Boost BioActive Nutrients Berry Boost 120 v caps

Surgeon, researcher, administrator and scholar, Dr. Arnold Leonard, Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota Medical School has worked decades on his research for boosting the immune system. His research has shown that a group of seven natural ...fruit and herb seed flours (grape, pomegranate, red raspberry, black raspberry, black cumin, cranberry and blueberry) can be combined to form a super rich blend of antioxidants. These flours supply proanthocyanidins and polyphenols that help protect cellular integrity by neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals. The flours also contain vitamin E and omega 3 - known for cardiovascular health; lutein and xeazanthin - for eye support (grape and cranberry); and immune support (black raspberry and black cumin). These flours offer a positive nutritional addition to active lifestyles and are supportive to longevity. Each 650mg capsule of Berry Boost measures at 998 Orac units per gram, registering higher than fresh blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, red g Read More

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