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The Land of Nod
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Children's Books: My Quotable Kid Book - Outrageous, poignant, or bitingly witty, the things our children say always offer an unex...pected glimpse into a world that is all their own. Filled with roomy pages for jotting down conversations or overheard saying, this handsome keepsake journal also features a bound-in photo window for adding a unique, personal touch. Whether parents prefer safely stowing precious insights for future generations or sharing priceless quips with family and friends, My Quotable Kid will become a lasting record of a child's most memorable quotes. *Product Details* - Hardcover - 144 pages - Ribbon page marker - Interior photo window - Features two color illustrationsShipping info - Delivered lickety split in 5-7 business days Read More

University Games
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<p><b>Spinner Books Science Fair Fun 5 Book Set -- Earth Science</b></p><p>This set has easy earth science projects for kids to do... with parents, teachers or all by themselves on topics like Electronics, Geology and Magnets. University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman, who recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children. University Games creates educational board games designed so that players won't notice how much they are learning.</p><ul><li>Product Dimensions: 9.2 (L) x 6 (W) x 2.8 (H)</li><li>Age: 10 years and up</li></ul><br><BR>Recommended Ages:3 and up Read More

Innovative Kids
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It can take all of your powers of persuasion to get your little prince to take his rightful throne. Framing potty-training as a of accomplishment and independence is the best way to get it done, and the Prince of the Potty book by Innovative Kids does a great job teaching kids how to use the potty in a way that's both playful and fun. The Prince of the Potty book uses simple language that isn't too babyish to tell the story of a proud little prince and his newly-acquired bathroom habits. We especially appreciated how the little boy in the book is depicted as the prime mover of his own story - he decides to take on the challenge of the potty, with the help of his royal parents. Writer Nora Gaydos is an elementary school teacher with tremendous expertise in pre-reading skills, so this book is also tailored to lead your child towards learning to read. And illustrator Akemi Gutierrez is a seasoned illustrator and animator, whose drawings are absolutely adorable and kid-friendly. Read More

Alef Design Group
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A celebration of Jewish cooking for everyone who wishes to enjoy Jewish food. <P>Mark Stark's Amazing Jewish Cookbook is a delight...ful Jewish cookbook for the entire family. This hand-drawn volume includes recipes for traditional Jewish foods such as bagels, chicken soup, and matzah balls, as well as holiday treats like potato latkes and Passover sponge cake. <P>Each recipe in this user-friendly volume shows the ingredients, tools, and steps involved in preparing the dish. Recipes are arranged by Jewish holiday, with valuable supplementary material about the celebrations and their customs. All recipes adhere to kashrut, the religious and dietary laws of the Jewish people.<P>Torah Aura Productions publishes books for Jewish schools and families that help celebrate our heritage and our faith.<P>We have over 25 years of experience as the leading creator of high quality educational materials that enable Jewish children to become empowered Jewish adults.<P>Our books guide and enhance the Jewish knowledge, spirituality and identity of children and their families, and our innovative tools bring Judaism alive in synagogues, Hebrew schools, and day schools.<P>Torah Aura Productions was founded in 1981 by a group of innovative Jewish educators who looked out at the field of Jewish education and found materials that were shallow and dull. They started a company to create new tools for families and teachers that would be exciting and meaningful. For more than two decades, Torah Aura has revolutionized the way Jewish schools enable their students to become empowered Jewish adults, and has helped families make Judaism a meaningful presence in their homes.<P>Some of the areas we publish in:<BR>- Torah and Bible<BR>- Talmud<BR>- Jewish teaching<BR>- Jewish parenting<BR>- Jewish ethics and values<BR>- Jewish holidays<BR>- the Jewish lifecycle<BR>- Israel<BR>- Hebrew<BR>- Jewish prayer<P>Torah Aura Productions: Making success in Jewish education an achievable reality. Read More

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<P>Box Tops for Education is a nationwide initiative that helps parents earn money for their children?s schools by clipping the fa...miliar pink Box Tops coupons from hundreds of products; more than 90,000 K?8 schools participate, and more than $74 million was raised for schools in the 2011-2012 school year. In this special edition of the classic <I>Betty Crocker Cookbook</I>, Betty Crocker teams up with BTFE to offer fun and delicious ways to earn money for your school. It includes the entire 11th edition of the <I>Betty Crocker Cookbook</I>, with 1,500 recipes and 1,100 photos, plus a specially designed bonus section of scrumptious baked treats?such as Brownie Pops, Yogurt-Bran Muffins, and Baseball Game Cupcakes?many of which are ideal for making with kids. Each new recipe indicates the Box Tops products used and number of coupons earned. The book also highlights the best products for collecting Box Tops any time you cook, and even comes with 10 Box Top coupons. Read More

DK Publishing
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The organic revolution is upon us -- let these fresh, modern, and inspiring sourcebooks be your guide. Fresh, additive-free natura...l foods are essential for the healthy development of all children. Now every parent can prepare tasty and nutritious meals with the Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook. Why Choose Organic Food? Babies in the womb and young children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides, additives, and genetically modified ingredients in food. Lizzie Vann, founder of Baby Organix in the UK, a pioneering organic babyfood company, explains how to avoid these dangerous elements, including helpful tips on deciphering food labels and identifying the most harmful additives to avoid. She also gives advice on where to shop for organic products and what organic staples to buy. Easy and quick recipes and menu plans are carefully adapted for each stage of your child's development. Each section outlines essential superfoods for each age stage and provides appetizing recipes for healthy, satisfying meals. From fruit purees for our baby to healthy snacks and independent food choices for the toddler, there is food here that the whole family will enjoy. Advice for vegetarians and children with special dietary needs is also featured. Organic Baby & Toddler Cookbook explains the benefits of organic food for you, your child, and for the environment. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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THIS IS VOLUME #2 OF A 3-VOLUME SET. Chicken, Turkey and Pork Dishes, Side Dishes, Pasta and Stories. Teresita Shelton was born In... Havana, Cuba in 1940 of Irish and Scottish ancestors. She attended the University of Villanova in Havana and received an Associate Degree in Business. When she was only 17 years of age she was emancipated (something very unusual at that time) by her father Dr. Raul M. Shelton, to allow her to open her own fabric store which she named ?Capricho?. She has worked almost every single day of her life since then. In 1961 she came to Miami as a newlywed to join her father and two sisters, Georgina ?Yoyi? and Susana who had arrived a couple of months earlier fleeing the Communist Revolution in Cuba. Her mother and the rest of the family joined them in exile later. In Miami she started working right away. Her first job was at the Miami laundry Company. She landed the job after answering an ad seeking an Addressograph machine expert, something she claimed she was even though she had never heard the word before. But her passion is cooking. She had been cooking for her family since her mentor in the kitchen, Caridad, the family cook, remained behind in Cuba. That passion is now 53 years old and still growing. Cooking for her siblings and parents first, then for her kids and husband, later for her kids and her friends and now for her grand kids is where she finds the peace and what relieves her from the stress of her business. Teresita has been a Realtor for 35 years in Miami, and is the co-owner along with her daughter, Tere Shelton Bernace, a Yale and Thunderbird graduate, and her well known partner Consuelo Stewart, of Shelton and Stewart Realtors, a highly reputable Real Estate Company on Sunset Drive in South Miami. The real estate company has about 100 sales associates, specializing in high-end residential sales and a Commercial Division, headed by R.E.Broker Julio Diaz, to serve local and International clientele. She is also a dreamer, and while she cooks her mind travels between her years as a youth in Cuba, and her life in Miami. Her family has always been her number one priority. That is why she is memorializing the recipes and stories of her life to leave them as a legacy for her family.word Read More

Brand: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
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Inspired by a friend's quest to improve her milk supply and her discovery of lactogenic foods, Elena Cimelli created this unique c...ook book with food writer Jassy Davis to give new parents a one-stop collection of delicious, lactogenic meals, snacks, drinks and treats. Drawing on Elena's own experience of cooking and freezing meals ahead of the birth of her daughter, the majority of the meals are designed to be made and frozen in the weeks leading up to the birth of your child. All the recipes are nourishing and full of flavour and they'll appeal to partners, children, friends and non-breastfeeding mums, too. Read More

Demos Health
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<p><i>The Keto Cookbook</i> is for those using the ketogenic diet to treat pediatric epilepsy and other neurologic conditions. Eac...h of the 96 recipes for breakfast and brunch, appetizers and snacks, lunch, dinner, and sweets and treats, are compliant with the Keto Calculator and therefore ingredient portions are provided in grams.</p> <p>The ketogenic diet, which is very high in fats and low in carbohydrates, was first developed almost 80 years ago. It makes the body burn fat for energy instead of glucose. When carefully monitored by a medical team familiar with its use, the diet helps two out of three children who are tried on it and may prevent seizures completely in one out of three. It is a strict diet, and takes a strong commitment from the whole family. The ketogenic diet is not a do-it-yourself diet. It is a serious form of treatment that, like other therapies for epilepsy, has some side effects that have to be watched for.</p> <p>The book includes a 16-page color insert illustrating each recipe. Since many children start the Keto Diet before they speak, the pictures of the meal and snack options allow children to choose what they want, helping overcome food refusal due to lack of variety of foods and/or child's loss of control over food options. This book provides parents and children with options that have been tested and are kid- and Registered Dietitian- approved.</p> <p>Features of <i>The Keto Cookbook</i> include:</p> <p><ul><li>96 kid and dietitian tested and approved recipes for the keto diet presented in full color <li>Recipes are coded by symbol to indicate personality type and cooking times <li>Allergy information for the eight most common allergens <li>Practical suggestions to help people "keto-proof" their life, from the kitchen, to the car, to the classroom. <li>Four sample shopping lists and vacation guidelines will help families prepare for the unexpected <li>Sample forms for the Transportation Safety Agency, School/Daycare Center, and Emergency Room/Primary Physician</ul></p> Read More

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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Every princess deserves her pink princess party. Complete with 30 recipes for snacks as well as crafts, Barbara Beery's new cookbo...ok will give you the recipe for the perfect party. <BR><BR>With full color photographs and menu ideas for pairing the best snacks with the crafts will make this appealing to parent and child. Six menu ideas include Enchanted Pony Party, Garden Fairy Party, Mermaid Princess Party and Snowflake Princess, but there is always the option the mix and match and create your own unique princess party! Read More

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A recipe book created for every parent who longs to give their family tasty and nutritious food, but simply doesn't have the time.... <br><br>This huge collection of recipes features brilliantly simple meals that can be made swiftly - often in the same or less time than it takes to go and get takeaways. They are drawn from different cultures, with a range of herb and spice blends that are interesting to eat without being a challenge to feed to your children. How about Butter Chicken? Chinese Chicken Stir Fry? Teriyaki Chicken? Macaroni and Cheese full of sneaky vegetables? <br><br>There are recipes that are fun to make with your kids - try the pizza dough recipe - or the jellies and iceblocks made with fruit juice, completely free of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. <br><br>Whizz up a hummus, bean or tuna dip in minutes, for dipping slices of raw veges into as an after school snack. You'll be amazed how much more popular a plate full of vegetables looks to your child, with a tasty dip on the side. <br><br>Learn the ten minute cake recipe you can use as a base for a dozen different creations, perfect for that last-minute bake sale reminder. Make Wholemeal Bread with no kneading. Real egg custard in less than 10 minutes using your microwave. <br><br>Dozens of ideas for soups, snacks, sandwiches and fillings for baked potatoes, plus a great selection of time-and-energy-saving recipes for your slowcooker or crockpot, so you can get home from work and enjoy dinner already made for you. Put your slowcooker on at night and have Wholegrain Oat Porridge (Oatmeal) ready and waiting for you as you start your morning rush to get out of the house. <br><br>With tips on planning and organising your cooking workload to save you time and effort at the end of a long work day, and using your freezer wisely as you race through all the chores and jobs of your hectic schedule, The Giant Family Recipe Book may be exactly what you've been looking for. Read More

Redleaf Press
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<DIV><p>Discover delicious new ways to provide healthy meals in preschool settings. Packed with more than seventy breakfast, lunch..., snack, and special celebration recipes, this hands-on cookbook promotes the development of healthy eating habits in young children. Anchored by wholesome ingredients, these recipes are nutritionally sound, follow federal dietary guidelines, and are all child-tested and approved. Nutrition information, food safety procedures, tips for cooking with children, and colorful photographs of completed recipes are included.</p><p>This cookbook complements <I>Early Sprouts: Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children</I>, a complete nutrition and gardening curriculum to help preschoolers develop preferences for healthy foods.</p><BR></DIV> Read More

Brand: AuthorHouse
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Apron Strings is a cookbook for parents and children. It contains easy to follow step by step recipes that children at any age can... make. This book contains skills that parents can incorporate into their cooking activities, teaching children and having fun. Skills include: cooking, baking and decorating. Children will learn how to prepare foods using different cooking techniques and how to perform important tasks. In addition, this book explains safety in the kitchen, cleaning up, food shopping, responsibilities and creativity. Cooking teaches children personal development including, team work, patience, socialization, and completing a project. Children can express their creativity by being involved with meal preparation. They feel special and develop confidence in what they have created, but the most important thing is that you and your children get to spend time together. Read More

Houghton Mifflin
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An eating guide for parents who eschew fast-food diets demonstrates how to encourage healthy eating in children without resorting trickery or nagging, explaining how to broaden a child's palate and overcome fussiness by offering a range of simply prepa<br><b>Title: </b>The Gastrokid Cookbook<br><b>Author: </b>Garvey, Hugh/ Yeomans, Matthew<br><b>Publisher: </b>John Wiley & Sons Inc<br><b>Publication Date: </b>2009/08/03<br><b>Number of Pages: </b>160<br><b>Binding Type: </b>HARDCOVER<br><b>Library of Congress: </b>2008045640 Read More

Brand: Andrews McMeel Publishing
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Published in Boston in 1829, this volume in the American Antiquarian Cookbook Collection by a well-known social reformer, prolific... novelist, and journalist provided recipes and tips for homemakers of the early 19th century with an emphasis on self-reliance and frugality in the household. The first American cookbook to focus on economy in the kitchen and the home. <BR><BR>Published in 1829 in Boston, <i>The Frugal Housewife</i> was written by one of the foremost female writers and social reformers of her time, Lydia Maria Child. The charming collection of recipes and tips for homemakers of the early 19th century emphasized frugality in the kitchen and self-reliance in the household?making this work wildly popular in its day. It had over 35 printings, and much of the content is relevant in modern times. <i>Frugal Housewife</i> was the first American cookbook to replace Amelia Simmons?s <i>American Cookery</i>, still in use since publication in 1796, and it was also the first to emphasize the themes of thrift and economy in the kitchen.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Considered a ?must-read? for every new bride in the 19th century, <i>The Frugal Housewife</i> offered simple recipes such as Apple Pie, Corned Beef, Gingerbread, Indian Cakes, and Pie Crust, but also included advice on parenting, cleaning, and medical problems, plus numerous practical, Yankee-straightforward tips for saving money. Not just a collection for antiquarians, <i>The Frugal Housewife</i> is a fascinating work by a prolific author that will delight modern-day readers with its quaint but still usable recipes and tips.<BR><BR> <BR>This edition of <i>The Frugal Housewife </i>was reproduced by permission from the volume in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts. Founded in 1812 by Isaiah Thomas, a Revolutionary War patriot and successful printer and publisher, the society is a research library documenting the lives of Americans from the colonial era through 1876. The society collects, preserves, and makes available as complete a record as possible of the printed materials from the early American experience. The cookbook collection comprises approximately 1,100 volumes.      Read More

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<h2>Unlock The Power Of Cooking Technique And Never Again Suffer Through A Boring Meal</h2> <br> By learning how to cook, you the absolute ruler of your results. <strong>What you will learn from this book:</strong> <ul> <li>How to cook 99% of the ingredients you come across by knowing only a few cooking techniques!</li> <li>Impress your friends and family with how great your meals taste after spending mere minutes learning the techniques!</li> <li>A simple technique for cooking chicken perfect every single time. (You'll never again have to eat a "boring" chicken breasts.)</li> <li>How to always develop a "crust" on your steak.</li> <li>How to prepare fish to perfection in less than 10 minutes... every single time.</li> <li>A way to fall in love with your veggies. (And watch your kids do the same!)</li> <li>Why salt isn't "bad" for you like most think... if you always follow my "seasoning" procedure.</li> <li>How to cook an egg 5 ways. (And how you'll regularly want to eat "breakfast for dinner.")</li> <li>The most important aspect of making a healthy dessert. And a few of my staple go-to desserts that keep my annoying sweet tooth at bay!</li> <li>A technique for making large meals with only the push of a button.</li> <li>The basic techniques that I use to do 99% of my cooking.</li> <li>How to use the simplest cooking technique in the book to make over 5 meals for then week... and it only takes 5 minutes of cooking!</li> </ul><br> <h2>I'm here to show you how cooking can be dead simple.</h2> <br> When you simplify cooking, you'll quickly realize it's not difficult or mysterious or anything like that. You might even start enjoying the process! <br> To key to demystifying the process of cooking is through learning "technique." Learning cooking technique gives you the ability to cook any ingredient without a recipe. By combining whatever ingredients you have on hand with a little "know-how" in the kitchen, you unlock infinite recipe combinations and without a single cookbook. <br> And the crazy part is you can learn each of these techniques in 10 minutes or less. <br> The beauty of cooking technique is you learn it once and then get to use it every time you set foot in the kitchen. And that is the goal: To learn how to cook any ingredient and make it taste good. <br> I believe that if you learn at least three of the basic cooking techniques in this book, you will have the power to unlock the flood gates to your health and fitness results. When you enjoy the food you prepare, you have the ultimate power in choosing what you put in your body. And in case you didn't already know it, food is the key to your body. It all starts with nutrition. <br> The Gym Life Book of Cooking Technique isn?t a culinary textbook or a recipe book. It is a fast read that quickly gets to the point: teaching you cooking technique. You will learn the basic techniques I use to enjoy single digit body-fat numbers year round! <br> Give yourself the chance to learn one of the greatest skills you can posses and enjoy the multitude of benefits that come with it. All found in the skill of cooking. <br> Yours in Fitness, -Colin Stuckert Read More

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The Nutribullet Recipes offers a fresh take, literally, on how we consume our food. Sure, we?ve always sautéed, boiled or steamed ...our vegetables, but are we really getting the nutrients our bodies? needs? A significant portion of those nutrients disappear during these processes. <br><br> Fruits provide us with essential vitamins, but how many bananas, apples and strawberries can you really eat in order to give your body its needed nutrients. Will you always have the stomach to eat as much you really need? <br><br> This <b>Nutribullet Recipe Book</b> will answer these dilemmas by providing you an easy reference on how to consume your fruits and vegetables ? raw and extracted. Nutrient extraction is nothing like blending or juicing the fruits and vegetables out. The Nutribullet, a device which extracts the essential nutrients from your fruits and vegetables, ensures you get your recommended dose of vitamins and nutrients, it?s as if you ate them raw but without the struggles of chewing. <br><br> What you get is a tasty shake, slush or smoothie offering your body with all the essential nutrients in an easy-to-consume form. <br><br> So, for who is this <b>Nutribullet Natural Healing Foods Book?</b> <ul> <li>It is for people who wish to lose weight and not have to struggle with bland-tasting foods. Even Nutribullet-processed vegetables will taste great! </li> <li>It is for diabetics who constantly struggles with their sweet tooth and spikes in insulin levels. The Nutribullet recipes present some delicious and sweet-tasting smoothies using natural sweeteners like honey. </li> <li>It is for people who continuously struggle with balancing their metabolism and detoxifying their bodies.</li> <li>It is for people who deal with both chronic and lifetime medical conditions. The recipes provide natural and holistic healing that can aid with doctor-prescribed medications. </li> <li>It is for parents whose kids do not like their vegetables and fruits but believes these are food sources one can?t not have in the table. </li> </ul> <br><br> The <b>Nutribullet Recipes Book</b> is for everybody who believes that the best form of nutrition come natural sources. Don?t miss your glass of Nutribullet smoothie now and achieve health at its best. Read More

Upstate Publishing
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The Harried Housewife's Cookbook is filled with the top 125 most-popular recipes from veteran newspaper columnist, food writer, an...d media personality, Cynthia O'Connor O'Hara, also known as The Harried Housewife®.<br><br> This is the one cookbook you can grab at the last minute to whip up something delicious with on-hand ingredients. Every recipe has been streamlined to cut preparation time without compromising flavor. Filled with old-fashioned recipes modified to fit the busy person's lifestyle, it also includes easy and elegant dishes that are perfect for entertaining. Each recipe has the benefit of having been prepared many times over by countless readers and viewers. It's these readers and viewers who have given their ultimate seal of approval.<br><br> In addition to this treasure of trove of Mom's best recipes, you'll find the following:<br><br> * Valuable advice, helpful hints, and practical tips to make cooking and entertaining a breeze<br><br> * Healthier options such as reduced-sodium broth, low-fat cheese, fat-free half-and-half, etc.<br><br> * Timesaving strategies, make-ahead tips, and serving ideas for fun and ease in the kitchen<br><br> * Menu suggestions for weeknight suppers, special dinners, holiday celebrations, and more<br><br> * Master pantry list along with time necessary for preparation, cooking, and cooling recipes<br><br> The author has written articles and developed recipes in a wide variety of areas. She has created retro-style recipes which reflect a simpler time and are ideal for budget-conscious families. She has developed quick and easy recipes for holiday entertaining from Christmas get-togethers to July Fourth celebrations. In addition, she has created kid-friendly recipes for busy families and seasonal recipes that make good use of fresh ingredients.<br><br> The author has been a newspaper columnist for 15 years, a television personality with a weekly food segment for seven years, and is the creator of The Harried Housewife Cookbook series. Read More

Appetite by Random House
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<p>**Breakfast**Brunch**The Lunch Box**Snack Attack**Dinners**Desserts**<br>What could be more important to parents than a healthy..., well-fed family? As two urban, working moms, Ceri Marsh and Laura Keogh learned quickly how challenging healthy meal-times can be. So they joined forces to create the Sweet Potato Chronicles, a website written for, and by, non-judgemental moms, packed full of nutritious recipes for families. <br><br>In the <i>How to Feed a Family</i> cookbook, Laura and Ceri have selected their very favorite recipes, to create a collection of more than 100 for all ages to enjoy. These are recipes that are tailored specifically to families: they are simple, fast, easy-to-follow, and use ingredients that are readily-available at your local grocery store. Ceri and Laura unveil their tried, tested and true tricks for turning nutritious, sophisticated dishes into kid-friendly masterpieces, that will guarantee you success at meal-time, time and time again. <br><br>Interspersed with the recipes are parenting tips and advice to encourage happy meal-times for the whole family: get ready to turn your picky eaters into enthusiastic kitchen helpers!</p> Read More

Brand: Adams Media
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<DIV><P>Parents want the best for their children, starting with what they eat. This book includes both information and recipes so ...readers can educate themselves about organics and prepare all-natural meals for their children. Readers will discover how to know if foods are really organic, prepare natural baby and toddler meals at home, grow their own organic produce, make delicious dishes like Apple and Carrot Mash and Potato-Crusted Vegetable Quiche, and more! This book gives readers all the tools and know-how they need to shop economically, find the best organic foods, and prepare the perfect meals for their little ones.</P></DIV> Read More

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THIS IS VOLUME #3 OF A 3-VOLUME SET. Beans, Rice and Beans, Soups, Desserts, Breakfast and Cuban Coffee, Cuban Specialties, Tradit...ions and Stories. Teresita Shelton was born In Havana, Cuba in 1940 of Irish and Scottish ancestors. She attended the University of Villanova in Havana and received an Associate Degree in Business. When she was only 17 years of age she was emancipated (something very unusual at that time) by her father Dr. Raul M. Shelton, to allow her to open her own fabric store which she named ?Capricho?. She has worked almost every single day of her life since then. In 1961 she came to Miami as a newlywed to join her father and two sisters, Georgina ?Yoyi? and Susana who had arrived a couple of months earlier fleeing the Communist Revolution in Cuba. Her mother and the rest of the family joined them in exile later. In Miami she started working right away. Her first job was at the Miami laundry Company. She landed the job after answering an ad seeking an Addressograph machine expert, something she claimed she was even though she had never heard the word before. But her passion is cooking. She had been cooking for her family since her mentor in the kitchen, Caridad, the family cook, remained behind in Cuba. That passion is now 53 years old and still growing. Cooking for her siblings and parents first, then for her kids and husband, later for her kids and her friends and now for her grandkids is where she finds the peace and what relieves her from the stress of her business. Teresita has been a Realtor for 35 years in Miami, and is the co-owner along with her daughter, Tere Shelton Bernace, a Yale and Thunderbird graduate, and her well known partner Consuelo Stewart, of Shelton and Stewart Realtors, a highly reputable Real Estate Company on Sunset Drive in South Miami. The real estate company has about 100 sales associates, specializing in high-end residential sales and a Commercial Division to serve local and International clientele. She is also a dreamer, and while she cooks her mind travels between her years as a youth in Cuba, and her life in Miami. Her family has always been her number one priority. That is why she is memorializing the recipes and stories of her life to leave them as a legacy for her family. ? All recipes are illustrated in full color from the ingredients to the finish dish. ? Over 1,600 photos between both volumes, all taken by her while she cooks. ? Stories about her growing up in Cuba and becoming a mother and grandmother in Miami. Read More

Brand: iUniverse
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Whether you're a young Adult leaving home for the first time or an anxious parent nudging your precious offspring out of the nest,... Lucia's Survival Guide and Cookbook is a fun and easy manual for anyone faced with the daunting task of creating their first home. Filled with helpful tips on everything from the first trip to the grocery store to removing the worst laundry stains, this guidebook is a no-nonsense primer for all the basic tasks involved with homemaking. Easily adaptable to any new living situation, the guide comes complete with everything you need to know for keeping a clean, comfortable home. It also includes an Italian cookbook with recipes even the first-time cook can quickly master. From tips for choosing a new apartment to a list of essential items one must always have on hand, it uses a pragmatic and comprehensive set of instructions to show anyone how to easily and properly set up their new home. Written in the loving style of a mother sending her child off into the big, wide world, Lucia's Survival Guide and Cookbook will turn any rookie into an accomplished and confident homemaker. Read More

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<div>Cooking is child's play!<br><br> Bunny Rabbit Pancakes? Hot Diggity Dog Pizza Boats? Jiggly Fruit Salad? Now you can make the...m all--and lots more! This fun and friendly cookbook is bursting with great eats everybody will love, plus all the basic how-to's and tips every young cook needs.<br><br>Rise and shine breakfasts fruity favorites and fresh-baked treats<br><br>A bunch of great lunches fingerlicking sandwiches and more<br><br>Scrumptious suppers and sides dinners that will "wow" your parents<br><br>Tasty tidbits and snacktime bites perfect for weekends or after school<br><br>Festive party food including Halloween, afternoon tea and slumber parties<br><br>Awesome desserts super sweets like Night Crawler Cupcakes and Frozen Brownie Sundaes<br><br>Easy-cooking features "Tools You Need" list for each recipe; clear how-to instructions; color photo of each recipe; "Adult Helper" icons; safety information and more<br><br>For more great recipes visit</div> Read More

Gibbs Smith
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<p>An edible alien invasion in an out-of-this-world cookbook for kids</p> <p>While most of the citizens of Earth go about their l...ives not worrying about the skies above, we know the truth. Aliens are among us and they like to eat. The trick is to keep them from eating us! Little Aliens Cookbook is a collection of recipes from galactic gourmets across time and space that are sure to please even the pickiest E.T. Young readers will enjoy the imaginative photographs illustrating each of the 30 recipes, while parents will appreciate the simple step-by-step instructions for snacks, appetizers, entrees, drinks, and desserts?all perfect for children?s parties or everyday fun. So put on your space suit and prepare to take one giant leap for cooking! </p> <p>Go from Roswell to Area 51 with some of these recipes from the mother ship:</p> <p>Death by Chocolate Death Ray </p> <p>Alien Eyes</p> <p>Take Me to Your Lasagna</p> <p>Brain Loaves</p> <p>Zac Williams is a partner at Williams Visual, a creative communications company. He has been the principal photographer of more than 200 books. He enjoys interstellar travel, exploring food and culture through writing and photography. He is also the author of Little Monsters Cookbook and French Fries. Zac lives with his wife and three children in Pleasant View, Utah. </p> Read More

Storey Publishing
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<DIV>Eat, drink, and enjoy the creepy yuckiness of Monster Eyeballs, Chocolate Spider Clusters, Buried Alive Cupcakes, and Red Punch. In her colorful collection of frightful foods, Sharon Parrish Bowers shares the fun of baking, decorating, and indulging in delicious treats that celebrate witches and jack o' lanterns, ghosts and graveyards.<br><br>Everyone loves Halloween. It's a holiday that is pure fun and childish joy, an excuse to dress up and eat treats. Packaged candy may be the common reward for trick-or-treating, but plates of Spiderweb Cookies or big bowls of Sticks and Stones Caramel Corn are perfect contributions to school Halloween events, tailgating parties, neighborhood open houses, adult costume parties, and even afternoon play dates. It's difficult to imagine an autumn gathering that wouldn't be even more fun with ghoulish goodies to share.<br><br>These frightful treats are not just for October, though. A birthday party for a nine-year-old or a scary movie sleepover for teenagers practically demands an I'Scream Cake or Spidery Cupcakes. And Chocolate-Chip Pumpkin Bars with Orange Glaze would be welcome at an office coffee break or an afternoon tea party. <br><br>Baking from <I>Ghoulish Goodies</I> is a wonderful way to celebrate the change of seasons and the pleasure of working with kids in the kitchen. Baking cupcakes and making fudge are great activities for autumn afternoons, when the weather turns cool and the kids are underfoot after school. Put them to work stirring, decorating, and scraping pumpkin seeds. These are recipes that parents and kids can have fun making together. And the entire family will enjoy eating a warm Choco-Bat Cookie for dessert.<br><br>Watch the author create Funny Bones featured in the book. </DIV> Read More

$15.01 at Amazon

<b>Bravo?s <i>Top Chef</i> All-Star and Los Angeles executive chef serves up more than 100 quick and easy family recipes that she ...developed as a hardworking single mom.</b><br><br>Many busy moms dread the challenge of getting a delicious and healthy home-cooked meal on the table. For single mom Antonia Lofaso, the issue hits especially close to home as she continues to do appearances for Bravo while working as an executive chef.<br><br>Showcasing Lofaso?s top picks for quick and satisfying meals, <i>The Busy Mom?s Cookbook </i>includes breakfast favorites ranging from pancakes to the world?s best blueberry muffins, and easy but satisfying dinners such as Beef Stroganoff with Creamy Pappardelle and Fish Tacos with Corn Tomatillo Salad. She even tackles the brown-bag lunch with choices that the other kids will envy, including BBQ Chicken Pita Pocket and Turkey-and-Swiss Panini.<br><br><i>The Busy Mom?s Cookbook</i> is the first book to bring star-quality culinary expertise to the specific needs of busy parents. Laced with memories and lessons from Lofaso?s own experience as a working mom, this cookbook speaks from the heart with inspiring, real-world wisdom and plenty of lighthearted humor to encourage every reader to savor the rewards of making mealtime memorable. Read More

Flagship Carpets
$399.95 at SCHOOLSin

Help kids develop a love for reading with Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug. This colorful rug features a border of smiling ...books and an optional message. The classroom rug is constructed of dense nylon fiber that's treated with Scotchguard stain protection so it looks great year after year. Edges are tightly bound and double-stitched for maximum strength. Each rug comes with a permanent antimicrobial treatment that protects against odors, mold and mildew. The skid-resistant Action Bac woven backing system prevents wrinkles and bunching. Printed with Flagship's high-tech process, the design is crisp, clean and features fade-resistant saturated color. Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug is made in the USA and backed by a lifetime abrasive wear warranty. Key Features Fun smiling book design with optional message Dense nylon fiber construction with fade-resistant color Anti-soil, antimicrobial and anti-static treatments Woven backing prevents skidding and creasing CRI Green Label Plus certified Scotchguard stain protection Action Bac backing system Meets Class I flammability standards Backed by a lifetime wear warranty Specifications Dimensions: 12' diameter Shape: Round Warranty: Lifetime limited Read More

Gibbs Smith
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<p>Pamper yourself like a princess! Spa Princess Cookbook has all the recipes you need for both sensational spa treatments and del...icious edible treats. Soak in a Milk Chocolate Milk Bath, scrub your feet with Pink Peppermint Foot Glow, or sip a Peachy Keen Princess Smoothie. Create the fun and magic of spa at home!</p> <p>Barbara Beery's books have sold more than 250,000 copies.</p> <p>Barbara Beery has been featured on the Today Show, the Food Network, and various ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates.</p> <p>The Miami Herald refers to today's youth as "Generation Green." </p> <p>More than half of 6- to 8-year-olds encourage their parents to buy green products, according to a MarketingDaily report.</p> <p>Online marketing and promotions.</p> <p>Print and web advertising campaign.</p> <p>National broadcast and print publicity. </p> <p>Co-op available. </p> <p>Barbara Beery holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Texas and is an active member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). She is also the author of The Pink Princess Cookbook, Fairies Cookbook, Mermaid Cookbook, Pink Princess Tea Parties Cookbook, Sensational Snacks, and Delicious Desserts and is currently franchising Batter Up Kids Culinary Center. </p> Read More

Publication International
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The Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids cookbook offers more than 85 kid-friendly gluten-free recipes that are nutritious, delicious, and... sure to please growing children with and without gluten intolerance. If your child has been diagnosed with celiac disease, you know the importance of avoiding foods that contain wheat, rye, or barley gluten. You also know the struggle. Most kids are finicky eaters, and it takes thoughtful planning to keep out the bad stuff while still ensuring your child gets necessary nutrients. The Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids cookbook does the planning for you.<br><br>The spiral-bound cookbook includes an introductory section filled with helpful tips and educational information to help parents understand celiac disease, including a description of the dairy-free and gluten-free (GFCF) diet, and recipes to fit. The wheat-free, gluten-free cookbook has six sections and a full-color photograph with most recipes. Many recipes are simple enough for kids to make. Here is a closer look at the six sections:<br><br>Breakfast: Gluten-free Waffles, Chocolate Chip Scones, and Fruit Kabobs with Raspberry Yogurt Dip<br>Kids' Lunch: Hip Hip Hash, Chili Con Corny, Meat Loaf Cupcakes, and Sandwich Bread<br>Family Dinners: Tuna Noodle Bake, Orange Chicken Stir-Fry Over Quinoa, Salmon in the Wild, and Tropical Chicken Wings<br>Party Fare: Valentine Almond Cookies, Choco-Berry Cake, Fluffy White Frosting, and Holiday Cut-Out Cookies<br>Smart Snacking: Carrot-Spice Snack Cake, Banana and Chocolate Chip Pops, Mini Beef Tostados, and GF Graham Crackers<br>Sweets and Treats: Perfect Peanut Butter Pudding, Popcorn Truffles, One-Bite Pineapple Chews, and Banana Freezer Pops Read More

Alex Toys
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<div class="aplus"> <div class="two-third-col"> <div class='leftImage' style='width: 300px;'> <img src='' alt='Ooh la la' width='285' > <div class='imageCaption'>Ooh la la<br> view larger <div class="break"> </div> </div> </div> <h5>Tres Chic Designer Look Book</h5> <p>Famous fashion designer's create 'Look Books' to prepare for a photo shoot. Now you can create your very own look book to keep all your fashion inspirations and ideas in one place! Tres Chic Designer Look Book from ALEX lets you create outfits with stencils, paper fabrics, stickers and gems. Put it all in one fashionable scrapbook!</p> <p>49-page hardcover scrapbook, scissors, sticky gems, stickers, stencils, glue stick, glitter glue, paper, frames and shapes, ribbons and easy to follow instructions included. </p><h5>About ALEX Toys</h5> <p>At ALEX, we take our mission of providing children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem to heart!</p> <p>We know that when kids have fun, they learn the most, so you can be assured that in addition to containing loads of ?fun factor?, each ALEX toy helps develop critical skills that will last a lifetime. We understand children?s developmental stages, how to stimulate growth and interest at each stage of life, and work hard to build that knowledge into every product we design.</p> <p>The best children's activities provide lots of fun and they open a child's mind to new skills, new ideas and new worlds.</p></div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class='leftImage' style='width: 300px;'> <img src='' alt='49-page hardcover scrapbook' width='285'> <div class='imageCaption'>49-page hardcover scrapbook<br> view larger </div> </div> </div> </div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<p><strong>Restless Legs Syndrome & how I cured my own by juicing</strong></p> <p> You may know it as: </p> <p> ? Fidgety Legs, ...<br> ? Night Thrashers, <br> ? The Creepy Crawlies Legs, <br> ? Jumpy Legs, <br> ? The Crawlies, <br> ? Edgy Legs, <br> ? Bugs in the bones, <br> ? Night crawls, <br> ? Bugs crawling in my legs at night, <br> ? That Icky Twitchy Leg Thing, <br> ? Wretched limb syndrome, <br> ? Racing legs, <br> ? The Jiggies, <br> ? Night Time Jitterbug, <br> ? Elvis legs, <br> ? Ant Legs, <br> ? Legitis, <br> ? or any other common names of the condition. <br> <br> The cause of Restless Leg Syndrome is not very well understood. It is known that there may be a genetic link, and it is also known that pregnant women are far more likely to suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). There are even a few diseases that make someone more prone to get RLS like diabetes or renal failure. However, there are<strong> a large number of cases where RLS affects otherwise healthy human beings.</strong> <br> </p> <p><strong>My RLS Story</strong></p> <p> When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she suffered RLS. For some reason, so did I at the time. It was a horrible sensation that made it near impossible to sleep. I was a man on a mission, researching and delving into medical literature. I found out that there are some common vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be causing the problem. When you look at our modern diet, you can see why deficiencies occur. OK; I hear what your saying. You eat fruit and vegetables and still have RLS. Well, if I told you that the levels of minerals in our fresh produce have been dropping over the years. In 1930, an average carrot had 20mg zinc. In 1988 that dropped to 10mg. <strong>Current estimates suggests this may be as low as 2mg today</strong>. And it's not just zinc that is being depleted. Essentially, the fruit and vegetables we buy today have less nutrients in them than those our parents ate. <br> <br> The fact that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause Restless leg syndrome is actually a good thing for sufferers, because deficiencies can be fixed. In this book, I'll show you the dietary changes I made to cure my own Restless legs syndrome. I did it by juicing certain combinations of fruit and vegetables, and I haven't had RLS since (though I now juice on a daily basis). Why juicing? Simply that we can get larger quantities of nutrients than by eating the food.</p> Read More

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Tom Lacalamita's <I>The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook</I> showed how easy it was to have freshly baked, delicious, and nutritiou...s bread anytime. Now comes <I>The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook: 101 Brand-New, Irresistible, Foolproof Recipes for Family and Friends,</I> which presents recipes suitable for making 1 1/2- and 2-pound loaves, using the new ingredients now readily available. <BR> Here you will find mouth-watering recipes for Sourdough White Bread and Sweet Bread. Imagine the sights and smells of Cinnamon-Raisin Bread and Cornmeal Honey Loaf coming hot from your bread machine. There are also recipes for traditional favorites such as French Bread as well as crowd pleasers such as Black-Olive-and-Rosemary Bread and Coconut-Pecan Coffee Cake. And it's <I>so</I> easy! Just add the ingredients, push a button, and imagine the compliments you'll get from your family and friends, as if you'd worked long hours in a hot kitchen! <BR> <I>The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook</I> offers the whole range of breads, from white to rye. For the diet conscious there is information on gluten-free breads, and for parents there are lots of family- and kid-friendly breads and treats, including Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly Bread and-Funny as a Monkey Chocolate-Crumb Pull-Apart Bread. <BR> This is the new ultimate bread machine cookbook for the new ultimate bread machine cook! Read More

Lulu Jr.
$29.99 at Sears

My Comic Book gives children the opportunity to write, illustrate, and publish their very own comic book. After writing and illust...rating their story, the artist receives an 18-page comic book delivered in the mail free of charge. The comic book includes a professionally typeset title page and the artist's name on the cover. My Comic Book is a new, one-of-a-kind product from the makers of the award-winning IlluStory, making it an ideal gift for creative children and project-based learning.Winner of the 2013 Academic's Choice Brain Toy Award, My Comic Book allows young authors to create their characters, develop the plot, and choose the setting and everything else about their story. Authors will develop a sense of pride and accomplishment writing, creating, and publishing their own comic book. When the finished product arrives at your door and your child holds their comic book in their hands, they will feel they have achieved something very special.Comic books created using the My Comic Book kit are premium quality and designed to last. Additional copies for relatives and friends are easily ordered online. Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>In this Splat the Cat story for beginning readers, Splat loves watching his favorite superhero, Super Cat, on the family TV, bu...t when the set breaks, Splat has no way to watch his cherished cartoon. Splat asks himself, "What would Super Cat do?" and decides to save the day by winning a brand-new TV. The only problem is that winning the TV requires Splat to enter a cake-baking contest . . . which turns out to be a little trickier and stickier than expected. Splat's messy adventures will delight beginning readers.</p><p><em>Splat the Cat Takes the Cake</em> is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. This book focuses on the phonics sound ?<em>ake</em>. Phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. A child who has mastered these relationships has an excellent foundation for learning to read and spell. According to the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, a child who has learned phonics has a method to recognize familiar words and "decode" unfamiliar ones.</p><p>Supports the Common Core State Standards</p> Read More

Schwartz & Wade
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"National Book Award-winner Polly Horvath's latest, a rabbity romp complete with whimsical illustrations and a quirky cast of char...acters, has both the look and feel of a classic children's book," raves <i>The Washington Post</i>.<br><br>In this hilarious chapter book mystery, meet a girl whose parents have been kidnapped by disreputable foxes, and a pair of detectives that also happen to be bunnies! When Madeline gets home from school one afternoon to discover that her parents have gone missing, she sets off to find them. So begins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure involving a cast of unforgettable characters. There's Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, who drive a smart car, wear fedoras, and hate marmots; the Marmot, who loves garlic bread and is a brilliant translator; and many others. Translated from the Rabbit by Newbery Honor-winning author Polly Horvath, and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall, here is a book that kids will both laugh over and love. Read More

Grand Central Publishing
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The world is changing: the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now, kids are disappearing. For 15-year-o...ld Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside down when they are torn from their parents one night and slammed into a secret prison for no reason they can comprehend. The New Order, as it is known, is clearly trying to suppress Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Being a Normal Teenager. But while trapped in this totalitarian nightmare, Wisty and Whit discover they have incredible powers they'd never dreamed of. Can this newly minted witch and wizard master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents--and maybe the world? Read More

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<p> In this book, Nancy Akhavan details the stories and strategies that enabled her school to move from "under-performing" status one in which students achieve and teachers have a whole new understanding of targeted instruction, sensitive assessment, and meaningful curriculum. There is much to appreciate in what she says, from her attention to "thinking small" and understanding the power of the details, her emphasis on planning and goal-setting, to the seriousness with which she takes the standards and incorporates them into the life of the classroom. </p> <p> Drawing on the work of the best in the business, Lucy Calkins, David and Yvonne Freeman, and Tony Alvarado, Akhavan made professional development the heartbeat of her school as she helped her faculty understand that their work begins and ends with continuous assessment of their students. Now she helps readers of her book learn: <ul> <li>how child-centered assessment leads to strategic instruction</li> <li>how to best support multilingual learners</li> <li>how to organize for yearlong learning</li> <li>how to think through precise workshop instruction in minilessons</li> <li>how to develop meaningful curriculum around units of study</li> <li>how to create a vibrant school community where standards and accountability stem from regular assessment and examination of instructional practices.</li> </ul> Akhavan provides immediately useful information for any elementary teacher, principal, or curriculum developer. Read her book and understand how to use standards as a way to connect meaningful instruction to students, not as a bar that students have to reach or a barrier to real teaching and learning. </p> Read More

$12.07 at Amazon

Perfect for children just beginning to read, this Pre-Level 1 <i>DK Reader</i> takes a look at the frogs and toads of the world an...d gives a close-up look at their strange features and bizarre habits. With simple sentences and an emphasis on frequently used words, <i>Frogs and Toads</i> will encourage in three to five year olds an interest in reading. <p><i>DK Readers</i> is a multi-level reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge. With nine new exciting titles to choose from this season, kid's ages 4-10 will find the perfect book at their appropriate reading level to help with school projects or independent reading.</p> <p>Supports the Common Core State Standards.</p> Read More

Neumann Press
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<div>Long used by most Catholic schools and countless homeschooling families, the <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are tried and t...rue, well-loved companions for children developing their reading skills. The <I>American Cardinal Readers</I> begin following the family adventures of John, Jean, and Baby, with simple sentences to ease your child into reading stories. As he or she progresses through the series, the books grow longer, the vocabulary expands, and the stories become more complex, guiding and challenging young readers to enhance their reading comprehension.<BR><BR>Young readers also become acquainted with classic children?s authors and poets, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and beloved Catholic writers like St. Therese of Lisieux, G.K. Chesterton, and Francis Thompson. Explore the realm of literature from short stories, parables, poems, fables, and folk tales, the narratives accompanied by charming black and white illustrations.<BR><BR>The <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are a necessity and a treasure in the library of any homeschooler or Catholic family interested in immersing their littlest readers in quality literature. These hardcovers are guaranteed to withstand the test of time in every way. Order your set now!<BR></div> Read More

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<p><strong><em>Develop a curriculum that can transform an ordinary school into a school of excellence! </em></strong></p> <p>This ...resource introduces school leaders to dynamic curriculum leadership and a curriculum development process that leads to highly successful school programs. The author demonstrates how administrators can adapt curriculum to meet their school?s changing needs, incorporate emerging technologies, and reflect new and creative ways of thinking about education. The book walks educational leaders through the curriculum development process, showing them how to: </p> <ul> <li>Create a school curriculum team </li> <li>Establish a regular curriculum cycle of analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation </li> <li>Develop a path for curriculum improvement</li> </ul> Read More

Brand: Xlibris Corporation
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<i>No Walls For The Small </i>is an epic tale about children reclaiming their right to a playful childhood outdoors.  It is design...ed to entertain and inspire children and parents alike.  Created by Brooklyn-based artist Ryan Ford and writer Nan Kavanaugh, <i>No Walls For The Small</i> is a progressive kids book with a positive message.  It is the first of ten books to be released by this creative collaboration. Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
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Dot to dot pictures are a right of passage in childhood. Learning to connect the dots opens up a fun and surprising new world for ...your child. It encourages number recognition, improves fine motor skills, as well as provides a fun, quiet activity for your child. Looking at the picture before the dots are connected helps your child learn to make observations and predictions about what the picture will eventually be. These critical thinking skills are important to your child's development. Read More

Nahdet Misr Publishing House
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We often think that people from a thousand years ago were living in the Dark Ages. But from the 7th century onward in Muslim civil...ization there were amazing advances and inventions that still influence our everyday lives. People living in the Muslim world saw what the Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Greek, and Romans had discovered and spent the next one thousand years adding new developments and ideas. Inventors created marvels like the elephant water clock, explorers drew detailed maps of the world, women made scientific breakthroughs and founded universities, architects built huge domes larger than anywhere else on earth, astronomers mapped the stars and so much more! This book takes the wining formula of facts, photos, and fun, and applies it to this companion book to the 1001 Inventions exhibit from the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Civilization. Each page is packed with information on this little-known history, but also shows how it still applies to our world today. Read More

Blue Apple Books
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<div>Flip a page, find a rhyme!<BR>It's learning through fun—every time!<BR><br>Even kids who can?t read a sentence can read one w...ord, or a two-word phrase. By putting their hands on the pages, kids are pulled into the learning dynamic. They make the page turn, and they gain a new word that rhymes with one they just saw.<BR><BR>Who can dig a pig in a wig?<BR>How?d that pet get wet?<BR>Will Pop stop, or will he hop?<BR>Are mice on ice twice as nice?<BR><BR>With art in the Japanese anime style, each book in this interactive early reading series features a different word family. Word families help children recognize similarities between words that rhyme, and connect words that have matching long, or short, vowel sounds. By mastering this dynamic, kids can read words they don?t necessarily know. Offering a springboard into independent reading, Flip-a-Word takes kids from a single word, to a phrase, to a simple sentence. From there, eye-catching illustrations lead kids to imagine story scenarios only a child could dream up!<BR><br>For kids, parents, and teachers—everyone flips for Flip-a-Word!<BR><BR></div> Read More

Brand: Childs Play Intl Ltd
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A fantastic introduction to non-fiction, which gives the child a glimpse of the life of an animal parent in their natural habitat,... together with the experience of the animal baby growing up in the wild. This unique format has a small board book nestling snugly inside a larger book. Read More

Beaver Books Publishing
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Children will love solving these fun and educational picture games- there are 95 dot-to-dots in all! First, kids must count the nu...mbers as they connect the dots to reveal the hidden picture. Then the fun continues as they color the drawing they ve created. Then the fun continues as they color the drawing they ve created. Dot-to-dot puzzles are a great way to teach counting, object and number recognition, and they help kids develop fine motor skills of hand-eye coordination. Read More

$41.95 at Amazon

A strong superintendent is critical to the success of an entire school district, and this exciting new resource details the issues... surrounding the state policies that appoint superintendents. Read More

Brand: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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This first early reader uses simple text that encourages children to read on their own about tractors truly working hard all year ...long. A beginning-to-read book that is a must for any child who has an interest in tractors. The new tractor demonstrates the real work that a tractor performs on a real farm all through the seasons. The easy, repetitive text showcases the tractor's importance on a farm. Stacey Gabel Inspired by her young son's fascinations with tractors and his equally strong desire to learn, read and inspect anything to do with tractors, Stacey wanted to create a book for a genre that didn't seem to exist. She wanted to give young readers, like her son, something more than just tractor brochures to read. As a result, Stacey has authored a first reader book dealing with tractors and what these great machines accomplish on a farm. As a young girl growing up in Northwest Ohio, Stacey spent countless hours reading books, playing school and babysitting children. These same activities shaped her career as a middle school teacher and now author. Stacey holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the Ohio State University and a master's degree in elementary education from Bowling Green State University. She still resides in rural northwest Ohio with her husband and two children. Artist Richard Neuman transforms images of everyday life into universally appealing paintings - each with a touch of whimsy. His meticulously detailed pieces of artwork range from tractors to bulldozers; barns to baskets;lighthouses to schoolhouses. Richard holds a bachelors degree in advertising design and a master's degree in art graphics with a minor in business. His corporate career was based in the publishing and advertising industry. He has worked in New York City for the world's largest advertising agency and in Ohio for two Fortune 500 companies. In 1986 he left the corporate world to form his own company focusing on his artwork. His success is attributed to the combination of his artistic talent with a broad background in product development, marketing and a high utilization of technology. Richard uses traditional media combined with digital technology to provide artwork ready for use in printing, web publishing and product manufacturing. The popularity of his work is worldwide with private patrons in dozens of countries. Disney, Hallmark and Cracker Barrel have marketed his art. Clients include General Electric, KOA, Longaberger Basket Company, HealthNet, Biogen Idec, John Deere Company and Creative Memories. Images from his collection of over 400 images have been licensed to a variety of manufacturers and businesses. Read More

Random House
$4.99 at Amazon

The peace and calm of life in Bear Country is disrupted by the arrival of Bearie Bubbies. The cubs will do anything to get their h...ands on these adorable, collectible little toys.  As the fad gathers momentum, the cubs--not to mention Mama and Papa--start to feel the strain as they resort to desperate measures trying to get their paws on as many Beary Bubbies they can. With their usual folk wisdom and keen insight, Stan and Jan have tackled a subject that's near and dear to today's kids and parents alike. Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
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A child's imagination is a wonderful thing, and it is something that should be nurtured and encouraged. Books about the Wonders of... the World, allows children to dream big of far off places, develop reasoning skills, and gain a love of man-made and naturally occurring wonders. Books of this nature also help children develop geography skills and deductive reasoning skills. Because of this, books about the Wonders of the World are especially helpful in nurturing and further developing the imagination of young children, and school aged children. Read More

Brand: Immedium
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<div>"Attaboy's creepy cool monsters are an insane delight. They'll leap off the page, squirm through your optic nerve, and haunt ...your brain forever. And that's a good thing." - Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing<BR><BR>“While not a ‘children?s book?, it is in the spirit of master story-tellers like Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and Roald Dahl all of whom wrote tales so sophisticated that sometimes kids had to explain them to their adults.? – Laughing Squid<BR><BR>With a theatrical eye for the absurd and unbridled paintbrush, Attaboy's hilarious anthology of illustrated poems will amuse everyone who is a kid at heart.<BR><BR>In his trademark style of bold color and twisted humor, Attaboy's baker's dozen of zany rhymes introduce off-the-wall characters (a child who is a sock magnet), highlights the adorably peculiar (a hugging cactus), and juxtaposes the mundane (counting sheep to sleep) with the bizarre (zombie clowns).<BR><BR>Then there's the title story. Because of his beastly behavior, Gustav's parents hire an expert to determine if their son is truly a monster! "Do you chew with BOTH your mouths open?" If you answer "yes" then more crazy creatures follow! Enjoy hidden jokes and hilarious wordplay in this collection from an irreverent twenty-first century imagination.<BR><BR>"Artist and toy designer Attaboy pairs flippant humor with page-popping digital cartoons in this collection of monster-themed poems....Readers should be drawn toward the subversive, macabre tone and lurid, Cartoon-Network-on-acid illustrations..." - Publishers Weekly<BR><BR>"[Attaboy creates] a contradictory land where everything comes with sharp pointy teeth but works a way into your heart with their deceptive charms."—<I>Clutter Magazine</I><BR><BR>“Have you ever wondered if you might be a monster? Well, Attaboy can tell you! In his super-awesome new'll learn what happens to missing socks, why you shouldn't hug a cactus, how to escape from zombie clowns, and lots of other very useful and important information. The stories are really fun to read and illustrated in Attaboy's unique style. The book debuts at SDCC, and I can't wait to add one to my already stellar collection of Immedium books!? – Tokyo Bunnie</div> Read More

Disney Publishing and Blackstone Audio
$10.76 at Amazon

<BR>[Children's Fiction (Ages 10-12)]<BR><BR> This novel adaptation of the new Disney film starring Lily James, Cate Blanchett, He...lena Bonham Carter, and Richard Madden is the perfect reading experience for middle-graders.<BR><BR> [This audiobook is Read by Cassandra Morris)]<BR><BR> Ella's childhood is a happy one: she has loving parents, plenty of fields and meadows to explore, and lots of kind animal friends to play with. A sweet child, Ella warms the hearts of all who meet her. And her home is a wonderful place, the perfect little kingdom for a joyful family. But when tragedy strikes, Ella's happy home turns into one filled with sadness and cruelty. Will Ella be able to hold onto her kindness and courage through it all?<BR><BR> Read More

Brand: Disney-Hyperion
$5.94 at Amazon

<div>When Ruby woke up on her tenth birthday, something about her had changed. Something alarming enough to make her parents lock ...her in the garage and call the police. Something that gets her sent to Thurmond, a brutal government "rehabilitation camp." She might have survived the mysterious disease that's killed most of America's children, but she and the others have emerged with something far worse: frightening abilities they cannot control.<br><br>Now sixteen, Ruby is one of the dangerous ones.<br><br>When the truth comes out, Ruby barely escapes Thurmond with her life. Now she's on the run, desperate to find the one safe haven left for kids like her-East River. She joins a group of kids who escaped their own camp. Liam, their brave leader, is falling hard for Ruby. But no matter how much she aches for him, Ruby can't risk getting close. Not after what happened to her parents.<br><br>When they arrive at East River, nothing is as it seems, least of all its mysterious leader. But there are other forces at work, people who will stop at nothing to use Ruby in their fight against the government. Ruby will be faced with a terrible choice, one that may mean giving up her only chance at a life worth living.</div> Read More

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