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Acid Reflux Wedge ?" soft and supportive foam with a Luxurious 383 Thread Count Padded Cover. Our wedge pillow for acid reflux com...e into two sizes 6inch and 9inch. If wake up many times at night due to heartburn chest pain asthma coughing or your own snoring it may be the consequences of the acid reflux symptoms. This disease is one of the most common here in the states many Americans suffer its bothersome symptoms every night turning a peaceful sleep into an insonmial nightmare. But how come all these people can go on with their life you may ask the answer is more simple that you could imagine: Acid Reflux Wedge. This comforting wedge pillow not only reduces the symptoms of acid reflux it also helps with gerd sufferer, gastritis, Barrett's Esophagus, Hiatal Hernia,Sinus Congestion,Digestive Problems,Snoring,Sleep Apnea,Reflux in pregnant women. This bed wedge pillow reduces the snoring,heartburn and chest pain by giving you extra support in your upper back and neck. Wedge Incliner Read More

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