DK Publishing Peekaboo! Farm

Babies love playing peekaboo from about six months onwards, and once they latch on to this simple game, they cant get enough of it. DKs Peekaboo Books make the most of this great interactive activity and are the perfect way to get any baby ...interested in books. In Farm Peekaboo!, a variety of toy farm animals are hiding under the flaps: soft moo cows are behind a gate, a chubby piglet is under a blanket, a cuddly chick is inside a hen-house, woolly lambs are behind a tractor, and a fuzzy duckling is under a bucket. Book Details: Format: Board Book Publication Date: 8/20/2007 Pages: 12 Reading Level: Age 1 and Up Author: DK Publishing Publisher: DK Publishing Dimensions: 7in length x 7.05in width x 0.71in height Weight: 8oz. Read More

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