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Boon Potty Chairs

$39.99 at Target

Think about potty training from your child's point of view for a moment. Would you like to be perched up high on a cold seat, susp...ended over an alarming amount of water, with your feet dangling a foot or so above the ground? It's a bit intimidating. Sitting on the Boon Potty Bench to do your business seems downright relaxing in comparison. The Potty Bench is an unassuming little freestanding potty seat that, when closed, is neatly disguised as an attractive stepstool. Compartments on either side hold toilet paper, wipes, training supplies, books, and whatever kids prefer to use to entertain themselves while waiting for Nature to take its course. And the toilet paper holder makes it easy for kids to get at the TP without help, which will make them feel quite grown-up (although it's designed so they can't yank out the entire roll of paper at once). Read More

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