Dymatize Nutrition Super Amino 6000 by Dymatize Nutrition

SUPER AMINO 6000 by Dymatize Do you want gains? Or do you want SUPER gains? SUPER AMINO 6000 by Dymatize Nutrition will turn gains into SUPER gains. This extended release protein and amino acid formula enhances muscle recovery and muscle st...rength. These easy to swallow caplets promote fast & slow acting protein & amino complex. This is the ultimate muscle fuel, in a bottle. The SUPER high protein and amino acids per serving will definitely help you reach your goals. Amino Acids are essential to muscle protein and help maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which leads to new muscle growth. Everyone wants new muscle growth and now you can have it. StrongSupplementShop.com brings you a solid staple in your supplement cabinet with Super Amino 6000 by Dymatize. Benefits - Extended release formula - High potency - Contains BCAAs, Glutamine, and Arginine - Fast & slow acting protein and amino acids. Read More

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