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Childproofing Buying Guide

Childproofing is a way of protecting your child from potential hazards in your home by using various locks, padding, guards, and covers. Childproofing is not a one-time affair, but requires continual reassessment and readjustment as your child grows in age, height, mobility, and curiosity.

Types of Childproofing Gear

Although childproofing might not be at the top of your to-do list when Baby is born, itís better to start too early rather than too late. While there are some generic childproofing items, like outlet covers and cabinet latches, which can be used throughout the house, other items -- such as toilet locks, stove guards, and fireplace door guards -- are more area-specific.

Banister Guards

Made of clear plastic or mesh netting, these guards attach along the length of a banister and prevent children and toys from falling through the slats.
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Cardinal Gates


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