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Cardinal Puzzles
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Mancala is an ancient game of strategy. - The goal of each player is to collect the glass beads in his or her mancala (the big cup...s at each end of the game board). Begin your game by filling each cup (except mancalas) with 4 beads. - A player then picks up beads from a cup and redistributes them, one at a time, into other cups around the board. A few simple rules govern which cups a player can drop a bead into and when a player's turn is over. Collect the most beads in your mancala to win the game! - Then, fold the glass beads inside the game board and slip the board into a convenient storage box. Beads won't get lost! Oak-finish, hinged game board unfolds to 5-1/4x17-3/4. - Includes 48 clear glass beads and instructions for basic game. For 2 players. Read More

Cardinal Puzzles
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A Lalaloopsy puzzle and dress up - nothing gets better than that! - Any fan of Lalaloopsy will love piecing together this colorful... puzzle before dressing up the characters featured on the puzzle. - The 48-piece puzzle includes 26 clings to decorate the puzzle! - Measures 22' x 9' when complete. Developmental Skills: DexterityEducationImagination Read More

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