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Color My Bath Toys & Games

Color My Bath
$9.99 $6.38 at Walmart

Each jar of Eco Friendly Color Changing Color My Bath Tablets contains 200 assorted tablets in the primary colors - red, blue and ...yellow - so you can enjoy lots of dazzling, bright baths. The dyes are safe for tubs, towels and skin. Since there are no added soaps or perfumes, you can enjoy your festive bath knowing you're being good to your body as well as the planet. These Eco Friendly Color Changing Bath Tablets are also an easy way to make bath time exciting for children. The simple, non-toxic tablets can add fun to all kinds of activities as well. Let your child mix different colors of water and pretend they're making potions as they learn how pigments blend. The fizzing alone will entrance children every time they see it, and can also stimulate their imagination through a variety of different play activities. Read More

Color My Bath
$9.99 $6.74 at Walmart

Make bath time fun and exciting with Color My Bath H2O La La! Color Changing Bath Tablets. Each jar of tablets contains 200 assort...ed tablets in the primary colors - red, blue and yellow. These baby bath toys are a great way to make bathing time a fun experience for your little ones. The tablets allow you and your child to create dazzling, colorful baths over and over again! Because there are a variety of colors, each experience will be different than the one before it. The 200-count Color My Bath tablets won't stain the tub, the towels or your child, but they will last until bath time is over and then wash cleanly down the drain. They are completely safe as well as earth friendly. This baby bath toy is made in America. Read More

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