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The Land of Nod
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Children's Books: My Quotable Kid Book - Outrageous, poignant, or bitingly witty, the things our children say always offer an unex...pected glimpse into a world that is all their own. Filled with roomy pages for jotting down conversations or overheard saying, this handsome keepsake journal also features a bound-in photo window for adding a unique, personal touch. Whether parents prefer safely stowing precious insights for future generations or sharing priceless quips with family and friends, My Quotable Kid will become a lasting record of a child's most memorable quotes. *Product Details* - Hardcover - 144 pages - Ribbon page marker - Interior photo window - Features two color illustrationsShipping info - Delivered lickety split in 5-7 business days Read More

University Games
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<p><b>Spinner Books Science Fair Fun 5 Book Set -- Earth Science</b></p><p>This set has easy earth science projects for kids to do... with parents, teachers or all by themselves on topics like Electronics, Geology and Magnets. University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman, who recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children. University Games creates educational board games designed so that players won't notice how much they are learning.</p><ul><li>Product Dimensions: 9.2 (L) x 6 (W) x 2.8 (H)</li><li>Age: 10 years and up</li></ul><br><BR>Recommended Ages:3 and up Read More

Innovative Kids
$8.99 at Magic Beans

It can take all of your powers of persuasion to get your little prince to take his rightful throne. Framing potty-training as a of accomplishment and independence is the best way to get it done, and the Prince of the Potty book by Innovative Kids does a great job teaching kids how to use the potty in a way that's both playful and fun. The Prince of the Potty book uses simple language that isn't too babyish to tell the story of a proud little prince and his newly-acquired bathroom habits. We especially appreciated how the little boy in the book is depicted as the prime mover of his own story - he decides to take on the challenge of the potty, with the help of his royal parents. Writer Nora Gaydos is an elementary school teacher with tremendous expertise in pre-reading skills, so this book is also tailored to lead your child towards learning to read. And illustrator Akemi Gutierrez is a seasoned illustrator and animator, whose drawings are absolutely adorable and kid-friendly. Read More

Flagship Carpets
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Help kids develop a love for reading with Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug. This colorful rug features a border of smiling ...books and an optional message. The classroom rug is constructed of dense nylon fiber that's treated with Scotchguard stain protection so it looks great year after year. Edges are tightly bound and double-stitched for maximum strength. Each rug comes with a permanent antimicrobial treatment that protects against odors, mold and mildew. The skid-resistant Action Bac woven backing system prevents wrinkles and bunching. Printed with Flagship's high-tech process, the design is crisp, clean and features fade-resistant saturated color. Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug is made in the USA and backed by a lifetime abrasive wear warranty. Key Features Fun smiling book design with optional message Dense nylon fiber construction with fade-resistant color Anti-soil, antimicrobial and anti-static treatments Woven backing prevents skidding and creasing CRI Green Label Plus certified Scotchguard stain protection Action Bac backing system Meets Class I flammability standards Backed by a lifetime wear warranty Specifications Dimensions: 12' diameter Shape: Round Warranty: Lifetime limited Read More

Alex Toys
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<div class="aplus"> <div class="two-third-col"> <div class='leftImage' style='width: 300px;'> <img src='' alt='Ooh la la' width='285' > <div class='imageCaption'>Ooh la la<br> view larger <div class="break"> </div> </div> </div> <h5>Tres Chic Designer Look Book</h5> <p>Famous fashion designer's create 'Look Books' to prepare for a photo shoot. Now you can create your very own look book to keep all your fashion inspirations and ideas in one place! Tres Chic Designer Look Book from ALEX lets you create outfits with stencils, paper fabrics, stickers and gems. Put it all in one fashionable scrapbook!</p> <p>49-page hardcover scrapbook, scissors, sticky gems, stickers, stencils, glue stick, glitter glue, paper, frames and shapes, ribbons and easy to follow instructions included. </p><h5>About ALEX Toys</h5> <p>At ALEX, we take our mission of providing children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem to heart!</p> <p>We know that when kids have fun, they learn the most, so you can be assured that in addition to containing loads of ?fun factor?, each ALEX toy helps develop critical skills that will last a lifetime. We understand children?s developmental stages, how to stimulate growth and interest at each stage of life, and work hard to build that knowledge into every product we design.</p> <p>The best children's activities provide lots of fun and they open a child's mind to new skills, new ideas and new worlds.</p></div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class='leftImage' style='width: 300px;'> <img src='' alt='49-page hardcover scrapbook' width='285'> <div class='imageCaption'>49-page hardcover scrapbook<br> view larger </div> </div> </div> </div> Read More

Lulu Jr.
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My Comic Book gives children the opportunity to write, illustrate, and publish their very own comic book. After writing and illust...rating their story, the artist receives an 18-page comic book delivered in the mail free of charge. The comic book includes a professionally typeset title page and the artist's name on the cover. My Comic Book is a new, one-of-a-kind product from the makers of the award-winning IlluStory, making it an ideal gift for creative children and project-based learning.Winner of the 2013 Academic's Choice Brain Toy Award, My Comic Book allows young authors to create their characters, develop the plot, and choose the setting and everything else about their story. Authors will develop a sense of pride and accomplishment writing, creating, and publishing their own comic book. When the finished product arrives at your door and your child holds their comic book in their hands, they will feel they have achieved something very special.Comic books created using the My Comic Book kit are premium quality and designed to last. Additional copies for relatives and friends are easily ordered online. Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>In this Splat the Cat story for beginning readers, Splat loves watching his favorite superhero, Super Cat, on the family TV, bu...t when the set breaks, Splat has no way to watch his cherished cartoon. Splat asks himself, "What would Super Cat do?" and decides to save the day by winning a brand-new TV. The only problem is that winning the TV requires Splat to enter a cake-baking contest . . . which turns out to be a little trickier and stickier than expected. Splat's messy adventures will delight beginning readers.</p><p><em>Splat the Cat Takes the Cake</em> is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. This book focuses on the phonics sound ?<em>ake</em>. Phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. A child who has mastered these relationships has an excellent foundation for learning to read and spell. According to the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, a child who has learned phonics has a method to recognize familiar words and "decode" unfamiliar ones.</p><p>Supports the Common Core State Standards</p> Read More

Schwartz & Wade
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"National Book Award-winner Polly Horvath's latest, a rabbity romp complete with whimsical illustrations and a quirky cast of char...acters, has both the look and feel of a classic children's book," raves <i>The Washington Post</i>.<br><br>In this hilarious chapter book mystery, meet a girl whose parents have been kidnapped by disreputable foxes, and a pair of detectives that also happen to be bunnies! When Madeline gets home from school one afternoon to discover that her parents have gone missing, she sets off to find them. So begins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure involving a cast of unforgettable characters. There's Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, who drive a smart car, wear fedoras, and hate marmots; the Marmot, who loves garlic bread and is a brilliant translator; and many others. Translated from the Rabbit by Newbery Honor-winning author Polly Horvath, and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall, here is a book that kids will both laugh over and love. Read More

Grand Central Publishing
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The world is changing: the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now, kids are disappearing. For 15-year-o...ld Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside down when they are torn from their parents one night and slammed into a secret prison for no reason they can comprehend. The New Order, as it is known, is clearly trying to suppress Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Being a Normal Teenager. But while trapped in this totalitarian nightmare, Wisty and Whit discover they have incredible powers they'd never dreamed of. Can this newly minted witch and wizard master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents--and maybe the world? Read More

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<p> In this book, Nancy Akhavan details the stories and strategies that enabled her school to move from "under-performing" status one in which students achieve and teachers have a whole new understanding of targeted instruction, sensitive assessment, and meaningful curriculum. There is much to appreciate in what she says, from her attention to "thinking small" and understanding the power of the details, her emphasis on planning and goal-setting, to the seriousness with which she takes the standards and incorporates them into the life of the classroom. </p> <p> Drawing on the work of the best in the business, Lucy Calkins, David and Yvonne Freeman, and Tony Alvarado, Akhavan made professional development the heartbeat of her school as she helped her faculty understand that their work begins and ends with continuous assessment of their students. Now she helps readers of her book learn: <ul> <li>how child-centered assessment leads to strategic instruction</li> <li>how to best support multilingual learners</li> <li>how to organize for yearlong learning</li> <li>how to think through precise workshop instruction in minilessons</li> <li>how to develop meaningful curriculum around units of study</li> <li>how to create a vibrant school community where standards and accountability stem from regular assessment and examination of instructional practices.</li> </ul> Akhavan provides immediately useful information for any elementary teacher, principal, or curriculum developer. Read her book and understand how to use standards as a way to connect meaningful instruction to students, not as a bar that students have to reach or a barrier to real teaching and learning. </p> Read More

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Perfect for children just beginning to read, this Pre-Level 1 <i>DK Reader</i> takes a look at the frogs and toads of the world an...d gives a close-up look at their strange features and bizarre habits. With simple sentences and an emphasis on frequently used words, <i>Frogs and Toads</i> will encourage in three to five year olds an interest in reading. <p><i>DK Readers</i> is a multi-level reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge. With nine new exciting titles to choose from this season, kid's ages 4-10 will find the perfect book at their appropriate reading level to help with school projects or independent reading.</p> <p>Supports the Common Core State Standards.</p> Read More

Neumann Press
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<div>Long used by most Catholic schools and countless homeschooling families, the <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are tried and t...rue, well-loved companions for children developing their reading skills. The <I>American Cardinal Readers</I> begin following the family adventures of John, Jean, and Baby, with simple sentences to ease your child into reading stories. As he or she progresses through the series, the books grow longer, the vocabulary expands, and the stories become more complex, guiding and challenging young readers to enhance their reading comprehension.<BR><BR>Young readers also become acquainted with classic children?s authors and poets, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and beloved Catholic writers like St. Therese of Lisieux, G.K. Chesterton, and Francis Thompson. Explore the realm of literature from short stories, parables, poems, fables, and folk tales, the narratives accompanied by charming black and white illustrations.<BR><BR>The <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are a necessity and a treasure in the library of any homeschooler or Catholic family interested in immersing their littlest readers in quality literature. These hardcovers are guaranteed to withstand the test of time in every way. Order your set now!<BR></div> Read More

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<p><strong><em>Develop a curriculum that can transform an ordinary school into a school of excellence! </em></strong></p> <p>This ...resource introduces school leaders to dynamic curriculum leadership and a curriculum development process that leads to highly successful school programs. The author demonstrates how administrators can adapt curriculum to meet their school?s changing needs, incorporate emerging technologies, and reflect new and creative ways of thinking about education. The book walks educational leaders through the curriculum development process, showing them how to: </p> <ul> <li>Create a school curriculum team </li> <li>Establish a regular curriculum cycle of analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation </li> <li>Develop a path for curriculum improvement</li> </ul> Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
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Dot to dot pictures are a right of passage in childhood. Learning to connect the dots opens up a fun and surprising new world for ...your child. It encourages number recognition, improves fine motor skills, as well as provides a fun, quiet activity for your child. Looking at the picture before the dots are connected helps your child learn to make observations and predictions about what the picture will eventually be. These critical thinking skills are important to your child's development. Read More

Nahdet Misr Publishing House
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We often think that people from a thousand years ago were living in the Dark Ages. But from the 7th century onward in Muslim civil...ization there were amazing advances and inventions that still influence our everyday lives. People living in the Muslim world saw what the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Greek, and Romans had discovered and spent the next one thousand years adding new developments and ideas. Inventors created marvels like the elephant water clock, explorers drew detailed maps of the world, women made scientific breakthroughs and founded universities, architects built huge domes larger than anywhere else on earth, astronomers mapped the stars and so much more! This book takes the wining formula of facts, photos, and fun, and applies it to this companion book to the 1001 Inventions exhibit from the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Civilization. Each page is packed with information on this little-known history, but also shows how it still applies to our world today. Read More

Blue Apple Books
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<div>Flip a page, find a rhyme!<BR>It's learning through fun—every time!<BR><br>Even kids who can?t read a sentence can read one w...ord, or a two-word phrase. By putting their hands on the pages, kids are pulled into the learning dynamic. They make the page turn, and they gain a new word that rhymes with one they just saw.<BR><BR>Who can dig a pig in a wig?<BR>How?d that pet get wet?<BR>Will Pop stop, or will he hop?<BR>Are mice on ice twice as nice?<BR><BR>With art in the Japanese anime style, each book in this interactive early reading series features a different word family. Word families help children recognize similarities between words that rhyme, and connect words that have matching long, or short, vowel sounds. By mastering this dynamic, kids can read words they don?t necessarily know. Offering a springboard into independent reading, Flip-a-Word takes kids from a single word, to a phrase, to a simple sentence. From there, eye-catching illustrations lead kids to imagine story scenarios only a child could dream up!<BR><br>For kids, parents, and teachers—everyone flips for Flip-a-Word!<BR><BR></div> Read More

Brand: Childs Play Intl Ltd
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A fantastic introduction to non-fiction, which gives the child a glimpse of the life of an animal parent in their natural habitat,... together with the experience of the animal baby growing up in the wild. This unique format has a small board book nestling snugly inside a larger book. Read More

Beaver Books Publishing
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Children will love solving these fun and educational picture games- there are 95 dot-to-dots in all! First, kids must count the nu...mbers as they connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture. Then the fun continues as they color the drawing they ve created. Then the fun continues as they color the drawing they ve created. Dot-to-dot puzzles are a great way to teach counting, object and number recognition, and they help kids develop fine motor skills of hand-eye coordination. Read More

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A strong superintendent is critical to the success of an entire school district, and this exciting new resource details the issues... surrounding the state policies that appoint superintendents. Read More

Brand: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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This first early reader uses simple text that encourages children to read on their own about tractors truly working hard all year ...long. A beginning-to-read book that is a must for any child who has an interest in tractors. The new tractor demonstrates the real work that a tractor performs on a real farm all through the seasons. The easy, repetitive text showcases the tractor's importance on a farm. Stacey Gabel Inspired by her young son's fascinations with tractors and his equally strong desire to learn, read and inspect anything to do with tractors, Stacey wanted to create a book for a genre that didn't seem to exist. She wanted to give young readers, like her son, something more than just tractor brochures to read. As a result, Stacey has authored a first reader book dealing with tractors and what these great machines accomplish on a farm. As a young girl growing up in Northwest Ohio, Stacey spent countless hours reading books, playing school and babysitting children. These same activities shaped her career as a middle school teacher and now author. Stacey holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the Ohio State University and a master's degree in elementary education from Bowling Green State University. She still resides in rural northwest Ohio with her husband and two children. Artist Richard Neuman transforms images of everyday life into universally appealing paintings - each with a touch of whimsy. His meticulously detailed pieces of artwork range from tractors to bulldozers; barns to baskets;lighthouses to schoolhouses. Richard holds a bachelors degree in advertising design and a master's degree in art graphics with a minor in business. His corporate career was based in the publishing and advertising industry. He has worked in New York City for the world's largest advertising agency and in Ohio for two Fortune 500 companies. In 1986 he left the corporate world to form his own company focusing on his artwork. His success is attributed to the combination of his artistic talent with a broad background in product development, marketing and a high utilization of technology. Richard uses traditional media combined with digital technology to provide artwork ready for use in printing, web publishing and product manufacturing. The popularity of his work is worldwide with private patrons in dozens of countries. Disney, Hallmark and Cracker Barrel have marketed his art. Clients include General Electric, KOA, Longaberger Basket Company, HealthNet, Biogen Idec, John Deere Company and Creative Memories. Images from his collection of over 400 images have been licensed to a variety of manufacturers and businesses. Read More

Random House
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The peace and calm of life in Bear Country is disrupted by the arrival of Bearie Bubbies. The cubs will do anything to get their h...ands on these adorable, collectible little toys.  As the fad gathers momentum, the cubs--not to mention Mama and Papa--start to feel the strain as they resort to desperate measures trying to get their paws on as many Beary Bubbies they can. With their usual folk wisdom and keen insight, Stan and Jan have tackled a subject that's near and dear to today's kids and parents alike. Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
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A child's imagination is a wonderful thing, and it is something that should be nurtured and encouraged. Books about the Wonders of... the World, allows children to dream big of far off places, develop reasoning skills, and gain a love of man-made and naturally occurring wonders. Books of this nature also help children develop geography skills and deductive reasoning skills. Because of this, books about the Wonders of the World are especially helpful in nurturing and further developing the imagination of young children, and school aged children. Read More

Brand: Immedium
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<div>"Attaboy's creepy cool monsters are an insane delight. They'll leap off the page, squirm through your optic nerve, and haunt ...your brain forever. And that's a good thing." - Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing<BR><BR>“While not a ‘children?s book?, it is in the spirit of master story-tellers like Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and Roald Dahl all of whom wrote tales so sophisticated that sometimes kids had to explain them to their adults.? – Laughing Squid<BR><BR>With a theatrical eye for the absurd and unbridled paintbrush, Attaboy's hilarious anthology of illustrated poems will amuse everyone who is a kid at heart.<BR><BR>In his trademark style of bold color and twisted humor, Attaboy's baker's dozen of zany rhymes introduce off-the-wall characters (a child who is a sock magnet), highlights the adorably peculiar (a hugging cactus), and juxtaposes the mundane (counting sheep to sleep) with the bizarre (zombie clowns).<BR><BR>Then there's the title story. Because of his beastly behavior, Gustav's parents hire an expert to determine if their son is truly a monster! "Do you chew with BOTH your mouths open?" If you answer "yes" then more crazy creatures follow! Enjoy hidden jokes and hilarious wordplay in this collection from an irreverent twenty-first century imagination.<BR><BR>"Artist and toy designer Attaboy pairs flippant humor with page-popping digital cartoons in this collection of monster-themed poems....Readers should be drawn toward the subversive, macabre tone and lurid, Cartoon-Network-on-acid illustrations..." - Publishers Weekly<BR><BR>"[Attaboy creates] a contradictory land where everything comes with sharp pointy teeth but works a way into your heart with their deceptive charms."—<I>Clutter Magazine</I><BR><BR>“Have you ever wondered if you might be a monster? Well, Attaboy can tell you! In his super-awesome new'll learn what happens to missing socks, why you shouldn't hug a cactus, how to escape from zombie clowns, and lots of other very useful and important information. The stories are really fun to read and illustrated in Attaboy's unique style. The book debuts at SDCC, and I can't wait to add one to my already stellar collection of Immedium books!? – Tokyo Bunnie</div> Read More

Brand: AuthorHouse
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Apron Strings is a cookbook for parents and children. It contains easy to follow step by step recipes that children at any age can... make. This book contains skills that parents can incorporate into their cooking activities, teaching children and having fun. Skills include: cooking, baking and decorating. Children will learn how to prepare foods using different cooking techniques and how to perform important tasks. In addition, this book explains safety in the kitchen, cleaning up, food shopping, responsibilities and creativity. Cooking teaches children personal development including, team work, patience, socialization, and completing a project. Children can express their creativity by being involved with meal preparation. They feel special and develop confidence in what they have created, but the most important thing is that you and your children get to spend time together. Read More

Disney Publishing and Blackstone Audio
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<BR>[Children's Fiction (Ages 10-12)]<BR><BR> This novel adaptation of the new Disney film starring Lily James, Cate Blanchett, He...lena Bonham Carter, and Richard Madden is the perfect reading experience for middle-graders.<BR><BR> [This audiobook is Read by Cassandra Morris)]<BR><BR> Ella's childhood is a happy one: she has loving parents, plenty of fields and meadows to explore, and lots of kind animal friends to play with. A sweet child, Ella warms the hearts of all who meet her. And her home is a wonderful place, the perfect little kingdom for a joyful family. But when tragedy strikes, Ella's happy home turns into one filled with sadness and cruelty. Will Ella be able to hold onto her kindness and courage through it all?<BR><BR> Read More

Brand: Disney-Hyperion
$5.94 at Amazon

<div>When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something alarming enough to make her parents lock ...her in the garage and call the police. Something that gets her sent to Thurmond, a brutal government "rehabilitation camp." She might have survived the mysterious disease that's killed most of America's children, but she and the others have emerged with something far worse: frightening abilities they cannot control.<br><br>Now sixteen, Ruby is one of the dangerous ones.<br><br>When the truth comes out, Ruby barely escapes Thurmond with her life. Now she's on the run, desperate to find the one safe haven left for kids like her-East River. She joins a group of kids who escaped their own camp. Liam, their brave leader, is falling hard for Ruby. But no matter how much she aches for him, Ruby can't risk getting close. Not after what happened to her parents.<br><br>When they arrive at East River, nothing is as it seems, least of all its mysterious leader. But there are other forces at work, people who will stop at nothing to use Ruby in their fight against the government. Ruby will be faced with a terrible choice, one that may mean giving up her only chance at a life worth living.</div> Read More

Lonely Planet
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<P><I>Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher*</I></P><P>To be a dinosaur hunter you have to be ready to journey... through space and time. This book will guide you to remote corners of the world and show you where and how to find dinosaur remains, ranging from bones and teeth to eggs and footprints. It will also take you far back into Earth's prehistoric past to find out when, where and how dinosaurs lived - and bring you face to face with some of the biggest, scariest and weirdest creatures that ever roamed our planet. Along the way, you'll pick up tips from some of the most famous dinosaur detectives of the past and present, visit many of the world's fi nest fossil collections and learn how to date your finds, transport them home and bring them back to life - well, almost!</P><UL> <LI>Dress for success <LI>Identify a dinosaur <LI>Survive a mass extinction <LI>Find fossil-rich rocks <LI>Dig up bones <LI>Steer clear of predators <LI>Wrap a fossil <LI>Rebuild a skeleton </LI></UL><P><B>Author:</B> Lonely Planet</P><P><B>About Lonely Planet:</B> Started in 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world's leading travel guide publisher with guidebooks to every destination on the planet, as well as an award-winning website, a suite of mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet's mission is to enable curious travellers to experience the world and to truly get to the heart of the places where they travel.</P><P><I>TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Awards 2012 and 2013 winner in Favorite Travel Guide category</I></P><P><I>'Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other.' - New York Times</I></P><P><I>'Lonely Planet. It's on everyone's bookshelves; it's in every traveller's hands. It's on mobile phones. It's on the Internet. It's everywhere, and it's telling entire generations of people how to travel the world.' - Fairfax Media (Australia) </I></P><P><I>*#1 in the world market share - source: Nielsen Bookscan. Australia, UK and USA. March 2012-January 2013</I></P> Read More

$14.39 at Amazon

Josie Jenkins, aged eight and three-quarters, is good at tricks. She can balance a pencil on the end of her finger and pick her without anyone seeing. But she amazes everyone?even herself?with her best trick yet: Josie can lift a table, a car, and even a bus with no effort at all! Hold on, though. Could this would-be blessing turn out to be an even greater curse?<p> Then there?s Sam?poor Sam! When his parents take off for a trip to the moon, Sam is imprisoned by the wicked Hilda Hardbottom. He must find a way to escape, but how? Could his salvation come in the form of a small, splotchy alien? Maybe?if that alien has the power of invisibility, and the inclination to share!<p> In these two delightfully silly stories of extreme magic, enticingly packaged in a flip-book format, resourceful kids rely on their sense and savvy to save the day.<br><br></p></p> Read More

Barron's Educational Series
$8.99 at Amazon

Here's the perfect bedtime story parents can read to children who have trouble falling asleep at night. It's the newest rhyming ad...venture of Suzy Sue, who is <BR> <BR> "--ready for bed, just like you! <BR> She brushed her teeth. <BR> She picked up her Ted . . . <BR> She clambered and climbed into her bed." <BR> <BR> But Suzy Sue can't fall asleep, because she simply can't get comfortable in her bed. She soon discovers why. A cow and a horse and a sheep and a goat are all crowding in and trying to share space with her. Children will laugh at this comical fantasy--and many kids will identify with the little girl who can't fall asleep at bedtime. Big, funny, full-color illustrations complement the story on every page Read More

Brand: Robert Rose
$18.62 at Amazon

<p> <i>Healthy, tasty food that the whole family can enjoy.</i> </p><p> Imagine a child with a diabetes-restricted diet and you... understand the need for <b>America's Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes</b>. Over two million children and teenagers along with their families are currently managing diabetes with diet. As the incidence of Type 2 diabetes increases, this number will continue to grow. </p><p> This book has been developed to help parents of children with diabetes provide delicious and nutritious kid-friendly food that the whole family can enjoy. Whether it's Chocolate and Strawberry Waffles or Spaghetti and Meatballs or Peanut Butter Chip Muffins, these are recipes kids will enjoy and parents will feel confident serving. All the recipes help to deliver the supervised diet that children with diabetes require without making them feel deprived or left out in some way. </p><p> Over 125 recipes provide outstanding meal ideas for everything from after school snacks to main meals and desserts. Each recipe includes a complete nutritional breakdown and has been extensively reviewed by top diabetes educators. </p> Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
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DINOSAURS: 101 SUPER FUN FACTS AND AMAZING PICTURES ( FEATURING THE WORLD's TOP 16 DINOSAURS) This book depicts the wonder of the of Dinosaurs in all its glory. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this fascinating creature: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. The following dinosaurs and pre-historic creatures are featured: Allosaurus Brachiosaurus Deinonychus Diplodocus Elasmosaurus Kentrosaurus Peteinosaurus Plateosaurus Pteranodon Stegosaurus Tylosaurus Tyrannosaurus Triceratops Velociraptor Spinosaurus Archaeopteryx The description in the large text is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through. There is also a picture caption, which provides more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty. Do enjoy! Read More

Brand: Commonwealth Editions
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<DIV>In this board book from best-selling children's author-illustrator Martha Day Zschock, a parent and child alligator explore t...he wonders of the Sunshine State. From the panhandle to the Florida keys, from the gulf coast to the Atlantic Ocean, the pair enjoy the sun, the sand, and the surf. They visit amusement parks, water ski, and cheer on nine sports teams! All the treasures of Florida are here, from pink flamingos to pelicans, from orange groves to the Everglades. Parents and their children will love reading this rhyming story together, again and again. For ages 2-5.</div> Read More

$13.47 at Amazon

In this first book of a chapter book series inspired by Marguerite Henry?s <i>Misty of Chincoteague</i>, siblings Willa and Ben Du...nlap begin their new life on Chincoteague Island.<BR><BR>Ten-year-old Willa Dunlap and her eight-year-old brother Ben are new to Chincoteague Island, but it?s a homecoming for their mother, who grew up there. Willa and Ben?s parents are busy planning the opening of their bed and breakfast, which gives the kids free rein to explore the island. But with so many new people and places to get used to, will Chincoteague ever feel like home? Read More

C. Press/F. Watts Trade
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<p>These board books are bursting with the enthusiasm of a toddler exploring the world for the first time. Engaging text and adora...ble photos introduce toddlers to familiar first experiences in these playful die-cut board books.</p> <p>Kid-friendly photos in a simple layout make it easy to learn to compare and contrast.</p> <p>Key Features:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Die-cut tabs </strong>make the books easy for toddlers to hold and turn pages</li> <li><strong>Simple engaging text</strong> to read aloud to toddlers</li> <li><strong>Big bold photos </strong>make each book visually appealing</li> <li><strong>Rookie Storytime Tips </strong>that can be used by the caregiver to review the book and emphasize key learning</li> <li><strong>Nonfiction titles</strong> ? all based on a curriculum developed by early childhood experts</li> </ul> Read More

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<div>In cut-paper artist Nikki McClure?s latest picture book, a kitten practices the basics of feline behavior over the course of ...a day. A single word of text per spread teaches readers “how to be a cat?—how to stretch, clean, pounce, feast—while the striking paper cuts illustrate the kitten?s attempts to imitate an adult cat?s mastery of each skill. At times the kitten triumphantly succeeds, and at other times the kitten struggles, in vignettes that range from whimsical to profound.<br> A celebration of all things feline, <i>How to Be a Cat</i> also tells a universal story of mastering life skills, and of the sometimes tender, sometimes stern relationship between parent and child, teacher and pupil. Cat lovers of all ages will connect to this loving portrayal of a mentor-student relationship.<br> <br> <b><u>Praise for <i>How to Be a Cat</i></u></b><br> <b>STARRED REVIEWS</b><br> "Purrrrfect for beginning readers and little artists with an eye for fine cut-paper compositions and craftsmanship."<br> —<i>Kirkus Reviews</i>, <b>starred review</b><br> <br> "A delightful picture book in every way. Beginning with the paw-print endpapers, youngsters will know that they are in for an adventure. The simplicity and flow of page design are beautifully done as viewers follow a kitten and his mother as she teaches him basic feline behavior."<br> —<i>School Library Journal</i>, <b>starred review</b><br> <br> "McClure's cut-paper spreads can be mesmerizing."<br> —<i>Publishers Weekly</i><br> <br> "McClure wonderfully captures the shape and movement of the feline form, and kids will also enjoy pointing out the blue and white butterflies and the black-capped chickadee that also appear on several pages."<br> —<i>The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books </i><br> <br> "Perfect for cat lovers of all ages, the book helps us reconnect with memories of our own jouney of growth and learning."<br> —<i>Cat Fancy</i><br> <br>  </div> Read More

Scholastic en Espanol
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<div>A bright and engaging first information book about baby animals, specially designed for children learning to read.<br><br>ANI...MAL BABIES is packed with facts and adorable photographs of the little creatures kids love. From baby birds, to baby bears, and baby elephants, find out how these newborn animals survive in the wild. See the animal babies change as they grow up. Unique photographs show babies and their parents up close. Easy-to-read text for beginning readers is perfect to share and talk about.<br><br>CRÍAS DE ANIMALES está lleno de datos y fotografías adorables animales. Descubre cómo los pajaritos, los ositos y otros muchos animales recién nacidos sobreviven en la naturaleza. Aprende cómo estos bebés crecen y se desarrollan. Fotos maravillosas muestran a los bebés y a sus papás. Con un texto sencillo para niños que comienzan a leer, este libro es perfecto para leer y discutir en grupo.<br></div> Read More

Brand: Papercutz
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<DIV><P>Peter and Jean, two mischievous kids, love to draw monsters. They create Oko, a frightening monster which escapes from the... sheet of paper and disappears into their house. All they need do now is create a nice monster that eats bad ones. That?s how Chris, with three legs, four arms and ten mouths, becomes the family?s new pet monster. For Christmas, Jean & Peter go on vacation to the mountains with their parents. Chris was supposed to stay at home but he manages to make the trip on the roof of the car. Suddenly an avalanche blocks the road, caused by a monster in hot pursuit of? Santa Claus! It?s up to the kids and their pet monster to save Santa and Christmas! But it looks like this monster can have Chris for breakfast! <B></B></P></DIV> Read More

Cumberland House
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<p>Painless Childbirth: An Empowering Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth is a nine-step guide designed to help mothers better und...erstand themselves and the baby that is forming inside their belly. Painless Childbirth promotes self-confidence, urging women to take charge of their well-being as they make informed decisions about their prenatal care, their life choices, and their emotional state.</p> <p>Giuditta Tornetta offers a clear, easy-to-follow process that leads women to discover their innate ability to give birth to their babies and build their self-esteem. She'll help you tune out some of the supposed "experts" and fear-based pregnancy guides and help you rely on your own inner knowledge. Studies have shown that the quality of life in the womb is in direct correlation with the quality of the future life. Over the course of nine months, a mother is encouraged to look at the mix of emotional, psychological, and spiritual influences that have shaped her and will mold her baby's present and future. This essential guide is filled with practical tools and exercises to empower the mother to overcome the many obstacles and fears that stand in the way of her serenity and preparation for a natural delivery. </p> <p>Author Giuditta Tornetta says, "<i>This is not a new technique, but a call to a shift in consciousness from 'pregnancy and labor are happening to me,' to 'my baby and I are working together towards the same joyful goal: the making of and arrival of new life.'"</i></p> <p>Here's what the experts say about Painless Childbirth: <br> "Pregnancy is a beautiful balance of life, love and spirit and Giuditta reflects that perfectly in her gentle book. What a lovely way to prepare for your new life ahead." <br> --Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, creator of the book/DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block</p> <p>"Painless Childbirth is filled with heartfelt, practical and scientifically accurate information. It helps women expect the best - and then create it." <br> --Christiane Northrup, MD, bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom</p> <p>"The author in her doula practice incorporates pre- and perinatal psychology principles with matter-of-fact assertiveness, and basic p&p premises are authoritatively conveyed throughout the book. This might be the most interesting book yet on a doula's life." <br> --Joel Evans, MD, OB/GYN, director of The Center for Women's Health in Stamford, CT, author of The Whole Pregnancy Handbook</p> <p>"As we birth our babies, we also give birth to ourselves as mothers. Giuditta's gentle guidance and spiritual nourishment will give confidence and joy on the exquisite journey to motherhood." <br> --Sarah Buckley, MD, is the author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: A Doctor's Guide to Natural Childbirth and Gentle Early Parenting Choices</p> Read More

Goldest Karat Publishing
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More than 2 million people in the United States have celiac disease, a digestive and autoimmune disorder that can damage the linin...g of the small intestine when gluten is eaten. As a child suffering from celiac disease, it can be difficult to understand how to deal with a restricted diet and many children feel alone in their gluten-free journey. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can use this fun, rhyming picture book to help explain what it means to be gluten-free, to reinforce the basics of what is and isn't allowed on a gluten-free diet, and to show that being a gluten-free kid isn't so bad after all. Sample verse: Although I must think carefully To make sure foods are gluten-free It's fun to pretend I'm a spy Searching for wheat, barley, and rye! Read More

BookSurge Publishing
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Does your child really go for their goals have a positive attitude? This picture book helps children do just that. It is a valuabl...e aid for test preparation and improving study skills. In Mikey Aces His Test, Mikey the monkey is preparing for a test at school. Even though he had worked hard and he understood everything, he was worried he wouldn't do well when it came to the test. Mikey didn?t know what to do. His magical friend, the Genie, had an idea he thought would help Mikey feel more confident about his test. Mikey thought Genie?s idea was strange; but he gave it a try. But he knew for the trick to work he had to do his part, which was to be positive about it and believe it would help. After doing just what Genie said, Mikey passed his test! He was delighted! Mikey even shared his new trick with his friend Toot-Toot. But what was it?... The Mikey Says tips will help your child apply the lesson from the story. The parent's notes will help you support your child's learning and development and encourage discussion. This children's book from Kidz4Mation is part of a series of six stories about life skills for children. Each of the six stories teaches a different positive lesson, specially designed to empower children and promote positive teaching and parenting. Other titles in this series are: Mikey Helps Toot-Toot - Positive Thinking Tiggle Takes Off - Gratitude Mikey Says 'I Can Do It' - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Mikey Takes A Moment - Meditation & Relaxation Chik-Chik's Cap - Raising Self Esteem Available as an ebook from Read More

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Perfect for children ages 5 and 6, <i>DK Workbooks: Language Arts: Kindergarten</i> contains exercises on upper and lower case let...ters, syllables, plurals, simple punctuation, and other fundamentals of language arts. <p>Developed in consultation with leading educational experts to support curriculum learning, <i>DK Workbooks: Language Arts</i> is an innovative series of home-learning language arts workbooks that is closely linked to school curriculum, and helps make learning easy and fun! Each title is packed with exercises and activities to strengthen what children learn in school. With clear questions and supportive illustrations to help children to understand each topic, the books reinforce key concepts such as phonics, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A parents' section contains answers, tips, and guidance to provide support, and a certificate of achievement will reinforce confidence in kids by rewarding their accomplishments.</p> <p>Supports the Common Core State Standards.</p> Read More

Farcountry Press
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In this charming new series of board books, parents can introduce their young children to the adorable wild babies of Glacier Nati...onal Park. <p> Rhyming text accompanies the beautiful color photographs by respected wildlife photographers Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinski. <p> Features thirteen baby animals: mountain goat kid, grizzly bear cub, black bear cub, wolf pup, lynx kitten, moose calf, otter pup, skunk kit, weasel kit, elk calf, gosling, owlet, and mountain lion cub. <p> For more information, please visit Read More

Brand: Zoobooks/Wildlife Education
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Everything fantastical, wondrous, and strange is to be found here-fish that won't stay in the water-an insect that uses tools-frog...s that are frozen solid in winter only to hop away again in spring. Whether kids can think it up or not, it's probably here! <P>Zoobooks, the 59-book animal series - the "everything you wanted to know but didn't know who to ask" guide to the world's most fascinating creatures. Each exciting edition of Zoobooks is packed with current scientific facts, striking photography, beautiful illustrations and unique activities that teach children about animals and the habitats in which they live. With innovative publications and products, Wildlife Education, Ltd. has enriched the lives of children, parents, and educators nationwide for 20 years. All titles are offered in library-bound hardcover and soft-cover styles. Zoobooks, ideal for the knowledge-hungry 4-11 year old! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Choice is an educational and self improvement book for children ranging from ages 5-9 years of age, which focuses on teaching deci...sion making and character building using stories of awesome kids, so that children become more responsible ,conscious of their decisions and thereby cause less stress to their parents. Choice is made up of short stories of kids, Lessons are both entertaining and educative,kids get an opportunity to learn higher values than they would from school. Read More

Teacher Created Resources
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The Ready-Set-Learn series has just what parents want: fun-filled activities to give their children a head start on learning the b...asic skills needed for success in school. The 7" x 9" size is just right for a young child. Colorful stickers provide motivation. An incentive chart highlights the child's progress. A ribbon sticker rewards the child for a job well done. Choose from 56 titles that focus on alphabet, numbers, reading, math, mazes, puzzles, word games, printing, cursive writing and more. 64pp Read More

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Take the guess work out of problem solving with <i>Number Crunch</i> ? a new book for elementary school students who want to sharp...en their math skills and boost their brain power. <p>Complete with a fully-functioning calculator built into the book to check answers, <i>Number Crunch</i> contains practical problems, puzzles, games, and activities to build the essential math skills needed in school including seeing patterns, checking estimates, and solving the types of math problems encountered in everyday life ? all while making learning math fun.</p> <p>Ideal for developing reasoning skills, as well as encouraging growth in numeracy, the kid-friendly visuals complete with infographics, and themed spreads in <i>Number Crunch</i> all add up to fun.</p> <p>Supports the Common Core State Standards</p> Read More

School Zone Publishing
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Kindergarten Scholar combines two School Zone Deluxe Edition workbooks into one convenient 128-page volume. The proven activities ...will help your child develop important kindergarten skills, including the alphabet, counting, colors, shapes, rhyming words, weather, and more. Simple instructions, colorful illustrations, and entertaining activities will help your child gain confidence and enjoy learning. <br><br> (Ages: 4-5 | 128 Pages | Dimensions 11x8.5in.) Read More

Brand: Heinemann
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<p><i>Tarry is a teacher's teacher who communicates her love of children and enthusiasm for teaching on each page of this book.</i...><br> -Margit McGuire, Past President, National Council for the Social Studies</p> <p>Margit McGuire's words are as true now as they were for the first edition of Tarry Lindquist's chronicle of 12 years of teaching, using social studies as the framework. Since that time, citizenship and decision making for the public good are topics that are more important than ever. Social studies has taken on greater significance as today's teachers and students interact with worthwhile content in a meaningful way. Tarry's new second edition describes a child-centered classroom where students can expose and explore critical content and connect their learning to the real world.</p> <p>Included among the new features are: <ul> <li>"Teacher's Notebook"-how to develop reading and writing skills using social studies resources and content</li> <li>"Tarry's Teaching Tips"-organizational decisions for building a democratic classroom</li> <li>"How It Worked for Me"-brief accounts from teachers across the country who have used Tarry's ideas</li> <li>kinesthetic organizers-imagery as well as linguistic supports that help students better recall knowledge</li> <li>standards and assessment-a new look at today's classroom</li> <li>best practices and the latest brain research applied throughout the book</li> <li>expanded and updated references.</li> </ul> <p>Whether you are an elementary, middle school, or preservice teacher, use Tarry Lindquist's strategies to make social studies concepts, issues, and themes the basis of your day.</p> Read More

Child's Play International
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Touch is a baby's first language...Designed to stimulate the senses, and based on research into the benefits of baby exercise and ...massage, these books encourage interaction between parent and baby. Devoting time to special activities with your baby plays a crucial part in the bonding process. The rhythmic pattern of a lullaby promotes a comforting and soothing atmosphere in which parent and child can relax. Lullabies provide a calming focus, and are ideal as part of every bedtime routine. Read More

Jennifer Tookoian
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If you are a kid traveling to Hawaii, My Hawaiian Vacation is the perfect item to pack in your suitcase. It is a memory journal f...or kids who like to take pictures and selfies, sketch, and be creative. And, for the encourages the kids to use their phone and tablets, etc. in creative and interesting ways. There are more than 35 activities that are specific to the Hawaiian Islands to help make your vacation moments even more memorable. The prompts encourage kids ages 7-12 to photograph and record everything from sunsets to sea life and anything in between. The activities were pulled from prompts the author uses in her creative writing classes. Print your pictures instantly with a mobile photo printer like Polaroid Zip or LG PoPo. Alternatively, you can download and print your photos at your hotel or a local store. Be creative with your drawings, photos and souvenirs and make this your book of memories! For free sample downloads, tips for kids photography and more visit Read More

Wiley Publishing
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Everything kids need to know to become masters of mathematicsTo the delight of parents and teachers everywhere, comes this great n...ew series on mathematics, brimming with fun and educational games and activities. Lynette Long explains math in a unique way that helps kids learn and truly understand mathematical concepts. Using objects that can be found around the house, like playing cards, dice, coins, paper, and scissors, kids will get to know all about math, while having a fabulous time.In Dazzling Division, kids will learn the basics of division, such as what divisors, dividends, and quotients are and how to look at division as putting items into groups. Once they've grasped the basics, kids can practice their division skills and test their division memory with activities like Factor Mania and Shout It Out!The mysteries of multiplication are explored in Marvelous Multiplication. This book begins with games that help kids understand and memorize the multiplication tables, and continues with loads of fun activities and games, like Multiplication Tic-Tac-Toe and Unscramble, that reinforce the basic skills. Designed to be fun for both kids that are afraid of math as well as those who excel at it, the Magic Math books can help anyone become a mathematics master.Lynette Long (Bethesda, MD) has a PhD in psychology and an MS in mathematics. She has taught math and was formerly a professor of education, specializing in mathematics education. She is the author of several children's math books, including Dealing with Addition and Painless Algebra. Read More

Thinking Kids
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<div>Complete Year Grade 4 provides a whole year?s worth of practice for essential school skills including word roots, phrases, similes and metaphors, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, angles, and more. Thinking Kids(TM) Complete Year is a comprehensive at-home learning resource with 36 lessons—one for each week of the school year! Practice activities for multiple subject areas, including reading, writing, language arts, and math, are included in each weekly lesson to ensure mastery of all subject areas for one grade level. Complete Year lessons support the Common Core State Standards now adopted in most U.S. states. Handy organizers help parents monitor and track their child?s progress and provide fun bonus learning activities. Complete Year is a complete solution for academic success in the coming school year.</div> Read More

Creation Book Publishers
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This book and its follow-up companion, Please, Nana ? What is Death? meets the tough questions headon from Genesis. The captivatin...g rhyme and stunning artwork brilliantly illustrates difficult concepts in an eyecatching, modern yet sensitive and child-friendly style that helps youngsters absorb the biblical truths being conveyed. Includes notes and weblinks to help parents. Read More

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