Circle of Friends Circle of Friends Shampoo, Ana Banana 8 fl oz (236 ml)

Cleans and conditions without tears Banana Fragrance Buenos dias, mis amigos! My name is Ana. I live with my parents, three brothers and grandfather. I live in the second smallest country in Central America. My friends and I like to hide the banana trees that are found all over our country. Monkeys - we call them "monos" - love to eat bananas (me, too!) so I see a a lot of them when I'm out playing. I wish I had a monkey for a pet, but my mom will only let me get a dog. Next week at school we're going to visit Arenal, one of the 7 volcanoes in my country. My grandfather says that when a volcano is active it means the earth is angry, but I think it is just blushing. Do you know where I live? ** Tested on Parents, not on animals! ** for the answer, please see packaging. Read More

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