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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Christmas drawings for kids and beginners with the #1 best selling author and illustrator Amit Offir. This drawing book is the bes...t gift for kids that want to know how to draw Santa Claus and his helpers. with this drawing book little artists will gain confidence and creativity when following the simple, visual, step-by-step instructions for drawing their favorite Christmas drawings. This drawing book will teach you how to draw: How to Draw Candy Canes How to Draw Elves How to Draw Santa Claus How to Draw Gifts & Presents How to Draw Moose How to Draw Santa's Cart How to Draw Snowflakes How to Draw Chimney How to Draw Christmas Tree and much more... This drawing books is a great tool for parents, grandparents and teachers. With this drawing guide you can draw on your own christmas cards, christmas coloring pages, decorate your home with christmass drawings and much more! Read More

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Perfecting Parenting Press
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<b><i>Is toilet training your youngster much more challenging than you expected?</b></i> Is your child uninterested? <b><i>Does sh...e keep having accidents because she doesn't want to stop playing to go to the toilet?</b></i> Does he always say no when you ask <b><i>"Do you have to go peepee (or poop)?"</b></i> <p>Or maybe your child is peepee trained but doesn't want to poop in the toilet? Is he having <b><i>constipation</b></i> because of all this? Are you worried that <b><i>your child won't be able to go to preschool</b></i> or maybe even to Kindergarten because he's not toilet trained? Is your youngster <b><i>holding in her poop</b></i> for days, doesn't want to eat and <b><i>is frightened</b></i> when the poop gets so big, it has to come out? <p>In this book, there are two stores for preschoolers - one on peeing and one on pooping - and a guidance section for parents. The first story is <b><i>Going Peepee</b></i>. Katie's parents say it's time to start going peepee in the toilet, but Katie doesn't want to stop playing to go. She has lots of accidents. With creative guidance from her parents, Katie starts to see all the advantages and decides <b><i>she will go peepee every time in the toilet</b></i>. <p>In the second story, <b><i>Going Poop</b></i>, Ben doesn't like pooping in the toilet. He doesn't like the way his poop feels coming out. He figures that he can tighten his bottom every time and hopes to never have a poop again. But when it has to come out, he gets scared. <b><i>His parents help him become brave enough to overcome his reluctance and be successful.</b></i> <P>The parents' section provides expert guidance on when and how to toilet-train your preschooler. It explains what is the child's view on toilet training. <b><i>Learn the most age-appropriate tools to motivate youngsters who are uninterested, reluctant, and fearful.</b></i> Specific advice shows parents how to help children with frequent peeing accidents and children who are resistant and afraid of pooping in the toilet. <b><i>This manual will clear up conflicting advice</b></i>, and teach you the skills to guide reluctant youngsters toward toileting success. The parents' section captures the common issues that children have. This book is comprehensive - covering every toileting issue in step-by-step detail. Examples from other families will show how their youngsters became toilet trained including the five year old who said when she grew up her house wouldn't have any toilets. Read More

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Manhattan Toy
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<br>Potty training can be a challenge, but Baby Stella is here to help! The Baby Stella "My Big Girl Potty" book is the perfect t...raining tool to help your little one with their potty training challenges. Baby Stella tells her own story of how she learned to use the "big potty", and so can you. Book includes ten illustrated pages.<br> <br>Baby Stella by Manhattan Toy is an ideal first baby doll collection that will encourage little ones to role play, nurture, and care. Baby Stella dolls, sold separately, are completely soft and beautifully crafted with life like details such as a belly button and perfectly plump tummy. You can change her outfits and every doll comes with a magnetic pacifier. The Baby Stella Collection offers a variety of soft and safe accessories that allow little ones a caregiving experience.<br> <br>For over 30 years, Manhattan Toy has been making award winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. Manhattan Toy offers more than 650 exclusive, original product designs distributed and sold worldwide through specialty retail stores, catalogs, and websites. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our customers.<br> Read More

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