Classic Playtime Classic Playtime Wall Unit - Vanilla

We think youll find the added storage that these components offers an absolutely indispensable addition to your home and life as a parent. The storage bench features three cubbies. While the whole set is a great example of craftsmanship and... practical style, it should be mentioned that the towers are particularly unique. They are modular, allowing you to place them side by side or stack (we recommend stacking tower units no more than two high). Recessed lips on the tower bases allow for easy stacking without sliding. Connecting plates for connecting multiple units and an anti-tip kit for securing stacked units to a wall mean that your stored property is safe, as is any activity going on around the towers. Includes canvas storage bins. We know, you used to do exclusively fun things with all your money, but now youve got kids and the nature of fun has changed somewhat. Just think of all the fun youll be having not tripping over unused toys, books, and games, not to mention how much fun it is to live in the spacious luxury of an efficiently organized home. As for what to order, if you cant decide, start with just the bench. However, were pretty sure youll be coming back for a set of storage towers to take care of next years holiday gift haul from the grandparents. Might as well get those towers now, too. About Classic Playtime Playtime doesnt require batteries or a screen, and providing kids with a place to grow and learn doesnt require sacrificing your homes integrity. Classic Playtime is devoted to the idea that, given constructive ways to explore their world and themselves, children blossom in their own gardens. Our furniture is designed to be simple, unique, and functional in both kids and adults spaces. Youll find stylish and practical places for art, activities, reading, writing, building, and somewhere to keep it all during downtime. Read More

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