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On June 1, 1862, Thaddeus Lowe floated a thousand feet above a fierce Civil War battle raging just outside the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia. From the wicker basket dangling under his silk hydrogen balloon, the aeronaut telegrap...hed a message to Northern generals on the ground: Union troops were finally driving back the Confederate forces. Lowes message was transmitted to the War Department in Washington a hundred miles away, where President Abraham Lincoln read his flying spys good news with relief. For two years during the Civil War, a corps of balloonists led by Thaddeus Lowe spied on the Confederate army. The aeronauts counted rebel soldiers, detected troop movement, and directed artillery fire against enemy positions. Lincolns Flying Spies tells the exciting story of Lowes efforts to organize the Balloon Corps and provide valuable intelligence to the Union army, even after the balloons became targets of Confederate shooters and saboteurs. Using Civil War photographs and primary sources including Lowes papers in the Library of Congress and the writings of Confederate and Union soldiers Jarrow reveals the dangers, personality clashes, and other challenges faced by the nations first air force. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 10/1/2010 Pages: 109 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up Author: Gail Jarrow Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 9.51in length x 7.79in width x 0.55in height Weight: 14.4oz. Read More

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Ever since Charles Darwin revealed his landmark ideas about evolution in 1859, new findings have confirmed, expanded, and refined ...his concepts. Now, author Laurence Pringle, one of the nations premier science writers, brings together the pillars of evidence that support our understanding of evolution in this ALA Notable Childrens Book. Field biology, genetics, geology, paleontology, and medicine all add to the impressive structure of evidence. With a perfect blend of science and art, renowned illustrator Steve Jenkins creates stunning new depictions of important concepts and key evolutionary scientists. More than fifty photographs capture natural marvels, including awe-inspiring fossils, life forms, and geological wonders. The result is a full, clear, and up-to-date account of the monumental evidence supporting the modern view of evolution. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 10/1/2011 Pages: 112 Reading Level: Age 8 and Up Author: Laurence Pringle Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 0.5in length x 8.75in width x 10in height Weight: 20.8 oz Read More

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An engaging look at some of the worlds most unusual schools. At a school that sits on the edge of the Sahara, students are learnin...g to speak English from a teacher who stands in front of a Webcam in North America. These students are learning in a virtual classroom. In another part of the world, kids arent waiting to ride the bus to school - they are waiting to hop in a boat that will take them to a school that floats on a river. And some kids dont mind heights, especially those who attend a school on the slope of a mountain in the Himalayas, in one of the most remote corners of the earth. Margriet Ruurs contacted teachers and volunteers, many of whom took cameras in hand to photograph their schools and students. In this lively photo-essay, readers get to know students - from the arid plains of southern Afghanistan to the rain forests of Guatemala - who are pursuing their dreams of a brighter future. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/1/2009 Pages: 32 Reading Level: Age 7 and Up Author: Margriet Ruurs Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 9.16in length x 10.17in width x 0.36in height Weight: 13.59oz. Read More

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What would it be like to live sixty feet below the ocean waves? Author Ken Mallory and photographer Brian Skerry found out. They s...pent a week in the Aquarius underwater laboratory on a coral reef off the Florida Keys. They lived in cramped quarters. They went scuba diving every day to study the fish of the reef and to use the underwater outhouse. They slept in bunks with the constant crackle of snapping shrimp coming through the shell of their underwater home. Skerrys photographs from the pages of National Geographic Magazine capture the stunning sights of a strange undersea habitat. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/1/2010 Pages: 48 Reading Level: Age 9 and Up Author: Kenneth Mallory Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 7.94in length x 10.09in width x 0.36in height Weight: 11.19oz. Read More

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A tiny bird. A giant discovery. Its rare to find a modern-day mystery concerning the location of a birds nest. But until the 1970s..., no one knew where the marbled murrelet laid its eggs. The little bird seemed to live entirely at sea. In this exquisitely illustrated book, Joan Dunning presents the amazing story of the marbled murrelet based on dramatic facts uncovered in the last few decades. Focusing on one pair of murrelets and their newborn chick, the author reveals the hidden nest in the canopy of the old-growth forests and the secret life of these birds before their fledgling sets off for the sea. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 4/1/2011 Pages: 32 Reading Level: Age 5 and Up Author: Joan Dunning Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 11.09in length x 10.3in width x 0.4in height Weight: 16.8oz. Read More

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Imagine a U.S. president on a camping trip. It seems unlikely today, but in May 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt dismissed his Se...cret Service men and sent away reporters and dignitaries to go camping with John Muir, the world-famous naturalist. For three glorious nights and four days in Californias Yosemite National Park, the two men talked about birds, giant sequoia trees, glaciers, as well as the importance of preserving wilderness for future generations. They slept under the stars, built blazing campfires, traveled on horseback, and enjoyed the beauty and the uniqueness of the area. It was bully, President Roosevelt said on his last morning as he climbed into his stagecoach and waved good-bye to John Muir. Setting aside new national parks and monuments became one of the cornerstones of Roosevelts presidency and was a direct result of this camping trip. Author Ginger Wadsworth, who has written about Yosemite and Muir before, and illustrator Karen Dugan carefully researched this true story, relying on primary documents and working closely with experts in the field. Camping with the President shows how two individuals were powerfully affected by one of the worlds most spectacular natural wonders, Yosemite National Park, and by each other. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/1/2009 Pages: 32 Reading Level: Age 9 and Up Author: Ginger Wadsworth Publisher: Boyds Mills Press Dimensions: 11.16in length x 9.64in width x 0.36in height Weight: 15.19oz. Read More

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Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Preschool Real Talking Thomas Place Thomas on the tracks and use the buttons on his roof to contro...l him. Load cargo barrels into Crankys loading station. Thomas has a Go/Stop button and 2 location buttons. Press location button on Thomas and he will go directly to that location on the track. Thomas? eyes and mouth will move as he talks to his friends at the locations. Press the Tidmouth button and Thomas will go to Tidmouth and get his special special delivery orders. Sir Topham Hat will then direct the child to press the Cranky location button to pick up his special special. Press the Cranky button and Thomas will roll to Cranky. Turn Cranky to load cargo into Thomass cargo Car. Child can then press the Tidmouth button to deliver his special special to his friends Percy, James and Gordon at Tidmouth. At any time Child can simply press the go/stop button to let Thomas ride around the track without stopping at the stations. Thomas will still talk to his friends as he passes by. Works both on and off the track. Product Measures: 15 x 22 x 5.13 Recommended Ages: 18 months-4 years Read More

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Fisher-Price Magical Tea For Two Get set for a magical tea party! Teatime is much more fun with Fisher-Price Magical Tea For Two. ...Tea appears in the pot and once poured it disappears. It magically fills up after setting down again. Its a lovely service for two, complete with scrumptious cookies, saucers, spoons and a decorative tray for serving. Age: 2 to 6 years Features Adorable design Realistic features Encourages pretend play Makes for ideal kitchen play Weight: 2 lb Read More

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Jellycat Bashful Dino Medium Most dinosaurs were scaly and tough, but Bashful Dino is the softest stegosaurus weve ever snuggled! ...He likes to stomp around so his squishy spines wobble, and practise his adorable roar. But how did he get so gorgeously green? Perhaps its all that grass hes been eating! Features: Read More

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Get to Know the Elements! From the brilliant mind of Japanese artist Bunpei Yorifuji comes Wonderful Life with the Elements, an il...lustrated guide to the periodic table that gives chemistry a friendly face. In this super periodic table, every element is a unique character whose properties are represented visually: heavy elements are fat, man-made elements are robots, and noble gases sport impressive afros. Every detail is significant, from the length of an elements beard to the clothes on its back. Youll also learn about each elements discovery, its common uses, and other vital stats like whether it floats?or explodes?in water. Why bother trudging through a traditional periodic table? In this periodic paradise, the elements are people too. And once youve met them, youll never forget them. Includes pull-out poster! Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/14/2012 Pages: 208 Author: Bunpei Yorifuji Publisher: No Starch Press Dimensions: 6.7in length x 1.16in width x 8.85in height Weight: 13.12 oz Read More

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Traxxas 2065 Sub-Micro Waterproof Servo This is a stock Traxxas Sub-Micro servo used for the shifting components of Traxxas It features a Futaba J style lead and waterproof construction. Recommended Ages:15 and up Read More

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Heres a light way to talk to children about that old nuisance head lice. Rhyming verses describe how one little girl gets head lic...e and how she and her parents get rid of them. Kids will enjoy the rollicking cartoon cooties playing hide-and-seek and having a party in the girls hair until they are sent packing. Notes on each page provide detailed, factual information about head lice. Book Details: Format: Paperback Publication Date: 3/1/2002 Pages: 24 Reading Level: Age 6 and Up Author: Donna Caffey Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company Dimensions: 9.99in length x 7.94in width x 0.12in height Weight: 3.36oz. Read More

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Mother Daisy spends most of her day tending to her beautiful garden. Father Leo is a carpenter for Cloverleaf Corners. Brother plays the drums in his schools marching band. Sister Betsy likes to spend time with her friends. Product Measures: Recommended Ages: 36 months - Weight: 0.4 lb Read More

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Pokemon Black and White Takaratomy M Figure - M-126 - Shaymin (Land Forme) Shaymin is a small, hedgehog-like creature. Its body is... pure white. Its back is covered with green fur and has a pink flower with two leaves on each side of its head, which resembles the Gracidea flower, several Gracidea-like flowers also appear on its back whenever it feels comfortable, but when it senses an impending danger, it rapidly hides it back. Its legs are short and its underside is plump. Recommended Ages:3 ? 15 Dimensions: 2in length x 2in width x 2in height Read More

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Takaratomy Pokemon Monster Collection M Figures - M-109 - Flygon/Frygon Flygon, the Mystic Pokemon, has its natural habitat in the... desert, across which it flies. Flygons wings kick up a cloud of dust and sand each time they flap, so that whenever Flygon moves, it is surrounded by a constant sandstorm. Imported from Japan. Cute and collectible. Perfect as a gift for all Pokemon fans. Comes with rotating stand. New and sealed inside retail packaging. Recommended Ages:3 ? 7 Dimensions: 2in length x 2in width x 2in height Weight: 0.19lb Read More

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Takaratomy Pokemon Monster Collection M Figures - M-105 - Jirachi Jirachi is a legendary Pokemon that possesses telepathic and tel...ekinetic abilities, including the ability to levitate. Imported from Japan. Cute and collectible. Perfect as a gift for all Pokemon fans. Comes with rotating stand. New and sealed inside retail packaging. Recommended Ages:3 ? 7 Dimensions: 2in length x 2in width x 2in height Read More

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