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Abrams Books
$15.95 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Babar's birthday is coming and Queen Celeste has a big surprise planned. She's having a sculptor carve a giant statue of Babar int...o a mountainside, but Babar loves to ride right past the spot where the work is going on. How can the elephants and their friends keep their king's birthday surprise a secret. This sweet story shows young readers the joy of planning a surprise for a special friend. Hardcover. 38 pages. 8.6 X 12. Recommended for ages 4+. Imported. - Color: No Color - Size: No Size Read More

Shenanigan Books
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A world of unusual beasts spring to life under the covers and between the lines of this A to Z rhyming book. From Apple-Clops to Z...eedunks, this wildly fanciful collection of alphabet beasts will delight and amuse young readers. Read More

Mikaya Press
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<p> It seemed so simple. Panama was less than fifty miles wide. How difficult could it be to build a canal across it? </p><p> T...ragically difficult. Panama was a disease-ridden death trap. Its mountainous rain forest was a challenge to the most brilliant engineers. Its oppressive heat exhausted the hardiest workers. </p><p> Somehow the Panama Canal was built. Engineers found ways to cut through the rain forest. Medical visionaries conquered the diseases. Workers endured the jungle. </p><p> Yet side by side with genius and selfless heroism were broken treaties, the domination of a small nation by a large one, and tens of thousands of black West Indian workers forced to live in second-rate, segregated conditions. This, too, is the story of the Panama Canal. </p><p> <i>The Panama Canal</i> captures the spirit of an age when no task was thought impossible, and no price too high to pay. </p><p> <b><i>Wonders of the World</i> series</b> </p><p> The winner of numerous awards, this series is renowned for Elizabeth Mann's ability to convey adventure and excitement while revealing technical information in engaging and easily understood language. The illustrations are lavishly realistic and accurate in detail but do not ignore the human element. Outstanding in the genre, these books are sure to bring even the most indifferent young reader into the worlds of history, geography, and architecture. </p><p> <i>"One of the ten best non-fiction series for young readers."</i><br /> - Booklist </p> Read More

Novel Units, Inc.
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Robust, multiple-level reproducibles offer solutions based on the latest reading strategies. The packet includes content-rich acti...vity sheets, quizzes, and a final exam for direct student use. Read More

$7.00 at Amazon

<div>?The brighly colored drawings will attract young readers and provide a first look at libraries--with all their complexity and... excitement.?--<i>Booklist</i><br></div> Read More

Bellwether Media
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A poison dart frog's colorful body warns other animals to stay away. The bright colors reveal that the frog can kill with its powe...rful venom. In this book, young readers will learn why they should keep their distance from this small, poisonous amphibian. Read More

Bellwether Media
$6.99 at Amazon

Concept cars are made to introduce new ideas and designs. They are first shown to the public at car shows. Young readers will lear...n about the history of concept cars, how concept cars are designed, and how they are displayed at car shows. Read More

Bellwether Media
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High-performance engines make these boats capable of incredible speeds. Young readers will learn how powerboats are designed to re...duce wind resistance in their goal of reaching the fastest speed possible. Read More

Thorndike Press
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A New York Times Bestseller -- Katniss Everdeen is a 16-year-old girl living with her mother and younger sister in the poorest dis...trict of Panem, the remains of what was once the United States. Long ago the districts waged war on the Capitol and were defeated. Now the Capitol demands one boy and one girl from each district to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. When Kat?s sister is chosen by lottery, Kat steps up to go in her place. Read More

$13.00 at Amazon

<div>From the amazing imagination of bestselling author Holly Black, a mysterious and wonderful teen graphic novel masterpiece.<br...><br>Rue Silver's mother has disappeared . . . and her father has been arrested, suspected of killing her. But it's not as straightforward as that. Because Rue is a faerie, like her mother was. And her father didn't kill her mother -- instead, he broke a promise to Rue's faerie king grandfather, which caused Rue's mother to be flung back to the faerie world. Now Rue must go to save her -- and must also defeat a dark faerie that threatens our very mortal world.</div> Read More

$15.09 at Amazon

<P>Pom, Flora, and Alexander discover a rare Wully-Wully and bring him home to Celesteville. The lovable creature has a wonderful ...time playing with the little elephants and their friends. But there?s trouble when Rataxes the rhinoceros decides he wants the Wully-Wully to be his own pet. <I>Babar and the Wully-Wully</I> teaches young readers that sharing with others can bring new friends and fun.</P> Read More

Brand: Mondo Pub
$13.49 at Amazon

What's Happening is a Book of Explanations that reveals what's happening behind the scenes of glass manufacturing, newspaper recyc...ling, E-mail, the refrigerator, and more. Written in easy-to-understand prose and accompanied by the lively illustrations of Francis H. Schwartz, this book will fascinate, entertain, and inform young readers. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$8.99 at Amazon

Bulldogs - Dog Books for Kids Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Early History Chapter 2 Fascinating Features & Care Chapter... 3 Amazing Yorkie facts Conclusion A Great Companion Author Bio Introduction Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~ Roger Caras Bulldogs are heavy set dogs with lots of muscles and a wrinkly face. They have a wide head and shoulders, lots of hanging skin, pointy teeth and droopy eyes. Their coat is shiny and short with varied colors like brindle, red, fawn and white. This breed can weigh between 45- 55 pounds. And a full grown female is about 45 pounds. The name of the dog might make you think isn?t too friendly. But the American Kennel Club says the bulldog?s behavior should be: ?equable and kind, resolute, and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanor should be pacific and dignified...? So this breed is known as patient, friendly and kind in nature. But these qualities are not by accident. Over the years a lot of work has been done to turn the bulldog into a friendlier pet. Today, it is usually well behaved and has a loving nature. It gets along well with other pets and other dogs. It can also become so attached to its owner that it won?t move without them. And when it comes to affection the bulldog is hard to beat. They would prefer to snuggle next to you than chase a ball around the yard. This is one reason why they are called: Couch potatoes! Bulldogs are known to drool and slobber all over you. They snore when they sleep, they can snort often and they grunt even more. And when they walk, they shuffle from place to place. Add a little bit of gas (often smelly) into the mix, and you have quite an interesting pet in your family home! They also have a hard time with commands. To put it simply: They are stubborn as a bull?dog! But don?t worry. There is no doubt their clownish behavior, goofy antics, crazy faces and courageous nature will bring a smile to your face, and a warm feeling to your heart. For these reasons and more, Bulldogs are recommended as a loving companion, well deserving of the title? man?s best friend! Read More

Brand: Neumann Press
$16.95 at Amazon

<div>Long used by most Catholic schools and countless homeschooling families, the <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are tried and t...rue, well-loved companions for children developing their reading skills. The <I>American Cardinal Readers</I> begin following the family adventures of John, Jean, and Baby, with simple sentences to ease your child into reading stories. As he or she progresses through the series, the books grow longer, the vocabulary expands, and the stories become more complex, guiding and challenging young readers to enhance their reading comprehension.<BR><BR>Young readers also become acquainted with classic children?s authors and poets, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and beloved Catholic writers like St. Therese of Lisieux, G.K. Chesterton, and Francis Thompson. Explore the realm of literature from short stories, parables, poems, fables, and folk tales, the narratives accompanied by charming black and white illustrations.<BR><BR>The <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are a necessity and a treasure in the library of any homeschooler or Catholic family interested in immersing their littlest readers in quality literature. These hardcovers are guaranteed to withstand the test of time in every way. Order your set now!</div> Read More

$9.18 at Amazon

Now in Paperback! <p>In <i>Eyewitness: Titanic</i> young readers will discover the triumphs and tragedies of this "unsinkable" lux...ury liner. Detailed images and text highlight all aspects of this fateful journey including how the ship was built and equipped, what kind of passengers and crew she carried, what facilities she offered onboard, how she struck an iceberg, why she sank so quickly, how many people were saved, and how many lives were lost.</p> <p>For over 25 years, DK's <i>Eyewitness</i> books have been the most trusted nonfiction series in classrooms, libraries, and homes around the world. In summer 2014 this award-winning series will get a fresh new look both inside and out. The introduction of paperback editions, eye-catching jackets, and updated interiors ensure that the <i>Eyewitness</i> series will continue to be relevant in the ever-changing world of education and remain the go-to source for homework help, research projects, reluctant readers, ESL students, and, as always, to satisfy the minds of curious kids.</p> <p>Supports the Common Core State Standards.</p> Read More

Chronicle Books
$9.02 at Amazon

Follow along! Help piglet run through the die-cut holes back to his favorite mud puddle. Is it inside the henhouse? Or inside the ...barn? Young readers can move the character along the string and through the die-cut holes as they turn the pages of this innovative board book! Read More

French & European Pubns
$44.23 at Amazon

THIS EDITION IS INTENDED FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young... boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Read More

Firefly Books
$15.27 at Amazon

<p><b><i>The new Shape Books series brings the ancient world to three-dimensional life and reveals the most interesting topics fro...m some of the world's most important empires. </i></b> </p><p> Each title is a self-boxed 3-D board book that replicates an iconic structure from an ancient civilization. Page-filling color illustrations and concise text take young readers back in time, where they discover how people lived and what their world looked like. Engaging, interactive and informative, Shape Books are sure to be a hit with curious readers. </p><p> This book describes the three most important pre-Columbian civilizations in Mesoamerica and how, despite advanced knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and architecture, they eventually disappeared. Topics include language, personal decoration, diet, architecture, city life, sacrificial rites, weaponry, the Maya and Aztec calendars, religion and decorative arts. </p> Read More

Cinco Puntos Press
$10.75 at Amazon

<div><p>Mexico?s Day of the Dead fascinates U.S readers, whether for its joyful celebration of an unusual tradition or because it ...simply feels like home. San Vicente lets children join the celebration as they watch the skeletons rock, rattle, and roll those long old bones as they get ready for the biggest event of their social calendar. A short and fun essay, directed toward young readers, will explain this important Mexican holiday.</p><p>The works of Mexico City artist <B>Luis San Vicente </B>have been exhibited in Mexico, Venezuela, Europe, and the United States. He has won UNESCO?s prestigious NOMA Encouragement Concours Prize for Illustration, and UNESCO honored his work (1997, 1998, and 1999) in their prestigious Youth and Children?s Catalog of Illustrations.</p></div> Read More

Penguin Young Readers
$3.99 at Amazon

With a bag of seeds and a pot on his head, John Chapman set out West to plant apple trees. He made lots of friends and planted lot...s of trees. Pretty soon, people started to call him Johnny Appleseed. Read More

Brand: Springer Publishing Company
$13.73 at Amazon

<P>When Cherry Ames learns that the new patient in her ward is using the proceeds from her deceased husband's life insurance to sp...eculate in stock, she judges her foolish. And when the young woman explains the Pell Corporation investment program, Cherry suspects that her patient is being swindled. </P> <P>Even more serious, Peggy Wilmot is jeopardizing her health. For emotional tension over the delayed arrival of her weekly dividend check is retarding her recovery. But how can Cherry influence the headstrong young woman who seeks financial help from the wrong people? Find out the truth about the Pell Corporation, Cherry decides, and let the facts speak for themselves. </P> <P>Some of the vital questions to which Cherry must find the answers are: What are the Pell Corporation's actual operations as distinguished from the fantastic claims made in its impressive brochures? Is the mysterious Cleveland Pell really the financial wizard he claims to be? Busy with ward duty and a training program for teen-age junior volunteers at Hilton Hospital, Cherry does not have much time for another extracurricular task. But the plight of Peggy Wilmot is too serious to be ignored. </P> <P>What Cherry learns in the mysterious world of the "high finance" confidence game will surprise the reader as much as it does America's favorite nurse heroine. </P> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$17.99 at Amazon

Yei Theodora Ozaki wanted to put an end to the notion of the Japanese woman as an oppressed, passive geisha-like Madame Butterfly ...figure. She said, ?When I was last in England and Europe, very mistaken notions about Japan and especially about its women existed generally.? This collection is the outcome of a suggestion made by Andrew Lang. The tales have been translated from a version written by Sadanami Sanjin. The stories are not literal translations though the Japanese story and all quaint expressions have been faithfully preserved. They are told more with the view to interest young readers of the West than the technical student of folklore. This book includes the original illustrations by Kazuko Fujiyama as published in 1908 and a glossary of olden and grown up terms added by Richard S. Bailey. Read More

Barefoot Books
$6.29 at Amazon

Whether it's raining, sunny, hot or cold, Bear always knows how to have fun. This early learning book teaches young readers about ...the weather and the seasons of the year, while Bear skates, paints, sings and plays. This bilingual edition includes vocabulary words in French and English, and an easy pronunciation guide. It is perfect for classroom or home learning. Education Market: this title supports the new QCA schemes of work for the teaching of a foreign language. It encourages appreciation and understanding of the weather and the seasons. Read More

Arthur A. Levine Books
$7.44 at Amazon

<div>In his fifth year at Hogwart's, Harry faces challenges at every turn, from the dark threat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and th...e unreliability of the government of the magical world to the rise of Ron Weasley as the keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Along the way he learns about the strength of his friends, the fierceness of his enemies, and the meaning of sacrifice.</div> Read More

Nimble Books
$16.65 at Amazon

Now's the time to re-read HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS with the aid of this funny, insightful guide to the book by expert Dr. Graeme Davis. Includes reviews of each and every chapter with star ratings from one to seven -- find out which ones the author gives sevens and which ones he gives ones! (There are a couple.) See whether you agree with him about the best "Rowling Moments" in each other chapter and who should be classified "Hero" or "Fool." Terrific fun for any Potter fan and an ideal companion when you are in the mood to re-read the series. Read More

$15.88 at Amazon

<p>All aboard for a riveting ride along the rails! Tracks and smokestacks, signals and steam trains, engineers and diesels - all t...he details that thrill young train enthusiasts are here in this information-packed picture book. With its action-oriented text, detailed, full-color spreads and step-by-step illustrations, this book takes a trip aboard trains from all over the world, and every period of railroad history. Realistic art shows the fascinating detail behind the steam engines of the past, and the sleek outlines of the modern, high-speed French TGV and Japanese bullet trains. A cutaway drawing helps young readers imagine life in a dining car. A reference section at the back of the book includes an illustrated glossary and an index to encourage reference skills and stoke the imagination of any future Casey Jones.</p> Read More

Random House
$11.99 at Amazon

<p>In this silly Bright and Early Book classic by Dr. Seuss, a young boy goes exploring in his house and finds an array of fun cha...racters! Are you certain there?s a Jertain in the curtain? Or have you ever had a feeling there?s a Geeling on the ceiling? From the pesky Nooth Grush on a tooth brush to a sleepy Zelf up on the shelf, <i>There?s a Wocket in My Pocket</i> will have young readers eager to explore their homes and the wonders of rhyming and wordplay. <br>Combining brief and funny stories, easy words, catchy rhythm, and lively illustrations, Bright and Early Books are an ideal way to introduce the joys of reading to children.</p><br><br><br><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i> Read More

Large Print Press
$11.15 at Amazon

A New York Times Bestseller -- Book 7 in the Harry Potter series. The brilliant, breathtaking conclusion to J.K. Rowling?s spellbi...nding series. The heart of Book 7 is a hero?s mission -- not just in Harry?s quest for the Horcruxes, but in his journey from boy to man -- and Harry faces more danger than that found in all six books combined, from the direct threat of the Death Eaters and you-know-who, to the subtle perils of losing faith in himself. What will be the outcome of the final battle between Voldemort and Harry? No Canadian Rights for the Harry Potter Series. HARRY POTTER and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter publishing rights -- J. K. Rowling. (s05). Read More

Brand: Barron's Educational Series
$4.99 at Amazon

This new addition to Barron's popular <i>Let's Read! </i>language-learning books teaches kids a second language while entertaining... them with an exciting adventure story. Each <i>Let's Read! </i> book is written in a bilingual format, which encourages kids who are independent readers in their own language to start learning a second language. Every two-page spread in this book presents a parallel text in French and English on facing pages. This format encourages young readers to compare the words and sentences in both languages and start out on a path toward bilingual fluency. As they read, children discover that they don't need to learn every single new word that they encounter in the new language. Instead, they soon find themselves picking up meanings effortlessly by seeing the new words in the story's context, just as they pick up and understand new words in their own language. The parallel text, illustrations, and dialogue balloons give kids a child-friendly bridge to reading and speaking in a new language. Read More

Golden Books
$4.49 at Amazon

Children will feel as though they?re riding the big red fire engines and hearing the <i>clang-clang</i> of the bell! Active transport young readers to the scene where brave firemen connect the hoses and save the day. This board book edition of the Little Golden Book, which has sold over 320,000 since 2001, is sure to be a hit. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$7.19 at Amazon

Life is uncertain ? EAT DESSERT FIRST! Ignite your excitement for Catching Fire with sinfully delicious cupcake recipes that inc...lude ?Hey Mockingjay? Yellow Cupcakes, ?Blushing Katniss? Red Velvet Cupcakes, ?Rocky Road For Tributes? Cupcakes and ?Open Your Eyes In the Arena? Mocha Latte Cupcakes. Indulge in the splendors of Catching Fire with character-inspired recipes that will leave you breathless, captivated and hungry for more. Besides a superb array of delectable recipes, you'll be treated to a Catching Fire Party Planning Checklist, downloadable party art, and tasteful trivia. Whether you?re planning a Catching Fire party, or you?re a devoted fan with a passion for forbidden love, action and sweet thrills, it?s all possible with this masterpiece collection of cupcake recipes! Read More

Brand: Rockridge University Press
$18.99 at Amazon

<i>"What must it be like, I wonder, to live in a world where food appears at the press of a button? How would I spend the hours I commit to combing the woods for sustenance if it were so easy to come by?"</i> -- Katniss Everdeen, <i>The Hunger Games</i><br><br>The Hunger Games trilogy captivates its audience through a storyline dominated by the quest for food, with the vast culinary disparity between the impoverished districts and the opulent Capitol taking center stage. For the Hunger Games characters, food is both a weapon and an act of love, and -- as in today's world -- it is essential to survival. Fortunately, most of us inhabit a more prosperous world than the Hunger Games tributes, one where food can appear with the press of a button.<br><br><b>THE UNOFFICIAL RECIPES OF THE HUNGER GAMES</b><br><br>Savor the post-apocalyptic world of Panem one dish at a time with <b><i>The Unofficial Recipes of The Hunger Games</i></b>. Offering 187 recipes, this cookbook serves fans an authentic taste of the Hunger Games trilogy, whether foraged for in the impoverished District 12 or devoured at the lavish banquets of the Capitol.<br><br><b>Satisfy your appetite with the recipes savored by the Hunger Games tributes:</b> <br><ul><li>Peeta's Burnt Raisin Nut Bread</li><li>Orange Chicken in Cream Sauce</li><li>Beloved Lamb Stew With Dried Plums</li></ul><b>Consume the dishes inspired by the heroic characters of The Hunger Games:</b><br><ul><li>Creamy Roasted Katniss Soup</li><li>Prim's Birthday Venison Steaks</li><li>Gale's Venison Pot Roast</li></ul><b>Hunt like Katniss and Gale for adventurous ingredients and create daring dishes: </b><br><ul><li>Greasy Sae's Holiday Stuffed Possum</li><li>Hazelle's Authentic Beaver Stew</li></ul>Transport your senses into the world of <i>The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay</i>, and relish the delicious adventures of the trilogy over and over again.</div> Read More

$12.85 at Amazon

<b>Robots are perennial kid-favorites. In this series, acclaimed illustrator Marc Rosenthal's vividly colored, retro-futuristic ro...bots encourage kids age 2 to 5 to lift the flaps and learn all about basic concepts.</b><br>      <b>Big Bot, Small Bot </b>invites young readers to play with robots who demonstrate opposites such as "quiet" and "loud," "front" and "back," and "full" and "empty." Each illustration in this interactive book is presented with a gatefold that, when lifted, transforms the image into its opposite! Simple yet endlessly entertaining, <b>Big Bot, Small Bot</b> is a perfect read-aloud for toddlers and preschoolers.<br> ·       Printed on sturdy, thick paper, these titles can stand up to the challenge of little hands and repeated readings<br> ·       Marc's illustrations can be seen regularly in <i>The New Yorker, Time, Forbes, Fortune, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, Boston Globe, </i>and <i>The Washington Post</i>; his previous children's books have been described by <i>The New York Times Book Review </i>as "hugely appealing."<br><br>Series Overview<br> Artist Marc Rosenthal's new series of interactive concept books introduces a group of friendly, colorful, retro-futuristic robots that demonstrate counting, opposites, shapes, and colors through lift-the-flap gatefolds that transform each illustration in a kid-pleasing way. Read More

Thorndike Press
$23.95 at Amazon

A New York Times Bestseller -- Against all odds, Katniss has won the Hunger Games. She and fellow District 12 tribute Peeta Mella...rk are miraculously still alive. Katniss should be relieved, happy even. After all, she has returned to her family and her longtime friend, Gale. Yet nothing seems right. Gale holds her at an icy distance. Peeta has turned his back on her completely. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol -- that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create. Read More

$6.90 at Amazon

A Pulitzer Prize winner makes her debut for young readers.<br><br>Abby Lovitt has been riding horses for as long as she can, but Daddy hasn't let her name a single one. He calls all their geldings George and their mares Jewel and warns her not to get attached. The horses are there on the ranch to be sold, plain and simple.<br><br>But with all the stress at school (the Big Four?Linda, Mary A., Mary N., Joan?have turned against her) and home (nothing feels right with her brother, Danny, gone), Abby can't help but seek comfort in the Georges and the Jewels, who greet her every day with soft nickers. Except for one: the horse who won't meet her gaze, the horse who bucks her off, the horse Daddy insists she ride and train. Abby knows not to cross her father, but she knows, too, that she can't get back on Ornery George. And suddenly the horses seem like no refuge at all.<br><br>From Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley comes an emotionally charged and action-filled novel for young readers, set in the vibrant landscape of 1960s California horse country. Read More

North Country Books
$3.95 at Amazon

Artist Susan Loeffler brings a favorite Adirondack Kids character, Dax the calico cat, to life in 32 coloring book illustrations to a storyline for young readers written by Adirondack Kids® co-creator and teen author, Justin VanRiper. Read More

Laughing Elephant
$8.96 at Amazon

<DIV>This clearly written and beautifully illustrated book, first published in the 1950s, introduces the young dancer to the basic... concepts of ballet.  It defines the art form, shows the five positions, the seven movements, the carriage of the arms, the pliés, the role of the composer and choreographer and more.  A Child?s Book of Ballet includes a glossary of ballet terms and throughout the text the terms are highlighted, so the young reader can more easily remember them.<BR><BR>A Child?s Book of Ballet also features a brief history of ballet, its costumes and the world of ballet shoes.  Woven throughout the text are lovely illustrations of boys and girls at practice and in performance.</div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$12.95 at Amazon

Vibrant pictures introduce young readers to the life of Maizy, a sweet German Shepherd puppy who loves to play in her desert home.... Read More

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
$18.95 at Amazon

<p>A collection of potential book covers and a bit of a story for each - but YOU write the ending!<p>An interactive collection of ...lavishly illustrated book covers for twelve different storybooks and the beginning (or ending) of each story allows children's imagination to take over. With intriguing titles like "<i>Breakfast on a Dragon's Tale</i>," "<i>Growing Up Alien</i>," and "<i>The Book of Wondering</i>," these pictures and stories are sure to engage young readers as they encourage them to explore and share their own creativity.<br><br> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$20.66 at Amazon

<p><em>I LOVE CARA!</em> is one of our personalized books for kids with positive affirmations. CARA (the star of the story) is an... adorable dog who shares the reasons why she is loved. In a surprise ending, she reveals a powerful source of love (herself!). Written to boost confidence, positive thinking, and overall well-being, the story is full of positive affirmations for kids, along with playful rhymes and cute dog illustrations. The name ABBY is featured in the title, dedication, and as the main character.</p> <p><strong><font color="#E3701A">ORDER THIS BOOK WITH THE NAME OF YOUR CHOICE at</font></strong> <strong><font color="#2E37FE"></font></strong></p> <p><u>CUSTOMER REVIEWS</u></p> <ul> <li><strong>Affirmations make a big difference</strong>: I just read this book and loved it! Although it?s written for children, anyone (young or old) can benefit from its wisdom. I firmly believe that affirmations make a big difference in the way we see the world. And this book is written is such a way that kids of all ages will gain from it. Kudos, Suzanne, for writing it and for serving the world. ~ Jay Platt of Unstoppable Insights</li> <li><strong>My 3.5 year old son received this book as a gift, but I have to say the affirmations spoke to me as well!</strong> You're never too old to be reminded that you should love yourself and celebrate all that is great about you! ~ Stephanie, Mother of Ben</li> <li><strong>An AMAZING Gift! Everyone should have this book!</strong>: This book is truly special!! From the front cover to the back cover it is an amazing gift! The photos are bright and fun, full of life and love?. and isn't that what life is all about! This book would be a special gift for ANYONE young or old. We all need an extra reminder now and then of who and what makes the most impact on our lives. I will be filling my Christmas shopping list by ordering several more. This will be a gift with meaning and substance. ~ Anny</li> <li><strong>I am ordering a duplicate set.</strong> I absolutely love these books. Will give to grandsons for Christmas gifts and keep one set at my house to read together when little boys come to visit. ~ Lauralee</li> <li>This book has a warm, playful theme that kids will love, adults will feel good reading such positive affirmation for their kids to read over and over again. <strong>I highly recommend a copy for home and as a gift for loved ones!</strong> ~ Sarah, Mother of Gabrielle and Annika</li> <li>As a mom of two little girls, I'm pretty picky about their toys and books. <strong>This book has been effective at helping her to build confidence in herself</strong> and around animals. What a great combination! ~ Amy, Mother of 2 Girls</li> <li><strong>My twins give four thumbs up!</strong> Ms. Marshall has a gift for touching the hearts of her young readers, as well as those who are young at heart. ~ Leila, Luke and Sasha</li> </ul> Read More

$4.99 at Amazon

A great book for anyone who wants to learn how to write Hindi Alphabets! Colorful eye catching illustrations, step-by-step instruc...tions and bilingual words make learning Hindi alphabets a breeze for even non-Hindi speakers. Appropriate for all ages from small children, to teens, to university and adult students. <P> Some highlights of the book are: <BR> * Covers 36 consonants of Hindi script.<BR> * Colorful illustrations make learning fun.<BR> * Teaches step-by-step to write each alphabet.<BR> * It is bilingual -Hindi and English.<BR> * Hindi transliteration included to help with pronunciation. * Introduces new vocabulary.<BR> * Facilitates beginning sound associations. <BR> * A reward certificate is included for encouragement.<BR> Read More

$13.04 at Amazon

The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, <i>Eyewitness Books</i> provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subject...s with a unique integration of words and pictures. <p>The newest entry in the <i>Eyewitness</i> series, this comprehensive guide introduces young readers to some of the most fascinating ancient civilizations in the world's history.</p> <p>From the intriguing world of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, to the arts of Greece and Rome, to the amazing culture of the Mayans, <i>Eyewitness: Ancient Civilizations</i> looks at the world's most intriguing societies and the legacies they left behind.</p> Read More

people's literature publishing house
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Candlewick Press
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<b>Bold illustrations, big flaps, and an ingenious die-cut design invite young readers to peek at the lives of endangered animals ...? and learn how to help.</b><br><br>Did you know that a giant panda likes to do somersaults? That a black rhinoceros can run faster than an Olympic sprinter? That a monarch butterfly flies up to eighty miles a day? All of these animals ? and many more, from tigers to elephants to polar bears, orangutans to dolphins, penguins to sea turtles ? are disappearing, threatened by deforestation, poaching, fishing nets, global warming, and more. After enjoying the book?s eye-catching, dramatic format, kids can follow the simple suggestions offered to help save the animals. Read More

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