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clek Safety

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Your kid is growing up so fast: she knows how to tie her shoes, and how to whack a ball off of a tee, and she has an astonishing r...ecall for song lyrics on the radio. She's learning her times tables, and is just about ready to ride a big-kid bike. But one thing she can't do is fit properly into a seat belt in your car - and that's what the 2012 Clek Olli Booster Seat is for. This booster seat provides a safe ride for kids who are 40-57 inches tall and 40-120 pounds, bridging the gap until they're tall enough for a regular safety belt to fit securely. And the Olli Booster seat looks cool, so that older kids who are busy asserting their independence and competence won't feel like they're stuck in a baby seat. The 2012 Clek Olli Booster Seat is only slightly different from past Clek Olli models, with redesigned armrests and a new dishwasher-safe cup holder that will make it even more alluring to little passengers. Read More

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Foonf is Clek's no-compromise convertible child seat introducing revolutionary safety technology, innovative convenience features,... and 100% recyclable materials. Foonf's REACT (Rapid Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology) safety system is inspired by automotive safety technology. Like the crumple zones that protect us in the cars we drive, the crumple zone system integrated into every Foonf child seat absorbs energy from a collision preventing it from being transmitted to the child, reducing the forces on a forward-facing child in frontal collision by up to 40%. Foonf is also engineered with both advanced rear-facing and side-impact safety systems. In rear-facing mode, Foonf boasts a 45 pounds weight limit to keep children rear-facing longer and is designed with an anti-rebound bar, which improves stability and further protects the child's head. Foonf is also built on a rigid metal sub-structure with energy-absorbing foam layers in the sides and headrest to protect the child in a side-impact collision. Committed to designing convenience into car seats, Foonf is designed with Clek's signature rigid latch system, making proper forward-facing installation effortless. Rear-facing installation features a simple, click in angle-adjustment wedge with quick-access to standard latch connectors. Its narrow width profile of under 17" at its widest point (and 13" at the base) provides space that makes 3-across seating possible. The seat covers are made with crypton super fabrics, which provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and bacteria. After its 9-year expiration, Foonf lives on. The entire seat is 100% recyclable. Read More

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