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Founded in France in 1954 by the mother of Frederic Michel Dales, the man who now manages the company, Djeco is an educational toys and games company named after the gecko lizard, which is said to be a good-luck charm in Southeast Asia. Housed on the banks of the Seine, Djeco mak... Read Morees educational toys, games, decor, and crafts.

Known for its board games, Djeco makes a number of Parents favorites, including the Princes Barbara giant puzzle, which has 44 pieces that must be fit together to make the blonde damsel in distress whole again; the Dragon Castle puzzle, which has 54 pieces that depict a medieval castle guarded by a fire-breathing dragon; and the Fantastic Knight Silhouette puzzle, whose 36 pieces come together to showcase the silhouette of a brave knight in shining armor. Additional popular games, crafts, and puzzles from Djeco include the 12-piece Matoudemata Balancing Game, giant puzzles of Daisy and Friends and of Misty and Friends, and the Go to Sleep, Bear puzzle. 
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