D3 Publisher Turbo: Super Stunt Squad - PRE-OWNED - PlayStation 3

Buckle up and get ready to race into the high-octane universe inspired by DreamWorks Animation's film, Turbo. Packed full of larger-than-life environments, super-charged action and revved-up characters Turbo: Super Stunt Squad will have you... pushing the pedal to the floor for high-speed excitement. From performing mind-boggling stunts to tricking out your favorite character's look, this game offers dynamic gameplay that will challenge your skills and get your pulse pounding. Speed off on high-velocity adventures with Turbo, Smoove Move, Whiplash, Skidmark and Burn you're on the stunt squad now. Get ready to develop your favorite character's signature street style and show off your smooth skills by performing impressive stunts, such as drifts, slides, flips, Turbo-charged jumps, lightning-fast speeds, adrenaline-pumping combos and more. The more respect you earn by pulling off jaw-dropping moves, the more customizations and abilities you unlock. Upgrade your abilities for increased acceleration, speed and grip on the course, earn unique moves like Turbo's Tuck-and-Roll or Skidmark's Nitro Boost, then finish it off by unlocking new shells, stickers and paint jobs for your character. With a variety of timed stunt missions, item collection missions, special trick objectives, point challenges and more coming your way, you'll have to use everything you've got to stay on top. When you're navigating human-scale environments littered with everyday objects, such as taco trays, hot sauce packets, kitchen stoves and tires, you'll need all your focus to perform sensational stunts. Are you ready for high-speed adventure with your favorite characters from Turbo? Read More

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