CTA Digital CTA Digital Paper Towel Holder with Gooseneck Stand for iPad and Tablets (PAD-PTH)

Cleverly integrate your iPad or tablet into the kitchen and adjust it to any viewing angle, orientation or position you may need with CTA Digital's Paper Towel Holder with Gooseneck Stand for iPad and Tablets. This unique stand is built int...o a sturdy and elegant paper towel holder base, so you can comfortably enjoy apps or videos while in the kitchen. Featuring a stainless steel finish and a 7.5" bendable gooseneck, this stand offers sturdy support and multi directional adjustment with a universal holder that securely fits the iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad (3nd 4th generation), iPad Mini and most other 7 10" tablets. The gooseneck stand is also removable and can be replaced with a simple cap to use the paper towel holder by itself. So whether you're having breakfast or preparing a meal, stay connected and upgrade your kitchen with CTA Digital's Paper Towel Holder with Gooseneck Stand for iPad and Tablets. Specifications: Compatible with iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad (3rd 4th generation) and iPad Mini Compatible with most 7" 10" screen tablets Holder adjusts approximately 7" to 12" diagonally) Flexible 7.5" steel gooseneck Stainless steel finish. Package Includes: (1) Paper Towel Holder with Gooseneck Stand (1) Universal holder for iPad and Tablets (1) Paper towel holder cap. Read More

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The iPad and new tablet technology are revolutionizing how and where we view entertainment. CTA Digital's Pedestal Stand for iPad ...provides a convenient way to comfortably enjoy apps, eBooks, videos and web browsing at home. The bendable gooseneck stand allows you to adjust to any viewing angle, orientation or position you may need and securely holds the iPad. Simply slide and snap the iPad into the padded stand. The elegant chrome pedestal also features an optional toilet paper roll holder and a solid heavyweight base that will stay in place. So add luxury and convenience to your home or bathroom dcor with CTA Digital's Pedestal Stand for iPad. Read More

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The CTA Digital Tablet Pedestal Stand with Roll Holder provides a unique touch of luxury and convenience. In addition to Apple iPa...d it also fits most other 9.7- to 10.1-inch tablets. The stand is a convenient way to comfortably enjoy apps, eBooks, videos and web browsing at home. Adjust the tablet to any viewing angle, orientation or position with the 12-inch bendable gooseneck stand. Simply insert the tablet into the secure holder to easily integrate the tablet into any room. The elegant chrome pedestal also features a solid heavyweight base that will stay in place and an optional toilet paper roll holder. Read More

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Find mobile device app accessories at Target.com! Are you ready kids? Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob squarepant...s! Absorbent and yellow and protective is he; the spongebob squarepants universal activity tray for ipad will delight and entertain children while they play and interact with their ipad. The activity tray helps protect the ipad from bumps, spills and damage, safely bringing the wonder of tablet technology to toddlers and young children while entertaining them with the playful images of bikini bottom s favorite talking sponge. This unique and universal activity tray can be easily fitted and securely attached to a car seat, stroller or a high chair.... Read More

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The Kids Adjustable Activity Table for iPad by CTA Digital helps protect the iPad from bumps and damage, safely bringing the wonde...r of tablet technology to young children of all ages, from toddlers to preschool and elementary school kids. The practical and engaging Activity Table offers a child size desk space with a special iPad holder tray and stand for the touch of technology this generation's children will need to learn for tomorrow and want to play with today. There are many educational and drawing apps available for iPad, encouraging creativity and early learning for children, and the Activity Table provides the perfect place for kids to enjoy them all. The tray can also be flipped over for a flat table surface, ideal for play and traditional artistic activities, such as drawing and painting. The holder tray is easily adjusted to three different height levels to keep up with growing children and comfortably suit their needs. The adjustable height also allows the table to be used as either a desk station with a chair or as a floor level activity table. The removable tablet tray in the center of the table securely holds the iPad with a fitted cover and features a clear touch screen protector to guard against smudges and messy fingerprints. The tray safely locks into the table so that the iPad won't be accidentally dropped or misplaced by children. It can also be easily set to different viewing angles with the included stand, so kids can comfortably enjoy their favorite videos and apps. Children's educational and entertainment worlds are quickly merging into the new media of tablets, and with the versatility of CTA Digital's Kids Activity Table for iPad, your kids can have a head start for tomorrow with a platform that supports traditional and digital activities for an enhanced learning and fun experience. Read More

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Find mobile device app accessories at Target.com! Are you ready kids? Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob squarepant...s! Absorbent and yellow and protective is he; the super bouncy spongebob squarepants inflatable cube for ipad will delight and entertain children of all ages while they play and interact with their ipad. The inflatable cube helps protect the ipad from bumps and damage, safely bringing the wonder of tablet technology to young children while entertaining them with the playful faces of bikini bottom s favorite talking sponge. The cube is easily inflated with the included foot pump and features a protective case recessed on a padded side to hold and... Read More

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Find mobile device app accessories at Target.com! Your kids will enjoy hours of racing fun while playing motion-controlled games o...n the ipad with the teenage mutant ninja turtles inflatable sports car. It has a steering wheel with grips on both sides and a cradle that holds and protects the ipad. It comes with a foot pump or can be inflated with your own electric air pump for easy setup. It's compatible with ipad 2 and the new ipad and also works with other ios racing game apps. This inflatable race car is intended for indoor use. 230 lbs. Capacity. It's for game players of all ages. Read More

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CTA Digital Pedestal Stand with Roll Holder for iPad Air/iPad and Retina Display/iPad 3rd Gen/iPad 2/Tablet Comfortably stay conne...cted and use apps with CTA Digital?s Adjustable Wheelchair Mount for iPad and Tablets. This sturdy stand is designed to mount to most standard wheelchairs and features a secure adjustable holder designed for 7"-10" screen tablets between 6"-8.5" wide, so it can hold any current iPad model, including iPad Air and iPad Mini. It can also easily hold most other tablet lines such as the Kindle Fire, Nexus, Galaxy Tab and Note tablets. The retractable holder locks in place and has special padding to securely grip and protect the tablet. The holder can rotate 360 degree and is mounted to a height-adjustable stand with multiple joints that can pivot or rotate to get any viewing angle or position needed. The tablet holder also has quick release buttons making the tablet easy to access and remove. Whether you are making video calls or streaming a movie, enjoy a more comfortable exp Read More

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CTA Digital Boom Floor Stand for iPad with Retina Display/iPad 3rd Gen/iPad 2/Tablet Easily integrate your tablet into your home w...ith CTA Digital?s Boom Floor Stand for iPad & Tablets. Perfect next to the living room couch or by your bed, this sturdy and lightweight aluminum metal stand can be placed anywhere to comfortably enjoy apps or videos on your tablet. The iPad or 7-10 inch tablet is securely cradled in a holder at the end of a boom rod that extends 12 inches from the stand for convenient reach and can be set to an adjustable height between 12 and 42 inches high. A solid base and two legs for support keep the stand securely in place. The iPad holder is especially designed for the iPad (2nd to 4th generation) and a second adjustable holder is included to hold most other 7-10 inch tablets. The iPad holder can rotate 360 degree to switch between landscape and portrait orientations and each holder can pivot horizontally and vertically to adjust the viewing angle. So lay back and enjoy your table Read More

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This CTA Digital battery replaces the NP-FH70 battery. This battery was designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and is 100-p...ercent compatible to the original equipment chargers. This battery is a high capacity replacement for the following H Series batteries: NP-FH30, NPFH30, FH30 NP-FH40, NPFH40, FH40 NP-FH50, NPFH50, FH50 NP-FH60, NPFH60, FH60 NP-FH70, NPFH70, FH70. Chemistry: Lithium-ion Voltage: 3.7,mAh (capacity): 1800mAh, Maximum run time from one charge, Compatible Cameras/Camcorders, DCR-DVD108 DCR-DVD308 DCR-DVD408 DCR-DVD508 DCR-DVD610 DCR-DVD710 DCR-DVD810 DCR-DVD910 DCR-HC28 DCR-HC38 DCR-HC48 DCR-HC52 DCR-HC62 DCR-SR200 DCR-SR200C DCR-SR220 DCR-SR300 DCR-SR300C DCR-SR42 DCR-SR42A DCR-SR45 DCR-SR62 DCR-SR65 DCR-SR82 DCR-SR82C DCR-SR85 HDR-CX12 HDR-CX7 HDR-HC5 HDR-HC7 HDR-HC9 HDR-SR10 HDR-SR11 HDR-SR12 HDR-SR5 HDR-SR5C HDR-SR7 HDR-SR8 HDR-TG1 HDR-UX10 HDR-UX20 HDR-UX5 HDR-UX7 DCR-30 DCR-DVD103 DCR-DVD105 DCR-DVD105E DCR-DVD106 DCR-DVD106E DCR-DVD108 DCR-DVD109 DCR-DVD109E DCR-DVD110E DCR-DVD115E DCR-DVD202E DCR-DVD203 DCR-DVD203E DCR-DVD205 DCR-DVD205E DCR-DVD304E DCR-DVD305 DCR-DVD305E DCRDVD306 DCR-DVD306E DCR-DVD308 DCR-DVD308E DCR-DVD310E DCR-DVD403 DCR-DVD403E DCR-DVD404E DCR-DVD405 DCR-DVD405E DCR-DVD406 DCR-DVD406E DCR-DVD407E DCR-DVD408 DCR-DVD410E DCR-DVD505 DCR-DVD505E DCR-DVD506 DCR-DVD506E DCR-DVD508 DCR-DVD510E DCR-DVD602 DCR-DVD602E DCR-DVD605 DCR-DVD605E DCR-DVD610 DCR-DVD653 DCR-DVD653E DCR-DVD703 DCR-DVD703E DCR-DVD705 DCR-DVD705E DCR-DVD708 DCR-DVD708E DCR-DVD710 DCR-DVD755 DCR-DVD755E DCR-DVD803 DCR-DVD803E DCR-DVD805 DCR-DVD805E DCR-DVD808E DCR-DVD810 DCR-DVD905 DCR-DVD905E DCR-DVD908E DCR-DVD910 DCR-DVD92 DCR-DVD92E Read More

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Spongebob Tray For Ipad, SpongeBob SquarePants Universal Activity Tray for iPad. Compatible with iPad, iPad 2 and new iPad. Secure...ly holds iPad so kids can safely enjoy apps and videos. Attaches to strollers, highchairs and car seats. Protective foam-cush Read More

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The Denim Sofa Sleeper is a toddler-sized, adult-style sofa that your young child will love. Made entirely of top-quality, high-de...nsity foam for superior softness, this little sofa comes with a handle on the cover so even the smallest young ones can take it with them from room to room. The dark denim slipcover can be removed for easy cleaning and comes with or without a skirt. Whether it sits in their bedroom, or the living room, den, or rec room, the Denim Sofa Sleeper will be your toddler's favorite.   About Fun Furnishings Fun Furnishings has been a family-owned business since it began making top-quality furniture for kids in 1993. Fun Furnishings' pieces combine bright colors, kid-friendly sizes, and comfortable, durable materials to create chairs, sofas, and other units that are both enjoyable and practical. Also popular are their unique offerings for ''tweens,'' teens, and other kids who aren't interested in adult styles but have outgrown toddlers' sizes, patterns, and colors.   100% cotton slipcover. Slipcover removes for easy care. Folds out into a sofa for sleepovers. High-density foam construction. Recommended for ages 1 to 7. Dimensions: 23L X 18D X 25D inches. Read More

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The Flybar 800 weighs 11+ lbs, approximately half of what the Flybar 1200 weighs, and is 30% less bulky than the Flybar 1200. Subs...tantial height attainability of over 4 feet. Great for both boys, girls, men and women. Non skid rubber tip. One pin (quick) piston adjustment for 3 different settings. User friendly and easy to adjust. Flybar 800 test jumpers rave about how smooth and quiet the ride is, with substantially no or extremely low impact on their knees. Read More

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Bassinet: Suitable from birth to 6 months Toddler Seat: Suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs. An innovative, universal stroller syst...em that truly grows with your child from birth into the toddler years. Stroller adapts with accessories to accommodate a second and third child. Additional Features & Details Added rubber bumpers to protect the stroller handlebar in standing position Smooth-rolling "no-flat" foam and rubber wheels Removable bumper bar cover Floating arch "no kick" rear axle Red/green successful attachment indicators Convenient zip-in rain shield and mesh bug shield included Ventilated bassinet canopy and aerated mattress for air flow All-natural bassinet liner of cotton + soybean fiber Removable, washable and interchangeable fabric Easy to activate brake system Shock-absorbing front + rear suspension Stands when folded Read More

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Natura Classic Crib Mattress is made with all natural talalay latex, which is created with an open cell structure. It's natural ve...ntilation system makes it especially safe for your baby's fragile respiratory system. This Organic Crib Mattress maximizes air circulation which allows heat and body moisture to dissipate, keeping the mattress fresh, dry and resistant of harmful allergens. The mattress offers firm, yet cushioning support which reduces pressure on the soft bones of the skull. This is made with pesticide free, renewable resources. It provides the perfect balance of safety, functionality and comfort for your little one. The soft European 100 percent organic cotton cover is fully removable for easy care. Read More

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Enjoy years of recreational basketball fun in your backyard with the Spalding residential portable basketball system (model 72307)..., which features a 37.5-gallon Hercules base that fills with water or sand for stability. It offers a three-piece, 3.5-inch diameter silver pole and EZ Touch lift system providing accurate height adjustment from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. It's matched with a 52-inch steel-framed acrylic backboard, 5/8-inch solid steel Pro-Slam breakaway rim, and all-weather net. Read More

Swim Time
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Keep your pool area secure with this innovative and attractive safety fence. When properly installed it will eliminate the type of... tragedies that occur all too frequently every summer. Our fence is easily self-installed and the super-strong woven mesh will not allow children or pets to enter the pool area unsupervised. Unique climb-resistant mesh gives children and adults no toeholds or finger holds. With our safety fence, your pool is protected from accidental drowning. Our fence is designed to be self-installed and requires only 5/8-inch holes to be drilled in the deck. All posts and screws are made of stainless steel hardware that will not rust or corrode. The safety fence can easily be removed and reinstalled in minutes by a single person. The lightweight fence rolls up when not in use for easy storage. The fence comes with plastic covers for the postholes when the fence is not in use. It comes in pre-assembled 4-feet H by 12-feet L and 5-feet H by 12-feet L lengths and it can be easily shortened to fit any pool area. Our optional gates feature true close hinges that are spring loaded to self close and Magna-Latch lock to prevent entry by children at no extra cost. Gates are available in 4-feet and 5-feet heights and they are 30-inch wide. Safety fencing comes complete with hardware, measuring template, instructions, and a free installation video. A rotary hammer drill is required for installation. Backed by a 5-Year Warranty. Available in black only. Read More

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The CocoonX2 is the newest addition to the lineup of Joovy products. The CocoonX2 offers the versatility and flexibility that acti...ve families are looking for in great family gear. These days, parents are smart about family purchases and the Joovy CocoonX2 makes incredible sense, plus, it's F U N. The CocoonX2 is a stroller jogger bicycle trailer all in one. The first time I saw this stroller I knew it was the perfect solution for my family. Simply put, it is the most unique and interesting stroller ever made. Packed with amazing features and made of high quality materials, the CocoonX2 is the wisest investment for our active family. This multi function stroller easily converts to a jogger and a bike trailer. It simply doesn't get any better. The CocoonX2 has a cocoon like compartment where my children sit completely content and out of the elements. Entry is through the zippered door that has a cool mesh window for great ventilation and a vinyl window for when the weather is less cooperative. The kids love the two huge windows on either side that allow incredible visibility and views. The interior has two 5 point harnesses and plenty of legroom. Inside, there are two mesh pockets for your children's take along items. The CocoonX2 has a two position adjustable handlebar to accommodate my husband and me.The CocoonX2's pneumatic swivel front wheels offer super maneuverability. The full size 20" pneumatic rear wheels offer a super smooth ride for your passengers and cargo. To convert the CocoonX2 to a jogger, remove the two swivel front wheels and attach the fixed jogging wheel (sold separately).Parents are raving over the extra large storage area that has a zipper open/close. There is plenty of room for all of your cargo. The CocoonX2 is 31" wide and accommodates two fifty pound children ? maximum weight is 100 pounds. The single Cocoon will carry one child up to 60 pounds (27" wide). The Cocoon and CocoonX2 fold up compactly and are easy to store. Read More

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K&N's Sportster RK Series Air Cleaner will get more horsepower from your Harley Davidson Sportster motorcycle. This complete assem...bly fits inside the stock air cleaner cover, and provides a significant increase in airflow. Read More

Mountain Buggy
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Made of durable aluminum frame and polyester fabric. Front swivel and rear suspension wheels for smooth ride. Comes with bottle ho...lder, sun canopy, and adjustable handle. Recommended for children up to 6 years. Available in your choice of colors. Read More

Peg Perego
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Your baby will travel in luxury and style in the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 Car Seat. Made for infants from five to 30 pou...nds and up to 30-inches tall, this car seat is made with the highest quality materials. The head panel and shell include Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) foam which is energy absorbing and helps to protect your child's head and torso from impact forces. The adjustable Side Impact Protection (SIP) exceeds the most stringent safety standards in the world, helping to provide you with peace of mind. A secure LATCH system base is included which not only allows for easy installation but also includes an indicator on the base which shows the correct installation angle. This car seat can be used with the LATCH system base or with the car's seat belt. A quick-release, five-point safety harness is made with a ''cobblestone'' webbing made of extra-strong polyester thread. The harness is also equipped with shoulder pads and a chest clip for your child's comfort. Breathable Fresco Jersey Performance Fabric is breathable, easy-to-clean, absorbs moisture, and helps to keep your baby cool and comfortable. A removable seat cushions ensures a proper fit for your newborn while the adjustable and removable hood protects your baby from the elements. A rubber grip on the carrying handle makes it easier to carry the car seat around. Read More

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