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The Land of Nod
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Children's Books: My Quotable Kid Book - Outrageous, poignant, or bitingly witty, the things our children say always offer an unex...pected glimpse into a world that is all their own. Filled with roomy pages for jotting down conversations or overheard saying, this handsome keepsake journal also features a bound-in photo window for adding a unique, personal touch. Whether parents prefer safely stowing precious insights for future generations or sharing priceless quips with family and friends, My Quotable Kid will become a lasting record of a child's most memorable quotes. *Product Details* - Hardcover - 144 pages - Ribbon page marker - Interior photo window - Features two color illustrationsShipping info - Delivered lickety split in 5-7 business days Read More

Innovative Kids
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It can take all of your powers of persuasion to get your little prince to take his rightful throne. Framing potty-training as a of accomplishment and independence is the best way to get it done, and the Prince of the Potty book by Innovative Kids does a great job teaching kids how to use the potty in a way that's both playful and fun. The Prince of the Potty book uses simple language that isn't too babyish to tell the story of a proud little prince and his newly-acquired bathroom habits. We especially appreciated how the little boy in the book is depicted as the prime mover of his own story - he decides to take on the challenge of the potty, with the help of his royal parents. Writer Nora Gaydos is an elementary school teacher with tremendous expertise in pre-reading skills, so this book is also tailored to lead your child towards learning to read. And illustrator Akemi Gutierrez is a seasoned illustrator and animator, whose drawings are absolutely adorable and kid-friendly. Read More

Flagship Carpets
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Help kids develop a love for reading with Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug. This colorful rug features a border of smiling ...books and an optional message. The classroom rug is constructed of dense nylon fiber that's treated with Scotchguard stain protection so it looks great year after year. Edges are tightly bound and double-stitched for maximum strength. Each rug comes with a permanent antimicrobial treatment that protects against odors, mold and mildew. The skid-resistant Action Bac woven backing system prevents wrinkles and bunching. Printed with Flagship's high-tech process, the design is crisp, clean and features fade-resistant saturated color. Flagship Carpets' Circle Time Books Rug is made in the USA and backed by a lifetime abrasive wear warranty. Key Features Fun smiling book design with optional message Dense nylon fiber construction with fade-resistant color Anti-soil, antimicrobial and anti-static treatments Woven backing prevents skidding and creasing CRI Green Label Plus certified Scotchguard stain protection Action Bac backing system Meets Class I flammability standards Backed by a lifetime wear warranty Specifications Dimensions: 12' diameter Shape: Round Warranty: Lifetime limited Read More

Hooked on Phonics
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<b>Hooked on Phonics</b> <i>Master Reader </i> was designed especially for children ages 7 and up who have mastered basic reading ...skills but need a boost to read with speed, accuracy, and confidence. Master Reader's award-winning system teaches kids how to break down large words into parts so they can read more fluently and spend less time and effort sounding out each word using a balanced approach to reading that pairs systematic instruction with engaging stories and books. Reading success is guaranteed because each lesson is supported with lots of fun and entertaining practice activities and kid-appealing reading materials<BR><ul> <li>Includes 4 chapter books, 4 easels, 64 story cards, 4 audio CDs, a progress poster with stickers and a parent's guide.</li> <li>Designed for children ages7 and up.</li> </ul> Read More

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DK Workbooks: Geography: Kindergarten is a great tool to supplement school curriculum help your Kindergarten student learn geograp...hy concepts. Level by level, these write-in DK Workbooks: Geography offer at-home practice that kids actually enjoy ? making them ideal supplements to schoolwork. Designed to support the Common Core State Standards, this series is developed with leading educational experts to build confidence and understanding. Each leveled workbook, for children ages three through nine, is packed with activities and challenges, offering the beneficial repetition and cumulative learning that lead to mastery. Fact boxes on each page give a simple overview of the topics being covered, helping children get their bearings, review the basics, and often see an example of the task at hand. The exercises themselves reinforce key geography topics, including: map reading, compass directions, continents, countries and states, borders, bodies of water, and more. Read More

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Is it possible to address the individual learning needs of thirty active multiage, multiethnic elementary students - all at the time? Dorothy Peters has been doing this for almost twenty years. In <i>Taking Cues from Kids,</i> she demonstrates how - to twelve student teachers at New York City's Central Park East School, many of whom themselves began as skeptics. <p> A compilation of yearlong journal exchanges between Peters and her student teachers, this unique book immerses readers in the specificities of classroom life on a day-to-day basis - the actual framework in which any teacher must make decisions. Intelligent, perceptive, constructively critical, these student teachers raise questions all educational practitioners face and their discussions cover the spectrum of issues - everything from punishment versus consequence and dealing with "difficult" children to planning and implementing integrated curriculum, fostering inquiry, assessing and tracking students' growth, and managing hands-on experiential learning. The book also provides lots of practical support: sample room layouts, suggestions for classroom provisioning, a sample record-keeping form, a planning web for integrated curriculum, a sample lesson plan, a chapter on getting started, suggested readings, and lots of photographs illustrating how hands-on learning progresses across the grades. <p> There is something in this book for everyone. Experienced teachers will extend and deepen their understanding of child-centered practice, discovering additional techniques to add to their repertoire. New teachers will be encouraged to discover how much they already know and that moments of self-doubt and discouragement at the start of a teaching career are universal. Master teachers, mentors, and staff developers will find an effective model for coaching. Read More

Brand: Milliken Pub Co
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This workbook provides practice in working with fractional numbers and mixed numbers. Emphasis is placed upon addition and subtrac...tion. The exercises correlate with the material on fractional numbers presented in basic middle grade mathematics texts. The pages are presented in a suggested order, but may be used in any order which best meets the child's needs. Parents who wish their children to have practice in mathematics skills will find the book as helpful as classroom teachers will find it. The exercises are presented so that a child can work with a minimum of supervision. Answers are included in a four-page leaflet in the middle of the book, which can be easily removed. Read More

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with 15 short stories by <ul>Avi <br>T. A. Barron <br>Joan Bauer <br>Larry Bograd <br>Joseph Bruchac <br>Donna Gamache <br>Kendall... Haven <br>Roy Hoffman <br>Trish Holland <br>C. S. Perryess <br>Neal Shusterman <br>Gloria Skurzynski <br>Gene Twaronite <br>Vivian Vande Veld <br>Angel Vigil </ul> <p>While there are many collections of short stories available for young adults, precious few contain instructional support for their teachers. <i>In Short</i> does. With fifteen stories from award-winning authors, such as Avi, Joan Bauer, and T. A. Barron, and teaching suggestions for you, it's the ideal resource for offering students an entry point into the genre.</p> <p>From parent-child relationships to the hardships of war, the broad scope of these pieces and the practicality of their associated teaching tools provide opportunities to sample the stories for one or two class periods or to fully immerse students over a semester by studying a story a week. Suzanne Barchers introduces each story with a plot summary and information about the author, then presents discussion topics for before, during, and after reading, as well as specific questions to ask your classes and book lists and websites for further information.</p> <p><i>In Short</i> can be used to study the form of the short story, introduce novels, tackle teen issues, link content across the curriculum, and teach literary elements such as theme, setting, character, and tone. And with its contemporary, diverse stories and powerful teaching tools, it's bound to be a hit with you and your students.</p> Read More

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<p><i>DK Reader Level 3: Star Wars®: Star Pilot</i> features a lively, fact-packed narrative about the spaceships and vehicles of ...<i>Star Wars</i>. What is the biggest spaceship? What is a Jedi starfighter? This exciting book has all the answers!</p><p>Level 3 is for children able to read on their own. The stories are exciting and captivating in order to develop the child's own desire to read. More text and more complex sentence structure are presented, with information spreads to help develop the reader's general knowledge. The choice of subject widens to match the broadening of children's experiences and interests.</p><p>© & TM 2015 LUCASFILM LTD.</p> Read More

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. ""A guide for crafty parents and their kids mixes a kid-centric and family friendly design ...with a treasure trove of charming, beautiful, creative and educational projects that parents and their kids, aged 3 to 12, will love to create together. Read More

Hachai Publishing
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You be the illustrator... <br>Imagine a children s book with bright colorful artwork, personalized and enhanced by your child s ow...n drawings! Hachai Publishing has just released Thank You for Everything, the very first I-Can-Draw Keepsake Book that leaves room for each child s creativity to shine.<br><br> Thank You, Hashem, for my family... They re as wonderful as can be! <br>Within a colorful frame, children have a chance to draw their own family, their own favorite foods, the house they live in, and so much more. It s a great way to increase Hakaras Hatov, the quality of gratitude, and a special activity for parents and children to share.<br><br>What a priceless opportunity for 4-7 year olds to help create a real book that can be read and enjoyed over and over again! With parental supervision and colorful markers, Thank You for Everything will become every child s most treasured book. Read More

Brand: Heinemann
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<p style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 6pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 12pt">Parents want to be supportive of math education. But they often feel frustration... when they don't recognize the kind of instruction their children are getting and can't help them at home. The best way to guide parents toward an understanding of how their kids are learning is by engaging them in the very same mathematics students are experiencing at school. With the <i>Supporting School Mathematics</i> series, you'll find six comprehensive workshop modules for effectively engaging with parents or any stakeholder in mathematics education. </p> <p style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 6pt; LINE-HEIGHT: 12pt"><i><span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial">Addition and Subtraction in the Primary Grades</span></i><span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"> is designed to help parents understand the role of mental arithmetic in developing numerical reasoning. Parents experience the kinds of lessons that help young children learn basic facts in meaningful contexts and through reasoning rather than rote memorization and isolated drill. The session focuses on ways to help children become fluent with small numbers and emphasizes the importance of such fluency as a foundation for working with larger numbers. The content of this session is appropriate for teachers and parents of grades K - 3. <p> </p> </span></p> <p>Each of the six sessions of <i>Supporting School Mathematics</i> each use explicit, thorough, hands-on examples to illustrate how key aspects of your math curriculum work. Parents will come to understand: </p> <ul> <li>what it means to teach for understanding and how meaningful, challenging, and engaging this type of learning is </li> <li>why and how the focus of instruction is different than traditional mathematics teaching </li> <li>how basic facts are both explicitly and implicitly addressed </li> <li>how to extend to home what students learn at school. </li> </ul> <p>Each <i>Supporting School Mathematics</i> package includes everything you need to conduct a successful parent workshop: </p> <ul> <li>a planning handbook that offers general advice on presenting mathematical content and even provides you a Q-and-A section featuring the questions you are most likely to get and good answers to them </li> <li>a module that includes scripts, content-specific talking points, overheads, and handouts that help audience members understand how their children are learning and discover new ways of helping them at home </li> <li>a CD that contains ready-to-print files for the overheads as well as printable versions of the handouts in both English and Spanish. </li> </ul> <p>The six workshops in the <i>Supporting School Mathematics</i> series help you demonstrate for parents the most important aspects of any mathematics curriculum: </p> <ul> <li><i>Helping with Math at Home: Ideas for Parents</i></li> <li><i>Helping with Math at Home: More Ideas for Parents</i></li> <li><i>Understanding Addition and Subtraction Across the Grades</i></li> <li><i>Understanding Multiplication Across the Grades</i></li> <li><i>Understanding Fractions Across the Grades</i></li> <li><i>Encouraging Mathematical Thinkers: The Basics and More</i> </li> </ul> <p>Gain parents' support by using <i>Supporting School Mathematics</i> to introduce them to high-quality, student-centered mathematics instruction. It's an easy, new way to change how they think about their children's math education. </p> <p><b>System Requirements for CD-ROM</b> </p> <p><b>Windows/PC</b><br/> Pentium Processor<br/> 450Mhz (or higher)><br/> Windows 98 (or higher)<br/> 64 MB RAM (more recommended)<br/> SVGA Color Display (or better)<br/> 8X CD-ROM Drive (or faster)<br/> Acrobat Reader </p> <p><b>Mac</b><br/> PowerPC Processor<br/> G3/333Mhz (or higher)<br/> System 8.6 (or higher)<br/> 64 MB RAM (more recommended)<br/> SVGA Color Display (or better)<br/> 8X CD-ROM Drive (or faster)<br/> Acrobat Reader </p> Read More

St. Martin's Griffin
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<p>Not only are these puzzles fun but KenKen helps children improve concentration, logic and arithmetic skills. Children ages 9-12... have excelled in math and gained real-life problem solving skills all from playing a puzzle so engaging that it keeps them coming back for more. </p><p>This second volume of <i>I Can KenKen</i> features: <br>? 75 easy all multiplication puzzles to get kids excited about KenKen <br>? Introduction and how to solve instructions from Marilyn Burns <br>? "Home and Classroom Guide for Parents and Teachers" by Ms. Burns <br>? Foreword by Will Shortz</p> Read More

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Readers' Favorite: Book Reviews and Award Contest /Mamta Madhavan 5/5 review!"Supernatural Hero (Action & Adventure) (Comics & Gra...phic Novels) by Eran Gadot is a story that children can relate to easily. Andy is the typical nerd you will come across in your class. He is in grade six, skinny, wears glasses, and then falls in love with Zoe, the prettiest girl in his class. The twist in the story happens when Andy's grandfather dies and turns into a ghost. Now Andy has the power of seeing ghosts and communicating with them. He decides to use that power to the fullest. The paranormal activities make Andy a supernatural hero and the book is about the transformation of nerd Andy into a supernatural hero. It is a very entertaining theme where one can relate to Andy and his nerdy behavior, which sees him being the butt of many jokes in class. The transformation of this nerdy boy is done very well and the change is fluid. It is the type of story that kids will find fascinating. The black and white sketches are beautiful and they give an individuality to the characters and the scenes. The manner in which Andy handles the situations in his life is noteworthy. The theme covers everything that is part of a child's life: parents, school, friends, bullies, pretty girl, and much more. It is an entertaining read with a relatable character and exciting adventures that make it a fast paced story. Now from the nerd that he was, will this supernatural hero get the girl?" Read More

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This is an essential book for your child if you are a parent going through the stress of separation or divorce. This book is desi...gned to help children better understand what is best for them when they are confronted by angry or sad parents that try either directly or indirectly to invole the children in their issues with each other. It is written so that children may read it themselves or have it read to them by a parent. Read More

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Aligned with core principles of effective instruction, this resource provides brain-compatible strategies, reflection questions, a...nd cross-curricular writing activities to boost students? writing and achievement. Read More

Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
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"Olive the Owl was an ideal child, with a sweet disposition so meek and so mild, Except at bedtime when her imagination ran wild...... "O Mommy O Daddy, check under my bed, I can't get the monsters out of my head So sing me a song and tuck me in tight, O Mommy O Daddy, I love you good-night." Read what happens when Olive resolves to overcome her fear and learns to use her imagination in a whole new way! The story/ lullaby is one that both parents and children will enjoy sharing at bedtime. The full audio book is available on iTunes. The music download is available at Publisher's website: Read More

Flowerpot Press
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Watch your young reader expand their vocabulary--and their minds--with this children's picture dictionary. Equipped with over 1,23...4 words essential to the English language, your child will develop the building blocks of their word power. Read More

Penguin Group
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These first-word board books from DK are perfect for busy toddlers. Each spread features colorful labeled images in an easy-to-fol...low grid format, as well as lively questions that encourage conversation between parent and child. Engaging and sturdy, with a strong educational foundation, this first-word series from DK is a great value and a must for any toddler's early library. <p>Children's favorite machines are displayed on the exciting, bright pages of <i>Big Busy Book: Trucks and Other Things That Go</i>, from cars and trucks, to planes and boats, to tractors and construction vehicles.</p> Read More

Arcadia Kids
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DO YOU KNOW?WHEN Charleston was the fourth largest city in America? (Hint: The British still wanted control!) HOW the streets in C...harleston stay so clean? (Hint: Diaper duty helps!) Find these answers and more in Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know<br><br>--an interesting little book about a very special place on the planet! <br><br><br><br>Arcadia Kids is a new series of fun, colorful, easy-to-read books for children ages 7-11 featuring attention-grabbing cover art, inviting conversational style content, and vivid full-color images of landmarks and geography. Parents, grandparents, and savvy shoppers will appreciate the feel good factor of purchasing books that are both fun AND educational. Read More

Abbey Press
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When it comes to fairness, every kid knows that a parent can't break a candy bar perfectly in half, for sharing. We grown-ups also... know what it's like not being treated fairly, and we know that much unfairness springs from such things as greed, or hatred, or anger, or prejudice, or misunderstanding, or even from the ways of Nature. But using these "big words" to explain unfairness to children will probably not work. And so, in this book, author Linus Mundy, offers words and examples that children will understand and relate to. Our children are ready to understand more about this big, wide world we live in. And they are ready to make it better for everyone, by making it more just, more fair. Softcover; 32 pages; 8" x 8".<BR><BR>Abbey Press continues to produce inspirational and religious gifts of faith, family and friendship. These included home décor, crosses, collectibles, rosaries, photo frames, framed prints, plaques and more! Read More

School Zone Publishing
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Ages 3 to 5<br>Colorful bubble stickers help kids develop fine motor skills.

Random House
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NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matthew Holm to bring you a fully illustra...ted graphic novel series packed with humor and kid appeal?BABYMOUSE! <br>  <br> With multiple Children's Choice awards and over 1.7 million books in print, kids, parents, and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones, Ivy and Bean, Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and the Ramona chapter books!<br><br><b>Get ready for the next big epic fantasy . . .</b><i><br></i>In a distant kingdom a growing darkness falls over the land. One is called to defend . . . to bring hope . . . to slay the Mighty Dragon. . . .Could it be . . . Babymouse? Our brave young hero will lead her fellow Mathletes in the quest of a lifetime, a death-defying fight to win back both her school?s honor and the coveted GOLDEN SLIDE RULE. Can she conquer the evil Owlgorithms and her own personal dragon?MATH? Find out in <i>Dragonslayer</i>?the 11th hilarious, action-packed installment of the beloved Babymouse graphic novel series!<br><br>Here's what people are saying about Babymouse!<br><br> <b><i>The Chicago Sun-Times:</i></b><br> "Move over, Superman, here comes Babymouse!"<br><br> <b>Starred Review,<i> The Horn Book:</i></b><br> "Nobody puts Babymouse in the corner!"<br><br> <b><i>Booklist:</i></b><br> "Cute, smart, sassy Babymouse is fun and funny, and this book, like its predecessors, will draw reluctant readers as well as Babymouse fans."<br><br><b><i>The Bulletin:</i></b><br> "An almost absurdly likeable heroine."<br><br><br><i>From the Trade Paperback edition.</i> Read More

Random Publishing, LLC
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AWARD-WINNING and BEST-SELLING AUTHOR. Early Reader, Chapter Book Series for 5-10-year old girls. Eclair Goes to Stella's is fun...ny, sad, heart warming, and genuine all at once!" ~ Renee Gray-Wilburn, co-author of Grandparenting Through Obstacles: Overcoming Family Challenges to Reach Your Grandchildren for Christ (Pix-N-Pens, 2012). "Michelle's story is well-written and engaging. She does a wonderful job of developing the characters and deals with difficult issues in a kid-friendly way. Readers will be quickly drawn into this story and want to keep reading. There are so many dimensions to this story--it is filled with humor, action, and emotion--a great read!" --Award-winning children's book author, Crystal Bowman. When Eclair's mother leaves home, Eclair and her little sister must go live on a farm with Stella, their eccentric grandma. "More and more, grandparents today are assuming the role of part-time or even full-time caregivers for their grandkids. In Eclair Goes to Stella's, we see how one grandmother bravely and creatively steps into this role to help her family through a difficult situation. I'm certain that children everywhere will be able to relate to the range of emotions that little Éclair faces as she struggles to adjust to her new living arrangements then begins to welcome the love and care her grandmother offers." ~ Renee Gray-Wilburn, co-author of Grandparenting Through Obstacles: Overcoming Family Challenges to Reach Your Grandchildren for Christ (Pix-N-Pens, 2012). There is a growing trend in America-grandparents raising grandchildren. According to the AARP's Grandfacts, "Across the United States, almost 7.8 million children are living in homes where grandparents or other relatives are the householders, with more than 5.8 million children living in grandparents' homes and nearly 2 million children living in other relatives' homes. These families are often called grandfamilies." Read More

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Follow the adventures of the Ted E. Bear family as they explore what makes each of the "cubbies" feel loved. Although the five cub...bies live in the same house, with the same mommy, they each feel loved by her in very different ways. Laugh and learn with the cute Lily Bear, who adores everything pink, the bossy, girly-girl Bet E. Bear, Freddy who wears colorful clothing that makes you look twice, Ted E. Bear, the fun-loving athlete, and Zeddy-Spaghetti who has a favorite dinner he could eat very night! This fun-filled, engaging story helps parents learn what makes THEIR child feel loved and happy. See the cubbies discover how everyone can get into a good mood just by focusing on happy memories and thoughts! This delightful story inspires compassion, empathy, and self-esteem, while teaching communication, good listening skills, and the power of sharing love. How would your child's world be different if everyone was Feeling Loved? Barbara Webber has created a masterpiece for children and parents. Feeling Loved belongs in every elementary school around the world as it teaches the most important lesson of life . . . love! - Dr. Darren R. Weissman - Hayhouse Radio Talk Show Host, Best Selling Author and Developer of The LifeLine Technique Aside from teaching children about the importance of family, positive thinking and honest communication, this incredibly clever book also teaches them that it is ok to be different . . . I think the first step in making your children feel loved would be to buy them this book and read it for them. - Top Books Worth Reading Read More

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<p><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13.63636302948px; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;"><em>For all things ...</em>Upstanders<em style="font-style: italic;"><span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;">-</span></em></span><span style="font-style: italic; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;">including </span><span style="font-style: italic; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13.63636302948px; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;">chapter-by-chapter sneak previews, blog posts from Smokey and Sara, videos of Sara's classroom and of them talking about the book, and more</span><span style="font-style: italic; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;">-visit </span><strong style="font-style: italic; font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13.63636302948px; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;"> </strong><strong><span style="font-size: 10pt; line-height: 15.3333330154419px; font-family: arial, sans-serif;"></span></strong>.<span style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 15.3333330154419px;"><em></em></span><br /> <br /> <em>"</em>Upstanders<em> is about helping young people question the world, build knowledge, become skilled researchers, and communicate thoughtfully-in the service of humanity, not just themselves."</em><br /> <strong>-Harvey "Smokey" Daniels and Sara Ahmed</strong></p> <p>How can we meet today's elevated academic goals and engage middle school kids-but not simply replicate our competitive, winner-take-all society? How can our students achieve an even higher standard-demonstrating the capacity and the commitment to bend the world toward justice? </p> <p>In a word, inquiry.</p> <p>Welcome to the classroom of Sara Ahmed. With Smokey Daniels as your guide you'll see exactly how Sara uses inquiry to turn required curricular topics into questions so fascinating that young adolescents can't resist investigating them. Units so engaging that they provide all the complexity the standards could ever expect, while helping students grow from bystanders to Upstanders.</p> <p>Smokey and Sara describe precisely how to create, manage, and sustain a classroom built around choice, small-group collaboration, and critical thinking. You'll be inspired by what Sara's students accomplish, but you'll also come away from <em>Upstanders</em> with a can-do plan for teaching your own classes thanks to: </p> <ul> <li>a developmental look at what makes middle school kids special, challenging, and fun</li> <li>specific lessons that develop collaboration, self-awareness, and compassion</li> <li>a toolbox filled with teaching strategies, structures, tools, and handouts</li> <li>"Point-Outs" from Smokey that highlight key teaching moves</li> <li>"Game-Time Decisions" from Sara that reveal in-the-moment instructional choices</li> <li>narratives that document the incredible work that inquiry allows kids to do</li> <li>ambitious, engaging, and important units on commonly taught middle school themes.</li> </ul> <p>What kind of classroom do we want for our middle schoolers? How about one that develops the skills the standards demand and prepares kids to take action in the world right now? We can do it-if we help kids become <em>Upstanders</em>.</p> Read More

Communication Crossroads
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An easy-to-use, interactive workbook to help children learn to identify, understand and regulate their emotions. Comes in a kit, w...ith a dry-erase marker and easy-to-follow instructions. In contemporary literature on child development, a child's mastery of the Three 'E's; 1. Emotional identification, 2. Emotional understanding, 3. Emotional regulation is highlighted as being essential for his or her ability to actively participate and adapt to the demands of different social partners and different social settings. The Feelings Book is a simple visual tool which allows the user to: (a) select and express their emotional state, (b) consider the intensity of that emotion, (c) compare the emotional event to other events that evoked a similar reaction and (d) select appropriate coping strategies that coincide with their ever changing emotional states. Originally designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and developmental disabilities, the Feelings Book has proven invaluable for any child in developing social-emotional well being. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Your children will fall in love with Preston Packrat as he takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane with his grandfather. The beaut...ifully illustrated early reader displays a number of nostalgic toys from parents' days when they were kids. From Rock'em Sock'em robots to a Polaroid camera, Preston learns that all your things don't have to be new to be fun! This fun illustrated children's book is a great easy reader designed to generate questions between generations. For children who are trying to learn to read, this book can be both fun and educational. Read More

Kids Ahead
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Janie and Sam were happy just being kids -- that is, until celebrities started popping out of their hamper to tell them how to beh...ave and to sell them expensive clothes. With Hollywood and its friends in the liberal media declaring war on traditional values, what's a concerned parent to do? It's "Help! Mom!" to the rescue! This hilarious sequel to "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!" reunites gifted storyteller Katharine DeBrecht with award-winning illustrator Jim Hummel for another small lesson in conservatism. Read More

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For kids who are just beginning to learn to read and want to learn more about animals that come out at night comes <i>Nighttime An...imals</i>, a <i>DK Reader</i> designed to improve reading skills while keeping kids engaged and entertained. In <i>Nighttime Animals</i>, we're introduced to the world of nocturnal creatures and can finally answer the question of what animals are doing after the sun goes down. <p>Develop your child's reading skills with <i>DK Readers</i>, a multi-level reading program designed to capture your child's interest while developing reading skills and general knowledge. A wide variety of subjects allows you to choose a topic that interests your child and develop reading skills around it. Children ages 4 through 9 will find the perfect books for their appropriate reading levels to develop the reading skills needed to improve school projects and independent reading.</p> Read More

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<DIV><P>Grammy nominee. #1 New York Times bestseller. And, with 960,000 copies in print, a Recording Industry Association of Platinum album. What an event! What a show! It?s <I>Philadelphia Chickens</I>?the catchy and quirky, tuneful and toe-tapping, exuberant, unexpected, and totally endearing family-musical-in-a-book.</P><P>Here is a full-color songbook of 17 1/2 illustrated story-poems, and a full-length, fully orchestrated CD of original songs performed by such luminaries as Patti LuPone, Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep, The Bacon Brothers, and Laura Linney, who pleads "Please, Can I Keep It?"?it followed me home. / What exactly it is/ I don't know. Also joining in are Eric Stoltz, Scott  Bakula, and two Boyntons, including daughter Caitlin McEwan, who performs a piece that every little listener will relate to?a love song to the chocolate chip cookies that are just out of reach. With the collaboration of composer Michael Ford (known to Boynton fans from <I>Rhinoceros Tap</I>), <I>Philadelphia Chickens</I> is that rarest of kids' musical discs?one whose inimitable lyrics and music make it as irresistible to parents as it is to their children.</P></DIV> Read More

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The monkey family lived a peaceful life in the jungle. Mama and Papa monkey had three children, Itsy, Mitsy, and Bitsy. Then, one... day a trio of evil circus bears changes their lives forever. Follow the Monkey family on a suspenseful trip to find their baby. Parents and children alike will appreciate the educational value of this book. Topics discussed include: kidnapping prevention, personal safety, and stranger danger. This fictional story has engaging illustrations to keep children's attention, while parents can discuss real life situations through the highlights of the story at the end of the book. Read More

Cooper Square Publishing Llc
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This hilarious fish chant has had fish lovers laughing since 2004 when the hardcover was released. Now available in paperback, the... jaunty text begs to be chanted out loud. Wacky, bold illustrations add even more humor, yet accurately depict dozens of freshwater fish. This unique concept teaches kids the names of fish in an entertaining way. This picture book is more than just laugh-out-loud fun. Four pages of fact-filled end matter provide lots of information to satisfy teachers, parents and kids who want more, more, more! Even non-fish lovers will giggle their way through this book. The interactive chant and repetition of words is perfect for classrooms, storytime read-alouds or for bedtime! Read More

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<p><strong><em>The classic guide for designing robust science and mathematics professional development programs!</em></strong></p>... <p> </p> <p>This expanded edition of one of the most widely cited resources in the field of professional development for mathematics and science educators demonstrates how to design professional development experiences for teachers that lead to improved student learning. Presenting an updated professional development (PD) planning framework, the third edition of the bestseller reflects recent research on PD design, underscores how beliefs and local factors can influence PD design, illustrates a wide range of PD strategies, and emphasizes the importance of:</p> <ul> <li>Continuous program monitoring</li> <li>Combining strategies to address diverse needs</li> <li>Building cultures that sustain learning</li> </ul> Read More

Mims House
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<b>Hurrah for Essays! All writing lessons should be this much fun.</b><br><br> When cousins Mellie and Dennis decide to get a cat,... they consider carefully what breed would be best for each family. For example, Mellie wants a cat that pounces, but Dennis wants a lazy cat, like his lazy dog, Clark Kent. Mellie wants a lap cat, but Dennis just wants a warm body BESIDE him. They consider different cat personalities, family situations, and personal preferences. <br><br> Mellie writes an opinion essay for her teacher, Mr. Eagle. But will her essay convince her parents to get the cat of her dreams?<br><br> This story takes a popular subject--kids getting a pet--and adds cats of all sizes and shapes: all writing lessons should be this much fun. In the end, it's the cousins and the cats that keep a reader turning the page. What kind of cat will Mellie choose? Will Dennis want the same kind of cat?<br><br> <b>PRAISE FROM CAT EXPERTS</b><br> <i>"This is an absolutely delightful book intended for children, but actually one that is informative for adults as well, it reinforces the importance of considering various factors when selecting a cat as a pet. The two cousins are exchanging thoughts about their lifestyles and priorities. They each have a vision of their 'ideal cat.' Though every cat is an individual, the book expresses the value of predictable personality traits and other characteristics of various pedigreed cat breeds. It is a charming story of the two children each going through the process of finding a cat who best fits their own preferences. The playful illustrations compliment the humorous and educational quality of the book." Joan Miller, Chair, CFA Outreach and Education, Cat Fancier's Association</i><br><br>"<i>This is quite simply as informative a cat book as any text out there. Each selected breed pinpoints the single most important trait to know about it before choosing a cat 'purrfect' for you. Although written from a child's perspective, it makes clear sense to readers of all ages. As a cat lover and Maine Coon Cat breeder and enthusiast, I was thrilled with the spot on description and story of this beloved breed. -- Alexis Mitchell, Syracoon/Furensics, Maine Coon Cat Breed Council Secretary, Maine Coon Cat breeders of CFA</i><br><br> <i>"I Want a Cat: An Opinion Essay" by Darcy Pattison is a delightful book. Being both a teacher who works with dyslexic students, and a breeder of pedigreed cats, I would highly recommend this book to young writers. The importance of good writing skills are stressed by using a creative and entertaining story. It would be a book that I would recommend to my colleagues who teach younger students. I also like that the book introduces several breeds of pedigreed cats, as well as responsible pet ownership in using criteria to determine what breed of cat is best for suited for their families. It is refreshing to see responsible pet ownership presented to younger children. " -- Julie Keyer, Faculty, The Lewis School of Princeton, CFA Breed Council Secretary, Oriental Cats</i> This story hits many notes: <br><ul><li>A family story about cousins, Dennis and Mellie</li><li>Information on cat breeds</li><li>Responsible cat ownership</li><li>Mentor-text for teaching writing</li><li>Model opinion essay for elementary students</li><li>Models the writing process, especially the importance of pre-writing or planning before you write</li><li>Completes the writing process by showing the results of Mellie's essay</li></ul> <br><i>I WANT A CAT</i> almost makes opinion essays look too easy.<br><br> <b>See other books in THE READ AND WRITE series </b><ul><li>I Want a Dog: My Opinion Essay</li><li>My Crazy Dog: My Narrative Essay (forthcoming)</li><li>My Dirty Dog: My Informative Essay (forthcoming)</li></ul> Read More

It Books
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<p>For the first time ever a cancelled show has been resurrected on the basis of its cult following in syndication, on the interne...t and on DVD (Over 2.2 million DVDs sold to date!) and we've got the tie?in book authored by one of the show's hilarious lead writers and animators!</p><p> At first sight, the Griffens may seem like a normal blue collar family from Quonochontaug Rhode Island, but Peter (the family's loutish dad), Brian (the erudite, martini?swilling pet dog) and Stewie (the evil toddler son) set them apart from all others.</p><p> Now Stewie??a true baby genius and the most popular of the Griffen clan??speaks out. Having been hell bent on achieving world domination ever since he escaped the cursed ovarian Bastille he was incarcerated in for nine grueling months, he has finally decided that in order to rule the world we live in one must first understand it. Herewith are his musings on family, love, parenting, preschool, work, pop culture, politics and more. If only we knew then what Stewie knows now, adults everywhere could have defeated their mother's matriarchal tyranny and toppled the "gynocracy" she ruled over . . .and god knows what else!</p><p> This book is for the insufferable child in us all, eager to buck the ways of the old guard or just eager for a laugh. </p> Read More

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The heart-warming story of friendship and love between a young girl and a Pug named Raisin she rescues from the animal shelter. T...he story begins with Raisin purchased as a pup from the pet store. The family quickly loses interest in him when he has an accident in the house and seems unable to learn basic commands. He is kicked outside and tied to a post in the yard. He is then called the "DUMB-DOG." Raisin runs away in despair. His adventures land him under a car, in a shelter and finally in his forever home with his new best friend Karley. Karley trains Raisin who goes from "DUMB DOG" to a hero as a "tail waggin' tutor" helping children learn to read. Raisin develops a special bond with a young boy named David who is also called "DUMB DAVID" because he can't read like all the others. Find out how Karley manages to train a "DUMB-DOG" and how together they manage to become heros to other struggling kids. See how they learn that anything is possible with love, hard work, and someone who believes in you. This delightful story is written and photographed by 12 year-old Karley Cable and is based on her real-life experiences adopting her Pug Raisin and working as a volunteer with Therapy Dogs International. Read More

Random House
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Andrew, Judy, and Thudd have escaped the Big Bang only to find themselves trapped inside the Earth as it forms all around them! Me...anwhile Uncle Al is stranded in the Ice Age. Somehow Andrew, Judy, and Thudd must fix their time machine and rescue Uncle Al?before he becomes dinner for a sabertooth tiger! Kids, parents, and teachers love this series?kids for all its gooey grossness, and teachers and parents for all the fun science and great discussion points!<br><br>?Andrew Lost books are gross and disgusting. That?s why we like them.??<i>The Washington Post</i><br><br>?One cliff-hanger after another.??<i>School Library Journal</i><br><br>?At the end of each book are additional pages of interesting facts . . . even when the stories end, the learning never stops.?? Read More

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Story Smarts is the key to reading comprehension success. Reading comprehension is a skill that is vital to academic success. Yet... it receives little, if any, systematic attention in the early years of school. Story Smarts changes all that. Even if your child has not yet learned to read, you can use the program to give him or her competence in this vital realm. Developed by world-renowned educators, Dr. Marion Blank and Laura Berlin, Story Smarts includes 30 attractive, full color picture stories, grouped into two levels of complexity. This book features stories 6-10. These stories are sophisticated, but easy for your child to read and they enable you to teach the key components of comprehension, including the ?main idea.? The stories advance steadily from simple to more complex and are designed so that a child always experiences mastery and success. Read More

Hachai Publishing
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My Upsherin Book by Yaffa Gottlieb illustrated by Binah Tirtzah BindellFor a three-year-old boy, his "upsheren" - the traditional ...first haircut - is an exciting event. It can also be an occasion for anxiety, which is why this book was conceived: to help parents prepare for, and reassure their child about this special day. The text's clear and simple style is complemented by delicate watercolor drawings. Read More

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X-rated for Parents! Only Suitable For Little Boys!! Your little guy will Love this book! It will make him giggle and fall in love... with Gus, who is the coolest gross kid he will ever meet Perfect for reluctant and beginner readers who love big beautiful illustrated stories! Suitable for bedtime, day time, afternoon time or anytime! Follow Gus's antics as the story describes why Gus is known as... "The Grossest Kid on the Street!'' In a surprise ending, find out why Gus is encouraged to clean up his act! What does Gus decide to Do? Read More

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A picture book designed to be read to adopted children of gay parents. The child is adopted by two fathers. The opening comments about my own philosophy of children, that all children begin in the heart of their parents however they come to be a part of a family. Read More

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This book is about a little girl, Katie Ann, who celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah. Her friends tell her she can't celebrate ...both holidays, so she writes to Santa Claus to ask what she should do. After reading Katie's letter, Santa Claus decides he also needs help from someone. Who does Santa Claus need help from? Who does he call? Find out when you read, When Santa Claus Met Hanukkah Harry. This book is beautifully illustrated in vibrant colors and the entire book is done in rhyme! Although this story is about a little girl who celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah, the story line is appropriate for any child. It give you, the parent, an opportunity to discuss the basic principles of different religions such as kindness, acceptance, peace and love. Also, the similar aspects of religion such as ritual, worship and celebration. By allowing your child to learn about how different religions celebrate it will help foster a greater understanding and respect for others... Read More

Brand: Turtleback
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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. George and Harold create a comic book superhero, Captain Underpants, and hypnotize their sc...hool principal into assuming his identity. This series tonge-in-cheek writing style and cartoonish drawings make it consistently laugh-out-loud funny. Read More

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<P>Now in a fully revised and extended second edition, <EM>How to Teach Poetry Writing: Workshops for Ages 8-13</EM> is a practica...l and activity based resource of writing workshops to help you teach poetry in the primary classroom. Designed to help build writing, speaking and listening skills, this book contains a wide selection of workshops exemplifying a variety of poetry styles and showing how their unique features can be used to teach key literacy skills. This book includes:</P> <UL> <LI>redrafting and revising activities;</LI> <LI>poetry writing frames;</LI> <LI>traditional and contemporary poems from a range of cultures;</LI> <LI>poems written by children about their favourite subjects;</LI> <LI>word games and notes on performing poetry;</LI> <LI>cross-curricular links;</LI> <LI>new workshops on performance poetry, wordplay, rhyming and unrhyming poetry senses and narrative poetry;</LI> <LI>an A-Z Guide to Poetry.</LI></UL> <P>Featuring a wealth of poems and a new bibliography to help you find the perfect poem for a lesson, this book will be of interest to all teachers looking to develop the necessary skills in their pupils to become confident writers of poetry.</P> Read More

McGraw-Hill Education
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<p><b>Helpful instruction and plenty of practice for your child to master the basics of writing</b></p> <p>Understanding writing essential for your child to write with competence and clarity. <i>Practice Makes Perfect: Mastering Writing</i> gives your child bite-sized explanations of this essential skill, with engaging exercises that keep her or him motivated and excited to learn. They can practice the writing skills that are challenging, polish skills they?ve mastered, and stretch themselves to explore skills they have not yet attempted. This title features 170 activities (plus answer key) that increase in difficulty as your child proceeds through the book. </p><p>This book is appropriate for a 6th grade student working above his or her grade level, or as a great review and practice for a struggling 7th or 8th grader.</p> <p>Your student will learn how to:</p> <ul><li>Find and develop ideas for topics <li>Create first drafts <li>Develop sentences and use correct subject-verb agreement <li>Revise and proofread her or his own work</ul> <p>Topics include: Finding and Developing Ideas for Writing, Discovering Ideas, The Value of Keeping a Journal, Focusing Ideas, Developing Ideas, Organizing Ideas, Writing the Draft Sentences: The Foundation of the Draft, Building Paragraphs Using Adjectives and Adverbs, Wisely Order and Sequence, Using Strong Verbs Point of View, Revision, What Is Revision?, Plan for Revision, Revision Peer Consultants, Proofreading, Proofreading Strategies, Proofreading and Computer Screens, The Value of Proofreading Partners </p> Read More

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Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 3 ? 8 4 Great stories ! 4 Great lessons for kids ! Special offer ! Magic Seeds Of Patience - Te...aches your kids the value of patience. Lily?s Shy Parrot - Teaches your kids the value of stating their views in public and how to overcome shyness. The Dragon In Me - Teaches your kids to find and control their inner strength while encouraging them to discover the power of imagination. The Time Fairy ? Teaches your kids how to get organized and control their time. Author Efrat Haddi is taking young children on a journey while she teaches them some very important lessons. " Social Skills For Kids Collection " helps to teach children important social skills that can make home life happier and school more successful. It also provides parents, teachers, and counselors with an entertaining way to teach children important values. This well-written and inspiring story, delivers easy-to-digest education complemented by vibrant, delightful illustrations. This story may be ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime and enjoyable for the whole family as well! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children. Read More

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<div>In cut-paper artist Nikki McClure?s latest picture book, a kitten practices the basics of feline behavior over the course of ...a day. A single word of text per spread teaches readers “how to be a cat?—how to stretch, clean, pounce, feast—while the striking paper cuts illustrate the kitten?s attempts to imitate an adult cat?s mastery of each skill. At times the kitten triumphantly succeeds, and at other times the kitten struggles, in vignettes that range from whimsical to profound.<br> A celebration of all things feline, <i>How to Be a Cat</i> also tells a universal story of mastering life skills, and of the sometimes tender, sometimes stern relationship between parent and child, teacher and pupil. Cat lovers of all ages will connect to this loving portrayal of a mentor-student relationship.<br> <br> <b><u>Praise for <i>How to Be a Cat</i></u></b><br> <b>STARRED REVIEWS</b><br> "Purrrrfect for beginning readers and little artists with an eye for fine cut-paper compositions and craftsmanship."<br> —<i>Kirkus Reviews</i>, <b>starred review</b><br> <br> "A delightful picture book in every way. Beginning with the paw-print endpapers, youngsters will know that they are in for an adventure. The simplicity and flow of page design are beautifully done as viewers follow a kitten and his mother as she teaches him basic feline behavior."<br> —<i>School Library Journal</i>, <b>starred review</b><br> <br> "McClure's cut-paper spreads can be mesmerizing."<br> —<i>Publishers Weekly</i><br> <br> "McClure wonderfully captures the shape and movement of the feline form, and kids will also enjoy pointing out the blue and white butterflies and the black-capped chickadee that also appear on several pages."<br> —<i>The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books </i><br> <br> "Perfect for cat lovers of all ages, the book helps us reconnect with memories of our own jouney of growth and learning."<br> —<i>Cat Fancy</i><br> <br>  </div> Read More

Brand: Heinemann
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<p> High-quality child care has proven effective in longitudinal studies of the subsequent intellectual, emotional, and social gro...wth of children. Ben Mardell has proven this too in his unique history of children who grew up at the Oxford Street Day Care Cooperative where he was the afternoon preschool teacher. Combining compelling interviews and photos with his own research at Harvard and classroom experience, Ben has produced a book that is at once a scholarly study and one of the most visually and verbally eloquent books available about the education of young children. By looking closely at the experiences of one group in a high-quality center, he offers concrete data from children and parents about what child care entails, a model for child-care teachers for building an effective classroom, and an image of what is possible <i>and</i> a call to action. </p> Read More

Brand: Buster Books
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<DIV><DIV><B><DIV><DIV><B>An entertaining and informative guide to the British kings and queens?minus the boring parts</B></DIV></...B></DIV></B></B></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV><DIV>Bursting with the best bits from British history, this follow-up to <I>Thirty Days Has September</I> seeks to inspire a love of history that can last a lifetime. It is suitable for a gift from parent to child and a learning companion to help all kids have fun getting the basics of British history. Readers will learn rules to remember the rulers, get to grips with the gunpowder plot, roam about in Roman Britain, and get a clue about the cruel fates of all six of Henry VIII's wives. Kids will also learn a poem explaining the events leading up to World War I, and become experts on the War of the Roses, the Hundred Years War, and the Industrial Revolution. Beautifully packaged and complete with lighthearted illustrations by Andrew Pinder, this is the perfect treat for any young history lover.</DIV></DIV></DIV> Read More

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Eleven-year-old Maya Papaya has a couple of problems. Not only did her parents leave her with a name like a deranged fruit salad, ...but Maya has a four-foot tail with a mind of its own? The problem is, Maya?s tail is a big secret, so her guardian, Mr. Norbert, makes Maya wear these baggy, itchy tail pants and Maya can?t have sleepovers or go swimming with the other kids., even thought EVERY OTHER eleven year old could do those things. Maya still lives a fairly normal life with Mr. Norbert...until Mr. Norbert?s computer tells her she?s not really a little girl at all, but something it calls a ?humanimal.? Before Maya can even figure out what that means, a knock on the door puts events in motion that send Maya all the way across the world, without even Mr. Norbert to protect her. After a long voyage to India, Maya discovers the truth about where she?s from, and that she?s not the only child who?s been created with secrets, along with a few extra abilities, too... Read More

Blackstone Audio
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[Read by Katherine Kellgren]<BR><BR> Told in seven parts, this classic fairy tale is a considered one of Andersen's finest works a...nd has inspired countless other stories, including Disney's smash hit <i>Frozen</i>. Princess-obsessed kids and parents alike will be charmed by Gerda's perseverance and faith throughout this tale of friendship, love, and bravery.<br><br> Hans Christian Andersen's beloved tale <b><i>The Snow Queen</i></b> is an enchanting story of the bond of love and friendship between young playmates Kai and Gerda. When a small shard of a wicked troll's broken mirror lodges in Kai's eye and heart, he loses his joyfulness and sees only the world's imperfections. With his heart turned to ice, the Snow Queen kidnaps him and returns to her castle in the far northern reaches of Lapland. - - Gerda, heartbroken but innocent and full of love, sets out to find her dear friend. Along the way she encounters a bewitching old woman, talking crows, a prince and princess, and others who help her on her journey. With childlike faith and pureness. she finds the strength to continue on to the Snow Queen's isolated palace, never giving up on hope that she will reunite with Kai and thaw his heart.<br><br> Read More

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