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Abrams Books
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Babar's birthday is coming and Queen Celeste has a big surprise planned. She's having a sculptor carve a giant statue of Babar int...o a mountainside, but Babar loves to ride right past the spot where the work is going on. How can the elephants and their friends keep their king's birthday surprise a secret. This sweet story shows young readers the joy of planning a surprise for a special friend. Hardcover. 38 pages. 8.6 X 12. Recommended for ages 4+. Imported. - Color: No Color - Size: No Size Read More

Brand: Nahdet Misr Publishing Group
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The Arabic Edition of the fascinating English thriller Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Arthur A. Levine Books
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<div>In his fifth year at Hogwart's, Harry faces challenges at every turn, from the dark threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and th...e unreliability of the government of the magical world to the rise of Ron Weasley as the keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Along the way he learns about the strength of his friends, the fierceness of his enemies, and the meaning of sacrifice.</div> Read More

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<div>Young witch Salem Hyde is stubborn, impulsive, and loves flying. Her cat companion, Whammy, is nervous, careful, and loves st...aying on the ground. Somehow, though, they?re best friends. In this second book in the series, Salem is invited to a birthday party, and she wants to make sure everything goes perfectly. But from the invitations to the presents, party games, and spells gone awry, nothing happens exactly the way it should, and she?ll need Whammy?s help to sort it all out.<BR><BR><B><U>Praise for <I>The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Book Two</I></U></B><BR> "Cammuso?s lively art conveys wonderful expressions with just a few strokes, and young readers will enjoy the humor of Salem?s predicaments. Salem manages to give Edgar a memorable birthday party, and readers a very fun book."<BR> --<I>Booklist<BR><BR> "</I>With lots of laughs and lots of heart, this sophomore offering doesn?t disappoint."<BR> --<I>Kirkus Reviews</I><BR><BR> "Salem Hyde is a whimsical character. The bright two-color pink and black illustrations convey the spunky heroine?s energy. Dark shadows lend volume and height where needed. Frames, wide and magnified in varying degrees, are filled with action and high jinks."<BR> --<I>School Library Journal</I><BR>  </div> Read More

Brand: Child's Play International
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Step into the magical world of Child's Play fairytales...Traditional tales are a well-established part of all cultures. Retold fro...m the originals, these lively stories will captivate readers with their delightful illustrations and fun lift-up flaps which really add to the action. The 'flip-up' flaps encourage prediction and discussion, and well-known stories will give young readers confidence. Read More

Random House
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<p>In this Caldecott Honor?winning picture book, join Bartholomew Cubbins in Dr. Seuss?s classic tale of one king?s magical mishap.... Bored with rain, sun, fog, and snow, King Derwin of Didd summons his royal magicians to create something new and exciting to fall from the sky. What he gets is a storm of sticky green globs called Oobleck, which soon causes a royal mess. But with the assistance of the wise page boy Bartholomew, the king (along with young readers) learns that the simplest words can sometimes solve the biggest problems.</p><br><br><br><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Gentle lessons about the dangers of greed, pride, and insensitivity are learned. What if your best friend was a big bully? A cla...ssic installment in The Famous Bedtime Story Books series. These classic and delightfully told tales provides important life lessons for young readers about selfishness, too much ego and aloofness. In large easy-to-read type, children will love reading about the escapades of an amiable bear who comes to live in the Green Forest, where he playfully annoys Little Joe Otter and other occupants. The other animals are frightened when Buster Bear comes to live in the Green Forest, until he gets into trouble trying to steal blueberries from Farmer Brown's boy and they realize he is not very different from them at all. BUSTER BEAR GOES FISHING LITTLE JOE OTTER GETS EVEN WITH BUSTER BEAR BUSTER BEAR IS GREATLY PUZZLED LITTLE JOE OTTER SUPPLIES BUSTER BEAR WITH A BREAKFAST GRANDFATHER FROG'S COMMON-SENSE LITTLE JOE OTTER TAKES GRANDFATHER FROG'S ADVICE FARMER BROWN'S BOY HAS NO LUCK AT ALL FARMER BROWN'S BOY FEELS HIS HAIR RISE LITTLE JOE OTTER HAS GREAT NEWS TO TELL BUSTER BEAR BECOMES A HERO BLACKY THE CROW TELLS HIS PLAN FARMER BROWN'S BOY AND BUSTER BEAR GROW CURIOUS FARMER BROWN'S BOY AND BUSTER BEAR MEET A SURPRISING THING HAPPENS BUSTER BEAR IS A FALLEN HERO CHATTERER THE RED SQUIRREL JUMPS FOR HIS LIFE BUSTER BEAR GOES BERRYING SOMEBODY ELSE GOES BERRYING BUSTER BEAR HAS A FINE TIME BUSTER BEAR CARRIES OFF THE PAIL OF FARMER BROWN'S BOY SAMMY JAY MAKES THINGS WORSE FOR BUSTER BEAR BUSTER BEAR HAS A FIT OF TEMPER FARMER BROWN'S BOY LUNCHES ON BERRIES Read More

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<b>New Girl. <br> New School. <br> Old Evil. <br><br> From the author of the Chicagoland Vampires novels. <br><br> A new series ab...out a boarding school filled with something worse than homework. </b> <br><br> Lily's parents have sent her to a fancy boarding school in Chicago filled with the ultra-rich. If that wasn't bad enough, she's hearing and seeing bizarre things on St. Sophie's creepy campus. Her roommate, Scout, keeps her sane, but keeps disappearing at night. When one day Lily finds Scout running from real-life monsters, she learns the hard way that Scout is involved in a splinter group of rebel teens. <br><br> They protect Chicago from demons, vamps, and dark magic users. It's too bad Lily doesn't have powers of her own to help. At least, none that she's discovered yet... Read More

Penguin Young Readers
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With a bag of seeds and a pot on his head, John Chapman set out West to plant apple trees. He made lots of friends and planted lot...s of trees. Pretty soon, people started to call him Johnny Appleseed. Read More

Brand: people's literature publishing house
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##################################################################################################################################...############################################################################################################################# Read More

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<div>In this hardcover storybook, The Giant Makes the Team, the Giant struggles to find a sport that?s just the right fit, but wit...h the help of Alex, Audrey, and even Oliver, he finally makes the team while learning to never give up. --Big problems seem small with a Giant on your side! Young readers are introduced to the lovable Giant and his friends as they share in funny, real-life adventures! As the curious Giant, along with his loyal friends, face life's challenges in various quirky situations, children will learn that through hard work, creative thinking, and a little help from a friend, they can conquer any fear and achieve their goals! Young children will enjoy learning and exploring along with the Giant as he tackles life's little problems in a BIG way!</div> Read More

Childrens PR
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This emergent reader series provides a basic introduction to different parts of the human body. Young readers will learn how the v...arious parts of their bodies are used and how to keep them safe. Read More

French and European Publishing, Inc.
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È un momento cruciale nella vita di Harry Potter: ormai è un mago adolescente, vuole andarsene dalla casa dei pestiferi Dursley, v...uole sognare la cercatrice del Corvonero per cui ha una cotta tremenda... E poi vuole scoprire quali sono i grandiosi avvenimenti che si terranno a Hogwarts e che riguarderanno altre due scuole di magia e una grande competizione che non si svolge da cento anni. Harry Potter vuole davvero essere un normale mago di quattordici anni. Ma sfortunatamente, Harry non è un mago normale. E stavolta la differenza può essergli fatale. Età di lettura: da 8 anni. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<b>** Amazon Bestselling children's author Kate K. Garcia presents **</b> <b>NEW Kids Book About Sharks</b> <b>Sharks: Kids book o...f fun facts & amazing pictures on animals in nature</b> (Animals of The World Series) reveals young readers one of the most notorious animals on the planet. Kate in her writing uses carefully chosen simple words that every young reader will feel and understand. The book is packed with breathtaking high-resolution pictures that help your child to understand the fun facts about those magnificent animals. Sections include anatomy of sharks (eyes, nose, jaws, teeth, colors, unique organ that only sharks have, ?), how they hunt, what they eat, their role in the ecosystem and various fascinating facts about sharks (e.g. why they attack people). Part of the book also features in details 10 of the most attractive sharks. At the end of the book, Kate listed 12 fun facts about sharks. The last chapter concludes the whole book with a knowledge test. This test ensures your child to remember as much as possible about sharks. Each section features one or more full-color amazing pictures that look fabulous on the full color Kindle. Kate also writes about the smallest and biggest shark on the planet and recommends resources for further reading. In the book, there are also picture captions that provide more information to talk about with your child. Nevertheless, a child of any age can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty. Get this Kindle book at this exceptional price exclusive to the Amazon Store now. *** it is guaranteed that your child is going to love this book. *** Read More

Random House
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What could make a better present than a Beginner Book written by Dr. Seuss? Six of them?for less than the price of two! We?ve tak...en the complete text and art of <i>Great Day for Up!</i> (illustrated by Quentin Blake); <i>I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!</i> (illustrated by James Stevenson); <i>I Wish That I Had Duck Feet </i>(illustrated by T. Tobey); <i>Maybe You Should Fly a Jet! Maybe You Should Be a Vet! </i>(illustrated by Michael Smollin); <i>Wacky Wednesday </i>(illustrated by George Booth); and <i>Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog? </i>(illustratedby Roy McKie) and bound them together in one sturdy hardcover omnibus. A perfect introduction to reading that will whet young readers appetites for additional books in the Beginner Book series. Read More

Laughing Elephant
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<DIV>This clearly written and beautifully illustrated book, first published in the 1950s, introduces the young dancer to the basic... concepts of ballet.  It defines the art form, shows the five positions, the seven movements, the carriage of the arms, the pliés, the role of the composer and choreographer and more.  A Child?s Book of Ballet includes a glossary of ballet terms and throughout the text the terms are highlighted, so the young reader can more easily remember them.<BR><BR>A Child?s Book of Ballet also features a brief history of ballet, its costumes and the world of ballet shoes.  Woven throughout the text are lovely illustrations of boys and girls at practice and in performance.</div> Read More

$12.33 at Amazon

<BR>Despite her name, Clover has always felt decidedly <I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">un</I>lucky. So when she stumbles up...on a mysterious cottage in the Woods, she can hardly believe her good fortune. It's the Magical Animal Adoption Agency, and it houses creatures of all kinds. Fairy horses, unicorns, and a fiery young dragon are just the beginning!<BR><BR>Mr. Jams, the Agency's owner, agrees to hire her as summer helper and Clover hopes her luck has finally changed. But when she's left alone to care for the Agency, a sneaky witch comes after the magical creatures! Will Clover outsmart her in time to protect the animals? <BR><BR>The first installment in a new illustrated chapter book series by Kallie George, featuring enchanting illustrations by Alexandra Boiger, will charm young readers as Clover learns that courage and heart can be even more powerful than good luck.<BR><DIV></DIV> Read More

Scholastic Paperbacks
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<i>Bob Books Set 3</i> adds something new for young readers. Consonant blends gently introduce new concepts to the progressing rea...der. Consistent vowel sounds and lots of three-letter-word practice mean your child continues to enjoy reading success.<br> <br> In addition to eight story books, two Activity Books are included, designed to entice youngsters to read, write, and solve puzzles.<br> <br> Inside the box you'll find:<br> - 10 easy-to-read books, 16 pages each<br> - Many three letter words<br> - An introduction to four and five letter words (one syllable)<br> - An introduction to two syllable words <br> - Can be "sounded out" (phonics based)<br> - Limited sight words<br> - 25 to 40 words per book Read More

Random House
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Beginning readers can count to ten?and add?while they learn to read with <i>P.J. Funnybunn</i>y author Marilyn Sadler's latest, <i...>funniest</i> Bright and Early Book! Gwen the hen has laid her eggs, but just how many is anyone's guess. For now, she's quite content to sit and wait for them to hatch. Red Rooster, however, is too excited to wait. As soon as one egg hatches, he struts over to Worm World and buys ONE worm for his ONE new baby chick. Alas, Red returns to find that not ONE new baby chick, but TWO baby chicks have now hatched, requiring a return trip to Worm World. The hijinks continue back and forth until ten eggs have hatched, Red Rooster is ready to plotz, and young readers have learned a thing or two about ONE: counting to ten; TWO: simple addition; THREE: buying and selling; and FOUR: chickens and eggs! With stylized illustrations by Michael Fleming reminiscent of classic Beginner Books, this is a perfect choice for parents looking to teach reading and math to their own little chicks!  Read More

$14.26 at Amazon

One part <b>Harry Potter Cookbook</b>, one part <b>Harry Potter Craft Book</b>, and<br> one part <b>Harry Potter Game Book</b>, <i...>The Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book </i><br>is ALL awesome.<br><br> Whether you're planning a Harry Potter birthday party for children or a <br>Harry Potter movie marathon for adults, this is the party book to use!<br><br> The book is filled with crafts, games, and recipes that are simple, affordable, and <br>amazingly creative. From the clever <b>decorations </b>and <b>take-home gifts</b>, to <b>classes</b>, <b><br>games</b>, and a Hogwarts-worthy <b>feast</b>, no detail is forgotten. Your party guests will <br>marvel at every magical moment of their journey into the world of witchcraft and wizardry.<br><br>From <b>Sorting Hats</b> to <b>Mandrakes</b> to <b>Remembralls</b> to <b>Extendable Ears</b> to <b><br>Crystal</b><b> Balls</b> to <b>Platform Signs</b> and tons more, you won't even need to buy any <br>Harry Potter party supplies for your next birthday bash, because you can make them <br>all on the cheap.<br><br>Ever tried <b>Pygmy Puff Pastries</b> or sweet <b>Dragon Eggs</b>? Would you like to make <br>some yummy marshmallow and chocolate mice for your owls? <i>The Unofficial Harry Potter <br>Party Book</i> is packed with recipes for tasty wizarding treats that your muggle and wizard<br>guests will inhale.<br><br><b><i>Accio The Unofficial Harry Potter Party Book!</i></b> Read More

Novel Units, Inc.
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Robust, multiple-level reproducibles offer solutions based on the latest reading strategies. The packet includes content-rich acti...vity sheets, quizzes, and a final exam for direct student use. Read More

University of Washington Press
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<i>Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs</i> focuses on the intensity of emotions that brothers and sisters experienc...e when they have a sibling with special needs, and the hard questions they ask: What caused my sibling?s disability? Could my own child have a disability as well? What will happen to my brother or sister if my parents die? Written for young readers, the book discusses specific disabilities in easy to understand terms. It talks about the good and not-so-good parts of having a brother or sister who has special needs, and offers suggestions for how to make life easier for everyone in the family.<br><br>The book is a wonderful resource, not just for siblings and their parents but also for teachers and other professionals who work with children with special needs. This revised and updated edition includes new sections on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile X syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, ultrasound, speech therapy, recent legislation on disabilities, and an extensive bibliography. Read More

Suzanne Collins
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<div><p>All three Hunger Games books in one gorgeous package!</p><p>The extraordinary, ground breaking New York Times bestsellers-...-<i>The Hunger Games</i>, <i>Catching Fire</i>, and <i>Mockingjay</i>--are available now in a deluxe foil boxset edition.</p><p> </p></div> Read More

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The exciting adventures of Mowgli the man-cub and his animal friends are retold in this delightful book for young readers. Meet Ak...ela the lone wolf, Bagheera the black panther, and Baloo the brown bear, who teaches Mowgli the laws of the jungle. Jenny Thorne's brilliant paintings bring the story to life. Read More

DK Preschool
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These fun books shaped like vehicles have four wheels so little drivers can race them anywhere. Whether your child loves farm trac...tors, dump trucks, fire trucks, or sports cars, every young reader will find one of these books fascinating and entertaining. Read More

Brand: Harry N. Abrams
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<div>Salem Hyde just isn?t like other kids. For one thing, she?s stubborn, independent, and impulsive. For another, she?s a witch.... Salem acts first and thinks later—which means most of her thinking involves coming up with excuses!<br> Good thing she?s been assigned an animal companion, Lord Percival J. Whamsford III. This over-anxious cat doesn?t like Salem calling him “Whammy,? and Salem doesn?t like listening to his long-winded explanations as to why she shouldn?t do something . . . like enter the class spelling bee.<br> Salem knows she can beat all her classmates at spells, no problem. Too late, she realizes the competition is about spelling <i>words</i>, not magic. And there?s nothing like a misspelled spell to cause all kinds of havoc!</div>  <br><div> <b><u>Praise for <i>The Misadventures of Salem Hyde: Book One</i></u></b><br> <b>STARRED REVIEWS</b><br> "A fledgling witch receives necessary guidance from a talking cat in this utterly adorable page-turner… A delightful buddy story and an auspicious series opener; be sure to make room on shelves for Salem and Whammy."<br> —<i>Kirkus Reviews</i>, starred review<br> <br> "It?s just about the perfect story for comics-loving fathers to read with their comics-loving daughters."<br> —<i>Publishers Weekly</i>, starred review<br> <br> "Cammuso evokes both the sarcastic spunk and gentle warmth of <i>Calvin and Hobbes </i>in this humorous tale of unlikely pals."<br> —<i>The Bulletin of The Center for Children's Books<br> <br> "</i>Young readers will eat up Cammuso?s (<i>Otto?s Orange Day</i>, 2008) action-packed panels, full of cartoonish antics, silly puns, and playful slapstick humor."<br> —<i>Booklist</i><br> <br> "The humor, appealing artwork, and underlying message of friendship will attract readers."<br> —<i>Library Media Connection</i></div> Read More

Little Brown Books for Young Readers
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Pages: 3328, Edition: Box, Paperback, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Harper Collins
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<p>Fantasy lovers of all ages will rejoice at this chance to travel once again to the marvelous land of Oz!</p><p>A California ear...thquake sends Dorothy Gale and her new friends--Zeb the farm boy, Jim the cab-horse, and Eureka the mischievous kitten--tumbling through a crack in the ground. Deep beneath the earth, Dorothy is reunited with her old friend the Wizard of Oz and his troupe of nine tiny piglets.</p><p>Together, Dorothy, the Wizard, and their friends travel through many fantastic lands, where they encounter the Mangaboos, people growing like vegetables in the ground; cross the Valley of Voe, where dama-fruit has turned everyone invisible; and are captured by mysterious flying Gargoyles. At last, the intrepid travelers reach Oz, where they have many unforgettable encounters with such favorites as the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, Princess Ozma and the wooden Sawhorse.</p><p><em>Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz</em> was the fourth Oz adventure. First published in 1908, it has captured the imaginations of young readers and listeners for four generations. Now a new generation can discover these superb adventures for themselves. This deluxe gift edition faithfully reproduces the rare first edition, including all sixteen color plates and all fifty black-and-white illustrations by John R. Neill, as well as the original colorful endpapers.</p>Afterword by Peter Glassman. A deluxe facsimile of the fourth Oz adventure--originally published in 1908--when Dorothy and the Wizard meet the Mangaboos. A Books of Wonder(R) Classic. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Bulldogs - Dog Books for Kids Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Early History Chapter 2 Fascinating Features & Care Chapter... 3 Amazing Yorkie facts Conclusion A Great Companion Author Bio Introduction Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~ Roger Caras Bulldogs are heavy set dogs with lots of muscles and a wrinkly face. They have a wide head and shoulders, lots of hanging skin, pointy teeth and droopy eyes. Their coat is shiny and short with varied colors like brindle, red, fawn and white. This breed can weigh between 45- 55 pounds. And a full grown female is about 45 pounds. The name of the dog might make you think isn?t too friendly. But the American Kennel Club says the bulldog?s behavior should be: ?equable and kind, resolute, and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanor should be pacific and dignified...? So this breed is known as patient, friendly and kind in nature. But these qualities are not by accident. Over the years a lot of work has been done to turn the bulldog into a friendlier pet. Today, it is usually well behaved and has a loving nature. It gets along well with other pets and other dogs. It can also become so attached to its owner that it won?t move without them. And when it comes to affection the bulldog is hard to beat. They would prefer to snuggle next to you than chase a ball around the yard. This is one reason why they are called: Couch potatoes! Bulldogs are known to drool and slobber all over you. They snore when they sleep, they can snort often and they grunt even more. And when they walk, they shuffle from place to place. Add a little bit of gas (often smelly) into the mix, and you have quite an interesting pet in your family home! They also have a hard time with commands. To put it simply: They are stubborn as a bull?dog! But don?t worry. There is no doubt their clownish behavior, goofy antics, crazy faces and courageous nature will bring a smile to your face, and a warm feeling to your heart. For these reasons and more, Bulldogs are recommended as a loving companion, well deserving of the title? man?s best friend! Read More

Allen & Unwin
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<DIV><DIV><DIV><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal>Addressing themes of courage, curiosity, adventure, and loyalty, thi...s second compendium of the Tashi series contains all 10 stories from books 8?12 of Tashi?s escapades. These stories share Tashi?s brave adventures as he outsmarts evil demons, takes on one-eyed kidnappers and bungling brigades, and confronts wicked ghosts. Tashi always manages to save the day using his quick wit and trickery. Young readers will cheer on Tashi as he combats evil in these 10 enchanting stories.</DIV></DIV></DIV> Read More

Bellwether Media
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High-performance engines make these boats capable of incredible speeds. Young readers will learn how powerboats are designed to re...duce wind resistance in their goal of reaching the fastest speed possible. Read More

Brand: Children's Press(CT)
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This emergent reader series provides a basic introduction to different parts of the human body. Young readers will learn how the v...arious parts of their bodies are used and how to keep them safe. Read More

$12.18 at Amazon

<p>Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones in the <em>New York Times</em> bestselling epic adventure Seven Wonders!</p><p><em>The Tomb o...f Shadows</em> is the third book in a seven-book series by master storyteller Peter Lerangis. This sequel to the bestselling <em>Lost in Babylon</em> and <em>The Colossus Rises</em> chronicles the adventures of Jack McKinley and his friends in a life-or-death race to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. In the rubble of this Wonder of the Ancient World, they have to face down their own demons and engage in an epic battle with foes long gone. But when promises are broken, blood is spilled?and the Select are left with no choice but to destroy the one thing that might have saved them all.</p><p>Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series, praised <em>Seven Wonders Book 1: The Colossus Rises</em> as "a high-octane mix of modern adventure and ancient secrets. Young readers will love this story. I can't wait to see what's next in the Seven Wonders series!"</p> Read More

Barefoot Books
$6.29 at Amazon

Whether it's raining, sunny, hot or cold, Bear always knows how to have fun. This early learning book teaches young readers about ...the weather and the seasons of the year, while Bear skates, paints, sings and plays. This bilingual edition includes vocabulary words in French and English, and an easy pronunciation guide. It is perfect for classroom or home learning. Education Market: this title supports the new QCA schemes of work for the teaching of a foreign language. It encourages appreciation and understanding of the weather and the seasons. Read More

$14.95 at Amazon

<p>If Willie could have his dream, he would go to Sable Island and ride free over the sand dunes on the back of a wild horse. Inst...ead, at eleven years old, Willie has to go to work in the coal mines of Cape Breton, hardly ever seeing the light of day. But with the help of Gem, the gentle pit pony he works with in the mine, he discovers that things aren't always as bad as they seem.</p> <p><i>Pit Pony</i> is a beloved classic of children's literature, and has been turned into a movie and a television series. For this new illustrated edition, the story has been retold in an abbreviated version for young readers and is vividly illustrated by acclaimed illustrator Sydney Smith.</p> Read More

$13.04 at Amazon

The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, <i>Eyewitness Books</i> provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subject...s with a unique integration of words and pictures. <p>The newest entry in the <i>Eyewitness</i> series, this comprehensive guide introduces young readers to some of the most fascinating ancient civilizations in the world's history.</p> <p>From the intriguing world of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, to the arts of Greece and Rome, to the amazing culture of the Mayans, <i>Eyewitness: Ancient Civilizations</i> looks at the world's most intriguing societies and the legacies they left behind.</p> Read More

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
$18.62 at Amazon

<p>Henry Holt Books for Young Readers is proud to publish this 50th Anniversary Edition of Lloyd Alexander's classic <i>The Book o...f Three</i>, the first book in the Chronicles of Prydain, with a new introduction by Newbery Honor-winner Shannon Hale. This anniversary edition is filled with bonus materials, including an interview with Lloyd Alexander, a Prydain short story, the first chapter of the next Prydain book (<i>The Black Cauldron</i>, a Newbery Honor book)<i>, </i>an author's note, and a pronunciation guide. </p><p>Since <i>The Book of Three</i> was first published in 1964, young readers have been enthralled by the adventures of Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper and his quest to become a hero. Taran is joined by an engaging cast of characters that includes Eilonwy, the strong-willed and sharp-tongued princess; Fflewddur Fflam, the hyperbole-prone bard; the ever-faithful Gurgi; and the curmudgeonly Doli--all of whom have become involved in an epic struggle between good and evil that shapes the fate of the legendary land of Prydain.</p> Read More

HMH Books for Young Readers
$14.99 at Amazon

When Helen and Martha help T.D. write a comic book for his science project, they suddenly find themselves written into the story! ...Spacedog Martha tries to evade the pesky spacecats and their radioactive hairballs, while Commander Helen leads a mission to retrieve all of the socks that have gotten lost in space. Just when Martha thinks her space adventures are over, she wakes up on the Planet of Dogs. As one of dozens of space dog clones, Martha must use her new alien powers on a special mission to Earth. With a create-your-own comic book activity and a glossary of new vocabulary, this book guarantees out-of-this-world fun for young readers! Read More

$14.54 at Amazon

<p>Ever since Amelia Bedelia made her debut almost thirty years ago, young readers have been laughing out loud at the antics of literal-minded but charming housekeeper. From dressing the chicken to drawing the drapes, Amelia Bedelia merrily does exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Rogers tell her to do. But even when things get a bit mixed up in the process, Amelia Bedelia always finds a way to make everything turn out perfectly in the end. </p><p>Peggy Parish's beloved classic is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help. Through Amelia Bedelia's hilarious adventures, kids learn the difference between literal and nonliteral language and begin to grasp wordplay. </p><p>Supports the Common Core Learning Standards. </p> Read More

Golden Books
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How-dee! My name?s Big Blue Bill, and I?m a truck. I?ve got 18 big wheels turning, 600 horses under the hood, and 53 feet o? hangin? on behind . . . So begins a book that introduces all types of trucks (with names such as Bony Tony and Leif the Logging Truck), narrated by a good ol? boy semi-truck! Lively text and bold, colorful artwork of hip, anthropomorphic trucks will transport young readers down highways, into a truck stop, and onto a construction site. Read More

$7.00 at Amazon

<div>?The brighly colored drawings will attract young readers and provide a first look at libraries--with all their complexity and... excitement.?--<i>Booklist</i><br></div> Read More

Harper Collins
$3.99 at Amazon

<p>In his bestselling picture book <em>Dirt on My Shirt</em>, Jeff Foxworthy warmed the hearts of kids both big and little. Now, i...n this I Can Read edition, poems have been hand selected for beginning readers to enjoy. From meeting Auntie Brooke and Uncle Keith to searching for tadpoles and snakes, young readers will love discovering Jeff's vibrant neighborhood all for themselves. </p><p>Filled to the brim with hilarious poems and beautiful art, this book is the perfect addition to any I Can Read library! </p> Read More

Little King Press
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In Wake up, Tommy! You're in a Book! a turtle is surprised to wake up inside a book. Tommy shares how he had a bad day; getting hu...rt and made fun of. Tommy talks and asks questions directly to the reader. In doing so, he eventually feels better. All thanks to THE READER! The book excellently engages young readers, as they respond to his questions and befriend Tommy. Read More

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