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Random House Pregnancy Books

Random House
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A prequel to our best-selling Little Big Book for Moms! The 12th title in the Little Big Book series, The Little Big Book of Pregn...ancy is destined to become a classic literary companion for any expectant mom. Filled with the best fiction, poetry, and essays on the subject of birth and pregnancy, this heartwarming anthology is also peppered with fascinating customs and rituals from around the world, time-honored home remedies, delightful old wives' tales, nutritious recipes, and wonderful crafts and activities. The turn of each page brings something interesting and entertaining to read, to do, or to learn. Illustrated throughout with the same period art and ephemera that has become the signature of this series, the imagery is both charming and elegant. A visual and editorial feast, The Little Big Book of Pregnancy is simply the perfect gift for any mom to-be. Featuring: 8 literary excerpts and short stories, including The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, Delusions of Granma by Carrie Fisher, and The Diary of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain 12 essays by such notable writers as Naomi Wolf, Louise Erdrich, and Hope Edelman 12 poems by, among others, Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman, Erica Jong, and Joyce Carol Oates Home remedies for seven typical pregnancy complaints, including stretch marks, morning sickness, body aches, and heartburn More than 50 traditions from around the world covering birth, naming, labor, and pregnancy More than 50 traditions from around the world covering birth, naming, labor, and pregnancy More than 50 old wives tales, including how to tell if it's a boy or a girl, what to do for a smooth delivery, and how to know if you're having twins! 16 recipes for nourishing treats such as Energizing Drinks, Super Sandwiches, Delicious Snacks, and Satisfying Salads 16 activities, such as writing letters to your unborn child, painting a cloud ceiling in the nursery, and relaxing with daily meditations 6 categories of "Fun Facts," including popular baby names from around the world, a month-by-month guide to your baby's fetal development, and statustics about babies, birth, and pregnancy More than a dozen quotes concerning birth, pregnancy and becoming a parent, by celebrities, writers, and notable personalities such as William Blake, Alistair Cooke, Colette, Robin Williams, and Erma Bombeck Read More

Random House
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Between the time that a woman first decides to start a family and the day her menstrual cycle resumes following the birth of her c...hild, the hormonal changes she experiences are more dramatic than at any other time in her life; yet no book has ever focused on these hormonal changes, how they affect not only the mom, but her baby's brain development as well. Now, in his new, groundbreaking book, PERFECT HORMONE BALANCE FOR PREGNANCY, hormone expert and OB/GYN Dr. Robert Greene releases the results of years of research, and provides his plan for having the healthiest pregnancy -- and baby -- by maintaining excellent hormone health. In three comprehensive sections, Dr. Greene describes his new vision of pregnancy by exploring the intimate connection between a woman's hormones and how they impact every aspect of her pregnancy, her ability to conceive, fatigue and morning sickness, libido, weight gain, blood pressure, possible complications, preterm delivery, and beyond. In Part II, Dr. Greene presents "The Perfect Balance Pregnancy Program," a plan that includes diet, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations, with the focus on achieving hormone balance during each phase of pregnancy. Part III is devoted to troubleshooting and applies Dr. Greene's cutting-edge research on hormones to less common problems, such as sexual dysfunction, miscarriage, mood disorders, sleep troubles, and the impact of pregnancy on appearance. Throughout, Dr. Greene arms his readers with the tools they need before, during, and after pregnancy to stay healthy and feel great. Read More

Random House
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Random House The Nine Pregnancy JournalFeatures:Random House The Nine Pregnancy JournalFeaturing nine colorful tabbed sections to ...correspond to each month, this journal offers smart prompts to help a busy mom-to-be capture all those important milestones and funny moments before pregnancy amnesia sets in. You'll find pages for writing about the first time the baby flutter, space to vent about the crazy and unsolicited advice you've been getting, and monthly "check-in" pages for belly photos and quick notes about whatever particular thoughts and feelings this special time brings to mind. Read More

Random House
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Pregnancy Fitness, by the experts at Fitness Magazine, provides expectant mothers with all the information they need to exercise s...afely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. Whether you're a hard-core triathlete or just starting a fitness program for the first time, proper exercise can ensure a healthier pregnancy, an easier delivery, and a faster recovery. Pregnancy Fitness guides you carefully through every trimester, covering the physical changes and common complaints for each one, from shortness of breath to dizziness to morning sickness. In each section, chapters on Cardiovascular Fitness and Getting Stronger help you develop the aerobic capacity and muscles to carry your growing child with greater comfort and prepare you for labor. Illustrated exercises show you how to enhance flexibility, build strength, and relieve pain as your pregnancy progresses. Q&As throughout the book cover specific concerns: Can I continue running in the second trimester? Can I lift more than ten pounds? And How to Cope sidebars address common conditions from swollen joints and sleep problems to cravings and gestational diabetes. Based on the latest medical research and designed for women of every fitness level, Pregnancy Fitness is the ideal and essential exercise resource for every mother-to-be Read More

Random House
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Is tuna dangerous? Can I dye my hair? Is my computer screen safe? Now that you're pregnant, it's only natural to question the safe...ty of, well, just about everything. This reference book includes hundreds of entries to help put your mind at ease about the things you can -- or shouldn't -- eat, drink, and do while pregnant. Read More

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