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Baby Name Books

Choosing a name for your baby can be overwhelming. Whether you're looking for a unique option or something with an interesting meaning, find inspiration in a baby-name book. Many titles provide comprehensive lists of boys' names and girls' names, as well as their origins.
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How can you tell if a name is too popular or not mainstream enough, wonderfully creative or just plain weird? How can you find the... name that is perfect for you and your baby? America’s baby-naming experts, Pam Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, are here to help. They’ve packed all of their unique wit and wisdom into the best, most complete baby-name book ever, which includes   [ART: Please set bulleted list in two columns, per Hope Dellon.] • More than 50,000 names, with their meanings and derivations • Expert opinions on every name • Unique symbols that highlight unisex names, starred recommendations, and names... Read More

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With so many baby name books for expectant parents to choose from, it takes a unique angle to catch the consumer's eye. THE BE...ST BABY NAMES IN THE WORLD offers parents a chance to choose the perfect name for their newborn from a list of dozens of countries, each with a list of unique, historical names. Each section offers a brief description of the country, including a map, and lists some of the most popular names in that country, as well as the pronuciation, meaning, and any variations of the name. Our edition will be fully updated to include even more up–to–date names, including American names that have gained... Read More

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