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When Wanda discovers a thornbush growing inand#160;an empty lot, she's quite sure it's a rosebush ready to bloom. So she clears aw...ay the trash, checks on it every day, and brings water from the butcher shop across the street. But no roses appear. Wanda's neighbors and friends are all doubtful, but when she invites them to a tea party in her rose garden one day in June, they're in for a big surprise. Pat Brisson's warm-hearted story and Maryann Cocca-Leffler's vibrant illustrations make this book about a child's simple faith one that children will long remember.Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 9/1/2000Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 4 and Up Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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This photographic story of a day in the life of a wolfsnail offers kids a unique and dramatic introduction to the food chain. The ...wolfsnail's story also has important lessons for everyone. In the southern United States, the wolfsnail is a rightful member of the native wildlife. But it has been taken to other regions, where it has devastated the populations of unique species of snails.For example, the wolfsnail was transplanted to Hawaii in the hope of controlling the giant African snail, a serious farm pest. The wolfsnail does indeed eat giant African snails, but it prefers the unique species that live only on the islands. It has wiped out many of Hawaii's native snails, which for thousands of years had composted leaf litter, kept some plants from overtaking the ground, and provided food for birds and other predators. The long-term effects of their disappearance on Hawaii's ecosystem are not yet known.Sarah Campbell uses stunning photographs taken collaboratively by herself and her husband, Richard, to tell this engaging story. Young readers will be fascinated by this little-known predator and informed by seeing the impact it has had on habitats where it does not belong.Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 5/1/2008Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 4 and Up Read More

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