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Diaper Dekor
$37.99 at Target

Find diaper disposal systems at! The dekor classic offers you a convenient and sanitary way to dispose of dirty diapers.... With a contemporary, hands free design, diaper changing won t be a dreaded experience, especially since you will be saving money. Dekor pails have three lines of defense to keep odor in the pail, even when holding a butt load of diapers, more than any other pail on the market! And because it is made entirely of abs plastic it won t start to smell like a dirty diaper, like some other pails do. Comes complete with one liner! Additional classic refill liners available to order separately. . . just step and drop . hands free... Read More

Diaper Dekor
$42.99 at Target

Find diaper disposal systems at! The diaper dekor plus diaper disposal system has a pedal-activated lid. Simply step on... the pedal and drop the dirty diapers into the bin. This diaper pail can hold up to 40 diapers at a time. It's made of abs plastic that does not change color or absorb smells. Dekor baby diaper pails have a rubber-seal system that locks in bad odor. This odor free diaper pail can be easily cleaned. Read More

Diaper Dekor
$29.95 at Sears

Classic Diaper PailThe original Dekor Classic hands free diaper pail is our regular sized pail. The Classic Pail can hold up to 45... newborn diapers before emptying. Thanks to the Step and Drop function, the Dekor Pails are the easiest to use. The ABS Plastic does not absorb odor like cheaper plastic, and the rubber seal on the lid and trap door contains all of the odors. Dekor is truly the best system on the market. Easy to empty when full, easy to install a new refill when you run out and the convenience of a continuous refill liner which allows you to use just the amount you need - reducing waste! A handy lockout hidden under the top cover helps keep curious toddlers out. A large opening will easily accommodate larger disposable and cloth diapers, not just tiny newborn diapers. Pop the diaper insert out when you are out of the diaper stage and you can continue to use your Dekor Classic as a beautiful trash can. Many users like Dekor for pet litter too! Refills are available in regular and biodegradable styles.Features: Suited for smaller nurseries due to its compact size Door mounted child - proof cutter. Comes with full length refill installed Hands Free Read More

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