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Scented Diaper Bags

Reduce unwanted odors in your baby's nursery with scented diaper-disposal bags. A sanitary way to dispose of dirty diapers, particularly for parents who don't use a diaper pail, these special trash bags tie close to seal in wetness and odors.
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Find diaper disposal systems at! It's not always possible or practical to wait until coming home for a diaper change. N...ot to worry - munchkin has you covered with arm & hammer diaper bag refills. These disposable bags offer safe, odor-controlled diaper disposal at home or on the go. Compatible with munchkin arm & hammer diaper bag dispensers, each bag is infused with baking soda for natural odor absorption. The bags are lightly scented with lavender as well, for a true one-two punch against nasty smells. . includes 72 lavender-scented diaper bag dispenser refills diaper disposal bags contain baking soda for natural odor... Read More

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Find diaper disposal systems at! Use the jl childress bag n bags bundle in black to dispose of dirty diapers and contai...n smells at home, or take this bundle with you whenever youre on the go to wrap diapers up until you can dispose of them. The convenient bag easily dispenses single scented bags and the carabiner makes it easy to attach it to the stroller or diaper bag. whether you use these bags while visiting relatives or in the car on long trips, they are useful for small spaces and other areas where you want to keep odors away. Read More

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Arm and Hammer bag refills make diaper disposal easy wherever you are. Compatible with the munchkin Arm and Hammer diaper bag disp...ensers, these convenient refills are great for use at home or on the go. Each bag is infused with Arm and Hammer baking soda for safe, effective and natural odor elimination. Additionally, bags are lightly scented with lavender. Bags are large, durable and easy to separate. Read More

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A Great Idea in Bags Just Popped Up A compact diaper trash bag dispenser - because inevitably your child will need to go when you on-the-go. No more fumbling in your diaper or stroller bag for the bags for dirty diapers. Our clip-on dispenser stays right where you clip it on. The bags are very durable and easy to separate quickly. For effective and natural odor elimination, the bags are infused with Arm Hammer baking soda. So clip our diaper dispenser everywhere your child will be, and be prepared for the next mess! Includes 24 diaper bags EM Diaper bags are lavender scented Baking soda provides safe, effective and natural elimination Ideal in your diaper bag, stroller, car, and even at home Naturally Freshens Deodorizes Pack of 2 Totes withLavender Scent Baking soda provides safe effective, and natural odor elimination It s The Little Things. Product c Read More

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Cedarific is a blend of hardwood and cedar chips. The soft and porous wood fibers absorb liquids while the cedar leaves a clean, r...efreshing scent. Careful screening and aspiration results in a virtually dust-free product. Cedarific contains no clay or silica dust. Cedarific is made from reclaimed, renewable wood fiber and contains no added chemicals. It is 100% biodegradable and can even be composted or incinerated! Read More

Premium Choice
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Premium Choice Carefree Kitty Fresh Scent with Baking Soda Solid Scoop Cat Litter, 25-lb bag; If your cat litter is being asked to... handle a litter of cats, this is the scoopable clay clumping formula for you. This litter unleashes our maximum strength formulation, combining a fresh scent and baking soda crystals for maximum odor control with this go-to scoopable clumping clay litter. Any more carefree, and it would scoop itself. If only. Read More

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Includes: Hair Body Wash with Soft Baby Scent Gentle Baby Lotion with Original Baby Scent Calming Baby Bath with lavender Chamomil...e Clear Drawstring Bag Terrycloth Bath Wash Mitt Gentle Hair Body Wash is an easy-rinsing wash that helps replenish natural moisture, leaving your baby s skin and hair clean and soft...smelling wonderful as a baby should. Tear free. Hypoallergenic. pH balanced. Dye free. Mild enough for newborns. Gentle Baby Lotion is a rich, creamy lotion enriched with vitamins that helps soften and nourish delicate skin. The Soft Baby scent will leave your baby smelling wonderful - as a baby should. Moisturizing emollients. All-day moisturization. Softens and nourishes. Hypoallergenic. Mild enough for newborns. Calming Baby Wash. Enriched with vitamins, this gentle wash helps to moisturize and nourish your baby s skin and hair. Read More

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Munchkin Arm & Hammer Bag Refills - 36 ctMunchkin Arm & Hammer Bag Refills - 36 ct. Let our bags do the dirty work. Our roll of re...fill bags fit in all Munchkin dispensers. Our colorful bags are infused with Arm & Hammer baking soda for natural and effective odor elimination. And they're scented with lavender for that special touch. A fresh smelling diaper bag can make diaper changes much more pleasant for you and baby. Keep some in your car, at Grandma's, in your stroller and at home. Features: - Pack of 3 (12 in each roll, 36 total) - Each pack comes with three bag colors (green, blue, purple) - Durable bags pull apart easily. Read More

Arm & Hammer
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The Arm and Hammer diaper bag dispenser and bags makes diaper disposal easy wherever you are. Each bag is infused with Arm and Ham...mer baking soda for safe, effective and natural odor elimination. Additionally, bags are lightly scented with lavender. Bags are large, durable and easy to separate. The bag dispenser features an integrated clip making it easy to attach to a diaper bag, purse or stroller. Contains 2 bag dispensers and 48 bags (4 rolls; 12 bags per roll). Additional refills sold separately. Read More

Doggie Walk Bags
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Pictured in Black Skulls - Black/Unscented - DNP1005: Since 1988, the Doggie Walk Bags team has worked hard to create the ideal ba...g for picking up after ones pet. Our creation of this ideal bag needed to include these features; Odor Neutralization to mask offensive odors and make the task more tolerable, (no animals were used in testing of the scent), Responsibly Priced so bags can be used daily. But perhaps most importantly is what affect our bag would have on the environment. One of our top priorities is to minimize our global footprint. Besides cleaning up the mess now, we want to make sure we are not creating messes for generations to come. Plastic is a hot topic in current environmental issue discussions. Where a plastic water bottle can take dozens of years to degrade, the decomposition process for our bags begins within two months, about the same time as an apple-core takes. Also convenient for dirty diaper disposal, cat litter pick-up, car trash, camping waste, dirty gym clothes, wet bathing suits, and car, boat, or air sickness needs. Features: -Roll refill bag. -Non tie handles. -35 Capsules. -Comes with 2 rolls of 15 bags (30 total). -Made in United States. -Dimensions: 2-8 H x 3 W x 2.5 D. Read More

J L Childress
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J L Childress Tie 'N Toss Disposable BagsTie 'N Toss Disposable Bags by J.L. Childress help to contain all types of little messes.... Tie 'N Toss bags can be used for dirty diapers, soiled bibs and clothing or food. They're also handy for pet waste, motion sickness, trash or wet items. Each package includes 4 rolls of 15 large, disposable bags with easy-tie handles. Bags are 100% degradable and lightly scented to conceal odors. Use as replacement bags for the J.L. Childress Bag 'N Bags Duffle Dispenser and other bag holders.Features: For dirty diapers, soiled bibs and clothing or food 4 rolls of 15 large, disposable bags 100% degradable Lightly scented to conceal odors Easy-tie handles Read More

Swheat Scoop
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Swheat Scoop Lightly Scented Cat Litter, 7-lb bag; An outdoor-fresh scent you and your cat will love! New Swheat Scoop Lightly Sce...nted litter not only offers superior clumping and odor-stopping power, but is made with just a touch of natural Aspen to help keep your litter box smelling fresh and clean! Key Benefits Swheat Scoop works continuously to neutralize litter box odors, no matter how many cats you own. Designed to clump faster and firmer than ever, so you’ll find it easy to keep even high-traffic litter boxes clean. Unlike many clumping litters, Swheat Scoop contains no silica dust, sodium bentonite or chemicals of any kind. That’s why it’s even recommended by veterinarians for kittens and post-surgical cats. Lasts 2 times longer than ordinary clumping litters. Since Swheat Scoop litter absorbs moisture faster than ordinary clumping litter brands, the rest of the litter stays clean and fresh. Which means it can last longer between litter box changes, saving you significant time and money. 100% biodegradable and made from renewable, sustainable resources right here in the USA Read More

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Sassy Disposable Scented Diaper Sacks-200 Cnt PackSassy Diaper Sacks provide a safer and more sanitary way to dispose of diapers! ...Bags seal in wetness and bacteria from soiled diapers, while baby powder scent helps control odors. Tie-close handles make the Diaper Sacks easy and convenient to use.Recommended Age: Features:200-count dispensing box is great for use in nursery Read More

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Sassy Disposable Scented Diaper Sacks provides a safer and more sanitary way to dispose of diapers. Bags seal in wetness and bacte...ria from soiled diapers, while baby powder scent helps control odor.This is a must have for nursery and for moms on the go with baby. Read More

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