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New from LeapFrog, Touch Magic Learning Bus brings touch-enabled technology to educational toys for toddlers & preschoolers for th...e first time! The Touch Magic Learning Bus reacts to a child?s every tap, slide or touch, making learning discoveries intuitive and fun! The Touch Magic Learning Bus covers core learning skills ranging from letter names and letter sounds, early vocabulary, animals and instruments to developing creative musical play. Appropriate for children ages 2+.<P> <table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="0" width="250" align="left"> <tr><td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Touch & learn with 200+ learning & musical responses!" width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Touch & learn with 200+ learning & musical responses!<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> <tr><td align="center"><img src="" alt=" 3 modes to Play & Learn! " width="300",height="180"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Little Touches, Big Learning. 3 modes to Play & Learn! Explore & play music & games.<br></em></b></font> </td></tr> </table> <b>Hop on board for fun with the alphabet, early vocabulary, motor skills and learning songs!</b> <br>The Touch Magic Learning Bus brings a world of learning to life with the touch of a finger. By touching any of the 26 alphabet letters, your child can hear the letter name, the letter sound, 26 words that start with the letter, and a sound associated with that word. By sliding your finger across the bus and tapping the letters, animals or instruments, your child can play and learn on his own! Or they may sing along to Wheels on the Bus, The ABC Song, and the Rockin School Bus! <P> <P><b>Meet your new friends on the bus!</b> <br>With the new Touch Magic Learning Bus, meet five new friends! Rabbit drives the bus and is on lead vocals, while Tiger strums the guitar! Monkey keeps the rhythm with his hands and his feet, Turtle rocks his tuba, and Penguin, who keeps the bus fun with his tambourine. They don?t just play instruments, they talk! Touch Turtle to hear him say, ?Pick up the Tuba, get ready to blow, just cus you?re a turtle, you don?t have to play it slow!? The Touch Magic Learning Bus is teaches letter names and sounds: To read independently, children must understand the relationship between the sounds in spoken words and the letters that represent those sounds. Teaches early vocabulary: Children expand their listening vocabulary by matching pictures to words. Teaches music: Making and listening to music can increase a child's creativity as well as support language, math, and physical development. Teaches animals: Children can begin to categorize animals by species, imitate their sounds and learn interesting facts about them. <P> <P><b>Learning Starts Here!</b> <br>"Research shows a strong link between knowing the alphabet and learning to read. We designed the Touch Magic Learning Bus to provide a good foundation for your child's future phonics learning. The Learning Bus helps children learn about letter names and the relationship between letters and sounds - crucial steps on the road to reading." -Carolyn James, Educational Expert and Learning Designer at LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.<P> <b>What's In The Box?</b> <br>Includes 1 Bus. Requires 3 AAA batteries. (Batteries included are for in-store demonstration and should be replaced for home use.) <br clear="all"> <table cellpadding="30" cellspacing="0" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td align="center"> <img src="" alt="Builds core learning skills" width="560",height="250"><br><br><font size="1"><b><em>Builds Core Learning Skills: Letters & Letter Sounds, Early Vocabulary, Animals & Instruments and Creative Music Play</b></em></font> </td></tr> </table> <br clear="all"> Read More

C.R. Gibson
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Designed to spark creativity while guiding kids to color and learn to count, this Wipe-Off Coloring Book is just the thing for bud...ding little artists! Welcome to the magical world of Gibby & Libby. A colorful world of products and brands that encourages creativity, learning and skill development, all while having fun! C.R. Gibson offers gifts for all phases of baby's life and every milestone along the way. Founded in 1870 by British Lithographer, John Gibson, the company has always been in the memory business. Upon realizing the importance of recording life's events, C.R. Gibson invented the first baby book in 1898 and since that time, millions of families have chronicled the important moments in their babies' lives in a C.R. Gibson memory book. Over 100 years later and expanding the lines to include social books, stationery, calendars and photo albums, C.R. Gibson products are widely recognized as the best on the market for quality, content and beautiful design. Trust your baby's special remembrances to timeless, treasured keepsakes from C.R. Gibson that will last for generations. Read More

St. Martin's Griffin
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<div>Easy-to-make, delicious, and satisfying, whole grains are low in fat and cholesterol but terrifically high in fiber--and full... of those "magic" antioxidants. They are also the foundations of a healthy diet. In <i>The New Book of Whole Grains</i>, Marlene Bumgarner covers more than a dozen grains in an easy-to-use grain-by-grain format. She provides nutritional information, tips on buying and storing for maximum freshess, and a brief historical profile for each. Bumgarner offers more than 200 recipes to turn these nutritional powerhouses into delicious appetizers, entrees, soups, muffins, cookies, cakes, breads, and side dishes, many of which are vegetarian. Any home cook eager to provide his or her family with healthy, delicious food, packed with flavor and nutrients, will delight in this clear and engaging guide.<br><br>Recipes Include: Amaranth Granola Cereal, Sour Cream Triticale Waffles, Quinone Tabouleh Salad, Sesame Rice, Brown Rice Risotto, Spinach Dumplings, Black-eyed Chicken, Barley and Shrimp Casserole, Oatmeal Macaroons, Peach Rye Crisp, Hasty Pudding, Sorghum Gingerbread, Pumpkin Nut Bread, and many more!<br></div> Read More

Clarkson Potter
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<b>One of the best New York restaurants, a culinary landmark that has been changing the face of American dining for decades, now s...hares its beloved recipes, stories, and pioneering philosophy.</b><br><b> </b><br>Opened in 1994, Gramercy Tavern is more than just a restaurant. It has become a New York institution earning dozens of accolades, including six James Beard awards. Its impeccable, fiercely seasonal cooking, welcoming and convivial atmosphere, and steadfast commitment to hospitality are unparalleled. The restaurant has its own magic?a sense of community and generosity?that?s captured in these pages for everyone to bring home and savor through 125 recipes.<br> <br>Restaurateur Danny Meyer?s intimate story of how Gramercy was born sets the stage for executive chef-partner Michael Anthony?s appealing approach to American cooking and recipes that highlight the bounty of the farmer?s market. With 200 sumptuous photographs and personal stories, <i>The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook</i> also gives an insider look into the things that make this establishment unique, from the artists who have shaped its décor and ambience, to the staff members who share what it is like to be a part of this close-knit restaurant family. Above all, food lovers will be inspired to make memorable meals and bring the warmth of Gramercy into their homes. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<b>If you like The Pioneer Woman, you will enjoy the COUNTRY HEAVEN COOKBOOK.<br><br>Former chef and USA Today Bestselling Author,... Ava Miles, has assembled the COUNTRY HEAVEN COOKBOOK filled with tantalizing recipes, down home wit, Southern charm, and sweet remembrances about her own grandmother and her fictional character's reflections from her novel, COUNTRY HEAVEN.</b><br><br>Ava's cookbook serves up a feast of scrumptious, soul-satisfying, cowboy-approved comfort food for the whole family. Included here are recipes for her famous spongy cornbread, decadent gingerbread waffles, and her family's chocolate chip pie. It's a fun hodgepodge of Southern cuisine and family farm recipes.<br><br> Readers have enjoyed the scrumptious recipes Ava wrote for COUNTRY HEAVEN so much that she wanted to share them all together in a cookbook with some extra family recipes NOT included in the book. The cookbook entries describe her heroine's reflections about her grandmother, who taught her to cook, and Ava's reflections about her grandma as well, who made food come alive for her.<br><br> This companion to COUNTRY HEAVEN, the first book in her new Dare River series set in the South, is connected to her bestselling small town Dare Valley series that started with the#1 National Bestseller, NORA ROBERTS LAND. If you haven't read COUNTRY HEAVEN yet, this is a great chance to see how beautifully food is woven into the story between her sassy heroine, Tory Simmons, and her steamy country singer, Rye Crenshaw. Ava has included an extended excerpt of COUNTRY HEAVEN at the end for your enjoyment.<br><br> COUNTRY HEAVEN is set against the backdrop of country music, Nashville, foodie splendor, family, and sweet forgiveness. And a bad boy Alpha male and black sheep who finds love and redemption. Here's a little snippet about the book to whet your appetite: A down-on-her luck cook uses food's magical properties to tame a bad boy country rock star after he hires her under false pretenses to restore his image. He's got a secret past. She's got a tragic background. Throw in their sass and wit, food and music, and you have a five-alarm fire.<br><br> <b>Here's a couple of things people are saying about Ava and COUNTRY HEAVEN:</b><br> "I am adding Ava Miles to my list of always reads like Susan Mallery, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, and NORA ROBERTS." Marjay's Reading Blog<br><br> "If ever there was a contemporary romance that rated a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5...this one is it!" The Romance Reviews on COUNTRY HEAVEN<br><br> <i><b>Author's Note:</b> All books can easily be read as stand-alone stories, and you'll likely enjoy reading all the books in the connected series.</i><br><br> <b>The Small Town Dare Valley series:</b><br> Book 1: NORA ROBERTS LAND (Meredith & Tanner)<br> Book 2: FRENCH ROAST (Jill & Brian)<br> Book 3: THE GRAND OPENING (Peggy & Mac)<br> Book 4: THE HOLIDAY SERENADE (Abbie & Rhett)<br> Book 5: THE TOWN SQUARE (Arthur & Harriet)<br> Book 6: THE PARK OF SUNSET DREAMS (Jane & Matt)<br> Book 7: THE PERFECT INGREDIENT (Elizabeth & Terrance) ~ coming Fall 2014<br><br> <b>The Dare River series:</b><br> Book 1: COUNTRY HEAVEN (Tory & Rye)<br>COUNTRY HEAVEN COOKBOOK<br>COUNTRY HEAVEN SONG BOOK<br> Book 2: THE CHOCOLATE GARDEN (Tammy & J.P.)<br>THE CHOCOLATE GARDEN: A MAGICAL TALE (a children's book companion) ~ coming soon<br>Book 3: FIREFLIES & MAGNOLIAS (Amelia & Clayton) ~ coming Winter 2015<br><br><b>REVIEWS:</b><br>"...Finding love like in the pages of a Nora Roberts story." Publishers Weekly WW Ladies Book Club<br><br>"On par with Nicholas Sparks' love stories." Jennifer's Corner Blog<br><br>"Ava Miles just keeps turning out great stories...and these rank up there with the Fool's Gold series by Susan Mallery, the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis, and the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber." Kay Pruett, Reader<br><br>"Ava Miles has written a series...I would compare with Robyn Carr's Virgin River books." RLK, Reader Read More

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<span><span><span>Welcoming family & friends inside our warm & cozy kitchens is one of our favorite things about the holidays! We the aroma of warm gingerbread cookies, the fresh scent of pine and mugs of homemade chocolatey cocoa. There?s such excitement as we count down the days until Christmas arrives...celebrate the holiday season with </span><span style="font-style:italic;">Christmas with Family & Friends</span><span>!</span></span><br /><span><span> </span></span><br /><span><span>Norwegian Pancakes topped with warm cinnamon-peach topping are yummy on a frosty morning, and friends who come to visit will enjoy bites of savory Bacon-Wrapped Chestnuts, steamy bowls of Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup and frosty Santa Claus Cranberry Punch. For Christmas dinner, try Rosemary-Garlic Turkey alongside Cranberry-Pecan Stuffing, Snowy White Mashed Potatoes and slices of Homemade Gingerbread Cake.</span></span><br /><span><span> </span></span><br /><span><span>Everyone loves family-style casseroles, so Texas-Style Enchiladas and Ellie?s Layered Reuben Bake will be quick favorites you?ll serve again & again. Invite family & friends to come by for a cookie & cocoa get-together then visit, relax and enjoy the sweet treats of Christmastime. So welcome the season with family & friends. Bake cookies, make snow angels and enjoy the magic of the holiday...the time we look forward to all year! Hardcover, 224 pages. (9-1/4" x 6-1/2") </span></span></span> Read More

GoodReadBooks, Inc.
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"Can Inmates Cook In Prison?" This book is a how-to for inmates wanting to cook and eat well while serving time in prisons where i...nmate cooking is permitted. Chef Artie Cuisine has written a deliciously entertaining, biographical jailhouse cooking saga, a vivid portrayal of an incarcerated NYC Executive Chef's culinary life cooking in jail. This "Cooking 101" primer teaches inmates how to prepare gourmet meals in prison, without a kitchen, oven or stove. Artie paid his debt to society cooking all the way.  He tested, selected and wrote 110 hard-to-believe-can-be-cooked-in-prison recipes, and mailed them to his lawyer who forwarded them to his publisher. Devising banquets in prison cells was Artie's recreation, currency, safety net, and challenge. This prison cook book is lightweight and easy to store. <div><div></div><div>Inmates can:</div><div></div><div>. Learn how to cook in prison, and apply those gourmet skills on the outside later.</div><div></div><div>. Be inspired by the possibilities of a restaurant career. Restaurant owners often overlook prison records of hard workers with some kitchen skills.</div><div></div><div>. Find the act of cooking food provides a sense of comfort, accomplishment and self-esteem.</div><div></div><div>. As a good cook, gain standing in the inmate community.</div><div></div><div>. Be engaged in a positive, healthy activity making something they are proud of.</div><div></div><div>. Enjoy praise from fellow inmates (and staff) for the product of their labor.</div><div></div><div>. Earn "currency" for cooking custom items on request.</div><div></div><div>. Learn about American and international cuisine and common foreign food terms.</div><div></div><div>. Learn how to make the best of what's available at the commissary.</div><div></div><div>. Learn what foods and utensils are legally allowed sent in from outside.</div><div></div><div>. Feel useful and worthwhile, while alleviating boredom.</div><div></div><div>. Experience the comfort of cooking and eating away from the mess hall.</div><div></div><div>. Enjoy special Holiday Recipes for Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. Artie says: </div><div>. "Because we're incarcerated doesn't mean we can't celebrate the holidays in style". </div><div></div><div>  And</div><div></div><div>. Never have to eat another spread!</div><div>  <div>Rudely eloquent and irreverent this is a quirky journey of physical and emotional survival. </div><div></div><div>A 262 page, no-holds-barred tell-all about a stubborn, plucky, resolute chef's passion to cook and eat well in prison.  It's part story, manual, food survival handbook, humor and inspiration. Chapters include: Breakfast Items; Soups & Entrees; Taste of Spain; Asian Corner; Little Italy; Some Sauces & A Few Extras; Desserts & Sweet Things, and an unexpected Holiday Menu chapter with sumptuous dishes for a prison Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas: Pineapple-Glazed Baked Ham; BBQ Fried Chicken; Roast Garlic Whipped Potatoes; Candied Yams; Caramelized Onion & Corn Stuffing; Apple Orange Cranberry Sauce; Cookie Crusted Pumpkin Pie; and so much more. </div><div></div><div>Chef Artie reveals how to navigate cooking in the prison system with: Equipment to Make Your Cooking Life Easier; Food Items Sold at My Commissary; Food and Utensils My Facilities Allowed Sent in From Outside; and Typical Foods I Requested From Home. </div><div></div><div>These recipes can also be made in school dorms, RVs, on camping trips, at home, and any place without a proper kitchen. </div><div></div><div>Artie's survival mantra "No oven? No stove? No problem!" strengthened his resolve to eat well in prison - even in the 'Box'. Cooking was a daily dare. Self preservation equaled gang protection in exchange for dinner on the table. He proudly followed the Marine credo: 'Improvise, Adapt, Overcome'. Inmates passing Artie's area were astounded to see fresh pasta hanging to dry, a white sheet thrown over a locker as a dining table, a centerpiece of cell-made garlic bread sticks, and bowls of mouthwatering food. </div><div></div><div></div><div></div><div>So hold onto your toque, grab your apron, and take a wild ride with Chef Artie as he weaves his magic with these prisoner recipes. </div><div></div><div></div><div></div><div></div></div></div> Read More

Robert Rose
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<p> <i>Authentic Thai dishes prepared at home.</i> </p><p> Thai food is best known for its bold flavors and manages an exquisit...e balance of spicy, sour, salty and sweet. For home cooks who love Thai food, Linda Stephen demystifies this cuisine and readily brings its authentic flavors to family meals. </p><p> Drawing on her extensive travels to Thailand, where she conducts tours and cooking classes, the author captures her love of Thai cuisine and shares her experiences. Her outstanding recipes require a minimum of preparation time, use simplified techniques, and result in colorful, fragrant dishes that seduce the senses. </p><p> A sampling of these magical dishes:</p><ul> <li><i>Starters</i>: spring rolls with pork and shrimp; pumpkin and coconut soup</li> <li><i>Perennial favorites</i>: green mango salad; Pad Thai; garlic shrimp</li> <li><i>Dishes to awaken the palate</i>: chili beef with peppers; glazed spare ribs; chicken with asparagus and mint; sweet and sour scallops</li> <li><i>Curries</i>: green curry with chicken and eggplant; tofu with red curry; massaman beef curry; stir-fried curried pork satay</li> <li><i>Vegetable side dishes</i>: green beans with cashews and chilies; asparagus and tofu with roasted chili paste</li> <li><i>Finishing touches</i>: sticky rice with mango; Thai iced coffee.</li> </ul><p> Linda Stephen also adapts many common dishes to reflect Thai flavors, including Thai-style pulled pork and roasted chicken. </p><p> In these 200 delicious and authentic recipes illustrated with lush color photography, the author's expertise truly shines. </p> Read More

Ebury Press
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Pesto?the original go-to ingredient for a quick and delicious mid-week dinner. But it shouldn't just be stored in the cupboard in of emergencies; it's time everyone realized the power and versatility of this aromatic jar of magic. Packed with original recipes for using every day, <I>The Big Book of Pesto</I> makes it simple to create quick and easy meals, classic home comforts, or even something special to impress. Featuring 70 mouth-watering recipes from famous Sacla-loving chefs, including Theo Randall, Antony Worrall-Thompson, and Dhruv Baker, <I>The Big Book Of Pesto</I> will show you how to use this classic and versatile ingredient in ways you'd never have imagined. Full of vibrant and exciting ideas, from comforting classics like Pesto Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, to fabulous fish recipes like Pesto Salmon Fish Fingers, to lazy lunches like Grilled Prosciutto with Pesto Scrambled Eggs. Tonight's the night you cancel that takeaway and serve up a delicious Pesto dish.With all recipes featuring Sacla's extensive range of authentic Pestos, from Classic Basil to Fiery Chilli and Fresh Sun-dried Tomato, there is a dish to delight every Pesto fan. Featuring beautiful color photography throughout, <I>The Big Book of Pesto</I> is a real mealtime inspiration. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<p><font color="#FF6600"><b>Mediterranean Diet Cookbook Box Set</b></font></p><p><i>Over 450 pages of recipes and Mediterranean advice!</i></p><p><font color="#FF6600"><b>What Does The Mediterranean Diet Include?</b></font></p><p>The list of foods you can enjoy are essentially endless, but there are guidelines with the Mediterranean diet that make it easy to follow. Here is what you can look forward to:</p><ul><li>Plenty of plant based foods and fruits</li><li>Enjoy nuts, beans, grains and seeds</li><li>Healthy fats like olive oil become a main source of healthy fats</li><li>Yogurt and cheese are there for dairy lovers</li><li>Fish and poultry are enjoyed moderately</li><li>Red meat is enjoyed sparingly</li><li>About 4 whole eggs a week</li><li>Moderate amount of wine which makes most people love this diet</li></ul><p>As you can see the Mediterranean diet still allows you to feel like you are living life and not dying while dieting. There has also been numerous health benefits associated with a Mediterranean diet including a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson?s, and Alzheimer?s. It is the best diet to help you lower your cholesterol.</p><p><font color="#FF6600"><b>Mediterranean Diet For Beginners</b></font></p><p>Losing weight doesn't have to be hard. The secret is to find what works for you and not deviate from it. In "Mediterranean Diet Demystified" you'll get all the information needed to discover how to love the food you eat and lose weight. If you are tired of plain chicken breasts and brown rice then this diet is for you.</p><p><font color="#FF6600"><b>Using The Mediterranean Diet For Natural Weight Loss</b></font></p><p>Saying the Mediterranean diet is just for weight loss is a huge understatement. It is a way of life and one of the healthiest lifestyle?s you can follow. There is a certain simplicity to it that people really enjoy and easily embrace. They no longer dread sitting down to eat and actually make time for it. They savor and enjoy the food. Sounds absurd but you can lose weight and enjoy the food you eat.</p><p>The need to count calories, weigh food or worry about what you eat in general are all gone. In their place is eating sensibly sized portions and real foods. With a focus on eating for health first, weight loss is the reward you get in return. That is what makes this weight loss plan such a success.</p><p>The weight loss is the bonus not the focus.</p><p>Keep in mind the Mediterranean diet is not some magic diet that allows you to gorge yourself on processed foods and unhealthy fats. Not unlike many diets you will need to relearn how to eat healthy foods and eliminate unhealthy choices.</p><p>The health benefits of this diet are world renowned. The Mayo Clinic says the Mediterranean Diet will reduce your risk of many diseases like: cancer, heart disease, Parkinson?s and Alzheimer?s and could even help prevent other major chronic diseases.</p><p><b>What?s Inside:</b></p><ul><li>Over 180 delicious and Mediterranean friendly recipes</li><li>Maximize the secret sauce behind the Mediterranean diet</li><li>Design a meal plan that never makes you feel deprived</li><li>Avoid the calorie counting you hate so much</li><li>Change the way you view food to lose even more weight</li><li>Why olive oil is a staple and not the enemy</li><li>Get results twice as fast from your efforts by understanding portions</li><li>Why a Mediterranean diet is one of the absolute healthiest ways to lose weight</li></ul><p><font color="#FF6600"><b>Would You Like To Know More?</b></font></p><p>Get started right away and learn the ways of the Mediterranean diet.</p><p><i><b>Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button' now.</b></i></p> Read More

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Includes the seven phenomenal Harry Potter hardcover books by best selling author J. K. Rowling. These books are housed in a colle...ctible trunk-like box with sturdy handles and privacy lock. Bonus decorative stickers are included in each boxed set. Read More

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Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book Touch and learn with the Touch & Teach Word Book by VTech. Touch objects on 12 illustrated pages to ...learn over 100 words, letters, music and more. Join your child's favorite pals Cody and Cora the Smart Cubs in four different modes of play as they lead your child to discover and explore the magic of vocabulary. It's a hands-on learning experience that's as easy as the touch of a finger. Product FeaturesThe book features 12 pages that teach over 100 wordsFour modes of play including: What's That Word, Letter Fun, Music Time and Find ItSix word categories including food, the zoo, toys and clothes feature essential vocabulary words and your child'sCody and Cora, the Smart Cubs, guide your child through interactive playProduct Measures: 2.6 x 18 x 12Recommended Ages: 18 months-4 years Read More

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Fisher Price Disney Princess Peek-A-Boo BookIntroduce the magic of reading with this charming first book that brings Baby's favori...te Disney princesses to life! Every page turn unlocks the story of five princesses: Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella. Plus, there are lots of fine motor activities to keep little hands busy, too. Baby can play peek-a-boo with Rapunzel in her turret window, or spin the dial on the book for fun phrases and sound effects that relate to the page Baby is on! Hands-on activities enchant and engage&mdash;with fun sights and sounds that help stimulate Baby's senses as she reads along! Read More

Brand: Oxmoor House
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This popular series of hardcover books is packed cover-to-cover each year with inspiring ideas for the holidays and recipes for fe...stive gatherings and family meals at home. Now in its 15<sup>th</sup> volume, <b><i>Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 15</i></b> is the annual favorite for holiday enthusiasts, home decorators, crafters, cooks, and scrapbookers. <br></br></br> 160 pages are filled to the brim with simple decorating solutions, scrumptious holiday recipes, easy Christmas crafts projects, and ideas for gifts from the kitchen. With 70 recipes accompanied by 200 all-new photos that showcase feel-good, homestyle food, this book is a must-have for every cook who loves to celebrate the holidays the Gooseberry Patch way. This latest volume evokes favorite holiday memories and inspires new ones too. Simple step-by-step instructions for every recipe and craft make it easy to recreate all the magic of the holidays at home. One thing's for sure: with <b><i>Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 15</i></b>, the whole family, across generations, will be filled with holiday cheer and memories to last a lifetime. Read More

Paw Prints 2008-02-12
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<div>In this beloved tale, the Gingerbread Man escapes from the oven and has to outrun all the creatures that try to catch him! Ch...ildren will eagerly continue reading to see if he is able to avoid the clever fox or if he will end up as an afternoon snack. --Between the pages of the Brighter Child(R) Keepsake Stories books are the classic tales of magic, imagination, and inspiration that will delight children again and again. From the hard-working Red Hen to the foolish Gingerbread Man, these stories will capture children's interest and spark their imagination page after page, inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading. Each book includes 32 pages of fresh, captivating illustrations, and measures 8" x 8".</div> Read More

Groundwood Books
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<div>In this beloved retelling of a legendary epic, young readers follow the adventures of Beowulf, Wiglaf, and Aelfhere, all of w...hom are endowed with a different magical ability. Far from a gift, their magic is actually a terrible burden. Beowulf?s superhuman strength makes him clumsy and even overpowers his own weapons. Aelfhere?s ability to read minds reveals disturbing truths. And Wiglaf?s life-like dreams foretell disaster. Welwyn Wilton Katz recounts the Beowulf legend from the point of view of Wiglaf, who hears about Beowulf?s many adventures: the seven-day swim in which he kills nine monsters, the battle in the mead hall with the wicked troll Grendel, the underwater struggle with the sea serpents, and the confrontation with Grendel's evil mother. Wiglaf doesn't just hear about adventure — he even participates in the final battle with a dragon. Laszlo Gal?s magnificent paintings, vividly reproduced in the pages of this rich book, are some of his finest work. Based on the art of the Vikings, they have the brilliant color and sinuous line of an illuminated manuscript.</DIV> Read More

Ohio University Press
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<div>Blending historical fact and classical myth, the author of Zorba the Greek and The Last Temptation of Christ transports the r...eader 3,000 years into the past, to a pivotal point in history: the final days before the ancient kingdom of Minoan Crete is to be conquered and supplanted by the emerging city-state of Athens. Translated by Theodora Vasils and Themi Vasils.<BR> <br> The familiar figures who peopled that ancient world -- King Minos, Theseus and Ariadne, the Minotaur, Diadalos and Ikaros -- fill the pages of this novel with lifelike immediacy.<BR> <br> Written originally for an Athenian youth periodical, <I>At the Palaces of Knossos</i> functions on several levels. Fundamentally, it is a gripping and vivid adventure story, recounted by one of this century's greatest storytellers, and peopled with freshly interpreted figures of classical Greek mythology. We see a new vision of the Minotaur, portrayed here as a bloated and sickly green monster, as much to be pitied as dreaded. And we see a grief-stricken and embittered Diadalos stomping on the homemade wax wings that have caused the drowning of his son, Ikaros.<BR> <br> On another level, <I>At the Palaces of Knossos</i> is an allegory of history, showing the supplanting of a primitive culture by a more modern civilization. Shifting the setting back and forth from Crete to Athens, Kazantzakis contrasts the languid, decaying life of the court of King Minos with the youth and vigor of the newly emerging Athens.<BR> <br> Protected by bronze swords, by ancient magic and ritual, and by ferocious-but-no-longer-invincible monsters, the kingdom of Crete represents the world that must perish if classical Greek civilization is to emerge into its golden age of reason and science. In the cataclysmic final scene in which the Minotaur is killed and King Minos's sumptuous palace burned, Kazantzakis dramatizes the death of the Bronze Age, with its monsters and totems, and the birth of the Age of Iron.</div> Read More

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In this stunning sequel to <i>The Golden Compass,</i> the intrepid Lyra finds herself in a shimmering, haunted otherworld?Cittagaz...ze, where soul-eating Specters stalk the streets and wingbeats of distant angels sound against the sky. But she is not without allies: twelve-year-old Will Parry, fleeing for his life after taking another's, has also stumbled into this strange new realm.<br><br>On a perilous journey from world to world, Lyra and Will uncover a deadly secret: an object of extraordinary and devastating power. And with every step, they move closer to an even greater threat--and the shattering truth of their own destiny.<br><br>This Yearling paperback edition contains 17 pages of bonus material: the secret letters and notes of Dr. Stanislaus Grumman. It also features chapter-opening artwork by Philip Pullman.<br><br><b><br>An <i>Entertainment Weekly</i> All-Time Greatest Novel<br> A <i>Newsweek </i>Top 100 Book of All Time<br>A #1 <i>New York Times</i> Bestseller</b><br><br>?Pullman?s imagination soars . . . A literary rollercoaster ride you won?t want to miss.??<i>The Boston Globe</i><br> <i> </i><br> ?Just as quick-moving and unputdownable as <i>The Golden Compass</i>. . . . The mysteries deepen and the wonders grow even more extravagant.? ?<i>The Washington Post Book World</i><br> <i> </i><br> ?The story gallops with ferocious momentum [and] Pullman is devilishly inventive.? ?<i>The New York Times Book Review</i><br>  <br> <i>?The Subtle Knife</i> is as absorbing and irresistible as <i>The Golden Compass</i>?and even more so, as powerful new forces are set in motion. A brilliantly conceived work.? ?Lloyd Alexander, author of the Prydain Chronicles, Newbery Medalist for <i>The High King</i><br>  <br> ?The intricacy of the plot is staggering. . . .There is no doubt that the work is stunningly ambitious, original, and fascinating.??<i>The Horn Book</i> <i>Magazine</i>, Starred<br>  <br>?Presented in a rush of sensuous detail that moves and entrances . . . [this is] vintage Pullman: gorgeous imagery, pulse-pounding action, and the baiting of readers? affections.? ?<i>Kirkus Reviews,</i> Starred Read More

Dover Publications
$2.65 at Amazon

<div><div>This fanciful coloring book contains 30 illustrations, depicting fairies and elves perched on blossoms and at play with ...birds, ladybugs, bees, and other woodland creatures. The broad outlines of these carefully designed images make them easy to color, promising hours of satisfying and magical fun.</div></div> Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
$6.75 at Amazon

Children that love Unicorns, or other fantasy creatures, will be enticed by a coloring book that contains those fantastical creatu...res. The coloring book allows them to be creative, and excited about art. They can also inspire children to draw unicorns, as well as many other creatures such as trolls, elves, and dragons. Coloring books open up a world of creativity, and development. Unicorns are one of the most loved creatures in the fantasy world. Read More

Brand: Barron's Educational Series
$10.99 at Amazon

Kids see themselves in <i>Little People Shape Books'</i> big, imaginative cover illustrations! This brand-new additions to the ser...ies of children's favorites will inspire very young boys and girls with thoughts of fantasy and magic places. The sturdy board book is die-cut so that when closed it takes the shape of the child who appears on the front cover, decked out in an appropriate costume. The story on the inside panels is easy for beginning readers, and direct enough for pre-schoolers to understand when the book is read aloud to them. There are bright color illustrations on every page. When closed, the book presents an attractive, layered, three-dimensional effect. Read More

$7.99 at Amazon

<div>One day, Daystar's mom, Cimorene, hands him a magic sword and kicks him out of the house. Daystar doesn't know what he is sup...posed to <i>do</i> with the magic sword, but knowing Cimorene, he's sure it must involve a dragon or two!<br></div> Read More

Dover Publications
$3.59 at Amazon

Explore the alphabet with a cast of delightful fairy tale animals! This enchanting coloring book introduces a host of magical roya...l creatures along with the ABCs: P is for palace, home of Princess Mouse; T is for the tower that imprisons poor Rapunzel-Pig; and D is for the dragon Prince Puppy must overcome. Kids will have fun coloring while they practice the alphabet and learn new words.<BR> Read More

Reagent Press
$14.00 at Amazon

The thrilling adventure full of mystery, magic, elves, monsters, and the ultimate battle between good and evil continues! To save ...her kingdom Queen Mother sent her most trusted warriors on a perilous journey across the Great Sea. But the elves were betrayed. Only a handful survived, and only two reached the far shores. The survivors did not find quick allies. They found a kingdom under siege and a shattered alliance. What lies beyond, they don't know. The future is uncertain. But they do know that they must win this fight, for failure would certainly mean the end to everything they hold dear. Read More

Halo Publishing International
$9.99 at Amazon

<span>In "Christopher Dragon Shopping with Friends" (The Tales of Christopher Dragon, Book 2)<span>  </span>Christopher Dragon and... his new friends prove that love and friendship can exist regardless of color, size, and different lifestyles. </span><span>This second book in Mary Kagan Draper's wonderful bedtime rhyming children's series continues the author's imaginative and adventurous development of this soon to be classic friendly dragon.<span>  </span>The author's talent nicely combines with the award winning illustrator's magnificent illustrations so children can follow the story beautifully. <span> </span>Christopher is brightly colored with shiny green and red hair and belly with purple wings.</span><br> <span><span>      </span>The author transitioned Christopher Dragon from a time of knights so bold in the days of old, to modern times with a bedtime rhyming tale in Tales of Christopher Dragon Book 1. In this second book in the series, his new friends continue to prove that love and friendship can exist regardless of color, size, and different lifestyles. The children take Christopher Dragon, a new librarian in their grade school, to the mall to go shopping for jeans and other things that will help this kind new friend adjust to his new world. His magical size does not prevent the children from helping him adjust to his new surroundings.<span>  </span>He takes the children to a toy store and buys them a kite.<span>  </span>Of course they want to fly the kite right away and they head to an adventure in the park.<span>  </span>After Christopher Dragon rescues the kite, they return to the mall for a hamburger. Stove burner trouble ensues and Christopher saves the day with fire from his snout.<span>  </span>A stop for ice cream will top the day.</span><br> <span><span>      </span>Award winning VPK teacher and award winning illustrator have teamed up to create this delightful bedtime rhyming tale that teaches good values.<span>  </span>Dragon stories in verse can be awkward at times - but not in this dragon fairy tales series. Smooth flowing verse, combined with the beautiful illustrations, will keep your child's attention and enhance vocabulary and other oral language skills by association. With adult encouragement, the rhyme will help your child build a vocabulary of words that rhyme and have similar sounds. <span> </span>The Christopher Dragon series of books teach the values of friendship such as sharing, planning activities together, bonding and accepting other's differences.</span><br> <span><span>     </span>An editorial review by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite had this to say about this dragon fairy tale:<span><span>  </span></span><span>Mary Kagan Draper's children's book, "Christopher Dragon Shopping with Friends"<span>  </span>(The Tales of Christopher Dragon - Book 2) is imaginative and entertaining. Christopher is also a great role model for children. They learn that being different is okay, and that everyone has unique skills and gifts that make them special."<span> </span>Jack Magnus also said, Patti Brassard Jefferson's illustrations are bold, with bright colors and a fluid comic book style that will tempt artistic children to try their own hands at drawing Christopher and his friends. This is a great book for kids to read on their own or with an adult, and everyone will have a grand time reading about this very personable dragon. Mary Kagan Draper's children's book, Christopher Dragon Shopping with Friends: The Tales of Christopher Dragon Book 2 is highly recommended</span></span><span>.<span>  </span></span><span>FIVE STARS</span><br> <span><span>       </span>More beautifully illustrated adventures come in the first book "Christopher Dragon Meets the New World" (The Tales of Christopher Dragon, Book 1). </span><br> <span><span>       </span><span> </span>(The Tales of Christopher Dragon, Book 3) entitled "Christopher Dragon Goes to the Beach" was published February 2015 </span> Read More

$15.67 at Amazon

<div><p>Meet marvelous princesses from around the world with this wonderful book. These fantastical princesses are just like real ...ones from the kingdoms of China, India, and Italy. Through these pages, we enter their magical worlds . . .</p><p><B>Katell Goyer</B> graduated with a degree in French literature before choosing to become a teacher. She has always wanted to make up and write stories since she was a child, first for herself, and later for her children.</p><p><B>Misstigri</B> is a painter, a graphic designer, and an illustrator. Using acrylic for her paintings, she creates truly original and colorful worlds.</p><BR></div> Read More

Sterling Children's Books
$10.92 at Amazon

<div><div>Have a merry, old-fashioned Christmas with this enchanting book! With the pull of a tab, Santa and his reindeer-driven s...leigh fly across a beautiful night sky and over the rooftops. A snow-covered evergreen suddenly lights up beside a glowing fire. Little chefs create a perfect gingerbread house. All these special Christmas moments, and more, magically appear in this stunningly illustrated changing picture book. Kirsten Hall's lyrical verses will delight readers of all ages and Simon Mendez's exquisite art brings the holiday season to life.</div><div> </div></div> Read More

Random House
$15.30 at Amazon

This super deluxe pop-up book celebrates seven of Dr. Seuss?s bestloved classics?<i>The Cat in the Hat; Green Eggs and Ham; The Sn...eetches; I Can Read with My Eyes Shut; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; Fox in Socks; </i>and <i>The Cat in the Hat Comes Back!<br></i>An extravaganza of paper-engineering captures the <i>Seuss</i>essence of each book using selections from the original text and art. Bold, sturdy pop-ups, gargantuan gatefolds, and spritely slide tabs bring these classics to<br><i>Seuss</i>ational life?from the Cat in the Hat balancing a cake, an umbrella, and the fish to the Sneetches getting stars on their bellies, the tweetle beetles battling with their paddles in a puddle, Mr. Gump riding his seven humped Wump, and more! The magic of Dr. Seuss pops right off the page to thrill children of all ages! Read More

Carlton Publishing Group
$11.61 at Amazon

<P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal><B>A stunning, strangely beautiful version of Alice, which inludes a mini 12-page g...uidebook to Wonderland attached inside the front cover</B></P><P>Young Alice dozes off by the riverbank on a lazy summer afternoon only to see a white rabbit with a pocket watch rushing down a rabbit hole. Enticed by this curious spectacle, Alice follows and falls down, down to the bottom of the burrow, where she enters the magical world of Wonderland. Here anything and everything can happen?and frequently does. Alice's adventures take in the most peculiar sights and characters. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Each spread is beautifully illustrated creating background and atmosphere to draw the reader along. The White Rabbit's Guide to Wonderland introduces the key characters and the strange customs of the land, and helps to prepare readers for the adventure awaiting them. Read More

The Prancing Pony
$5.00 at Amazon

Celebrate the Seasons with a little help from the Fae folk, 20 magical scenes of faeries & gnomes to color & enjoy. Detailed illus...trations that appeal to adults as well as children. Read More

Troll Lord Games
$24.99 at Amazon

Writers, game designers, teachers, and students ~this is the book you've been waiting for! Written by storytellers for storyteller...s, this volume offers an entirely new approach to word finding. Browse the pages within to see what makes this book different: ~ Entries arranged in chapters by topic. Find everything you need to design a character, scene, or setting all in one place -- no need to hunt through pages of alphabetical listings! ~ Words that are crucial in fantasy, history, and horror. No other thesaurus names weapons, armor, magical items, mystical creatures, symbols, treasures, and descriptive terms essential for any genre. ~ Usage notes and writing tips to clarify and expand. The authors draw from decades of work to target areas of concern for beginning writers as well as experienced authors. Let this book inspire new characters and develop original settings and locales. You'll be amazed at how quickly new ideas form as you browse. The Storyteller's Thesaurus just might be the cure for writer's block, dull prose, and stale ideas ~ pick up this book and let your world expand! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$25.50 at Amazon

Engage and enhance your child's emerging reading skills by following the adventures of the Wood Elves as they travel through the D...ark Woods and up Ice Mountain to rescue the Elf Prince and Elf Princess from the Bad Witch. This is the first in a series of six books, written and used in the classroom by Pamela Myers, a 1st Grade teacher of 40 years experience. Augusta Talbot's beautifully rendered watercolor drawings are magical and captivating, further motivating young readers to find out what happens next. The Adventures of the Wood Elves starts at beginning reading level and gradually increases to a late 2nd Grade level. Each book and chapter builds on and reinforces the previous vocabulary while developing the the story of the Wood Elves' adventures as they work together to rescue the Elf Princess and Elf Prince. Read More

All Hallows' Eve Press
$21.99 at Amazon

<p><strong>A great spooky gift collection of four children's Halloween books and a new Halloween story that are destined to be new... Halloween classics span over 136 pages of brilliant, full-color pages. </strong></p> <p> From Kindle best-selling Halloween author Donna Davies comes a 136-page collection of five full-color rhyming Halloween books in one that your children will beg you to read over and over and over again.</p> <p> <strong>Halloween Night at the Mad Monster Museum </strong></p> <p> A fantasy come true from two monster-crazed kids who find themselves locked in a monster museum on Halloween night. Truly a monstrous celebration for all. An amusing introduction in the famous Universal Monsters of our time with an appearance by a special guest. </p> <p> <strong>The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream </strong></p> <p> An exciting Halloween mystery that will have your kids sitting on the edge of theirs seats. An action-packed tale of a Halloween Queen named Calliope who lost her scream right before Halloween. Meet an amazing cast of Halloween monsters from witches to zombies as they go on an adventure to help their Queen and save Halloween. Filled will stunning colorful Halloween illustrations by the very talented Rob Peters. This delightfully fun book is sure to become a family tradition.</p> <p> <strong> Sleepy Hollow and the Road You'd Better Not Follow </strong></p> <p> Have you heard about the road you'd better not follow? Let's take a walk through the deep, dark hollow! Legend says a headless horseman wants your head. I don't think he's aware that he's actually dead! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow comes to life and turns into a chilling nightmare. This fun and frightening adventure is a night like no other for two curious friends who go in search of the legendary Headless Horseman.</p> <p><strong> Night of the Candy Creepers </strong></p> <p> It's Halloween and you're out for the night, Not quite realizing you're in for a fright. The candy creepers have come to town, And they are going to gobble your candy down. The candy creepers are masters of disguise, but boy are they in for a big surprise. A fun Halloween book sure to bring back fond childhood memories with a surprise ending! Delightfully illustrated by Rob Peters.</p> <p> <strong>Bye, Bye Boogeyman</strong> </p> <p> Do you fear the creatures of night? Meet Leanne, an outgoing little girl who is up for a head-banging boogeyman fight! This rip-roaring fun story will transform anyone spooked by ghosts in the closet or monsters under the bed into rulers of their rooms. After taking a few lessons from Leanne, you will never fear that nasty boogeyman again.</p> Read More

Knopf Books for Young Readers
$13.59 at Amazon

<b>From Newbery Medalist Cynthia Voigt, Book II in the exciting adventures of Mister Max?12-year-old detective in disguise.</b><br...>  <br> In <i>Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things</i>, Max Starling proved that he is more than a detective, he?s a Solutioneer. His reputation for problem-solving has been spreading?and now even the mayor wants his help.<br>  <br> Someone is breaking windows and setting fires in the old city, but the shopkeepers won?t say a word about the culprits. Why are they keeping these thugs? secrets?<br> When the mayor begs for help, Max agrees to take the case, putting himself in grave danger. It?s a race to catch up with the vandals before they catch him.<br>  <br> Meanwhile, Max is protecting secrets of his own. His parents are still missing, and the cryptic messages he gets from them make it clear?it?s going to be up to Max to rescue them.<br>  <br>  <br> ?Immensely appealing.? ?<i>The New York Times Book Review</i><br><br> ?A perfect read-aloud, the story will appeal to fans of fantasy, adventure, mystery, and humor.? <i>?The Christian Science Monitor</i> Read More

DK Publishing
$17.21 at Amazon

Music has always been an amazing way for people to connect with each other and to express their ideas and emotions. In this clear ...and lively introduction to music history, readers take a chronological journey around the world, exploring the sounds and rhythms of different cultures, the development of instruments, and the progression of musical styles. From the beginnings of music for ritual or magical purposes to the technological developments that have taken modern music in new directions, children will discover the fascinating history of music and how it has become an international exchange of ideas. The book also includes a bonus CD, featuring a selection of music from around the world. Read More

Large Print Press
$12.62 at Amazon

<b>A New York Times Bestseller</b><P>As Harry enters his fifth year at wizard school, Lord Voldemort's rise has opened a rift in t...he wizarding world between those who believe the truth about his return, and those who prefer to believe it's all madness and lies - just more trouble from Harry Potter. Add to this a host of other worries for Harry . . . and you'd know what Harry faces during the day. But at night it's even worse, because then he dreams of a single door in a silent corridor. And this door is somehow more terrifying than every other nightmare combined. In the richest installment yet of J. K. Rowling's seven-part story, Harry Potter confronts the unreliability of the very government of the magical world, and the impotence of the authorities at Hogwarts. Despite this (or perhaps because of it) Harry finds depth and strength in his friends, beyond what even he knew; boundless loyalty and unbearable sacrifice.<p><UL><li> J. K. Rowling currently resides in Scotland<li> J. K. Rowling has won the Hugo Award, the Bram Stoker Award, and the Whitbread Award for Best Children's Book <li> She has received special commendation for the Anne Spencer Lindbergh Prize, and a special certificate for being a three-year winner of the Smarties Prize, as well as many other honors <li> With over a quarter of a billion sold, the Harry Potter books have been translated into 61 languages and distributed in over 200 countries <li> All five Harry Potter books have appeared on bestseller lists in the United States, Britain, and around the globe</ul> Read More

Brand: Armadillo
$7.99 at Amazon

Behind a hedge of tangled thorns, a palace sleeps. Every magical moment of this classic story is captured in bright, charming pict...ures by illustrator Jenny Press. Perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves. Read More

Roaring Brook Press
$14.58 at Amazon

<p>In 1974, French aerialist Philippe Petit threw a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center and spent an hour w...alking, dancing, and performing high-wire tricks a quarter mile in the sky. This picture book captures the poetry and magic of the event with a poetry of its own: lyrical words and lovely paintings that present the detail, daring, and--in two dramatic foldout spreads-- the vertiginous drama of Petit's feat.</p><p><i>The Man Who Walked Between the Towers</i> is the winner of the 2004 Caldecott Medal, the winner of the 2004 Boston Globe - Horn Book Award for Picture Books, and the winner of the 2006 Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children's Video.</p> Read More

$6.99 at Amazon

<p>Now available in paperback, Flip the Flaps is a fun way for young children to discover the answers to questions about their fav...orite subjects, while also flipping the flaps and spotting the scene changes.</p><p>Pouncing spiders, industrious ants, buzzing bees and beautiful butterflies scuttle, zoom and swoop within the pages of Flip The Flaps: Creepy-Crawlies by Karen Wallace; illustrated by Tudor Humphries. Young bug lovers will uncover amazing answers and fascinating facts just by flipping the flaps and transforming the page. With gentle text and detailed illustrations, this is the perfect introduction to the magic of the creepy-crawly world.</p> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
$12.51 at Amazon

Remember being with a group of friends where you felt safer and more included than you had ever felt at home, friends you had alwa...ys wanted, who made you look around with a lump in your throat, wishing you could stop time? They were a lot like the groups in all the popular stories. They were the reason people love MASH, Harry Potter, Narnia, Friends, The Lord of the Rings etc. They were a group of imperfect, overwhelmed and harassed people who became winners because they didn't have to face the overwhelming odds, alone. Even in the face of dark wizards, popular girls, bad hair days or War, they had each other's back. When one of them had a weakness, another had a strength to balance it out. When one was a jerk, someone else saved the day, and forgave them eventually. Now times are turning more difficult again. The world needs that kind of support. We need a source of encouragement so that we can find a way to be that kind of support when we are needed. As times are dark, people look for a reason to laugh, love and hope again. Duffy Barkley is not a dog, a middle grade fantasy, gives you those friends, that escape, that voice of hope in the darkness. Duffy is alone, handicapped, desperate. He is picked-on, lost, & yet, never defeated. In the most alien of places he finds friends. In the most dire of emergencies he finds courage. In the most evil of villains he finds compassion and a solution. In giving away what he most needs, he gains everything. Duffy, a 9 year old boy with cerebral palsy, survives tragedy in the form of a school shooting in which his younger sister is seriously injured. Falling into a new world, he regains his health but finds himself the focus of historic prophecy. While trying to deny his place in their prophecies he discovers his own abilities & changes his life & that of others in both worlds. He enjoys being physically strong but must give it up to save the villain, and find his way back to save his sister, Izzy. Read More

Random House
$11.69 at Amazon

Lynne Jonell, the popular author of <i>Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat,</i> makes her Stepping Stones debut with a high-spir...ited tale of mixed-up magic and wishes gone wrong.<br><br>Celia Willow is the baby of the family, and she?s sick of it. She's sick of being younger and smaller. She's sick of never being taken seriously. So when Celia's hamster surprises the Willows with his wish-granting powers, she blurts out her deepest desire. <br>The problem? Celia didn't exactly wish to be <i>furry</i>.<br>Her big brothers and sister can't let their parents see her like this, but they only have one night to fix things. How can Abner, Tate, and Derek reverse something as powerful as hamster magic . . . before breakfast?<br><br><i>Hamster Magic</i> is on the Texas Bluebonnet Masterlist for 2012-2013 and was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award. Read More

Brand: HarperCollins
$17.90 at Amazon

<p><em>Warriors Super Edition: Tallstar's Revenge</em> is an epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling... Warriors series! This never-before-told story offers Erin Hunter fans their first look at the inner workings of WindClan and reveals the truth about Tallstar's past, before he became the leader of WindClan.</p><p>After a tragedy leaves the young warrior Talltail filled with bitterness and an all-consuming hunger for vengeance, he sets off on a dangerous quest for revenge?far outside the bounds of the warrior code. Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and thrilling fantasy world of the mega-bestselling Warriors series. This stand-alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike.</p><p><em>Tallstar's Revenge</em> also includes an exclusive ten-page Warriors manga adventure!</p> Read More

Dover Publications
$3.99 at Amazon

Color a magical array of butterflies with wondrous wings! These 30 images of butterflies feature large, kid-friendly illustrations... that are easy for little hands to color. Each of the butterflies wears a sweet smile and sports a big set of wings with a pretty pattern. Busy backgrounds include flowers, clouds, branches and leaves, and a variety of abstract designs. Read More

Real Reads
$6.95 at Amazon

Mischief is in the air when the King and Queen of the Fairies quarrel and Puck is left in charge of the love potion. Four young pe...ople are lost in the woods on midsummer?s night. Will they find each other and true love, or will Puck?s meddling leave them broken-hearted and alone? A band of players prepares to entertain the Duke of Athens. But now that the fairies have made a donkey out of their leading man, will Quince and the others ever get to play their parts? Is there time to put everything right before this magical night is over? Real Reads are accessible texts designed to support the literacy development of primary and lower secondary age children while introducing them to the riches of our international literary heritage. Each book is a retelling of a work of great literature from one of the world?s greatest cultures, fitted into a 64-page book, making classic stories, dramas and histories available to intelligent young readers as a bridge to the full texts, to language students wanting access to other cultures, and to adult readers who are unlikely ever to read the original versions. Read More

Brighter Child
$3.99 at Amazon

<div>English-Spanish Version --In this beloved tale, Dorothy is swept away on an adventure with her friends Scarecrow, Cowardly Li...on, and Tin Woodsman. Children will eagerly continue reading to see if the friends can escape the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the West! --Between the pages of the Brighter Child(R) Keepsake Stories books are the classic tales of magic, imagination, and inspiration that will delight children again and again. From the hard-working Red Hen to the foolish Gingerbread Man, these stories will capture children's interest and spark their imagination page after page, inspiring a lifelong love of literature and reading. Each book includes 32 pages of fresh, captivating illustrations, and measures 8" x 8".</div> Read More

Turtleback Books
$14.75 at Amazon

Pages: 128, Edition: Reissue, Library Binding, Turtleback Books

Golden Books
$3.99 at Amazon

Girls will be enchanted by all of their favorite characters from <i>Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus. </i>With bold images of a pri...ncess, a beautiful flying horse, a lovely queen, and a wicked wizard, girls can add their own magical touches to the pages. Read More

Brand: Turtleback
$18.40 at Amazon

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. A boy prince and a talking horse share an adventurous and dangerous journey to Narnia to wa...rn of an impending invasion by the barbarian Calormenes. Read More

Random House
$4.49 at Amazon

Fast on the fins of <i>Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie</i> is Bill Doyle's second tale of magic and mayhem.<br><br>Mr. Cigam has... a new job for Keats and Henry. All they have to do is capture one little slug in the Purple Rabbit Supermarket. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! First, the slug isn't so little. Second, there's way more than just one. And to top it off, the supermarket has gone all kooky?Mr. Cigam's mixed-up magic has swirled down every aisle! There are pests in the produce and an angry snowman in frozen foods. Can Keats and Henry clean up this supermarket mess? Read More

JG Kids
$3.99 at Amazon

<p>Join one little bear and her animal friends inside this counting book. Children will enjoy reading the simple questions, then ...counting how many friends are on each page. From one little bear to ten buzzing bees, the easy-to-read words and beautiful illustrations combine to create a magical reading experience.</p> Read More

Brand: Lowry Global Media LLC
$7.95 at Amazon

Write down your dream, and then make it happen. It all starts here, your notes from an important meeting, a class, or an idea from your imagination. Dream, succeed, be grateful. Composition books are for the mundane, day planners are gone with the 90's, your Wizards Notebook says that you have style and vision. Let your inner Wizard come out, in the notes formulated within your Wizard's Notebook. Myles Pinkney's "Dragon's Eye" is displayed on the cover of this Wizard's Notebook (journal / diary). The lined pages are perfect for scribbling out the wizardry that puts magic in your life. - 102 faintly-lined writing pages - Cover art will inspire you everyday - 8.5'' wide x 11'' high; generously sized pages; easy to find in a backpack or tote The artwork of Myles Pinkney is like no other. Myles paints realistic renderings of imaginary subjects. His color palette choices and mind blowing details make his art truly unique and world class. Many of his pieces have taken years to complete. Myles Pinkney's art can be found adorning homes throughout Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. Collect all six in the Wizard's Notebook Series; Dragon's Eye, Wizard King, Dragonstorm, The Wizard, Seer, and Wizards Gallery. Lowry Global Media LLC is dedicated to pursuing the dream. Be inspired, find your dream, succeed, and all along the way be grateful. Read More

Grosset & Dunlap
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Beasts of Olympus is a series of 144-page illustrated chapter books set in a magical Ancient Greece where strange things still wal...k the Earth. In this second book, young Demon is summoned by the great god Hades to the Underworld. His most-hated hero, Heracles, has just returned Cerberus?the three-headed dog Guardian of the Underworld?to his god master, but something is wrong with the beast . . . and only Demon can help. Read More

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