Craftsman Craftsman Garage Door Opener 3-Function Compact Remote Control CR2032

Craftsman Garage Door Opener 3-Function Compact Remote Control CR2032
Craftsman Garage Door Opener 3-Function Compact Remote Control CR2032
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Garage Door Opener 3-Function Remote Control fits comfortably in a purse or pocket.No more uncertainty in choosing the correct remote. The Craftsman Garage Door Opener Compact Remote Control will open up to three different garage doors in one...

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Fabric: Antique Beige; Crank & Tilt. Motorized and Remote Control lift. Push Button. Head room: 75 in.. Vent: large. Octagonal Construction of aluminum. Frame finish: Powder Coated. Frame color: White. Size: 11 in.The Monterey Two-Tier series umbrellas are perfect for those gusty and coastal areas. Allows for wind to circulate and pass without much effect on the umbrella. Crank lift to open and no tilt to worry about in the wind. Read More

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BMW Coupe 6 series RC cars can now be yours for a fraction of the price of a full size one. Highly detailed features make this rem...ote control BMW coupe fun for all ages. You can open the hood, doors, & trunk! It even has the real BMW engine. This RC car measures about 19 inches long. The front and back headlights light up of the car and it comes with a fully functional remote which allows the car to move forward, reverse, left and right. The BMW also comes with rechargeable battery, battery charger, and battery for the remote control. Still want more? This is a must have gift for any BMW enthusiast. Want to race 2 BMW 645's at the same time? Order 2 and we will send you different frequencies for the remote controls. While you are here ship the best RC cars . Due to high demand color choice may vary. Read More

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Take Control Over Your Outlets Leaving an appliance in standby can consume 10-30% of the power and can shorten the life of the app...liance by 15%. This device is a great solution for controlling appliances in inaccessible areas, or for people with limited mobility. It is great if you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night. You can use the remote to turn other rooms' lights on and off. Additional remotes are available so you can leave remotes in different rooms and not worry about forgetting the remote. Learning Function If you want a replacement part or multiple outlets to work on the same frequency, you now have an easy solution. This feature allows you to program the learning outlets and the learning remotes with any outlet regardless of the frequency. For example, with this function you can have a single remote for each of the 5 outlets in a set or upgrade a 4 pack to a 5 pack without purchasing additional remotes. In addition, you can now use multiple outlets with a single button. If you choose, you can control as many outlets as you choose with the press of a single button on the remote. Small Size Due to the improved design, you will be able to plug this unit into the wall and still have enough room to use the outlet below it. Specifications 1. Power input/output: 120V/60Hz, max. 1200W 10A 2. Frequency: 433.93 MHz 3. Remote control power: 12V/23A battery (included) 4. Very lower standby power consumption: about 0.6w-0.7w Package Includes 1x Etekcity 3 outlets 1x Etekcity 5 outlets 2x 5 Outlet remote control 2x 12V battery (for remote) --We provide extra batteries to save your precious time 2x User's manual Read More

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a video game legend that features some of the most recognizable characters in gaming history! Sonic is the f...astest Guinness World Records character! Wireless full-function Radio-Control with working lights to light the path! Immaculate race-car fully equipped for speed! Race with other Sonic characters for more fun! Read More

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Sony VCT-VPR1 Make the most of your next shoot with the VCT-VPR1 compact tripod. A detachable remote control with shutter lock and... release makes it easy to control your camera or camcorder's functions. This tripod also features a built-in leveler for slow and controlled zooming effects, a 3-way pan tilting head for smooth pan and tilting motion, and hard button control of power, grid lines, still photography and start/stop button for video. Also includes a connecting cable (80cm) and carrying case. Read More

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New mini remote control forklifts are great fun for people of all ages. Yes! It really works just like a forklift. Full directiona...l control allows you to drive in all directions. Plus you can raise and lower the forks to move your cargo with precision. Powerful motor and forks lift 100 pennies with ease! Order 2 and we will send separate operating frequencies for the remote controls. This mini radio control forklift is 1/20 scale and measures about 4.5 inches long. An excellent working replica of a full size forklift truck. Only this model is table top size and allows for great fun loading and moving stuff around on your desk. Still want more? Ok, order today and we will include four cones, two pallets and a miniature carton. Great attention to detail as this forklift even has realistic looking lights. The remote control allows the lift and lowering of the forks. Looking for a larger size forklift? Check out the huge scale remote control forklift . Features: Rugged, challenging, colorful, realistic. Exact Replica, an excellent working model Realistic Features - The lift angles forward and back for picking up and carrying. Accurate Movement. Life like sound. Lift Height is 5.5 inches. Can Lift 100 pennies or 5oz Use Remote Control 80 feet away. 60 Degrees Turns Great for Driving Skills Tough Construction: roll cage, rubber tires, hard plastic body. Lighted Indicators on Forklift and Transmitter Read More

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Big yellow remote control dump trucks let you construct or demolish. Buy today and get free shipping! This super big and tough dum...p truck comes loaded with over-sized tires that deliver excellent traction and an sturdy suspension for a better turning handling. It's a fully functional wireless remote control construction truck that you can drive forwards, backwards, left, right. Yes, it really dumps too! No assembly needed and arrives ready to use! Measures 18"(L) x 9"(W) x 9"(H). Really cool dumptruck. Check out the cool weathered detail design that is painted on the truck. Extremely realistic and high quality! Comes with cool rocks to play with to. Yes, you can put real dirt on this dump truck. Want to play with two or more RC construction toys at once? No problem. Order 2 or more of these RC trucks or different style of construction truck today and we will give you separate different radio frequencies! Build a little adventure of your own with a new dump truck. Built for hauling, this beefy truck features big, grippy tires, full function remote control. Don't delay, order a remote control dump truck today. Makes a great gift for construction lovers of all ages. Ok, still want more? Order right now and we will include a rechargeable battery pack, charger, and battery for the remote control too! Order 2 of these RC construction trucks and get separate remote control frequencies for dual truck fun. Dump Truck Remote Control (RC) Construction Truck Specifications: Measures 18"(L) x 9"(W) x 9"(H). Super tough, solid construction Function: left & right, up & down, forward & backward Sturdy frame and suspension Working dumping bed 1 x rechargeable battery pack 1 x Ac charger 1 x remote control 1 x 9v battery for remote control Recommended Age: Age 3 + Take Some Time To Explore The #1 Toy Store For Remote Control Construction Trucks, Cars, And Toys: Remote Control Trucks Remote Control Construction Trucks Remote Control Cars Best Toy Store Read More

Orbit Underground
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Super 6, Water Controller With Remote, 2 Independent Programs, Days Of Week, Watering Intervals & Odd/Even Days, Up To 8 Start Per Day, Ideal For Drip Irrigation, New Lawns & Reducing Run Off, Flexible Watering Time Settings, From 1-99 Minutes, 1 Touch Rain Delay, Settings For 24, 48 & 72 Hours. Read More

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With custom wheels, cool graphics and a free-wheeling sports car in tow, you're sure to be noticed where ever you go. These simple... function trucks are wired and ready to cruise down the boulevard, with or without the trailer. Load up and get rolling! Read More

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With custom wheels, cool graphics and a free-wheeling sports car in tow, you're sure to be noticed where ever you go. These simple... function trucks are wired and ready to cruise down the boulevard, with or without the trailer. Load up and get rolling! Read More

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With custom wheels, cool graphics and a free-wheeling sports car in tow, you're sure to be noticed where ever you go. These simple... function trucks are wired and ready to cruise down the boulevard, with or without the trailer. Load up and get rolling! Read More

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Product Features: Color: warm clear white and multi-color bulbs / green wire Warm clear white consists of a mix of warm clear and ...pure white bulbs Multi-color consists of red, blue, green and amber bulbs Number of bulbs on string: 50 Bulb size: C7 light covers over wide angle bulbs Spacing between each bulb: 7 Lighted length: 28.8' Total length: 30.25' 12.5 lead cord 5 tail cord 4-way remote controller with the following functions: Steady on - warm clear white Steady on - multi-color Continuously changes color from warm clear white to multi-color Off Additional Product Features: Advanced lighting technology allows you to select the color of lights you want! LED lights use 90% less energy Durable non-glass faceted bulbs Cool to the touch Lights are equipped with a clamp on the base of each bulb so that you can easily attach the lights to trees, bushes and more! Strand contains 2 rectifiers, this eliminates the shimmer and shake in the light set Comes with a remote control for easy operation Controller requires (1) 23A 12V battery - included Contains end-to-end connectors which allows you to connect multiple sets together (not to exceed 210 watts) UL listed for indoor or outdoor use 120 volts, 60 hertz, .04 amps, 4.8 watts Note: photos show available colors Read More

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Remote Control modular vehicle with working lights and siren Large sized for ease of use by small hands 5 channel Remote Control f...or great control, Recommended age group: 3 - 6 years, Manufacturer: Cobra Read More

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Our remote control helicopters have come a long way in the past few years, but even now some new models really catch our eye. Meas...ures over 2 feet (27 inches) long. The advanced mixer and gyroscope on the T-Bird remote control helicopter give it the ability to fly inside and outside in all directions using just its main blades. This is definitely the case with the T-Bird 3 channel helicopter. The bottom of the remote control has a built in LCD display which has gauges that indicate the level of throttle and direction. Still want more? The 7.4v lipo battery holds 1500 mAh giving you up to 30% longer flight times than standard models on the market today. If you truly want to fly outside and are unimpressed with the forward movement of your current outdoor helicopter or are just looking to start in the right place for flying outdoors then this is it. There's more. The RC helicopter has blades made of a special material, LED lights, and an amazing LCD remote control. Simply press to add to cart to buy one today and start flying tomorrow. Order 2 RC helicopters and we will send separate operating frequencies for the remote controls. T-Bird RC Helicopter Features: * 3 Channel Flight Control W/Gyroscope * Rechargeable Flight Battery * High capacity integral 7.4v 1500 mAh Lithium Polymer battery Charging Time: * 180 minutes for full charge Flight Duration: * About 14 minutes between charges Control: * Supplied completely assembled and ready-to-fly, with pre-installed Proportional Radio Control. Take off, hover and descend, forward, backward, turn left and right too. Range: * Up to 500 Feet Batteries Required: * 6 AA Batteries for Transmitter Read More

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3 channel helicopters with a built-in gyroscope are becoming very popular these days because of the ease of flying them and the ab...ility to move in all directions. This alloy Scorpion version is one of the best 3 channel gyro helicopters we have seen and for the price is an unbelievable deal. The built-in electric Gyroscope system give better flight stability and precise control of the helicopter. The Scorpion comes with bright LED head lights & tail light, so you can turn of the lights and be amazed by this incredible 3 channel helicopter. Includes 3.7V rechargeable Li-Po battery and charger. Included: 1 x RC Helicopter (100% assembled) 1 x Radio Controller with antenna 1 x 110v charger - 1 x English Manual Features: Pre-assembled ready for run. Built-in Electric Gyroscope for stability and precise control Full Directional Control Durable Alloy/Metal construction Dimensions: 16"L x 7.5"H x 3"W Related RC Helicopters And Hobbies: 2 Channel Helicopters 3 Channel Helicopters 4 Channel Helicopters Toys Read More

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Handle any terrain with the remote control (RC) Beast truck. Tame even the toughest trails with this RC truck as the speed and will amaze you. You can find the RC Beast kicking up rocks and dirt or jumping over obstacles as it zips by you. This RC truck is extremely durable and the plastic body top is removable in case you choose to customize the truck. Measures over 1 feet long and reaches speeds of 20-25 MPH. Plus, this remote control truck is easy to use for all ages whether beginners or experts. The remote control Baja Beast comes assembled fully assembled and ready to run. Buy today and you will receive a rechargeable 7.2v battery pack, wall charger, remote control with unbreakable antenna, and battery for the remote control too. 3 people can race up to 3 of these or mix and match with other Tri-Band RC vehicles for group fun. There is a special selector switch on each remote control truck for A, B, or C band (tri-band). The operating range is about 500 feet. You'll experience smiles as the RC Beast flies by and leaves you noticing some hobby grade features such as large rubber tires. If you are lucky enough to actually own one or know someone who does. Then you know under the tough poly-carbonate shell you can see that it has coil-over shocks and sophisticated transmission. Take this remote control truck out for a spin you will find the digital proportional speed and steering that make it possible to actually reach your goal of taming the Beast. At full speed it can really fly. Shop Full Line Remote Control Cars And Toys: Radio Control Cars Ride On Cars Nitro RC Cars Hot Toys Read More

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Revolutionary Design Transforma 3 in 1 RC Toys! Remote Control Plane + Helicopter + Car = RC Transforma 3. Everything included and... Ready To Fly! It's like having a land, air, and sea package. 3 RC Toys For The Price Of One. NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES! Buy more than 1 and we will send separate operating frequencies for the remote controls. Order Online 24 Hours A Day. Need To Order This RC Toy By Phone? Call US Toll Free 1-800-350-5420 (Orders Only Please). This is our hottest RC toy and measures about 15 inches long making it great to play with everywhere! It is like having 3 remote control toys in 1 set. First, play with it as a fast racing rc car, then a super cool rc helicopter, and finally fly it forwards like an rc plane! Easy for all ages to control and play with. The included wireless remote control allows you to drive and fly left, right, up, down, forward, backward, and hover. Act now and we will include rechargeable main battery and charger for the Transforma 3 in 1 RC Toy. PLEASE ORDER NOW AS SUPPLIES ARE GOING FAST. WHY DISAPPOINT YOUR LOVED ONES? If you are looking for the coolest and best quality toys of this year please check out our RC cars . See specs below. -Easy to Change and Operate for Flying, Racing, or Playing. -Plane has heavy duty struts on landing gear and landing gear mount. -Twin power unit has factory installed RC electronics and twin engines. -Tough Construction -Completely Ready to PLAY in 5mins -Superior Stability & Easy control -Made of strong ABS plastic & carbon fiber material -Durable and easily repairable -Twin-Powerful Motors , 10 mins of PLAY time -R/C Set included, complete Left/Right Control -Airframe consisted of the complex of ABS Plastic and carban fiber material that doubles the rc set's tough construction and impact resistant characteristics. - Advanced direction adjustment mechanism enables you to correct the flying track in case not satisfactory and makes the R/C Control much easier. - The built-in parts is easy to convert the model to a boat, a car and a plane within minutes. - Radio covered range ~ about 500 Feet Race Car: - The Chassis hase stable tricycle design and caster wheels. They make the car more stable on the land. Helicopter Plane: -Superior stability. Any novice pilot should be able to complete a successful ground taking-off and landing within a 50X50 meter spot! Read More

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While we don't like to call anything indestructible, this is the closest we have seen in the 3 channel mini remote control helicop...ters on the market. Our version of the Cobra Gyroshark Combat style RC helicopters are equipped with a 4-in-1 infra-red receiver (Gyro, ESC, Mixer, Receiver). Buy them on super sale today. Fly up to 3 at a time as we will send you separate operating frequencies! Buy our favorite helicopter on Super Sale today while supplies last. This 3 channel mini RC helicopter with gyroscope fits in your palm and has an authentic and detailed fuselage, decorated with flashing LED. We let people fly these in our store and have over 300 flights on our demo. The Gyroshark is able to move in all directions on the 3 Channels, and beginners to experts can hover it easily. The light weight design extends the flight time and amazingly it is almost indestructible in any crash, which is great folks with less experience. The Gyroshark helicopter has about 8 minutes of flight time and can move in any direction. Measures about 6 inches long and we carry all spare parts just in case. Purchase 2-3 or more of these RC helicopters and we will send you separate operating frequencies for awesome helicopter fun. Plus you will get a discounted price on more than 1 helicopter. Buy these RC helicopters today and they will arrive fully assembled and ready to fly with remote control. Just add 6 AA batteries for the remote control. Still want more? Order right now and we will include a free USB charging cable so you have the option charging your new RC helicopter right from your computer! Gyroshark Remote Control Helicopter Features: Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands) Extremely Realistic styling 3.5 channel digital proportional control Flies over 20 feet high Powerful motors Newly designed super strong crash worthy propeller Altitude and rotor speed control Flight stabilizing system About 6 inches long Related Remote Control Helicopters And Parts: Remote Control Helicopters Mini RC Helicopters RC Helicopter Parts Hot Toys Read More

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Get ready for your new remote control Lamborghini Veneno that reaches speeds of 10 mph and measures about 10 inches long. Easy to ...use for all ages and real working led headlights/taillights add to the overall realism. Did you know that only 4 of the full size Venenos were produced and sold for 4.5 million dollars? Trend Times wants everyone to drive a Lamborghini Veneno supercar and today you can buy the remote control (RC) version. Want more? Order today and we will include free batteries. Arrives fully assembled with wireless remote control and ready to play with. The detail is superb on this RC car and will make a great gift for all car enthusiasts. Looking to race? Order 2-3 and we will send separate operating frequencies for the remote controls. Available in gray or red. Don't delay, order a RC Lamborghini Veneno today. Check out the cool video below of the Veneno being tested on the racing track located near Rome. Read More

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