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If you prefer disposable diapers for your baby, prepare to stock up. Most babies outgrow the newborn size quickly, however, so you'll probably want to start with size 1. It might take some experimenting to find the brand you and Baby like best. Buying disposable diapers in volume will yield the best per-diaper price.
Nature Babycare
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NATURE BABYCARE: Baby Diapers - Nature babycare, the award winning diaper - A proven success in Europe and now available in North ...America! Product features: - Award Winning Premium Performance disposable diaper- Awarded the Eco Label Good Environmental Choice of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)- NO oil-based plastics against baby's skin- Kinder and more gentle to your baby and the environment- Breathable and chlorine-free with natural based material, for natural protection- Ultra-thin construction gives a non-bulky fit, enabling your baby to move around freely- Consumer packaging is based on 100% natural renewable material. No oil-based plastics!- Winner of the 06-07 Silver Award for Best Disposable Diaper, featured in Mother & Baby Magazine, a leading UK baby magazine Features and Benefits of Nature babycare:-Chlorine-free absorbent materials - does not contribute to dioxin pollution-100 % natural based back sheet - NO plastic - reduce the greenhouse effect-100 % natural distribution layer - NO plastic - reduce the greenhouse effect-100 % compostable consumer packaging - NO plastic - reduce the greenhouse effect-No latex, fragrance, or TBT (tributyl tin) The use of compostable natural materials based on renewable sources reduces the green house effect. The story behind the first high-performance baby diaper It took a concerned Swedish mother to make it. Marlene Sandberg, former law firm partner and the mother of two boys:It all started with a newspaper article. It said that every year of a baby's life resulted in a mountain of used diapers weighing half a ton, every year. Half a ton! Even more disturbing was the fact that the traditional diapers were mainly made of plastic made from oil!! An oil product that comes in contact with the child's delicate skin. I got really upset. Couldn't this be done better? Nature babycare is the result of many years of intense work and development:-The first high-performance diaper, based on new green technology, protected by a Swedish patent.-Soft, thin, comfortable and with perfect sizing.-With an exclusive chlorine free absorbent material.-With natural based material against the baby's skin, breathable and extremely kind for the baby.-And performance as well as the best traditional diapers. Marlene: I don't believe in compromises or shortcuts. If you want a diaper to be successful, it must perform at least as well or better than the best traditional diapers. Read More

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