Caramance Chamomile Facial And Body Water

Caraman Water From the Caraman Spring, located 910 meters height, in the middle of an uncontaminated wildlife park in Upper Languedoc, an exceptionally pure, light, fresh and hypotonic water flows from this region of France. The minimum min...erals content (the salinity is under 30mg/lt) the absence of Calcium and Nitrate, makes this water perfect to promote the cell exchange, the natural elimination of toxins and as a result, makes this water perfect for the skin. Caraman spring waters do not leave any residue on the skin, thereby promoting intense skin hydration, naturally lightens, hydrates and protects the skin from daily attack including sunburns, redness, pollutants and irritation. Caramance Brume dEau de Source, daily used for skin care and cleanliness, hydrates and refreshes, naturally lightens and hydrates the face, prevents skin dryness and assists in "setting" make up application. The pure spring water, light and virtually mineral free, represents a daily defense against skin dehydration and is the natural and ideal accompaniment to the daily cleansing routine. Always within reach, everyday, at home, at the office, traveling, at the gym...perfect additional hydration for the skin!!! Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera**: Aloe vera owes its power to the profusion of sugars, called "Mucopolysaccharides¿ that assists in detoxifying, rebalancing and regenerating skin. **From certified organic cultivation only. Floral chamomile water: Ideal for sensitive baby skin; soothes and tones troubled areas including rashes. Uses: For Woman: Hydrates, refreshes, cleans, assists in "setting" your daily make up applications, soothes reddening. For Baby: Hydrates, refreshes, soothes and prevents diaper rashes. Under and after sun: Hydrates, refreshes, soothes and prevents relief from sunburn. For Sports: Hydrates, refreshes, relaxes, tones. For Travel: Hydrates, refreshes, cleans, relaxes. Read More

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