Desigual Desigual Girls 2-6X Peacock Tankini, Multi Print, Small

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One of the least permeable suits on the market, the Hydrospeed Velo is FINIS' premier technical swimsuit. The Hydrospeed Velo uses... the newest smart compression racing technology that supports muscles, reduces lactic acid levels and heighten nerve senses. The Hydrospeed Velo includes a revolutionary blend of fabric that merges high compression panel construction with a lightweight feel. The advanced suit technology provides superior friction reduction in the water, limiting resistance against the body. Laser cut fabric and tapered edges creates smooth seams and secure grip around the legs and shoulders. The Hydrospeed Velo has a unique structure design around the pelvis area providing a custom fit for increased support and compression to vital core muscles. Read More

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Amazingly light, the Hydrospeed Flux is the lightest swimsuit we have ever developed. The thin fabric creates a smooth surface tha...t reduces friction and increases hydrodynamics. With tapered edges the legs seams lay flat reducing drag and increasing grip on the skin. 4-Way Stretch Fabric creates a custom overall fit of the suit and enables perfect compression around key muscle groups, enhancing performance. Flat lock seams increase the durability of your suit while creating a the hydrodynamic profile. For the best competition fit, size down from your normal training suit. Read More

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With a retro print, copper rivets, and denim-like detailing, these Diesel swim trunks will make you the most shagadelic man around.... Whether youre catching waves or mellowing out on the beach, the short leg length and super soft fabric make these groovy trunks a fun addition to your summer wardrobe. Read More

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This one piece is an instant classic with edgy styling

Aqua Sphere
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Swimming acts as a natural form of active recovery as it helps to soothe and reduce muscle tissue inflammation. The Energize compr...ession training suits were designed to protect the core muscles, enhancing this active recovery. Read More

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