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Joovy Potty

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The Joovy Loo combines contemporary styling with watertight cleanliness to give you the most functional potty on the market. We un...derstand that teaching your child to ?go? is your number one priority, but cleaning up afterwards is a very close second. This is why the Loo has a completely sealed inner bowl and has been designed with only two parts that fit cleanly together with no nooks or crannies for spillovers to get trapped. The Loo's ultrasmooth finish ensures cleanup is a snap. Its nonslip base offers stability during use and the integrated splash shield prevents spills. The large capacity bowl has plenty of fill space and is easy to lift out and empty with our notouch grab handle. Our solid construction can handle kids of all sizes and is rated to exceed 60 lbs. The Loo was designed in America at a worldrenowned industrial design university and uses smooth ergonomic forms to ideally fit your child without limiting their comfort. The design is simple and uncomplicated so you and your child can focus on the task at hand. Joovy feels that potty time is serious business. Our sensible design focuses on reinforcing the ultimate transition to an adult seat and makes sure that cleanup is easy. The Loo is entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free. Read More

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The Joovy StepTool combines cutting edge design and sturdiness to look great and perform even better. The StepTool is great in all... environments and makes reaching easier for you and your children. Whether using it to reach a kitchen counter, the bathroom sink, or the ?big? potty, the StepTool will stepup to your needs. Our step stool's sturdy construction is rated to support 300 lbs. and the nonslip top and bottom ensures both safety and stability. The StepTool's sleek and clean design will look great in any home plus its stackability makes storage and cleanup simple. You'll want one in every room Form and function finally meet with the Joovy StepTool. The StepTool is entirely BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Read More

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