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Mustela Diaper Creams & Ointments

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<p><b>Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream for Diaper Area - 1.9 oz </b><br /></p><p>Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream treats diaper rash by ...creating a barrier between the skin and wetness. Its cream is thick but works gently enough that it can be applied every day after bathing. Prevent irriation while also refreshing your baby with the fresh fragrance.</p><p><br /><b>Why You'll Love It: </b>It protects baby's skin against wetness and minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. <br /><br /><b>Features</b><br /></p><ul><li>Prevents chafing from diaper friction with the barrier effect of zinc oxide</li><li>Reduces redness quickly</li><li>Encourages cell regeneration with the action of vitamins B5 and F</li><li>Hypoallergenic - specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions</li><li>Tested under dermatological control</li><li>Oil in water emulsion protects skin without blocking pores</li><li>Acts quickly, is easy to use, gentle, effective and not messy</li></ul> Read More

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