so it can be placed flat or sit on its side. read more


Surround Sound Expansion lets you experience the full power and depth of your favorite movies and TV shows with a wholly optimized... audio experience. TV SoundConnect lets you instantly enjoy movies, music, and TV shows with clearer, more impactful... read more


Genuine XRS321 Vizio Sound Bar Remote Control VIZIO SOUND Bar Support S2120W-E0 / S2120W-E0D / S2920W-0 / S2920W-C0R / S2121W-D0 /... S2920W-C0 / S3820W-C0 / S3821W-C0 / S3821W-C0R / S4220W-E4 read more


Live Sound Monitoring - Featuring premium sound and build quality, Shure Dynamic MicroDriver sound-isolating earphones are a signi...ficant upgrade from the standard earbuds that came with your personal digital device. Because they're evolved from the personal monitor technology that's used by professional stage musicians, you'll experience pristine, detailed highs and rich, deep bass every time you wear Dynamic MicroDrivers. Sound isolation technology blocks ambient noise up to 37dB, preventing it from interfering with your listening experience whether you're on a stage or on a subway. Also, Dynamic MicroDrivers' sound-isolating sleeves are available in multiple sizes in order to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Music is a lifestyle here at Sweetwater. Like you, we listen to music when we're on the go, and Shure Dynamic MicroDriver sound-isolating earphones optimize the experience!Shure Dynamic MicroDriver Sound-isolating Earphones Features at a Glance: Sound-isolating sleeves block up to 37dB of ambient noise. Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle provides comfort. Includes 3 sizes of flex sleeves for personalized fit. Over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way. Carrying pouch for convenient, tangle-free storage and travel. Experience monitor-quality sound on the go with Shure Dynamic MicroDriver sound-isolating earphones! Earphones read more


Live Sound Monitoring - We've managed and maintained countless live sound systems here at Sweetwater, so we know that sometimes a ...fault in the tiniest cable can bring the entire production to an instant halt. Get this Shure EAC64CL clear earphone replacement cable for your Shure SE series in-ear monitors - the peace of mind is priceless. This is the appropriate replacement cable for Shure SE215, SE315, SE425, and SE535 headphones. We can't keep people from wrapping the cable tightly around the receiver when they're done with it, but we can help you with the Shure EAC64CL replacement cable.Shure EAC64CL Clear Earphone Replacement Cable Features at a Glance: Replacement cable for Shure SE series in-ear monitors. For use with Shure SE215, SE315, SE425, and SE535 headphones. Length: 64". Be ready for the unexpected - get the Shure EAC64CL replacement cable! Earpads, Cables, and Accessories read more


Live Sound Processing - Quickly and easily setup your PA system for optimized sound with the dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Managem...ent System. Ideal for touring bands and artists who carry their own PA system, the DriveRack PA2 gives you the best sound possible at each and every gig. A new setup wizard gets you up and playing faster and easier than ever. Updated AutoEQ and Advanced Feedback Suppression take the guesswork out of finding the perfect sound for each venue. And now all the DriveRack PA2 functions can be accessed and controlled via your preferred mobile device or laptop. Get the most out of your PA system with the dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System!dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System Features: Extremely smart loudspeaker management. Take complete control of your system from your mobile device. Setup is easier than ever. Extremely smart loudspeaker managementSetting up your PA is a strenuous task, but optimizing the system for each room can be an even more challenging. dbx designed the DriveRack PA2 to be a complete, easy-to-use loudspeaker management system for all types of musicians. The updated AutoEQ algorithm automatically dials in the ideal EQ for each room. It "listens" to your room via RTA mic (not included), analyzes it, and sets the appropriate speaker levels and room EQ. Setting up has never bee this easy. And DriveRack PA2 anticipates potential feedback and adjusts the system before it has a chance to deafen the audience. Finally, to make this experience even more friendly, dbx lets you do all of this from the front panel of the DriveRack PA2 or from your mobile device of choice.Take complete control of your system from your mobile deviceThe live audio experts at Sweetwater know that running around the venue and back to the board can be a pain, and the dbx DriveRack PA2 has eliminated that issue. You can now take complete control of the DriveRack PA2 with your mobile device or laptop using Ethernet control via an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device. You can roam around the venue accurately tweaking EQs, volumes, and more. Whether you're at the soundboard, behind stage, or in the balcony, you can control the dbx DriveRack PA2 to dial in the perfect sound.Setup is easier than everHaving the dbx DriveRack PA2 in your rig is like permanently hiring an experienced Live Sound Engineer! This Loudspeaker Management System can intelligently set itself up to get the best sound possible from your PA. Just bring a measurement microphone to your next gig, run the "Wizard" setup, and let the DriveRack PA2 take it from there! It can instantly configure itself to get optimized EQ settings for any room.dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System at a Glance: Take control of your PA system with this state-of-the-art loudspeaker management system. Automatically set up your PA with updated Wizard functions. Take control of the DriveRack PA2 with your favorite mobile device or laptop. Enhanced Advanced Feedback Suppression and AutoEQ functions. Includes dbx's legendary compression. Works with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices. Built-in crossover, limiting, and driver alignment delays. Note: RTA microphone is NOT included. Set up and optimize your PA system in no time with the dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System! Feedback Reduction read more

$179.99 $138.00

Upgrade your TV audio experience with the VIZIO 38" 2.1 Sound Bar System with Wireless Subwoofer, a great fit for 42-inch HDTVs. T...he wireless subwoofer delivers a room-filling audio experience with deep, thumping bass and built-in Bluetooth allows you... read more

$379.99 $329.99

Samsung HW-K550/ZA 3.1-Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: Easy setup with wireless subwoofer Bluetooth wireless connectivit...y for streaming from favorite device 6 built-in speakers and dedicated amplifier provide clear and accurate sound Wireless... read more

$299.99 $198.00

True 5.1 surround sound system Up to 102 dB of room-filling sound Rear Satellite Speakers and Wireless Subwoofer Built-in Bluetoot...h, LCD display remote and all cables included read more


Harman JBL Clip 2: Wireless Bluetooth streaming Re-chargeable battery Speakerphone Built-in carabiner IPX7 waterproof Wireless chain Integrated 3.5mm audio cable Lifestyle materials Color: black read more


Samsung 4.1-Channel Soundbar with Wireless Rear Speakers and Wireless Subwoofer: Easy setup with wireless subwoofer and wireless r...ear speaker kit Bluetooth wireless connectivity for streaming from favorite device Ultimate system control with Samsung... read more


Samsung HW-KM36/ZA Soundbar: Samsung soundbar has 2.1 channels Wireless active subwoofer Bluetooth connectivity 130 watts Pairs wireless surround kit for immersive experience (sold separately) TV soundbar is easy to set up Control the home... read more


Nakamichi BF21 300W 38" 2.1-Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer: 2.1-channel sound bar 38" in length 2 precisely engineered ...full-range speaker drivers 6.5" wireless subwoofer 3 EQ modes (Movie, Music, New) for full home theater enjoyment Wireless... read more


LG LAS465B 2.1-Channel 300-Watt Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer: 2.1-channel sound bar 300W Multipoint Bluetooth streaming Music... Flow Bluetooth app Ideal for TVs 40" and above 1 x aux audio port, 1 x optical digital audio port Dolby Digital, DTS read more

$249.12 $108.10

QFX PBX-508100 Red Bluetooth All-Weather Party Speaker: All-weather portable tailgate speaker Streams music from Bluetooth-capable... devices Weather-collision resistant 8" woofer 1" tweeter USB/SD player port can charge phones/tablets AM/FM PLL radio... read more

$379.99 $298.00

VIZIO SmartCast 40" 3.1 Sound Bar System: Produces up to 101 dB Slim wireless subwoofer VIZIO wireless sound bar fits conveniently... beneath or beside your sofa Download the VIZIO SmartCast app to turn your mobile device into the ultimate remote Apple... read more


Collectible, Portable and Powerful Speaker with Unique Style Built-in Rechargeable Battery Lasts up to four Hours per Charge (may ...vary). read more

Outdoor Tech

Any time is a good time for an impromptu dance party, even in the pool. Let's face it, you were born with this ability to produce ...smooth dance moves, so show them off while rocking tunes out of the Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 3. 0 Bluetooth Speaker. The folks at Outdoor Tech put this speaker in a shell that floats in water and equipped it with an IPX7 waterproof construction, so you can listen to it underwater, if you should feel so inclined. The rechargeable battery can run for up to 25 hours, so you can rock it on the ski hill and keep the party rolling to the hot tub afterwards. Pesky wires always seem to get in the way of your break-dancing routine, but the 3. 0 has a wireless range of 30 feet, so wires or the shell itself won't be getting in your way. read more

Outdoor Tech

Any time is a good time for an impromptu dance party, even in the pool. Let's face it, you were born with this ability to produce ...smooth dance moves, so show them off while rocking tunes out of the Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 3. 0 Bluetooth Speaker. The folks at Outdoor Tech put this speaker in a shell that floats in water and equipped it with an IPX7 waterproof construction, so you can listen to it underwater, if you should feel so inclined. The rechargeable battery can run for up to 25 hours, so you can rock it on the ski hill and keep the party rolling to the hot tub afterwards. Pesky wires always seem to get in the way of your break-dancing routine, but the 3. 0 has a wireless range of 30 feet, so wires or the shell itself won't be getting in your way. read more


Bang it, drop it, and soak it with water. The Boom Swimmer Duo Waterproof Speaker is one of the toughest speakers we've ever seen.... This waterproof, shock-resistant speaker is perfect for jamming out in the shower, keeping you entertained at camp, and trekking to remote locations. The included suction cup mount and flexible tail provide versatile mounting options for sticking it to shower glass, attaching it to backpacks, and twisting it around poles. The Swimmer Duo syncs with a second speaker for true stereo listening, allowing you to jam out with dedicated left and right speakers. Bluetooth music streaming is great for controlling music from your smartphone or tablet at house parties and festive gatherings. Its built-in speakerphone is great for taking hands-free calls without having to grab your phone. read more

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