eeBoo eeBoo Opposites Puzzle Pairs

eeBoo Opposites Puzzle Pairs A simple interactive puzzle activity for adults and children. The adult reads a simple prompt or question, and the child finds the illustrated puzzle piece that links to it. Only the correct piece fits, so the p...uzzles are self-corrections. All of eeBoos Puzzle Pairs offer excellent pre-reading opportunities for intergenerational plays. These two-piece puzzles are of the sturdiest materials and are designed with both beauty and skill development in mind. Up and down, big and little, match the opposites. Once a critical mass of words are recognized, preschoolers love to engage in word play. The elder person may select a puzzle piece with a bluebird flying up with the word UP. The tot searches for the one on which the bluebird flies DOWN, and assembles the puzzle pair. This play encourages critical thinking skills. ? Imported- China Read More

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