Cate and Levi Monkey Puppet (Colors Will Vary)

Monkey Puppet (Colors Will Vary) This endearing monkey hand puppet will become a fast favorite for your child. Together they can play, learn, tell stories and have fun. With a monkey puppet, kids can stage fascinating puppet shows. Taking in theatrical games with hand puppets, kids train their fine motor skills and imagination without even knowing it. Hand puppets for children are a powerful but unobtrusive educational method. A hand puppet can also become a helpful tool for parents. If a child is reluctant to eat or go to bed, a monkey puppet can always be turned to for backup. On the hand of a parent, a monkey hand puppet is a playful and effective way to demonstrate good behavior. Cate and Levi provides an excellent selection of hand puppets for children. Our monkey puppets come in a wide variety of colors to keep them unique. We provide an enormous choice of animal hand puppets for sale, so dont miss your opportunity to buy hand puppets at the best prices. Recommended Ages:0 ? 6 Dimensions: 12in length x 1in width x 4in height Read More

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