Collins Look Out for Turtles!

Turtles are among the oldest living creatures in the world. They have been on earth for nearly 200 million years! In Look Out for Turtles! readers will discover why these creatures have survived so long. Hard shells protect many turtles fro...m harm. Colorful markings on their shells help some turtles to blend in with their surroundings. Different kinds of turtles can live almost anywhere on land or sea and can eat many kinds of plants and animals...Today turtles must struggle to. survive. They are hunted, and threatened by pollution. There is less and less open space for turtles to live in. If turtles are going to be around for another 200 million years, they are going to need our help! Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 1/19/1996 Pages: 32 Reading Level: Age 4 and Up Author: Melvin Berger Publisher: Collins Dimensions: 6.88in length x 0.07in width x 10.78in height Weight: 17.6oz. Read More

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