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The Land of Nod
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Children's Books: My Quotable Kid Book - Outrageous, poignant, or bitingly witty, the things our children say always offer an unex...pected glimpse into a world that is all their own. Filled with roomy pages for jotting down conversations or overheard saying, this handsome keepsake journal also features a bound-in photo window for adding a unique, personal touch. Whether parents prefer safely stowing precious insights for future generations or sharing priceless quips with family and friends, My Quotable Kid will become a lasting record of a child's most memorable quotes. *Product Details* - Hardcover - 144 pages - Ribbon page marker - Interior photo window - Features two color illustrationsShipping info - Delivered lickety split in 5-7 business days Read More

Innovative Kids
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It can take all of your powers of persuasion to get your little prince to take his rightful throne. Framing potty-training as a of accomplishment and independence is the best way to get it done, and the Prince of the Potty book by Innovative Kids does a great job teaching kids how to use the potty in a way that's both playful and fun. The Prince of the Potty book uses simple language that isn't too babyish to tell the story of a proud little prince and his newly-acquired bathroom habits. We especially appreciated how the little boy in the book is depicted as the prime mover of his own story - he decides to take on the challenge of the potty, with the help of his royal parents. Writer Nora Gaydos is an elementary school teacher with tremendous expertise in pre-reading skills, so this book is also tailored to lead your child towards learning to read. And illustrator Akemi Gutierrez is a seasoned illustrator and animator, whose drawings are absolutely adorable and kid-friendly. Read More

Flagship Carpets
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Help kids develop a love for reading with Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug. This colorful rug features a border of smiling ...books and an optional message. The classroom rug is constructed of dense nylon fiber that's treated with Scotchguard stain protection so it looks great year after year. Edges are tightly bound and double-stitched for maximum strength. Each rug comes with a permanent antimicrobial treatment that protects against odors, mold and mildew. The skid-resistant Action Bac woven backing system prevents wrinkles and bunching. Printed with Flagship's high-tech process, the design is crisp, clean and features fade-resistant saturated color. Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug is made in the USA and backed by a lifetime abrasive wear warranty. Key Features Fun smiling book design with optional message Dense nylon fiber construction with fade-resistant color Anti-soil, antimicrobial and anti-static treatments Woven backing prevents skidding and creasing CRI Green Label Plus certified Scotchguard stain protection Action Bac backing system Meets Class I flammability standards Backed by a lifetime wear warranty Specifications Dimensions: 12' diameter Shape: Round Warranty: Lifetime limited Read More

Applesauce Press
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<B>This is NOT your typical $3.95 bargain activity book. There are no crossword puzzles or dot-to-dots, no mazes or coloring in th...e lines. Instead, it?s a book designed to compete against the big doodle books on the market and come out winning. The activities are attention-grabbing and creative, and kids love them. </B><BR><BR> Sophisticated, slightly irreverent, hip (without being condescending), and attention grabbing, kids will be able to flip open to any page of this book and start writing, drawing, playing...whatever. There are activities for one palyer, games for two or more, doodle prompts that make you go "huh"?, games to play with digital cameras, science experiments you can do in the car, tricks you can learn using a dollar bill, and up to 150 more fun and engrosssing things to do that will keep parents from having to threaten to turn the car around.<BR> <BR>Sample activity pages include "I've Got My Eye on You," where kids draw the look their parents give them in the rearview mirror depending on what's happening in the car- like "Dad got cutt off by a minivan", and Travel Back in Time with Slang Game, " where kids have to match the expression with the decade in which it was popular-and much more! Read More

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Pages: 28, Paperback, Xlibris

Sterling Children's Books
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<div><div><B>A child's first introduction to sports</B></div><div><BR> Game on! Perfect for parents to share with their toddlers, ...this simple board book introduces kids to very basic vocabulary associated with this popular sports. The contemporary design features one word per page, a nice big photo, and a diverse selection of children in the pictures. Plus, the covers are appealingly tactile, with deep embossing and eye-catching spot gloss. Kids will grab hold of it again and again.<BR>  </div></div>Are you ready for some football? <I>Quarterback, receiver, tackle, first down</I>. No child is too young to fall in love with one of America's favorite sports! Read More

Brand: Time For Kids
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Here's a trivia quiz for you: What are the five most popular names for dogs? Which five nations spend the most on chocolate per What are the five oldest baseball stadiums? Who were the five youngest Presidents? The answers to those questions-and dozens more-are found in the <i>Time For Kids Top 5.</i><br><br>Filled with fascinating trivia and kid-appealing lists, this book is based on <i>Time For Kids</i>' most popular feature: the TFK Top 5. And just as in the magazine version, the lists have amusing and colorful illustrations accompanied by information at a glance. Topics include animals, sports, technology, food, people, and entertainment. Each Top 5 list has guaranteed kid and parent appeal and is certain to surprise young readers who will refer to the book over and over. Read More

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
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<p>When Perfect Peter's tooth falls out, Henry gets a great idea. He will steal the toth and put it under his own pillow so that t...he Tooth Fairy gives him the reward instead of Peter. Will the Tooth Fairy fall for it? Plus three other stories so funny they are sure to make your teeth fall out. (Okay, not really?)</p> <p><strong>DISCOVER THE SERIES BOYS AND GIRLS AROUND THE WORLD LOVE TO READ!</strong></p> <p>Francesca Simon is one of the world's best-loved children's authors. She is the only American to have ever won the Galaxy Book Award, and her creation, Horrid Henry, is the #1 bestselling chapter book series in the UK?with a hit TV show and over fi fteen million copies sold! Each book contains four easy-to-read stories and hilarious illustrations by the one and only Tony Ross, so even the most reluctant of readers won't be able to resist Henry's amazing talent for trouble!</p> <p>"Will make you laugh out loud."<br> ?Sunday Times</p> <p>Look inside to see what kids and adults have to say about the master of mischief!</p> <p><strong>FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HORRID HENRY AT JABBERWOCKYKIDS.COM</strong></p> <p><u>PRAISE FOR HORRID HENRY </u><br> <br> <i>Why Horrid Henry?</i></p> <p><b>Kids love it!</b><br> "I love the Horrid Henry books by Francesca Simon. They have lots of funny bits in. And Henry always gets into trouble!" <br> <i>Mia, age 6, BBC Learning is Fun</i></p> <p>"It's easy to see why Horrid Henry is the bestselling character for 5-8 year olds." <br> <i>Liverpool Echo</i></p> <p><b>Because it's funny</b><br> "My two boys love this book and I have actually had tears running down my face and had to stop reading because of laughing so hard. My oldest son is rereading all the books in this series on his own now and he still loves them. Happy reading!" <br> <i> T. Franklin, Parent</i></p> <p>"A modern comic classic." <br> <i>SF Said, Guardian Children's Books Supplement </i></p> <p><b>Kids get to be harmlessly rebellious</b><br> "Henry is a beguiling hero who has entranced millions of reluctant readers... little rebels will love this collection and even little angels will be secretly thrilled by Henry's anti-heroic behaviour."<br> <i>Herald</i></p> <p><b>Henry's naughtiness is a yardstick against which children can get a sense of their own moral goodness and social justice<br> </b>"What is brilliant about the books is that Henry never does anything that is subversive. She creates an aura of supreme naughtiness (of which children are in awe) but points out that he operates within a safe and secure world." <br> <i>Emily Turner, Angels And Urchins Magazine</i></p> <p><b>Reaches the most important age group - children who are learning to read</b><br> "I have tried out the Horrid Henry books with groups of children as a parent, as a babysitter, and as a teacher. Children love to either hear them read aloud or to read them themselves. The books are spot on for the 5-8 age range and are fun for the adults who share them too." <br> <i>Danielle Hall, Teacher</i></p> <p><b>The structure provides new readers with a real sense of accomplishment</b><br> "My son is 7 years old and a big Horrid Henry fan. This book lived up to his expectations! Horrid Henry is like most boys: he always has a plan and is always getting into mischief! It was amusing, and he could not put it down. Can't wait for the next. He read it cover to cover by himself in 2 days! That for me sells a book! He can't wait for the next one to be published. He has recommended it to all his friends." <br> <i>Mrs. Tami Gold, Parent</i></p> <p><b>Reaches both boys and girls equally</b><br> "Wonderfully appealing to girls and boys alike, a precious rarity at this age." <br> <i>Judith Woods, Times Books</i></p> <p><b>A global publishing phenomenon with 12 million copies sold!</b></p> <p><i><u>WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT HORRID HENRY:</u></i></p> <p>"Parents reading them aloud may be consoled to discover that Henry can always be relied upon to behave worse than any of their own offspring." <b>Independent</b></p> <p>"An absolutely fantastic series and surely a winner with all children. My son took this book as his favourite during book week at his school and converted a few children to the cause. Long live Francesca Simon and her brilliant books! More, more please!"</p> <p>"My 5-year-old adores them so much he couldn't wait to start reading because of them."</p> <p>"I really like Horrid Henry and like reading it to my dad. It's funny!" <br> <b>Matthew, 9, St. Albans</b></p> <p>"Horrid Henry is a fabulous anti-hero: monstrously selfish and greedy, he does things most children only dream about... a modern comic classic." <br> <b>The Guardian</b></p> <p>"My 6-year-old son has now read the whole series unaided and is quite content to re-read the stories again and again. My 5-year-old is dying to be able to read well enough so she can read them independently too!"</p> <p>"Henry is really naughty and makes me laugh. He's very funny and he has lots of adventures." <br> <b>Martha, age 5, Bella</b></p> <p>"A flicker of recognition must pass through most teachers and parents when they read Horrid Henry. There's a tiny bit of him in all of us." <br> <b>Child Education</b></p> <p>"It didn't even make it to the library shelves and there's a long waiting list for it! Enough said." <br> <b>Nancy Astee, Child Education</b></p> <p>"A definite must for every teacher - reading about Henry makes your naughtiest child seem like a saint!"</p> <p>"As a teacher of 8-year-olds, it's great to get a series of books my class love... They torment me to lend them the books so they can read them on their own. Need I say more?" </p> Read More

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Brandon and the Bipolar Bear is the winner of the 2011 Reader's Choice Award for Favorite Special-Needs Children's Book.... By reading the pages of this beloved book, children and adults alike receive a rare glimpse into the private feelings and fears of a bipolar child. Children with bipolar disorder frequently are able to identify with Brandon's moods as he cycles between depression and mania. When symptoms differ from those of the character, reading the book still opens dialogue about the illness. The book provides comfort as Brandon learns that he is not the only one who struggles with this inner turmoil. Children are educated along with the character as he learns what the illness is, how people get it and why there is hope for him to feel better. This story is appropriate for children between 4 and 11 years of age. However, it will also be indispensable to parents, health care workers, teachers, grandparents and anyone else who cares about a child with bipolar disorder. Brandon and the Bipolar Bear has increased understanding and awareness of this serious illness for the past decade and will continue to do so in the coming years. Read More

Holiday House
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A favorite lullaby becomes a celebration of love in this lushly illustrated version featuring animals from all over the world. <p>...On a beautiful night an owl sings to her owlet, a deer to his fawn, a whale to her calf. Animal parents sing this lullaby to their young, showing the universality of a parent's love for his or her child. Jane Cabrera's brilliant colors illustrate these adorable animals and their homes. Read More

$9.18 at Amazon

Reinforce learning fractions at home with <i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i>, a workbook that supports school curriculum and teaching on fractions by adding quick but valuable practice time for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. <i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i> utilizes a proven learning strategy for learning fractions. <p>Encourage your child's learning with the effective "little and often" learning strategy outlined in our <i>10 Minutes a Day</i> workbooks. Proven effective, this leveled, curriculum-supporting method is great for children who resist long periods of study, or for children who need focused attention in fractions. <i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i> is different than other study books because it includes an embedded LCD timer that encourages children to beat the clock, adding an extra element of challenge to focused study time.</p> <p>The <i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i> workbook is broken into study challenges and exercises designed to take up to 10 minutes to complete. Children work through a series of quick-answer questions, then move onto extension activities and timed exercises if they have time left after the first round of study questions. The timer acts as a stopwatch for skills challenges, and many kids are surprised to find that beating the timer can actually be fun.</p> <p><i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i> helps children learn by supplementing school curriculum and strengthening the important skills set of learning fractions. Parents will love that <i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i> helps them fit short bursts of study into already busy days, and that <i>10 Minutes a Day: Fractions</i> includes an answer key for parents, as well as notes on common pitfalls and how to teach children to overcome them.</p> Read More

Brand: Wordsmith Books
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Children like poetry that rhymes and is easy to understand. Rhymes For Kids is a fun book that children, parents, and teachers can... fall in love with. Watch their eyes light up when they discover... the importance of friendship, in My Friend Mary-Jean. Or the meaning of being kind to others, in "All God's Critters. Or the silliness of what it would be like to have a tail like a monkey or eyes like an eagle, in An Elephant Nose. or what it would be like to be food, in I Wish I Was A Pizza. These fun-to-read, easy-to-understand poems apeal to children of all ages. If you like reading Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky you'll love reading Rhymes For Kids by Tom Catalano. From the author of Rhyme & Reason, Poetry 'N Motion, Verse Things First, and Tall Tales & Short Stories. Read More

WS Publishing Group
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<div>With this beautiful & portable book, children learn key concepts based on national educational standards. Handle encourages l...earning on the go, while gorgeous illustrations and fun games entertain kids while they practice counting, sight words, telling time, and so much more!<BR><BR>In addition to 28 amazing coloring pages and 4 sheets of sticker fun, the book also includes a fun memory game to help kids master their ABCs. Memory game can be played with a parent, friend, or alone!<BR></div> Read More

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<em>Are your teachers are frustrated by their students' writing?</em> <p> <em>Are students disengaged from writing?</em></p> <p> <...em>Is pressure mounting to improve writers' performance?</em></p> <p><em><br /> Starting with What Students Do Best</em> can help. On this professional development DVD, <strong>Katherine Bomer</strong> models a way to respond to students' writing that motivates student writers, helps them improve, and turns frustrated teachers around.<br /> <br /> <em>"I think the reason we feel frustrated when we read student writing is precisely because we're looking for what is wrong, what is missing. We read with negative eyes, and when we look through that "correctness" lens we'll always, always find errors, no matter what."</em></p> <p><strong>-Katherine Bomer</strong></p> <p> Your teachers will see Katherine at work with students she has never met, many of whom struggle with writing. They'll see the power of her focused, specific compliments reflected in these students' facial expressions, posture, and language of writers. They'll learn how to lead kids to become better, more sophisticated writers, and along the way discover a more satisfying professional life.</p> Read More

Brand: Alpha
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<b> Children can thrive on a vegan diet! </b> <br><br> <i>The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Vegan Eating for Kids</i> shows parents... how they can raise a happy, healthy child on a vegan diet. The guide presents all the nutritional needs for children up to 12 years old, outlining what they need at what stage in their lives, and what vegan foods can provide those nutrients. <br><br> ?The only book to present a complete plan for raising a vegan child <br><br> ?Includes delicious vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks that especially appeal to children <br><br> ?Will appeal to the nearly 5 million vegetarians/vegans in the United States <br><br> ?Includes complete nutritional lists of fruits, vegetables, and nuts <br><br> ?Features tips for teaching children how to cope in a non-vegan world Read More

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Freddie the Fir, by Jeanne Troiano, tells the story of the hope and disappointment of the last Christmas tree left on the lot afte...r it closes on Christmas eve and how that sadness turned to joy when, through sheer luck, he gets his wish to have a home of his own and a chance to make many children happy. It is a beautifully told tale, simply written and deeply felt by the author, and it will touch children's hearts (as well as their parents) as they root for Freddie to find a home. Because Freddie is like every child who was picked last at soccer or had not gotten a part in the school play, the story is a metaphor with universal appeal. Read More

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<p>African American girls are one of the United States' most endangered populations, yet meaningful explorations of the issues tha...t impact their lives are almost nonexistent. In this riveting book, led by one of the African American community's best-known scholars, experts from across the nation explain the risks, challenges, and influences?both good and bad?faced by black girls and teens. The work shows how our society is failing them, and it outlines what can and should be done to help these young women lead happier, healthier, more successful lives.</p><p></p><p>The book covers a wide range of concerns, including obesity, substance abuse, sex trafficking, gangs, teen pregnancy, and suicide attempts. Stress, low self-esteem, anger, aggression, and violence are explored, as are failures of our education system and of a legal system that tends to victimize young black women. A substantial section on parenting and mentoring discusses ways to counter the negative influences that are a constant for many black girls and adolescents. It is time for American society to recognize and react to the realities these young women face, making this book a must-read for caring parents, teachers, nurses, guidance counselor, doctors, school administrators, and school board members.</p> Read More

Random House
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Andrew, Judy, and Thudd have escaped the Big Bang only to find themselves trapped inside the Earth as it forms all around them! Me...anwhile Uncle Al is stranded in the Ice Age. Somehow Andrew, Judy, and Thudd must fix their time machine and rescue Uncle Al?before he becomes dinner for a sabertooth tiger! Kids, parents, and teachers love this series?kids for all its gooey grossness, and teachers and parents for all the fun science and great discussion points!<br><br>?Andrew Lost books are gross and disgusting. That?s why we like them.??<i>The Washington Post</i><br><br>?One cliff-hanger after another.??<i>School Library Journal</i><br><br>?At the end of each book are additional pages of interesting facts . . . even when the stories end, the learning never stops.?? Read More

Random House
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NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matthew Holm to bring you a fully illustra...ted graphic novel series packed with humor and kid appeal?BABYMOUSE! <br>  <br> With multiple Children's Choice awards and over 1.7 million books in print, kids, parents, and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones, Ivy and Bean, Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and the Ramona chapter books!<br><br>Babymouse doesn?t exactly have a great history with pets?even her goldfish ran away from home. But all that?s about to change. Will Babymouse get the dog of her dreams? Will she ever find her missing fish? Find out in <i>Puppy Love</i>?the 8th hilarious, action-packed installment of the beloved Babymouse graphic novel series!<br><br>Here's what people are saying about Babymouse!<br><br> <b><i>The Chicago Sun-Times:</i></b><br> "Move over, Superman, here comes Babymouse!"<br><br> <b>Starred Review,<i> The Horn Book:</i></b><br> "Nobody puts Babymouse in the corner!"<br><br> <b><i>Booklist:</i></b><br> "Cute, smart, sassy Babymouse is fun and funny, and this book, like its predecessors, will draw reluctant readers as well as Babymouse fans."<br><br><b><i>The Bulletin:</i></b><br> "An almost absurdly likeable heroine."<br><br><br><i>From the Trade Paperback edition.</i> Read More

Brand: Concordia Publishing House
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Tells the parable of the rich fool (Luke 12:17-21) using the back-to-basic phonics system. This book emphasizes a special phonetic... sound for pre-readers and emerging readers to practice-the ar sound. Parents, look at the beginning of this book for tips to help encourage your child to read and learn more about God and His love. Read More

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<p><strong><em>¡Atención! Recognize the strengths of Spanish-speaking students!</em></strong></p> <p>How do you nurture the gifts ...and talents of the growing population of Hispanic students? This book provides teachers and leaders with the skills needed to uncover each child?s abilities and ultimately boost achievement for gifted Spanish-speaking students. Packed with strategies that teachers can use immediately to enhance instruction and assessment, this book shows how to:</p> <ul> <li>Recognize students? unique strengths</li> <li>Identify and develop the gifts of bilingualism and different cultures</li> <li>Create challenging learning experiences for every student in the class</li> <li>Adapt tools and strategies to meet each learner?s unique needs</li> <li>Connect with parents and the greater Spanish-speaking community</li> </ul> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<font align="justify"><p><i>     </i>From the <b> famous traditional children?s fairy tale <font color="#E86C19"> ?Little Red Hood?,</font> </b>comes a fresh and new turn on the timeless classic, with all your favorite characters, but with an exciting twist.</p> <p><i>     </i>What would happen if the ?Big Bad Wolf? was not a ?Big Bad Wolf? at all, but a young prince under an enchanted spell?</p> <p><i>     </i>How does Little Red Riding Hood come in to this?</p> <p><i>     </i>What will happen on her visit to Granny's?</p> <p><i>     </i>Will they all live happily ever after?</p> <p><i>     </i>This delightful variation intertwines the regular plot with humorously unique circumstances to create an entirely new story to be loved and read by adults and children alike. </p> <p><i>     </i>Jam packed with thirty eight delightfully colorful cartoon-like illustrations, it?s a perfect bedtime read.</p> <p><i>     </i>It will have parents smiling, and children chuckling, and afterwards get them off to a good night?s sleep complete with sweet dreams! :)</p> </font> Read More

Mary Wallace
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<div>The book one librarian called “the best craft book she?d ever seen? has been updated to introduce a new generation of childre...n to the fun of crafts. Children as young as four years old can take common household items and easy-to-obtain natural materials like twigs and turn them into costumes, puppets, toys, games, and more. Step-by-step instructions and photographs keep things simple and easy to understand, making this book perfect for home, school, library, camp, or even daycare. Accessible and fun, the very doable crafts of <I>I Can Make That!</I> provide young crafters the opportunity to develop new skills and leave them with a sense of accomplishment.</DIV> Read More

Rodale Books
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<DIV><DIV><P>Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions: More than 18 million American children are considered obese and at risk for health problems. In fact, today?s generation of kids may be the first to experience shorter life spans than their parents. </P><P>Leading pediatrician Dr. Joanna Dolgoff's <I>Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right </I>teaches kids how to make healthy choices based on the principles of the traffic light: green light foods are nutritious, yellow light foods are eaten in moderation, and red light foods are occasional treats. </P><P>The program, which has a proven 96 percent success rate, can be tailored to suit any child?s age, gender, and weight goals. Snacks and meals are designed to ensure that kids get the nutrients they need to not only lose or maintain weight, but to grow strong, healthy bodies. Complete with sample menus, recipes, and an index of more than 1,000 color-coded foods, <I>Red Light, Green Light, Eat Right </I>provides a practical solution for one of the biggest health crises facing America?s children.</P></DIV></DIV> Read More

$14.49 at Amazon

Born and raised in New England, JE' Taylor developed an appreciation for the earth's beauty and it's creatures, while her family a...nd personal background in music, as well as her love of world travel, deeply developed a passion for the arts. The combination of these passions exploded into the creation of her poetic tale: "The Animal Dance". In her spare time, JE' enjoys traveling, photography and sharing the gift of music, as she is an accomplished vocalist and musician. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Music, and is currently a Nationally Certified and New Hampshire Licensed Massage Therapist. Although this is her first children's book, JE' has been writing since she was a child (i.e. poetry, short stories, lyrics/ songs), and has had an article published in Applaud Magazine, a magazine for women. JE' currently resides in New Hampshire. Read More

Random House UK
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<div><div><B>Offers sensible solutions to help parents cope with their little fussy eater</B></DIV><div></B> </DIV><div>All parent...s want their babies to be healthy, happy eaters but mealtimes can often end in a battle of wills. Gina Ford offers parents practical, straightforward advice on turning those difficult mealtimes into happy family occasions. Gina's no-nonsense quick and easy tips will help you to create food that is fun to eat, yet healthy, and nutritious; make mealtimes less stressful; and encourage your child to eat fruit and vegetables.</div></DIV> Read More

Northampton House
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SELECTED AS A FINALIST FOR THE MARIPOSA PRIZE FOR FIRST NOVEL, INTERNATIONAL LATINO BOOK AWARDS <br><br>"A fun, humorous, lighthea...rted caper that subtly and brilliantly explores the importance of cultural identity." <br>-- Linda Nieves-Powell, Author of <i>Yo Soy Latina! </i><br><br>"Ju is a terrific personality with a large, inquisitive mind and an even bigger heart. Girls of all ages will remember her long after the last page is turned." <br>-- Cecilia Galante, Author of <i>The Patron Saint of Butterflies</i><br><br>"At a time when the publishing world is in desperate need for more diversity in children's literature, Ramos has introduced Justina, who is not only full of cultural pride, but is also universally relatable as she struggles with issues all kids face: Who am I and where do I fit in?" <br>-- Crystal Velasquez, Author of the <i>Your Life, But...</i> Series <br><br>Justina 'Ju' Feliciano and her fellow seventh-grade sleuths are on the case! A sneaky vandal has damaged scenery from the school drama club production and the newbie detectives must catch the culprit before opening night. <br><br>But Ju faces a completely different kind of mystery when a genetics assignment forces her to investigate the cold hard fact that her frizzy blonde hair and amber eyes don't match the shades of brown that run in her family. This is one case she wishes she didn't have to solve. Only there's no escaping the Blueprint of Life Project, so Ju searches the attic for documents she needs to complete her schoolwork. Instead, she discovers her parents are keeping a huge secret. <br><br>Ju's amateur sleuthing and a confrontation with her parents finally lead to the cold hard facts about her past. But even though her life changes forever, she's still the same mystery-loving girl she's always been. Read More

Brand: Solid Ground Christian Books
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Thomas H. Gallaudet (1787-1851) was the Apostle to the Deaf and Dumb in the United States. He devoted his life to teach the underp...rivileged the truths of God's Word. He wrote dozens and dozens of books using simple, straightforward language for children, young people and adults. THE CHILD'S BOOK ON THE FALL OF MAN is a plain explanation of the origin of sin in the universe. Gallaudet leads children by the hand into the garden of Eden to help them see how our first parents fell into rebellion against their great and gracious Creator. The book concludes with a passionate appeal to the reader to "Go to Christ" who alone can save. This book can be read to and by children 6-12 years old. Read More

Dover Publications
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<div>Our sixteenth president invites you to play . . . and learn! The tallest of our Chief Executives, the man who was born in a l...og cabin and whose rugged profile appears on the penny and the five-dollar bill, has some fun in store for you! Jump into this merry mix of mazes, crossword puzzles, follow-the-dots pages, word searches, "find the difference" challenges, and much more. This little book is bursting with facts about Honest Abe, so it's a great way to get to know this heroic president better . . . while enjoying hours of entertainment. Perfect for kids as well as parents, grandparents, and teachers!</div> Read More

Running Press Kids
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<DIV>Award-winning illustrator Christopher Wormell brings his vivid artwork to the classic <I>Aesop?s Fables</I>, a cornerstone of... children?s literature, in a visual feast to delight both children and adults. Gorgeous linoleum block prints illustrate a key moment in the story, highlighting the moral printed in Wormell?s hand-cut typeface on the opposite page. This simple approach encourages parent-child interaction through storytelling, while an appendix provides each tale in more detail, along with a thumbnail of the illustration. Wormell?s children?s books are so beautiful that they double as adult art and gift books.</Div> Read More

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Winner of the Eisner Award and multiple children's choice awards and with over 2 million bo...oks sold, kids, parents, and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones, Ivy and Bean, Bad Kitty, and Dork Diaries! Wanted: Expert babysitter. Babymouse will finally have enough money to buy cool stuff! All she has to do is take care of a few kids. No problem! Who's more responsible than Babymouse? She's practically Mary Poppins! (Okay, maybe that's going a little too far.) Will Babymouse be the ultimate sitter? Or will triplets mean triple trouble? Find out in Bad Babysitter --the nineteenth laugh-out-loud installment of the beloved Babymouse graphic novel series. Read More

Kids Can Press
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Adventures in Ancient Egypt mixes fact and fiction for fast, funny and fascinating romps through the past. Kids will love the book...'s contemporary comic-book look with its zany illustrations, speech balloons and guidebook. Parents and teachers will love the well-researched story lines and solid factual information. In this book, the Binkerton twins, Josh and Emma, and their little sister, Libby, stumble into the Good Times Travel Agency and take a once-in-a-lifetime trip back to Ancient Egypt! Read More

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This cookbook was created out of my own interest and desire to develop tasty, healthy easy to prepare meals and snacks that accomm...odate all of my sensitivities and allergies. Which means they must be; gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, sugar free, caffeine free, preservative, additive and chemical free.It is overwhelming to be told your regular eating habits have to be altered and many people simply don?t have a lot of time to be creative in the kitchen. I found there were not many recipes available to help me with all of the sensitivities I had developed and realized there must be other people like me trying to come up with tasty healthy food to enjoy. I have created several quick and simple recipes that provide very healthy and flavourful dishes. There is a wide variety from snacks to full meals and these dishes are sure to please your family and even impress your friends without being difficult or too costly. Some ingredients may be new and sound foreign but they are surprisingly easy to find and I have provided tips on many recipes that assist with preparation as well as where to locate many of these items. Read More

New World Library
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<DIV>Parents no longer have time to read long books about the theories of parenting. What they want are quick pieces of advice to their busy lifestyles and immediate needs. Dr. Jenn comes to the rescue with this fun yet useful book that offers 26 short chapters on everything from pets to being a sports parent to healthy relationships to food to keeping your marriage as much fun as it was before the children arrived.<br>Designed to be browsed or picked up from time to time for specific help, the book provides insight and guidance for any parent but focuses on those with toddlers to third grade. Upbeat, lively, and humorous, this book answers parents? most frequent questions about how to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. Because every chapter is only a few pages long and can stand on its own, busy parents can read what they need when they need it.</DIV> Read More

Abbey Press
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When it comes to fairness, every kid knows that a parent can't break a candy bar perfectly in half, for sharing. We grown-ups also... know what it's like not being treated fairly, and we know that much unfairness springs from such things as greed, or hatred, or anger, or prejudice, or misunderstanding, or even from the ways of Nature. But using these "big words" to explain unfairness to children will probably not work. And so, in this book, author Linus Mundy, offers words and examples that children will understand and relate to. Our children are ready to understand more about this big, wide world we live in. And they are ready to make it better for everyone, by making it more just, more fair. Softcover; 32 pages; 8" x 8".<BR><BR>Abbey Press continues to produce inspirational and religious gifts of faith, family and friendship. These included home décor, crosses, collectibles, rosaries, photo frames, framed prints, plaques and more! Read More

Atria/Keywords Press
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Meet Action Movie Kid, whose adventures began on YouTube and continue in his first book, a thrilling tale of the heroic acts and d...aring deeds that fill his day and follow him to bedtime?and beyond!<BR><BR>James may look like a regular boy, but in his imagination he is Action Movie Kid, defender of his own tiny universe. Monsters, aliens, and robots are no match for James?s super strength and infinite cleverness. Though his superpowers sometimes get him into trouble?especially when others can?t see the dangerous foes that prowl the school yard, and his home?you can always rely on Action Movie Kid to save the day, even if he does need his parents? help from time to time. Read More

Lingvaerium Books
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<p><i>From the dough I was made, in the oven I was baked, on the window I was bored, down the trail I jumped and rolled, clever K...olobok I'm called.</i></p> <p> <i>Kolobok</i> is a traditional Russian folk tale beloved by kids and adults alike. The story of a restless little bun who comes to life and escapes from his makers, it holds parallels with similar tales found in the folklore of every nation in the world. Yet despite this universal storyline, the Russian version offers its own distinctive cultural flavor. Now, you and your child can both experience the beauty of Russia's rich linguistic legacy without leaving your 21st century home. In this innovative edition, <i>Kolobok</i> has been carefully translated into modern Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese - especially for the enjoyment of children ages 2-6, families speaking more than one language, and foreign language learners of all ages!</p> <p> The traditions of folk storytelling are timeless, borderless, and universal. <i>Kolobok</i> is only one of a million precious stones that adorn the magnificent crown of our common folk literary heritage. The story you hold in your hands is a piece of culture that belongs in every family's home.</p> <p> In retelling the age-old story of <i>Kolobok</i>, careful consideration was placed on accurately transcribing linguistic and cultural intricacies within the story, reflecting important innate differences between the languages chosen. Native speakers of each language wrote and proofread the translations; focus groups of parents and children evaluated and approved of the book's unique format. Everyone involved in the project truly enjoyed bringing <i>Kolobok</i> to life.</p> <p> Illustrations in the book are digital and were created using image processing software. The photographs were digitally captured or carefully selected from the finest digital archives of distinguished photographers, then skillfully fused with digital drawings. This combination immerses young readers in a magical world of folk storytelling, where borders between reality and fiction are blurred. </p> <p><i>Kolobok</i> is printed in English but includes matching captions printed in other languages on re-sealable stickers (at the back of the book). The languages included in this multilingual edition are Russian, Spanish and Chinese. To switch or add a language, simply put the numbered stickers on top of the original printed text. Also, included with this book is a CD containing a narration of the story in each of the four languages. And finally, we have provided a set of numbered blank stickers. We support and encourage families to make use of this set; if you don't find your native language in this edition, you have the option of writing your own translation on the blank stickers. This book is multilingual, and we want you to treat it as such.</p> Read More

Outskirts Press
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Cancer, with a fifty percent chance of being dead in 15 to 36 months.<br><br>That was the news that I got in October of 2006, and ...I was only 53 years old. Over just a few days, I went from speed-of-light active to zero. My career as a pediatrician ended three days after I realized I was ill. <br><br>After the initial shock of hearing the diagnosis and likelihood of survival, my thoughts all turned to my family. Was everything organized enough for my wife to take over my family jobs? Would we have any money now, since I had no job? Would I be alive to see my youngest daughter graduate from college? What would my oldest daughter do in New York City, where she was just beginning her first job after college? Had I told everybody all the things I had always meant to tell them? Would I be able to get all my "lists" done before I died?<br><br>I survived two different regimens of chemotherapy, and attended the graduation one week after the final treatment. My organizational skills were legend, and my wife was set to take over. Money would be okay. My lists were completed. My New York daughter quit her job and moved back, into a teaching job that had just opened. I had an autologous stem-cell bone marrow transplant, my only chance of survival, in August of 2007. <br><br>About a month after my transplant, my daughters came to babysit for me. <br><br>I could not be left alone, since I could not care for myself. While they were there, I realized that, although I had told them all the things I had meant to say, they would probably forget all the stories I had told them when they were young.<br><br> "Daddy, tell me a story about when you were little," kept repeating in my head. It was what they said to me many evenings at bedtime, so that I would tell them the things I did as a child. Back when parents just sent us out to play, without knowing what we were doing or where we were. I played in dangerous places and did dangerous and rotten things. My parents probably thought I would grow up to be some sort of terrible criminal. My daughters were fascinated.<br><br>So, in October of 2007, I decided to write down all of my bedtime stories, hopefully getting the job done before I died. It is now April of 2009, and I am not dead. I am cancer-free, at least by any testing that looks for disease recurrence. I finally have finished writing all of the stories that I can remember - all 224 of them. I am writing this book only for two people, my daughters, so I only need two copies. If anybody else finds enjoyment, humor, or astonishment in my stories, it will make me smile. A rotten kid grew up to be a pediatrician. Read More

Debbie Hammer
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This is a revised and expanded version of the author's first book, "Veggie Creations for Kellan", with seventy more taste tested r...ecipes that toddlers, kids and families will love. This version also includes the author's experience, insight, and tips, about getting young children to try new foods. The theme of labeling recipes with kid-friendly names designed to integrate experience, such as learning shapes and colors, with food, is continued from the first book. Many of the new recipes were developed with the help of the author's increasingly verbal and skilled son, Kellan himself. The new creations offer almost just as many sweet as there are savory delights. The bottom line is that kids prefer sweet. The appeal for such recipes as Carrot Cake Pops and Triangle Cookies is that they combine veggies with natural sweeteners, creating a win-win for parents and children alike. One hundred thirty-five total tried and true recipes. Several photos display the look of the final product with mouth watering appeal. As in the original book, these pages also feature pictures of Kellan devouring his favorites-proof that the recipes work on the pickiest of eaters! Read More

Atheneum Books for Young Readers
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What do you do when your mother makes you invite the most obnoxious kid in your class to your birthday party? <BR> <BR> - Or when have to wait another thirty-three and a third years to see a shower of stars? <BR> <BR> - Or your parents ship you off to fat camp? <BR> <BR> - Or you have to share your private lunch hour with a girl who's mean to you just because of the color of your skin? <BR> <BR> In E. L. Konigsburg's witty and perceptive short stories, four young people cope with difficult situations and, in doing so, learn something that changes their lives. Read More

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Phenylketonuria (pronounced fee-nill-key-toe-NURR-ee-uh) or PKU is a rare, inherited metabolic disorder. Each year, approximately ...1 in 14,000 newborn babies are diagnosed with PKU. If you have PKU, your body cannot break down, or metabolize, the essential amino acid, phenylalanine (Phe). Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The primary treatment for PKU is a special metabolic formula and the restriction of foods high in Phe (protein), such as meats, cheeses, milk, bread and pasta. Life-long dietary compliance is a critical component for proper growth and development in children and quality of life in adults. We hope Penny The Penguin can help your child on this "diet for life" journey. Read More

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The roots of children?s literature are commonly known to lie in adaptation. The texts most frequently adapted for a child audience... are either canonised literary works for adults or children?s books which have acquired a high status of their own. In both cases, the stories are adapted to fit the needs of new readers in other contexts. This volume frames adaptation in children?s literature against a broader socio-cultural background, focussing on the ideological implications of the process. Emphasising both diversity and evolution, it deals with oppositional forces and recent trends informing adaptation. At its core are issues of transmediality and new reader roles, adaptations' orientation towards the ideology associated with the pre-text, as well as canonisation of the pre-texts and of the adaptations themselves. The volume is characterised by a broad international and diachronic spread, with topics ranging from traditional Western fairy tale adaptations to retellings of South African oral stories and Persian myths. The evolution discernible in the cases presented neatly illustrates how the process of adaptation allows canonical texts to develop into never-ending stories. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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<div>Summer Bridge Activities: Bridging Grades 3?4 gives students a head start for their fourth-grade year. Review third-grade ski...lls such as finding area and using quotation marks while preparing for fourth- grade skills such as equivalent fractions, similes, and metaphors. School stops for summer, but learning never should! The best-selling, award-winning Summer Bridge Activities(R) series helps prevent summer learning loss while getting students ready for the school year ahead. Engaging practice activities for math and language arts skills can be completed in just 15 minutes during each weekday of summer vacation. All activities support current state standards. In addition, exclusive features help kids stay active and healthy by moving and thinking, with activities such as goal setting, character development exercises, fitness challenges, hands-on science experiments, social studies activities, and outdoor learning experiences. Bonus flash cards and an online companion are included. With 12 weeks of learning fun, Summer Bridge Activities is the perfect way to keep skills sharp all summer long!</div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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"Meet The Mammoth" - A nonfiction book for children. <br><br> This Mammoth book is filled with cool pictures and interesting facts... about these long gone creatures that once roamed the planet. <br><br> If you want to learn about the Mammoth, then this book - "Meet The Mammoth" - gives you the answers to questions, including: <br><br> - When did the Mammoth live? <br> - What was the Mammoth's feeding habits like? <br> - How did the Mammoth move? <br> - Why did Mammoths become extinct? <br> ... and more! <br><br> The Mammoth was an amazing creature and has been studied for many years. So, if you want your child to know more than their teacher about the Mammoth then you need to grab a copy of "Meet The Mammoth" right now. <br><br> Combining fantastic images of the Mammoth with interesting facts, this is a perfect children's book about the mighty Mammoth. <br><br> This book uses language that is simple enough for children to read on their own or to read alongside a parent, guardian or teacher. Read More

Crabtree Publishing Company
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<br><br><b>Book Details:</b><ul><li>Format: Paperback</li><li>Publication Date: 11/1/2005</li><li>Pages: 32</li><li>Reading Level:... Age 10 and Up</li></ul> Read More

Brand: Mitchell Lane Publishers
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Are you hoping to adopt a puppy into your family? Puppies are adorable, and there are many breeds to choose from. They can grow to... be anywhere from 6 to 135 pounds! They are very entertaining and can learn tricks like jumping high in the air and fetching sticks. They can even be trained to rescue people who are in danger! You ll learn what not to feed them and how to know when they need medical attention. Find out whether one of these animals would make a good pet, and learn everything you need to know to take care of your new puppy. Read More

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Enter the lab of Professor X. Ploder as his assistant on a top-secret assignment: designing and testing a spy's pocket rocket. The...n discover all about the science of rockets through practical experiments that you can try at home. <p>Level 3 is for children able to read on their own. The stories are exciting and captivating in order to develop the child's own desire to read. More text and more complex sentence structure are presented, with information spreads to help develop the reader's general knowledge. The choice of subject widens to match the broadening of children's experiences and interests.</p> <p>Whether your child is learning how to read or wants to practice and improve his or her reading skills, <i>DK Readers</i> have the right story for developmentally appropriate reading at home. This innovative range of graded readers combines a highly visual approach with stories that children will want to read. Easy-to-read stories for beginning readers with word repetition progress to stories with rich vocabulary and more challenging sentence structure. There's a <i>DK Reader</i> for every child!</p> Read More

Mr Marks Classroom
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For parents and children alike, many of the fondest ?school days? memories revolve around a bustling morning routine that began a hurried breakfast, followed by loading backpacks, and culminating in the drive to school. A Dad?s Gotta Do What a Dad?s Gotta Do is the story of one seemingly ordinary dad who makes a certain Monday morning drive to school anything but ordinary for his two boys. In this beautifully illustrated book created for kids to read with their parents, author Mark Jones presents the amusing and easy-to-understand narrative of a father?s unconditional love for his children. Kids will giggle with delight, and parents are sure to be inspired to find their own special way to shout their love for their children, as they sit down together to read A Dad?s Gotta Do What a Dad?s Gotta Do.  Read More

Brand: Crabtree Pub Co
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Yellow Bananas Teacher's Guide Based on the Yellow Bananas series, this resource for teachers helps reinforce and enhance what stu...dents learn in their core reading program through engaging activities that focus on reading skills. Teachers will find: - activities that highlight the book's main message and tie students' responses to reading, writing, speaking, listening, and representing- activities that connect the topic of the book to other curriculum areas- notes to teachers with suggestions on how to implement an activity, adapt the activity to different levels and interests, and involve the home community- quizzes to help assess an individual student's comprehension- reproducible blackline masters for students to use as worksheets for an activity- 60 pages; 8 1/2 11"; binder; B&W text; full-color cover Yellow Bananas are captivating chapter books designed to help young readers make the transition from storybooks to text-based books. The next level up from Red Bananas, each book features short chapters, engaging full-color illustrations, and a strong story about interesting characters. As their reading abilities develop, kids will want to make the jump from Red to Yellow Bananas!- full-color illustrations on every page provide a recognizable format for children- short chapters introduce young readers to the concept of chapter books- a variety of subjects, including science fiction, mysteries, and funny stories, will engage children's interest- Guided Reading level indicated for each book- Teacher's Guide reinforces and enhances skills learned in the core reading program Read More

Brand: Hay House
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A pack of 25 cards, each containing two games you can play in the car with your children. Compiled by Parenting Magazine, it inclu...des word games, drawing games, storytelling and more, and explains how to create a tool kit for the car, with elements that can be used in a variety of games. Read More

Cartwheel Books
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<div>A new line of novelty finger play & action rhyme stories!<br><br>This little piggy went to the market,<br>This little piggy s...tayed home.<br><br>The FINGERS & TOES series is a new take on familiar action rhyme / finger play classics. With bold, bright colors from Natalie Marshall; picture guides to help readers act out the hand/foot movements; and tabs throughout; this novelty board book encourages parent-child interactions while also introducing important preschool-readiness skills. Plus, it's FUN!<br></div> Read More

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