California Baby California Baby Hair Conditioner: Overtired and Cranky 8.5 fl oz (255 ml)

New! Safe | Natural | Fun Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients Non-irritating, botanical formula No tears, no numbing agents Rinse out or leave in for extra curly or tangled hair Conditions with plant waxes and herbs Leaves smelling great For Grownups: Excellent conditioner for those with itchy, dry scalp due to hair treatments Put an end to tangled tresses and bed-time battles with California Baby's Overtired and Cranky Hair Conditioner. This all natural conditioner works to maintain natural shine and flexibility and keeps hair soft and smooth without the use of silicones or petrochemicals. Plus, its aromatherapeutic blend of Roman Chamomile and tangerine calms cranky kids. Formulated for sensitive skin and perfect for the whole family, Overtired and Cranky Hair Conditioner is sure to keep days - and hair - frazzle-free! Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California BabyŽ: For extra-curly or tangled hair, do not rinse out; use in combo with our Hair De-Tangler! A note from Jessica, developer of California BabyŽ: Many kids have a tough time switching gears - making the transition from playtime to bedtime or from asleep to awake each morning. To be honest, stressed out adults have these issues, too! That's why I love California Baby's Overtired and Cranky essential oil blend. I turn to this blend on the mornings I need a little kick in the rear, when I'm feeling (dare I say it?) a bit grumpy. Inhaling the soft yet lasting scent of Roman chamomile and the light citrus top note helps me de-frazzle and really boosts my spirits so I can face the day ahead. Over the years, many parents have approached me with love stories about this particular aromatherapy blend and the Overtired and Cranky Hair Conditioner is a natural extension to the collection. Made in our FDA registered and organic certified facility. (877) 576-2825 Made in USA Read More

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