Carson-Dellosa Publishing Carson Dellosa Math Windows Learning Cards (140070)

Ideal for centers and cooperative learning, the Center SOLUTIONS Math Windows set contains 5 two-sided write-on/wipe-away cards measuring 8.5" x 11" each.

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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Perfect for use in centers or for individual practice, these fun and engaging file folder games are aligned with Common Core State... Standards for curriculum reinforcement. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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The Thinking Kids'® Math Pet Counters are a perfect way to bring hands-on learning in the classroom while supporting the Common State Standards for math. Perfect for all your counting and sorting activities, this set of 72 colorful and fun pet counters come in 6 different shapes and 6 different colors. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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Perfect for all your counting and sorting activities, this set of 96 adorable bear counters counters come in 3 different sizes and... 6 different colors. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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The Thinking Kids'® Math Farm Animal Counters are a perfect way to bring hands-on learning in the classroom while supporting the C...ommon Core State Standards for math. Perfect for all your counting and sorting activities, this set of 72 colorful farm animal counters come in 6 different shapes and 6 different colors. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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The Thinking Kids'® Math Links are a perfect way to bring hands-on learning in the classroom while supporting the Common Core Stat...e Standards for math. Teach sorting, patterning, counting, measurement, graphing and more using these brightly colored links. Perfect for young children and students with special needs, each set contains 500 links in 4 different colors. Read More

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Packed with activities to keep children occupied for hours, the wooden Anatex Six Sided Play Cube is a perfect choice for waiting ...rooms, day cares, and home use. Each side of this cube features a different activity, including a pathfinder, a learn-the-alphabet game, an abacus, turning gears, a magnetic circle express, and a Zigidy-Zag panel. The cube is a great learning tool; as children play, the activities help them develop hand-eye coordination, visual tracking skills, letter and color recognition, counting skills, and more.   About Anatex: The first toy company to produce the Rollercoaster wire bead maze frames in North America, Anatex has continued their practice of bringing kid-favorite, educational toys to the market. Using high-quality materials, they produce innovative, award-winning products to keep both parents and children happy. Their Rollercoaster toy has won the Parents' Choice Classic award, and is also a Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys winner. With high-quality materials and innovative products, Anatex is a trusted leader in the educational toy market. Each side has a different activity. Pathfinder, alphabet, abacus, gears, and more. Top features bead maze. Helps develop coordination, color recognition, and more. Suitable for children ages 3 and up. 23L x 23W x 18H inches. Read More

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Climb in, on, or around the Happy Caterpillar! Kids? ages 2-4 will love to play on this colorful climber for hours of educational... fun. The brightly colored body segments can be assembled in different ways with large ?feet? holding the unit in place for safe play. The Happy Caterpillar can be used for indoor or outdoor fun. <P> <table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="250" align="left"> <tr><td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Happy Caterpillar" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Happy Caterpillar - great for preschool age fun!<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> <tr><td align="center"><img src="" alt="Kids on Caterpillar" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Kids can climb in, on, or around the Happy Caterpillar.<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> </table> <b>A Creative Place for Preschool Children to Experience Active Play</b> <br>Children will enjoy counting the Happy Caterpillars brightly colored feet and discover a variety of lively colors. Preschoolers will be enticed to climb up onto the Happy Caterpillar and hug its head and neck, or crawl through the sunlit tunnel. They can perch on top to sing songs with friends or listen to a story; what a neat place to gather! The Happy Caterpillar is great for active preschoolers to stretch their legs and imaginations!<P> <P><b>Features Allow Multiple Chidlren to Enjoy Educational Interaction</b> <br>The multiple colors, tunnels and circles encourage young children to play indoors or outdoors. Friends can play safely at once on the Happy Caterpillar?s colorful body segments. The Happy Caterpillar is big enough for preschoolers to enjoy and the perfect size to fit into limited space. Crawl on your belly through the belly of this smiling purple playmate. Durable and fade resistant, the Caterpillar is soundly constructed to withstand lots of love from playground pals.<P> <P><b>Bright Purple Body and Multi-Colored Feet </b> <br>Interchangeable caterpillar feet let children decide exactly what they want their caterpillar to look like! After putting on the legs, the Happy Caterpillar is ready for active children to enjoy. Great for child care centers, playrooms, classrooms, indoors or outdoors for all-around fun! <P> <b>What's In The Box?</b> <br>Ready to assemble Happy Caterpillar comes with all the necessary tools and instruction for easy and quick assembly. <br clear="all"> <table cellpadding="30" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Back view" width="560",height="250"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Crawl through the Happy Caterpillars sun-lit tunnel</b></em></font> </td></tr> </table> <br clear="all"> Read More

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Our award-winning play cube provides five fun dynamic activity panels that reward curiousity and build critical cognitive skills. ...A wonderful activity center for home, doctors' offices, schools, and waiting rooms. Plays on the floor or table top. PARENT'S CHOICE GOLD WINNER Five fun toys include: Mini Rollercoaster Express, Pathfinder, Counting Abacus, Pathfinder, Fun Gears, and Learn the Alphabet. Read More

Educational Insights
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This series of five boxed sets of Hot Dots standards-based math question cards is perfect for reinforcing the math skills that stu...dents need to master at each grade level ? first through fifth grade. Each grade level set includes 600 self-checking questions aligned to national and state math curriculum standards, and provides curriculum coverage for 25 important math skill areas. Boxes feature sturdy, full-color question cards, 25 skill-area tabs, reproducible student progress sheet, and guide. Includes 600 questions about multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, algebra, geometry, measurement, elapsed time, problem solving, and more.Grades 4+ Read More

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School Packs are perfect for classrooms and large groups, these larger sets contain plenty of supplies to engage a larger group. H...eavy weight storage boxes have compartments for easy sorting and storing. Brightly colored and very soft, our Beeswax Crayons are an art educator favorite! These soft crayons offer lots of rich, vibrant color. The triangular shape is perfect for little hands. Read More

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A five rows abacus with colourful beads that help young children learn to count. It can be played both upright or lying down. Voil...a is a Thai wooden toy manufacturing company based in Samprakarn, on the outskirts of Bangkok. We design and manufacture safe and well-crafted toys, which are colourful whilst being designed to stimulate the child's imagination, and supporting the physical and mental development. Children will spend countless hours playing with and enjoying our toys, while appreciating the beauty of our sustainably sourced wood used in their production. Read More

Learning Resources
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Cuisenaire RodsCuisenaire Rods come in 10 different sizes and colors. Each color represents a different Rod length that can be ass...igned a different numeric value or unit of measurement. Rods measure 1cm-10cm in length. Classroom multi-pack (in trays). Wooden Rods. 444 Rods for use with 12-18 students. Read More

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The Miniland Activity Dollar Set is a fun way to learn essential math skills about money. Activity Dollar comes with 3 games in a ...series of 3 cards each. This set comes with a total of 18 full color activity cards, plus plastic bills and coins (42 bills and 48 coins). Miniland's play money is accurately designed and the same size as real money. Learn to play math games that reinforce the skills everybody needs to manage money. 'Dollar Bingo' reinforces recognition of each coin and bill. By playing the 'Market Game' kids learn the values of each bill and coin by using the play money to arrive at the correct price for the items pictured on the activity cards. And the 'Comparison Game' introduces the important concepts of greater-than and less-than. The plastic activity cards and plastic money are easily wiped clean. Miniland's Activity Dollar set helps children develop visual discrimination and sorting, currency recognition, and practice value and quantity comparisons. We've even included a Teaching Guide and lesson plans. Miniland Educational, a leading toy manufacturing company with production facilities in Onil, Spain, is known worldwide for safe, high-quality educational toys. A great deal of thought and research goes into design and production of Miniland Toys, but we never forget the importance of play! Manufactured according to strict European Union safety guidelines. Suitable for use with children ages 5-7. Read More

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The Fisher-Price® Fantastic Gymnastics Doll is ready to go for gold with 4 gymnastics routines and 7 unique moves! Dora performs s...plits, handstands, backbends and more! Dora also sings a special gymnastics song, counts and says over 40 phrases in English and Spanish. Includes 4 ?AA? batteries and is for girls age 3 years and up.<P> <table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="250" align="left"> <tr><td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Dora" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Dora performs like a real champion gymnast<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> <tr><td align="center"><img src="" alt="Girl and Dora" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Dora helps teach words & numbers in Spanish <br></em></b></font> </td></tr> </table> <b>What does it do? </b> <br>Fantastic Gymnastics Dora is ready to go for gold! Press the button and Dora starts her all-star routines complete with kicks, handstands, backbends and even upside down splits! As she practices, performs and stretches, Dora keeps your little one engaged with 40 different interactive phrases! ?Will you hold me up to help me do my handstand?? she will ask and with your little one?s assistance, Dora balances on her hands! Dora also encourages your little coach to count reps together in English and Spanish and sing along to a fun gymnastic song. <P> <P><b>How does it help my child develop? </b> <br>? Designed for children 3 years, the Fisher-Price® Fantastic Gymnastics Dora helps encourage teamwork and cooperation. Fantastic Gymnastics Dora performs like a real champion gymnast and relies on girl?s to be her coach and encourage her along. Dora performs 4 gymnastics routines and can do splits, handstands, backbends and more! Dora takes performance to a learning level and speaks 40 Phrases in English and Spanish. In addition to her phrases, Dora helps teach words & numbers in Spanish and features a fun gymnastics song. Your child will feel like a real champion helping Dora and exploring a new adventure together!<P> <P><b>Isn't it amazing?</b> <br>Watching their faces light up as they explore, discover, play ? all those moments when children learn best. That?s why Fisher-Price® builds learning into everything we make. With playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies, and nurture budding personalities. Because nothing?s more amazing than sharing the joy of learning with your child.<P> <b>What's In The Box?</b> <br>Fantastic Gymnastics Dora and 4 "AA" batteries. <br clear="all"> <table cellpadding="30" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Dora in splits" width="560",height="250"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em> She can do splits, handstands, backbends and more</b></em></font> </td></tr> </table> <br clear="all"> Read More

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The Zillionz - Talking Cash Register, 3062606 talks and counts! This register will be the centerpiece of your child?s ?play store!...' Use the hand-held scanner to read barcode stickers (included) or call up a price check over the loudspeaker microphone. The talking keypad announces your entries and totals while the digital display shows them. The included credit card and play money will help get you started. When you?re tired of play money, use the cash drawer to store real currency and coins! This register is a great tool for learning about money and math and includes digital calculator functions, handheld scanner, microphone, a credit card, and play money. This register requires (3) "AA" batteries to operate (not included). The Zillionz - Talking Cash Register, 3062606 is recommended for children age 4 and up. Zillionz is a popular brand of educational products and toys that teach children the value of money and mathematics. Read More

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