Chuggington Chuggington Wooden Railway Magnetic Wilson with Crane Car

Chuggington Wooden Railway Magnetic Wilson with Crane Car While operating the magnetic crane car Wilson applies too much power and the arm ataches to him and he magnatizes himself! While chugging along he begins to attract anything metal, s...oon his entire engine is covered completely in scrap metal. Includes Magnetic Crane Car. Inspired by episode Magnetic Wilson.Product Measures: 6.4x 9x 1.9 Recommended Ages: 3 years and up Weight: 0.25 lb Read More

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Chuggington StackTrack Camouflage Brewster with Giraffe Car Based on the episode Chug-O-Flage, this engine 2-pack features Brewste...r with special camouflage deco and the Safari Car with a removable giraffe figure. Brewster tries to camouflage himself so the animals will not be afraid of him. Will he succeed? Let the adventure begin.Product Measures: 6.75x 7.6x 1.6 Recommended Ages: 3 years and up Read More

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Chuggington Stack Trach Hodge with Hopper Car Hodge--built from a hodge-podge of parts--is a run-around chugger: a bit like a pick...-up truck. With his seen it all attitude, it takes a lot to get Hodge excited. Hes a very young chugger and a bit slow, but he is always willing to take on any task. He is loyal to Eddie, the depots handyman, and together they can solve any problem. Includes hopper car with removable cargo. . Product Features Hodge and hopper car with removable cargo. Durable die-cast construction Realistic decoration Secure front and back couplings Collect all of your favorite Chuggington characters! Recommended Ages:3 ? 7 Dimensions: 4in length x 1in width x 2in height Read More

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Chuggington StackTrack Parrot Wilson with Rhino Car Based on the episode Chug-O-Flage, this engine 2-pack features Wilson with spe...cial parrot deco and the Safari Car with a removable rhino figure. Wilson tries to camouflage himself so the animals will not be afraid of him, but his attempts are not successful. When he tries to look like a parrot to blend in, he scares the rhino and the adventure begins.Product Measures: 6.75x 7.6x 1.6 Recommended Ages: 3 years and up Read More

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Chuggington Wooden Railway Rescue Cars Help Calley save chuggers in distress with this 2-pack of Rescue Cars. Includes a fire car ...with rotating hose and a crane car with rotating arm. . Product Features Real Wood Construction Easy-to-connect magnets Compatible with other wooden track systems Collect them all! Official Chuggington Product Recommended Ages:3 ? 6 ? Imported- CHINA Read More

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Chuggington Wooden Railway Monkey Cars (2-pack) The Monkey Cars 2 pack was inspired by the fun-loving and mischievous monkeys that... inhabit the Chuggington Zoo. It includes a monkey car with swinging monkey and cargo car with removable, magnetic banana cargo.. Product Features Monkey car with swinging monkey Removable magnetic banana cargo Real Wood Construction Easy-to-connect magnets Compatible with other wooden track systems Recommended Ages:3 ? 6 Dimensions: 6.87in length x 1.37in width x 2.87in height ? Imported- CHINA Read More

Golden Books
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Richard Scarry introduces dozens of vehicles in his classic transportation story. Search for Goldbug, cheer on Officer Flossy as s...he chases naughty Dingo Dog, and follow the Pig family on their trip to the beach while learning about planes, trains, and even pickle trucks! Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 6/1/1998 Pages: 72 Reading Level: Age 3 and Up Author: Richard Scarry Publisher: Golden Books Dimensions: 10.51in length x 0.43in width x 12.2in height Weight: 20oz. Read More

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Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR (Vintage) Slot Car A legend in its own right within NINCO history, NINCO has recreated this most famous Mer...cedes CLK, in a new Vintage racing series. The Warsteiner livery one of the most recognized race teams is reproduced here. This car is a slot racing benchmark that opened the doors to many slot racers back in 1998, with racing features brought up to date to face the demands of the modern racer. NC-5, 20,000 rpm motor. Dimensions: 5.5in length x 2in width x 1.5in height Read More

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NINCO Chevrolet WTCC Ultra Blue 1/32 Slot Car NINCO slot cars are licensed 1/32 scale miniatures of the real car. This Chevy WTCC ...Ultra begins a new era for NINCO. NINCO 1. Specifically designed and manufactured to satisly the casual, home slot car user. It introduces the concept of slot cars as a family toy. pure simple fun. A novice needs mechanical simplicity, crash resistance and excellent performance on a home track, and this car delivers. Naturally, this car is totally compatible with all NINCO track systems including N-Digital. It even comes in a reduced size presentation case. Clearcoated, beautiful metallic paint and exterior detail abound. Powered by a special 16,000 rpm motor, for competitive track performance Dimensions: 5.09in length x 2.29in width x 1.8in height Read More

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Vilac Magnetic Car Shaped Blocks 3 wooden fun cars that are built according to your imagination, thanks to their 9 magnetic parts.... Different combinations are possible. Designed in France. Recommended for Ages 2+. Dimensions:2.75in length x 8.66 in width x 7.08 in height Read More

Melissa & Doug
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Race toward your savings goal with this unique bank. This kit includes a ceramic race car bank, stickers, 4 pots of paint and a br...ush. A rubber stopper on its underside means you never have to break the bank! A perfect activity for parties or rainy days! Product Measures: 6.5 x 4.75 x 3.1 Recommended Ages: 8 years and Up Read More

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Italeri Commando Car This is a 1/35 scale Italeri plastic model kit. Much work was carried out in the USA and Britain to design a ...special airborne vehicle to drop behind enemy lines in WWII. The small four-wheel drive utility vehicles are considered the iconic World War II Jeep and would inspire many similar Light Utility Vehicles. There are many origins of the term jeep. The term jeep was used by soldiers for any untried or untested piece of personnel or equipment.... but its been said that soldiers informally named the vehicle after Eugene the Jeep, a character in the Popeye cartoons. In february of 1941, Willys-Overland staged a press event in Washington, D.C., demonstrating the vehicles prowess by driving up the Capitol steps. An article in the newspaper appeared with a photo showing a jeep going up the Capitol steps and a caption including the term jeep. This is believed to be the most likely cause of the term being fixed in the minds and why its still called a jeep. Its actually designated as a general purpose, personnel, or cargo carrier especially adaptable for reconnaissance or command and designated as 1/4-ton 4x4 Truck. Italeris 1/35 scale Commando car was generally manned by a sergeant and a trooper. It was armed with at least 5 machine guns and additional fuel tanks. Officially a 1/4 ton truck, it had a 2200cc, 54HP engine and a top speed of almost 65mph. Italeris Commando car has all the detail of the real thing: five mounted machine guns, drum magazines, detailed engine bay, twin fuel tanks, tools, ammo cans, dispatch briefcases, first aid kit,and a driver figure is included. Painting instructions will allow for a perfect finish. Read More

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Trix D119 Express Train N Scale Passenger Car Set Minitrix D119 Express 6 piece German State Railroad Company exprees N Scale Trai...n with Passenger Car Set. 1 type AB4u Bay02 coach, 1st/2nd class. 1 type C4u-28 coach, 3rd class. 1 type WR40 dining car. 1 type C40 Bay08 coach, 3rd class. 1 type Abu Bay02 coach, 1st/2nd class and 1 type Pw4u Bay06 express train baggage car. Recommended Ages:14 and up Dimensions: 9.5in length x 1.5in width x 8in height Read More

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Trix Type Roos 639 Lumber Transport N Scale 5 Car Set Minitrix German Railroad Type Roos 639 5 piece N Scale Lumber Transport Car ...Set. High end walls, plug-in stakes, rectangular buffers. End walls on cars are fixed, so stakes can be removed. Type Y 25 trucks. NEM coupler pockets. Close coupler mechanism. Recommended Ages:14 and up Dimensions: 8.25in length x 1.25in width x 8in height Read More

Thames & Kosmos
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Construct a solar-electric car and four additional models using an innovative motor module that can be powered by a solar cell or ...batteries. Build a race car that drives across the floor, a helicopter with spinning rotor blades, a windmill with spinning turbine, a jet plane, and a gyrocopter. Learn how solar cells convert energy from sunlight into electricity to drive the motor and move your models. Full-color, 32-page color instruction book. 30 building pieces. Dimensions: 13.1in length x 8.9in width x 2.6in height Weight: 0.6lb Read More

DK Publishing
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Bring scenes from the latest Disney/Pixar movie to life with stickers of Lightning McQueen and all his friends from Radiator Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 5/1/2006 Pages: 16 Reading Level: Age 1 and Up Author: DK Publishing Publisher: DK Publishing Dimensions: 11.08in length x 8.43in width x 0.07in height Weight: 3.52oz. Read More

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