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Infantino See Play Go Link & Crinkle Jungle Activity Book. This travel-friendly elephant-shaped activity book is big fun for littl...e ones with its shiny mirror, soothing textures, fun sounds and peek-a-boo bird surprise! It's perfect for parent-led or independent playtime! Links easily to car seats, strollers, and more. Read More

Barron's Educational Series
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This picture book's little boy visits the zoo, where he learns that "Giraffes doo-doo from way up high," and "monkeys doo-doo righ...t in front of you!" But our cheerful little boy is different from the zoo animals, because he has learned how to sit on the toilet. Parents who share this humorous picture book with their child will discover that it's a pleasant and positive way to introduce them to toilet training. The color illustrations on every page will make boys and girls laugh as they begin to comprehend the story's point. The book concludes with confidence-boosting tips that parents and toddlers can read together. (Ages 2-4) Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>Celebrate the power of friendship with all four of the beloved Frog and Toad I Can Read stories by Arnold Lobel?now in one! This treasury includes the complete art and text from four classics: <em>Frog and Toad Are Friends</em>, <em>Frog and Toad Together</em>, <em>Frog and Toad All Year</em>, and <em>Days with Frog and Toad</em>. Share the adventures of best friends Frog and Toad as they fly a kite, resist the temptation of cookies, and search for a lost button. No matter what kind of situation they find themselves in, one thing is certain: Frog and Toad will always be together. This reading collection is a Level Two I Can Read, geared toward kids who read on their own but still need a little help. </p> Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>Danny loves dinosaurs! When he sees one at the museum and says, "It would be nice to play with a dinosaur," a voice answers, "A...nd I think it would be nice to play with you." So begins Danny and the Dinosaur's wonderful adventures together. For Danny and his prehistoric playmate, even the most everyday activities become extraordinary, like finding a big-enough place to hide a dinosaur in a game of hide-and-seek. Kids will delight in Syd Hoff's charming, comical illustrations as they read about how Danny teaches a very old dinosaur some new tricks.</p><p>Originally published over 50 years ago, this beloved classic is a Level 1 I Can Read that is perfect for the beginning reader learning to sound out words and sentences.</p><p>Supports the Common Core Learning Standards</p> Read More

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<p>Ever since Amelia Bedelia made her debut almost thirty years ago, young readers have been laughing out loud at the antics of literal-minded but charming housekeeper. From dressing the chicken to drawing the drapes, Amelia Bedelia merrily does exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Rogers tell her to do. But even when things get a bit mixed up in the process, Amelia Bedelia always finds a way to make everything turn out perfectly in the end. </p><p>Peggy Parish's beloved classic is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help. Through Amelia Bedelia's hilarious adventures, kids learn the difference between literal and nonliteral language and begin to grasp wordplay. </p><p>Supports the Common Core Learning Standards. </p> Read More

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Kids can color and learn with their favorite Hot Wheels cars thanks to Crayola! This pad includes dozens of pages of coloring and activities such as mazes, hidden pictures, matching games and more, as well as 7 Pip-Squeaksâ?˘ washable markers and a reusable marker storage tray for easy portability. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Contents: 32-page activity pad, 7 Pip-Squeaks washable markers, Storage tray Read More

Capstone Press
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Is the goal line near or far? Is your team on offense or defense? Is the stadium full or empty? A football themed-opposites makes ...learning fun. Sports Illustrated Kids Football Opposites is sure to be a fan favorite! Read More

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Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book Touch and learn with the Touch & Teach Word Book by VTech. Touch objects on 12 illustrated pages to ...learn over 100 words, letters, music and more. Join your child's favorite pals Cody and Cora the Smart Cubs in four... Read More

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Jam-packed with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject, Brain Quest Grade 1 Workbook reinfo...rces what kids are learning in the classroom. The workbook's lively layout and easy-to-follow explanations make learning... Read More

Running Press Kids
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<DIV>Let Linus and Snoopy show little ones how sharing will strengthen bonds of friendship in this heartwarming tale of compromise.... This snuggly kids kit includes a story and Linus?s special blue blanket. Cuddling up for story time has never been so much fun!</DIV> Read More

Dover Publications
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<div>These 14 glittery stickers reflect the time-honored traditions of The Festival of Lights, including a decorative <I>menorah,<.../I> spinning tops called <I>dreidels, </I>coins known as Hanukkah <I>gelt,</I> potato pancakes called <I>latkes,</I> gifts for the 8-day observance, and more. Kids can use the stickers to make their own cards and invitations! </div> Read More

Peter Pauper Press
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Help the mermaid princess find her lost treasure. It's a real <b>Mermaid Adventure</b> as she races to get back to her castle in t...ime for her royal birthday ball! Trace the white picture outlines and reveal the gold, silver, and rainbow-swirl undersea world beneath the black-coated pages.<br><ul><li>This fun and easy <b>Trace-Along</b> art activity book allows budding artists to use the wooden stylus enclosed to trace the easy-to-follow white outlines on the black-coated pages.<li>Youngsters will be delighted to see their images appear with glitter and splendid swirls of color!<li>They can also use the sketch pages in the back to draw their own pictures.<li>Includes a wooden stylus to scratch the black-coated pages to reveal glittering, gleaming colors beneath.<li>Wire-o bound hardcover binding.<li>20 scratch-off black-coated pages, 20 illustrated pages, and 20 pages for your own sketches.<li>Recommended for ages 5 and up.<li>6-3/8 inches wide x 8-1/2 inches high.<li><i>Non-toxic: Potential eye irritant. Avoid inhaling particles of scratch coating. Not for children under 5 years. Meets all applicable safety standards.</i></ul> Read More

Continental Press
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As Little Bo Peep looks high and low for her sheep, they are all cuddled up in an unexpected place. Read the traditional nursery r...hyme on the first page and then read the related story that follows. Lap Book: 11 5/8'' x 13 3/4'' <p>Continental Press has expanded its product offerings to support students in key curriculum areas and at many levels of learning. We offer exceptional materials for students, parents, teachers, and administrators at fair and affordable prices.<p> We publish programs in a variety of subject areas, including: <p> -Early Literacy<br> -Phonics<br> -Language Skills<br> -Reading Comprehension<br> -Vocabulary<br> -Content Reading in Geography, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies<br> -Mathematics<br> -State Testing Read More

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<P>Teachers everywhere have found that book making has the power to motivate even the most reluctant writers. By combining illustr...ations and texts, children engage in a kind of communication that transcends the sum of its parts-their pictures and words interact to convey a new level of meaning. </P> <P>In <I>Pictures & Words Together</I>, Paul Johnson addresses important questions about the process: What do children learn through illustrating their texts? How do texts and illustrations "work" together? He shows how preschool and primary students can be taught to create books that fuse their writing and drawing in profound ways. He offers advice on helping children think about the most effective ways to blend text and pictures, draw the characters and settings for their narratives, and publish their books using simple cutting, folding, and binding techniques. </P> <P>Filled with practical suggestions for teaching and evaluation, as well as abundant examples of children's work, this book is essential reading for those who want to enrich the writing and visual communication experience for children. </P> Read More

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<b>Perfect for introductory grammar and language arts lessons!</b><br> <br><b>What is an interjection? What is a conjunction?</b><> <br><b>Explore language</b> and discover how to identify interjections and conjunctions and the way they work in sentences.<br> <br><b>Praise for <u>Fantastic! Wow! And Unreal!</u>:</b><br><br><i>?Youngsters will delight in the rhyming text, which artistically weaves information through vibrant illustrations. ... This title is a must-have for school media centers as it provides sheer enjoyment and stimulating instruction for both students and teachers.??<u>School Library Journal</u></i><br><br><b>About the Explore! series:</b><br> <br>Dedicated to helping children learn a variety of nonfiction subjects, the <b>Explore</b> series uses pitch-perfect rhyming text and brilliantly illustrated images to make learning fun.<br><br><b>Books in the series:</b><br><br><b>Explore Language</b><br>1. <u>Behind the Mask: A Book About Prepositions</u><br>2. <u>Cache of Jewels: And Other Collective Nouns</u><br>3. <u>Fantastic! Wow! and Unreal!: A Book About Interjections and Conjunctions</u><br>4. <u>Kites Sail High: A Book About Verbs</u><br>5. <u>Many Luscious Lollipops: A Book About Adjectives</u><br>6. <u>Mine, All Mine!: A Book About Pronouns</u><br>7. <u>Merry-Go-Round: A Book About Nouns</u><br>8. <u>Up, Up and Away: A Book About Adverbs</u><br> <br><b>Explore Nature</b><br>1. <u>Animals Born Alive and Well: A Book About Mammals and Their Young</u><br>2. <u>Chickens Aren't the Only Ones: A Book About Animals Who Lay Eggs</u><br>3. <u>The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen, and Seeds</u><br>4. <u>Plants that Never Ever Bloom: A Book About Fungi, Ferns, and Other Plants Without Flowers</u> Read More

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The explosion of the battleship Maine in Havana Harbor in 1898 was the beginning of a chain reaction that continues today. Mr. May...bury presents an idea-based explanation of the First World War. He focuses on the ideas and events that led to World War I, events during the war, and how they led to World War II. Includes the ten deadly ideas that lead to war.<br><br>Can be used for courses in World History, U.S. History, International Relations, Economics, Business, Finance, and Government.<br><br>This is part one of a two-part series on the world wars. For part two, search for "World War II: The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today" also available through Amazon.<br><br>To improve the student's learning experience, also purchase the student study guide for "World War I" titled "A Bluestocking Guide: World War I" also available through Amazon.<br><br>Table of Contents for "World War I"<br>Uncle Eric's Model of How the World Works<br>Author's Disclosure<br>Cast of Characters<br>Timeline<br><br>1. The 58-Year Persecution<br>2. The Grim Statistics<br>3. Is Now the Time to Learn About War?<br>4. First Ideas, Then Battles<br>5. Whose Truth?<br>6. Why We Fight<br>7. Conquest Creates Weakness Not Strength<br>8. Typical Garden-Variety Wars<br>9. Deadly Ideas Lead to War<br>10. The Pax Romana<br>11. Fascism<br>12. What Date Did the World Wars Begin?<br>13. Franco-Prussian War<br>14. Ancient German Ambitions<br>15. Political Power<br>16. Global Protection<br>17. Interests<br>18. Cost Externalization<br>19. Manifest Destiny<br>20. The Splendid Little War<br>21. Guerrilla War<br>22. Guerrilla War Examples<br>23. Never Surrender<br>24. Killing Women<br>25. Take No Prisoners<br>26. The White Man's Burden & The Ugly American<br>27. The Great White Fleet<br>28. Up Close and Personal<br>29. The First Casualty of War<br>30. Stealing Panama<br>31. Helping Crooks and Tyrants<br>32. The Usual Suspects<br>33. Boxer Rebellion and Russo-Japanese War<br>34. Choosing Up Sides<br>35. The Morocco Crisis<br>36. Alliances<br>37. The Glory of War<br>38. America's Entry Into World War I<br>39. The Third Choice Ignored<br>40. They Will Fight Over Anything<br>41. The Treaty of Versailles<br>42. The Sound of Reloading<br>43. Hitler's Rise<br>44. U.S. Invades Russia<br>45. Desperation and the Neutrality Act<br>46. Summary<br><br>Appendix<br>Quotes About War<br>Bibliography and Suggested Reading<br>Suggested Viewing<br>Glossary<br>Index<br><br>Index of Maps<br>Map of Europe 1914<br>Old World New World Map<br>Europe showing France and Austria-Hungry in 1870<br>Areas Conquered by European Regimes<br>Switzerland in the World Wars<br>Conquests of the Christian European Powers<br>China's Territory Held by Invaders in 1897<br>Morocco Crisis Map<br>Map of the Balkans<br>Major Mutinies Map Read More

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Thanks for checking out another addition from Curious Kids Press. In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts accompanied b...y high quality photos! At the end of this book you will also discover 5 quiz questions for testing your knowledge. This book is perfect for a "read-along" learning experience with your child. Grab your copy today! Read More

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Thanks for checking out another addition from Curious Kids Press. In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts accompanied b...y high quality photos! At the end of this book you will also discover 5 quiz questions for testing your knowledge. This book is perfect for a "read-along" learning experience with your child. Grab your copy today! Read More

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Featuring today's "dance rap" style that kids love, this program contains tables through 12, and each group of facts has its own u...nique rap song. Read More

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Thanks for checking out another addition from Curious Kids Press. In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts accompanied b...y high quality photos! At the end of this book you will also discover 5 quiz questions for testing your knowledge. This book is perfect for a "read-along" learning experience with your child. Grab your copy today! Read More

Parragon Inc
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It's the first day of school, and Ben is all set to go. So is his lovable dog, Muddypaws! This beautifully illustrated and heartwa...rming tale of a boy and his sidekick is a great story for children in their own early school days. Kids will love engaging with the lively text and learning to read along with the story. Ideal for ages 3-8, this book makes a great read-along book for the whole family. Read More

Millbrook Pr Trade
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For Muslims, Ramadan is a time for fasting, prayer, and thinking of others. Rashad tries to be good all month. When it's time for ...Eid al-Fitr, he feasts and plays! Find out how people celebrate this special time of year. <br><br>Learn the history behind the days people celebrate in the Holidays and Special Days series, part of the Cloverleaf Booksâ?˘ collection. These nonfiction picture books feature kid-friendly text and illustrations to make learning fun! Read More

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4 out of 5 stars "...engaging tale for young readers while performing a valuable and commendable public service. This book could s...ave lives."--readers It's Cool to Bring Your Own Cupcake will take your child on a journey through everyday scenarios, from bringing your own cupcake, to the importance of not sharing snacks and notifying an adult if a reaction is suspected. This book is designed with simple text to help even the youngest of children understand how to recognize and respond to a food related allergic reaction. Help your child and their friends confidently prepare for school, doctor appointments, and social gatherings, while having fun learning about food allergies. Also, included in this book are four healthy and kid approved snacks! Ages preschool to grade school. Read More

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We see elephants in a zoo. We know that elephants are huge animals with long trunks and tusks and have relatively small eyes and a... thin tail. But what we can see in a zoo is an elephant's life in captivity. Have you ever wondered what elephants are like in the wild, when they they are free to roam the grasslands and jungles? Did you know that elephants have fingers? Where are they located? What is the trunk made of? Why are they able to use it like they have hands? Learn many more amazing facts about the elephant. Learn about their intelligence. Learn how they care for their babies. Learn about their social life and their enemies. These and a lot more information about the elephant are given in this book. This book also comes with many colorful photos that can help your child understand more about the elephant. This is our black and white print edition. Find the full color edition on Amazon, Createspace or any other bookstore that sells our books. Read More

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With more than 20 million copies sold in 41 languages and more than 88 countries worldwide, DK <i>Eyewitness</i> has been the most... trusted series in reference publishing for more then three decades. Visually engaging, informative, and lively, the more than 100 titles in the <i>Eyewitness</i> series focus on subjects that complement students' personal interests and areas of study to make learning simple and fun. <ul> <li>The most trusted nonfiction series for teachers, librarians, and parents</li> <li>Perfect for homework help</li> <li>Combination of pictures and text make the series perfect for reluctant readers and ESL students</li> </ul> Read More

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Food Coloring Book is a fun coloring book for kids that like Food . Filled with more than 28 large prints, this book will stir imagination with all their favorite food. Coloring is a highly effective way in unleashing your child's imagination and creativity. It also promotes self-expression that is useful in learning. Kids would definitely love Food Coloring Book. Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>In his bestselling picture book <em>Dirt on My Shirt</em>, Jeff Foxworthy warmed the hearts of kids both big and little. Now, i...n this I Can Read edition, poems have been hand selected for beginning readers to enjoy. From meeting Auntie Brooke and Uncle Keith to searching for tadpoles and snakes, young readers will love discovering Jeff's vibrant neighborhood all for themselves. </p><p>Filled to the brim with hilarious poems and beautiful art, this book is the perfect addition to any I Can Read library! </p> Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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<div>The 96-page Common Core Assessment Record Book for Kindergarten, is designed to be a teacher?s go-to resource for all Common ...Core record-keeping needs. The easy-to-use, spiral bound, 4-color format allows teachers to quickly reference Common Core standards for math and language arts as well as manage a year?s worth of assessment. Each anchor and domain is also presented in full and paired with crosswalks to give the teacher an overview of what students should have learned in the previous grade, and what they will need to prepare for in the next grade. Additionally, an online resource guide gives teachers a more in-depth how-to, tips and suggestions, and additional reproducibles.</div> Read More

Richer Resources Publications
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This is the first in The Single Sound System of Learning to Read. These phonics readers are designed to teach the student one soun...d at a time. Using this system, a person can learn to read easily and in a very short amount of time. There is no guess work involved in this system but just learing the sounds the letters make and then practicing them until the student has it down. The stories are funny and the pictures adorable. Read More

Hairy Dog Books
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In this rhyming picture book, baby hippo wakes up with a problem. She has the hiccups, and they won't let her sleep. Under the daw...ning African sun, she walks around her lakebed home and asks for help from an assortment of animal neighbors. Monkeys, a zebra, an elephant, a lion, and an aardvark are just some of the animals that share their own special cures for the hiccups. <div>     The delightful illustrations, upbeat rhymes and funny content make this an excellent read-aloud for the whole family. More than fun, it is also educational. The 10 species depicted in this book really do live together in Africa. Better still, the animals' cures are all true-to-life habits particular to each one, so the rhymes help kids learn. To top it off, there are two informative pages at the end of the book. </div><div>     For example (**Spoiler Alert**) baby hippo finally finds relief after walking full circle and back to her mother. In addition to being heartwarming, it's also true. Mother and daughter hippos form strong social bonds among these otherwise anti-social animals. </div><div>     The animals in this book are: hippopotamuses, vervet monkeys, a plains zebra, an African elephant, a cheetah, warthogs, a giraffe, a lion, an aardvark, and crested porcupines. It's a great chance to add some new animals to your child's mental zoo. Everyone knows elephants and lions, but aardvarks and crested porcupines? </div><div>.</div><div><b>Here's the verse about the aardvark: </b></div><div><i>Silly, stringy, sticky licker, </i></div><div><i> Aardvark's tongue delves deep inside. </i></div><div><i> "A termite mound stops hiccups quicker </i></div><div><i> Than any other cure I've tried."</i></div> Read More

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<DIV>Teach reading and science simultaneously with this super set of exciting books that correlate with guided reading levels A–D.... Inside the sturdy red tub, you?ll find six copies of 24 photo-filled titles (6 level A titles, 6 level B titles, 6 level C titles, and 6 level D) for a total of 144 books! All your students? favorite seasonal topics are here: apples, pumpkins, leaves, seeds, beach, sun, rain, snow, wind, and many more. Includes a great teaching guide filled with tips to enrich your guided reading practice AND skill-building reproducibles. A great addition to all preK-1 classrooms! For use with Grades PreK-2.</div> Read More

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With more than twenty million copies sold in forty languages in ninety countries worldwide, DK <i>Eyewitness</i> been the most tru...sted young adult nonfiction book series for more than thirty years. Visually engaging, informative, and lively, the one-hundred-plus titles in the <i>Eyewitness</i> series focus on subjects that complement students' personal interests and areas of study to make learning simple and fun. <ul> <li>The most trusted nonfiction series for teachers, librarians, and parents</li> <li>Wall charts and clip art CDs are perfect for school projects and homework help</li> <li>Unique integration of words and pictures make the series an ideal match for reluctant readers and ESL students</li> </ul> Read More

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Angels Coloring Book is a fun coloring book for kids that want to learn about angels . Filled with more than 28 large prints, this... book will stir their imagination with the angel they love. Coloring is a highly effective way in unleashing your child's imagination and creativity. It also promotes self-expression that is useful in learning. Kids would definitely love Angels Coloring Book. Read More

Dover Publications
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<div><div>Simple, easy-to-follow instructions with clear explanations of ingredients and utensils take children through each phase... of food preparation and actual cooking. There are pictures to color and a helpful introduction includes a basic list of necessary ingredients and equipment, cooking hints, and sample menus. Total of 60 recipes: pizza, hamburgers, salads, cookies, cakes, macaroni and cheese, much more.</div></div> Read More

Concordia Publishing
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For ages 2 to 5, this book tells the story of Jesus' death and victorious resurrection in simple text and engaging illustrations. ...Questions are included to get the child involved in the story. An extra feature -- durable flaps to lift that reveal more of the story -- adds more information in the form of visuals to reinforce the facts of Good Friday and Easter.<br> <br>Bright, colorful illustrations immediately capture and then hold the young child's attention. Simple and playful words tell the story. The child then gets actively involved as he hears the "who's there" question, lifts the flap, and discovers what or who is pictured under the flap. The child builds reading skills by associating the question with the illustrated answer. Additional comprehension skills are developed because the child becomes a participant in the reading -- listening to the Bible story and responding so the story can continue. This technique helps the child learn the continuity of Christ's miraculous, sacrificial act for us <br><br>Easter Surprise will encourage young children to see that Jesus went to the cross on our behalf, then rose from the grave in victory over sin, death, and the devil -- also on our behalf. This book begins with the two disciples borrowing a colt for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem, continues with Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and, finally, Easter morning. Read More

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The city streets become a jungle, then a desert, as a child forges her way to school, obser...ving and avoiding all the wild animals posing as trees, chimneys, fences, and even fruit. Read More

$8.91 at Amazon

<div><div><h1>Beginning-To-Read Books</h1> <h2>The Just-Beginning-to-Read Collection</h2> <p> <p>Reading Levels vary with each, but range from 1.0-1.3.</p> </p> </div> <p>Give your primary students more varied book choices in a wider range of reading levels to meet both their interests and abilities successfully-and watch their skills soar! The complete collection features 96 books, many written by well-known author, poet, and former teacher, Margaret Hill. The series is organized into four sub-collections by student interest and reading level. Each sub-collection is accompanied by a helpful Teacher's Guide.</p> </div> <div> <p><ul><li>Includes four themed collections grouped by reading level.<li>Provides useful Teacher's Guides with all collections.<li>Features many books written by well-known author, poet, and former first-grade teacher Margaret Hillert.</ul></p> </div> Read More

Greenwillow Books
$5.64 at Amazon

<p>Thirty familiar signs fill the pages of this handsome book, inviting the youngest child to come closer and take another look! T...ana Hoban's classic and acclaimed photographic books for preschoolers encourage pre-readers to discover the shapes, letters, words, symbols, and patterns in the world all around them. A wonderful choice for car trips! "Right on target."?<em>ALA</em> <em>Booklist</em></p><p>Supports the Common Core State Standards</p> Read More

$15.23 at Amazon

<p>This mathematics program offers students the essential practice they need to demonstrate math proficiency. Organized by the key... strands in math, these eight books help students develop a better understanding of math concepts, prepare for exams, and build skills that translate into greater confidence.</p> Read More

Speedy Publishing Books
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Within this book are more complex set of pictures that are perfect for young children who have already been exposed to some This book is designed to refine the child's pencil hold and count numbers greater than 10. Because the images are bigger, more time will be spent in completing this dot-to-dot book. A great addition to your educational training materials! Read More

Sterling Children's Books
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<div><div>From Anemone to Zooplankton, this big, colorful board book?developed with the American Museum of Natural History?will en...chant and educate children! Filled with eye-catching photos of 26 sea animals, it features fun facts about each creature even as it teaches the ABCs. Kids will love meeting the great white shark, jellyfish, narwhal, octopus, vampire squid, and more!</div></div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Penguins! A fantastic cartoon picture book containing 25 penguin fun facts for your kids to learn! No more boring pictures or pho...tographs with long drawn out information! This is book aims to capture your child's immediate attention with beautiful cartoon illustrations. Bright, colorful and fun - each cartoon illustration contains a simple, short & easy to grasp educational penguin fun fact for your kids. A great and unique take on the presentation of animal fun facts for your children. They will love it. Don't miss this! Read More

Dover Publications
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<div>What are the differences between two pictures of a little dancing girl? (Look closely at the heads and feet.) These and 26 ot...her entertaining puzzles offer youngsters simple challenges as they identify contrasts in each picture puzzle.</div> Read More

DK Preschool
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The complete preschool learning series to develop your child's vocabulary and early literacy skills. Here's an exciting new introd...uction to learning for preschool children. Carefully chosen elements focus on the first words critical to early language development. My First Christmas Board Book features dozens of objects associated with Christmas. This photographically illustrated 36-page board book is one that children and their families will cherish. Read More

HarperCollins UK
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Hundreds of words to learn and remember Collins Work on your Vocabulary - Advanced (C1) is a new practice book that covers the key... vocabulary needed by learners of English at Advanced level (CEF level C1). This book is an essential resource for learners who want to improve their English vocabulary. Each of the 30 units presents vocabulary relating to a particular topic using clear language and examples. This is followed by practice exercises to ensure the learner will remember and be able to use what they have learnt with confidence in their written and spoken English. The vocabulary covered in Collins Work on your Vocabulary - Advanced (C1) has been carefully selected based on Collins Corpus research and the experience of our language experts. As a result, this book provides plenty of useful practice with authentic, up-to-date examples of language usage in context. A carefully structured layout makes sure the language is always clear and the book is easy to navigate. Collins Work on your Vocabulary - Advanced (C1) is ideal for self-study or for use in the classroom, and is an essential resource for students and teachers. * Focuses on the vocabulary required at Advanced level (CEF level C1) * Thirty units with clear presentation material followed by practice exercises * Authentic examples of real English, taken from the Collins Corpus * Clear structure and presentation of language * Plenty of room to write in * Full answer key included * Ideal for self-study or for use in the classroom Read More

Dover Publications
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<div>Children ages 4 and up will enjoy tons of fun as they explore  24 double-page scenes filled with exciting-to-find concealed o...bjects. From a whimsical circus setting to a backyard clean-up scene, these brain-tickling landscapes will captivate the kids. Clues and answers are provided. Each picture can be colored in, too!</div> Read More

Cardboard Box Adventures
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<span><b><i>The Tortoise and the Hairpiece</i></b></span><span> is the story of a lonely young tortoise named Jake who is embarras...sed by his bald head. Even though other animals invite him to play, he keeps to himself, positive that nobody will really want to be his friend because he looks different. When he tries to look like everyone else, it doesn't quite work the way he planned. After getting some help from a local misguided buzzard and a wise owl, he learns that everyone is best at being themselves and that he doesn't need to try to be someone else or look like someone else just to make friends. True friends care about Jake for who he is inside and that's what makes him special.</span> Read More

Candlewick Press
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<b>Bold illustrations, big flaps, and an ingenious die-cut design invite young readers to peek at the lives of endangered animals ...? and learn how to help.</b><br><br>Did you know that a giant panda likes to do somersaults? That a black rhinoceros can run faster than an Olympic sprinter? That a monarch butterfly flies up to eighty miles a day? All of these animals ? and many more, from tigers to elephants to polar bears, orangutans to dolphins, penguins to sea turtles ? are disappearing, threatened by deforestation, poaching, fishing nets, global warming, and more. After enjoying the book?s eye-catching, dramatic format, kids can follow the simple suggestions offered to help save the animals. Read More

Dover Publications
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<div>For many centuries, Amerindian peoples of the southwestern United States have lived in communal villages, or pueblos, that ar...e typically a complex of flat-roofed buildings made of adobe or stone. Now children can re-create a pueblo village with this simple, colorful scale model. All that's needed is a pair of scissors and a bit of glue. Simple instructions enable young model makers to assemble authentic pueblo dwellings and populate the village with two-sided free-standing figures of Indians engaged in day-to-day activities, games, and rituals. Ideal for home or classroom projects.</div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Thanks for checking out another addition from Curious Kids Press. In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts accompanied b...y high quality photos! At the end of this book you will also discover 5 quiz questions for testing your knowledge. This book is perfect for a "read-along" learning experience with your child. Grab your copy today! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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AWESOME FACTS ABOUT GOLF: I have intentionally selected a specific range of golf facts that I feel will not only help children to ...learn new information but more importantly, remember it. FUN LEARNING TOOL FOR ALL AGES: This book is designed to capture the imagination of everyone through the use of "WoW" trivia, cool photos and memory recall quiz. COOL & COLORFUL PICTURES: Each page contains a quality image relating to the subject in question. This helps the reader to match and recall the content. SHORT QUIZ GAME - POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: No matter what the score is, everyone's a WINNER! The purpose of the short quiz at the end is to help check understanding, to cement the information and to provide a positive conclusion, regardless of the outcome. ************************************** Hi and a very warm welcome to "GOLF". I'm one of those people who loves to hear about extraordinary facts or trivia about anything. They seem to be one of the few things my memory can actually recall. I'm not sure if it's to do with the shock or the "WoW" factor but for some reason my brain seems to store it for a later date. I've always been a great believer in that whatever the subject, if a good teacher can inspire you and hold your attention, then you'll learn! Now I'm not a teacher but the system I've used in previous publications on Amazon seems to work well, particularly with children. This edition includes a selection of those "WoW" facts combined with some pretty awesome pictures, if I say so myself! At the end there is a short "True or False" quiz to check memory recall and to help cement some of the information included in the book. Don't worry though, it's a bit of fun but at the same time, it helps to check understanding. If you're an expert on this subject then it's unlikely you will find anything new here but if, like me, you enjoy learning unusual facts with interesting pictures then I think you'll love it. Enjoy the show! Matt. Read More

Scholastic Inc.
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<div>A creepy mummy monster is on the loose in Stermont!<br><br>This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called... Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!<br><br>In this sixth book, Alexander's class goes on a field trip to the history museum. The students have been learning about the legend of the bumpy mummy in class. But then Alexander thinks he sees the REAL bumpy mummy walking around! The famous Ruby Scorpion gets stolen from the museum, too! And what are those strange popping noises?! Alexander and his friends will have to work fast to stop Stermont's latest monster!<br></div> Read More

Saddleback Educational Publishing
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The Princess of the Fair contest is supposed to infuse and inspire students with school spirit. The winner should embody the quali...ties of Harriet Tubman, the schools namesake. But everyone knows it will turn into a nasty popularity contest where mean girls like Jasmine Benson will stop at nothing to win.<BR><BR>Written for young adults, the Urban Underground series confronts issues that are of great importance to teens, such as friendship, loyalty, drugs, gangs, abuse, urban blight, bullies, and self-esteem to name a few. More than entertainment, these books can be a powerful learning and coping tool when a struggling reader connects with credible characters and a compelling storyline. The highly readable style and mature topics will appeal to young adult readers of both sexes and encourage them to finish each novel. Paperback books look and feel like a trade edition and are complete in just under 200 pages Read More

Capstone Publishing
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It's time to get creative! Join everyone's favorite stylish school girl in her first ever activity book. From decorating Katie's c...lothes to helping her plan a party, there are nearly sixty pages of puzzles and pictures to complete! Read More

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