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Cardinal Gates

Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Newnan, Georgia, Cardinal Gates makes safety gates for kids and pets. The majority of the company’s gates are made entirely of metal instead of plastic to ensure maximum strength and durability, and are designed for quick and easy installati ... Read More on. Cardinal Gates also carries safety products such as socket guards, edge and corner cushions, hearth and pole padding, stove guards, and latches for drawers and cabinets. The Extendable Gate has an auto-lock latch and a swinging gate; the Spindle Clamps allow users to bypass drilling screw holes into walls or banisters; and the Door Guardian childproofs exterior doors. Additionally, Cardinal Gates’ Outdoor Netting protects babies and toddlers from the dangers of the outdoors; and the Clear Banister Roll, which you can custom fit to any width, keeps babies and toddlers from slipping between banister rails.
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Cardinal Gates
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Cardinal Gates
79 Amlajack Way
Newnan, GA 30265
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