Boon Odd Ducks (Pack of 4)

Everyone loves rubber duckies - even the Queen of England. In 2001, The Sun, a British tabloid, reported that a workman who was redecorating the Queen's bathroom spotted a duckie with a little crown in her tub! Give your child the royal tre...atment with the Odd Ducks Four-Pack from Boon, a dream team of duckies in a variety of shapes and sizes: Slim: skinny and aqua-blue; Bob: tall and fat, with horizontal orange-and-white zebra stripes; Jane: regular duckie-shaped and fuschia with almond-shaped dots; Squish: short and flat, yellow with silver squiggles. Another reason to choose these over your average rubber duck: the Boon Odd Ducks are PVC-free, and BPA and phthalates-free as well. We believe that the Queen would approve. Read More

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