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Safety 1st Odor Removers

When you have a baby, stinky diapers are a fact of life. But deodorizers can help. These products neutralize odor-causing bacteria in diapers and diaper pails, keeping your nursery smelling better. Choose a nontoxic spray, and use it each time you change the liner in your diaper pail.
Safety 1st
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Safety 1st Diaper Pail Deodorizers Keep diaper pails clean, fresh and smelling good with Safety 1st Diaper Pail Deodorizers. These... diaper pail deodorizers are round in shape. In order to use these deodorizers, simply place one either in the diaper pail or in the deodorizer holder thats included in the pail. 6-pack. Why Youll Love It: These diaper pail deodorizers play an essential role in sealing odors and maintaining hygiene. Features Baby powder scent Can easily fit into the diaper pails lid Deodorizer is free of toxins Lasts up to one month Safety 1stŪ Diaper Pail Deodorizers 12 pkHelps keep diaper pails smelling freshBaby powder scentFits in lid of diaper pailLasts up to 1 monthNon-toxic Read More

Safety 1st
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Helps keep diaper pails smelling fresh Baby powder scent Fits in lid of diaper pail Lasts up to 1 month Non-toxic

Safety 1st
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The Safety 1st Diaper Pail Deodorizer keeps diaper pails smelling fresh. The soft baby powder scent masks unwanted odors for up to... one month! Read More

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