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Boyds Mills Press
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<div>With a pleasing blend of humor, adventure, mystery, and drama, author Sheila Kelly Welch presents a collection of seasonal ho...rse stories that appeals to a wide range of young readers. Here are twelve realistic tales of contemporary children and the difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives--lives in which horses happen to be key players. Even children who aren't horse-crazy will be able to identify with characters like Richie, Brent, Lynda, and Janelle, who not only face obstacles but grow and change as they overcome them. There to help them are their equine friends--Rosey, Splashes, Penny, and the others--who save the day, steal the show--and find their way into the hearts of story characters and readers alike.</div> Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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<div>Author Rosanna Hansen travels to Namibia, Africa, to help cheetahs, one of the world's endangered species. She helps save a c...heetah cub from a life-threatening injury. She pets a thoroughly tame cheetah. She sets up a cheetah race. (Cheetahs love to run.) And she meets many cheetahs that are not so tame. Humans are taking over cheetah habitat, so the world's fastest runners are running out of space and hanging on in low numbers. People are working to save them one by one through organizations like the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), which runs the reserve the author visits. Young readers will revel in this up-close perspective on the magnificent cheetah.</div> Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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<div><b>A boy takes charge to help his beloved salamanders</b>. Evan can hardly wait for Big Night. During the first warm night of spring--Big Night--spotted salamanders by the hundreds crawl out of the woods and down to a natural pool across a road. There they will breed and lay their eggs. How can Evan and his parents help these delicate creatures cross the road in safety? Evan has the solution. . . . Sarah Marwil Lamstein delivers a moving story of genuine caring. In this Smithsonian's Notable Book for Children, Carol Benioff's colorful and animated illustrations transport the reader into Evan's world, where a child can do small yet wonderful things to help other creatures.</div> Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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<div>Kids will delight in the tale of the terrible - but lovable - Hodag. With the head of an ox, feet of a bear, back of a dinosa...ur, and tail of an alligator, the Hodag stands forty feet tall, and its eyes glow like fire. Learn what happens when a group of animal catchers comes to capture this fierce creature and bring it to the zoo! This original tale, a Parents' Choice Gold Award winner, is perfectly turned for storytelling, with magnificent illustrations that evoke storybooks from long ago.</div> Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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<div>Why would several monkeys suddenly fall from the trees? How do tiny frogs make deadly poisons? Why are passionvines so diffic...ult to find? Why do certain plants harbor hordes of biting ants? What kind of creature pollinates an odd-looking flower? These are some of the mysteries explored in this fascinating follow-up to Susan Quinlan's award-winning The Case of the Mummified Pigs and Other Mysteries in Nature. Each of the eleven ecological mysteries in this NSTA/CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book follow scientists as they track down clues, set up curious experiments, and ultimately discover some of the surprising and hidden connections that make tropical forests so fascinating?and so fragile. Ms. Quinlan's carefully researched illustrations help readers visualize tropical forests, diverse plants and animals, and the details of each mystery.</div> Read More

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