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Kids can color and learn with their favorite Hot Wheels cars thanks to Crayola! This pad includes dozens of pages of coloring and activities such as mazes, hidden pictures, matching games and more, as well as 7 Pip-Squeaksâ?˘ washable markers and a reusable marker storage tray for easy portability. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Contents: 32-page activity pad, 7 Pip-Squeaks washable markers, Storage tray Read More

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Manufacturer Part Number: CD-104355Updated with fun, colorful pages and engaging art, the best-selling Home Workbooks series is a ...favorite for both parents and teachers! This series offers educational and entertaining activities, puzzles, and games based on academic standards and provides the early learning language arts and math skills children need to be successful in school. An incentive chart and 140 stickers are included. Perfect for home, school, summer breaks, and road trips! 64 full-color pages Read More

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Bob Books are back, now with a bright, unique box display and colored illustrations throughout that make learning to read even mor...e fun Bob Books Set 1: Beginning Readers Teach a child letter sounds with Bob Books Set 1 With four letters in the first... Read More

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Designed by experts in education, this best-selling workbook features vivid and full-color illustrations to guide children step-by...-step through a variety of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities in phonics, reading, reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and math. Answer keys included. 544 pp. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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Designed by experts in education, this best-selling workbook features vivid and full-color illustrations to guide children step-by...-step through a variety of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities in phonics, reading, reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and math. Answer keys included. 544 pp. Read More

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Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book Touch and learn with the Touch & Teach Word Book by VTech. Touch objects on 12 illustrated pages to ...learn over 100 words, letters, music and more. Join your child's favorite pals Cody and Cora the Smart Cubs in four different modes of play as they lead your child to discover and explore the magic of vocabulary. It's a hands-on learning experience that's as easy as the touch of a finger. Product FeaturesThe book features 12 pages that teach over 100 wordsFour modes of play including: What's That Word, Letter Fun, Music Time and Find ItSix word categories including food, the zoo, toys and clothes feature essential vocabulary words and your child'sCody and Cora, the Smart Cubs, guide your child through interactive playProduct Measures: 2.6 x 18 x 12Recommended Ages: 18 months-4 years Read More

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<p>This national best-selling and innovative series starts with the basic building blocks of all scientific inquiry-interesting qu...estions, which are answered in an accessible, child-friendly style. The conversational format is perfect for engaging curious readers, and delivering solid information in a way that encourages imaginative discussions and a creative learning environment. </p><p>Take a thrilling and interactive journey to find out why dinosaurs once ruled Earth. Filled with fantastic activities built around common questions young learners wonder about dinosaurs, over 40 stickers, and a "Choose Your Own Dinosaur Hunter Adventure Game" that spans the entire book-the I Wonder Why Dinosaurs Ruled Sticker Activity Book by Belinda Weber will entertain, inform, and delight children for hours.</p> Read More

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<div>Children and parents alike will benefit from this excellent resource and its helpful suggestions for looking after the family... dog. Thirty easy-to-color illustrations are accompanied by kid-friendly captions that offer tips on providing pets with a safe and healthy environment, including how to feed, groom, and train canine companions.</div> Read More

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<div>Puppy loves her friends! Learn about opposites while visiting each of Puppy?s friends in Puppy's Friends. Puppy?s Friends wil...l delight children as they flip from page to page discovering opposites with cute, colorful new friends. This colorful and fun early learning book features unique animal art perfect for the littlest learners being introduced to basic concepts.The Brighter Child( R)board books are a colorful and fun early learning experience. These durable books will delight young learners as they flip from page to page learning about the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, opposites, and farm animals. These books are also available in a digital version that is sure to delight young learners as they flip from page to page. As an interactive feature, parents and children can even follow along with the audio as each book is read aloud.</div> Read More

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<p>"They aren't going to read <em>A Tale of Two Cities</em> no matter how many times we assign it. Put Dickens away for a bit and ...try some books that will turn your students into real readers." </p> <p style="text-align: right;">-Joan Schroeder Kindig </p> <br /> <p>What do we ultimately want from our students as readers? More than just becoming readers, we want them to <em>want</em> to read. </p> <p>Drawing on her personal experiences as a professor of reading education and a children's literature specialist, <strong>Joan Schroeder Kindig </strong>shares the secrets of how to turn your reading program into one that allows for student choice, entices children with books that are relevant to their lives, and turns kids into real readers. This conversational text has everything you need to jump-start kids reading by harnessing their social life and providing meaningful texts, including: </p> <p>dynamite book lists, organized by topic, that will spark <span style="text-decoration: underline;">all</span> readers interests </p> <p>15 easy steps on how to become a children's literature expert along with guiding principles for identifying books kids will read </p> <p>quick and easy assessments, including the running record and five-finger rule, to identify each student's independent, instructional, and frustration reading levels. </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>PLUS!</strong> Essays on student choice and relevance from eight of the hottest young adult authors. </p> <p>Reading is a choice. Motivate your students to read by connecting them to books they can relate to.</p> Read More

Gibbs Smith
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<p>Teachers and parents know that teaching is more effective when kids are having fun. Rick Walton?s Language Adventures Series co...mbines entertainment and education with eight newly revised picture books that cleverly teach grammar and usage. Kids will love the silly stories, funny illustrations, and witty wordplay. Teachers and parents will love the new features: definitions at the beginning of the book and activities at the end that allow kids to apply what they?ve learned. </p> <p>Titles in the series include </p> <p>? Around the House, the Fox Chased the Mouse: Adventures in Prepositions </p> <p>? Bullfrog Pops: Adventures in Verbs and Objects </p> <p>? Herd of Cows, Flock of Sheep: Adventures in Collective Nouns </p> <p>? Just Me and 6,000 Rats: Adventures in Conjunctions </p> <p>? Once There Was a Bull . . . (Frog): Adventures in Compound Words </p> <p>? Pig Pigger Piggest: Adventures in Comparing </p> <p>? Suddenly Alligator: Adventures in Adverbs </p> <p>? Why the Banana Split: Adventures in Idioms </p> <p>Rick Walton is the author of more than sixty children?s books, including this best-selling language arts series. His books have been featured on the IRA Children?s Choice list, Reading Rainbow, and CBS This Morning. </p> <p>More than 150,000 copies sold! </p> <p>Conjunction-junction, what's your function? Author Rick Walton knows, and he's delivered another delightful children's book in the language arts series to teach budding new readers all about them. Conjunctions are used to link words, phrases, and clauses, but who knew that they could be so clever!</p> <p>"After the game we decided to see a play. The city is famous for its plays. We entered the theater. We had trouble finding just the right seats, AS . . . </p> <p>. . . all the seats were already filled, SO . . . </p> <p>. . . we sat on people's laps. We don't know why everyone decided to leave early, THOUGH. . . </p> <p>. . . it might have been that the show was about cats. Who wants to see a show about cats? We left the theater. </p> </p>And then the rats saw the sign, "Museum of Fine Arts". Rats don't read well. They insisted we go in BECAUSE . . . . . . they thought it said, "Museum of Fine Rats." </p> Read More

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<p>A seal at school!</p><p>What happens when Sammy, the adventurous seal, leaves the zoo for the day? He goes to the city, finds a... school full of kids and new things to do -- and he even learns to read!</p> Read More

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Focus your instruction with Finish Line Math Strands: Algebra. Students in grade 3 will learn algebraic concepts, skills, and prob...lem solving using a two-page lesson format of targeted instruction, guided practice, and independent work.<p>Continental Press has expanded its product offerings to support students in key curriculum areas and at many levels of learning. We offer exceptional materials for students, parents, teachers, and administrators at fair and affordable prices.<p> We publish programs in a variety of subject areas, including: <p> -Early Literacy<br> -Phonics<br> -Language Skills<br> -Reading Comprehension<br> -Vocabulary<br> -Content Reading in Geography, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies<br> -Mathematics<br> -State Testing<P><i>A teachers guide or answer key is sold separately. Visit for details.</i> Read More

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Cambridge Global English (1-6) is a six-level Primary course following the Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language Framework developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment. Activity Book 1 provides additional practice activities to consolidate language skills and content material introduced in Learner's Book 1. Nine units correspond with the topics, texts and language input of Learner's Book 1 with each lesson of the Learner's Book supported by two pages in the Activity Book. Learning is reinforced through activities clearly framed within the 'I can' objectives of the course, opportunities for personalisation and creative work and a higher level of challenge to support differentiation. Each unit in the Activity Book ends with a quiz, offering more in depth assessment for learners. CEFR Level: towards A1. Read More

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4 out of 5 stars "...engaging tale for young readers while performing a valuable and commendable public service. This book could s...ave lives."--readers It's Cool to Bring Your Own Cupcake will take your child on a journey through everyday scenarios, from bringing your own cupcake, to the importance of not sharing snacks and notifying an adult if a reaction is suspected. This book is designed with simple text to help even the youngest of children understand how to recognize and respond to a food related allergic reaction. Help your child and their friends confidently prepare for school, doctor appointments, and social gatherings, while having fun learning about food allergies. Also, included in this book are four healthy and kid approved snacks! Ages preschool to grade school. Read More

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Sarah is excited to celebrate Passover! She helps get the house ready. At the seder, the special Passover dinner, she asks The Fou...r Questions. After dinner, the children hunt for the matzah that Grandpa has hidden. Find out how families celebrate this Jewish holiday of freedom! <br><br>Learn the history behind the days people celebrate in the Holidays and Special Days series, part of the Cloverleaf Booksâ?˘ collection. These nonfiction picture books feature kid-friendly text and illustrations to make learning fun! Read More

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<div><div><h1>Beginning-To-Read Books</h1> <h2>The Fantasy Collection</h2> <p> <p>Reading Levels vary with each set, but rang...e from 1.0 - 1.5.</p> </p> </div> <p>Give your primary students more varied book choices in a wider range of reading levels to meet both their interests and abilities successfully-and watch their skills soar! The complete collection features 96 books, many written by well-known author, poet, and former teacher, Margaret Hill. The series is organized into four sub-collections by student interest and reading level. Each sub-collection is accompanied by a helpful Teacher's Guide.</p> </div> <div> <p><ul><li>Includes four themed collections grouped by reading level.<li>Provides useful Teacher's Guides with all collections.<li>Features many books written by well-known author, poet, and former first-grade teacher Margaret Hillert.</ul></p> </div> Read More

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Explore the zoo with Elmo and his friends! In this unique new format, each page turn brings the reader deeper into the environment... and the story!<BR><BR>Who is at the zoo? Elmo and his friends! The penguins are Elmo?s favorite, but he doesn?t know where to find them. Kids will love helping Elmo look while learning about the animals he finds along the way. As each page is opened, a smaller page is revealed in this unique book. Read More

Random House
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This unique hardcover, which grew out of the popular website Spontaneous Smiley, will appeal to kids and adults. Who can resist th...e wacky, cute smiley faces to be spied in photos of colorful found objects? Young readers will enjoy learning their colors as they're identifying what the smileys are made from?an electrical outlet, a hubcap, even a piece of toast?and readers of all ages will appreciate the witty rhyming text, and its inspirational message about choosing happiness. Read More

Cardboard Box Adventures
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<span><b><i>The Tortoise and the Hairpiece</i></b></span><span> is the story of a lonely young tortoise named Jake who is embarras...sed by his bald head. Even though other animals invite him to play, he keeps to himself, positive that nobody will really want to be his friend because he looks different. When he tries to look like everyone else, it doesn't quite work the way he planned. After getting some help from a local misguided buzzard and a wise owl, he learns that everyone is best at being themselves and that he doesn't need to try to be someone else or look like someone else just to make friends. True friends care about Jake for who he is inside and that's what makes him special.</span> Read More

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This math workbook from the Dr. Pi Squared Math Workbooks series aims to teach what a fraction is and help kids visualize fraction...s. It is designed for kids who are just learning about fractions. The problems consist of colorful pictures from which kids are to determine fractions. The book begins with circles cut into pie slices, from halves to twelfths. The students need to determine what fraction of each pie is blue, yellow, and red. For example, if a pie is divided into fourths, two of which are blue, one yellow, and the other red, the student would answer one-half, one-fourth, and one-fourth. After ample practice with pie slices, the workbook moves onto triangles, squares, and hexagons. A couple of pages include groups of circles where kids need to determine fractions greater than one ? for example, two and a half circles might be colored green. Other visual fraction problems include rectangles, smiley faces, arrows, letters, and numbers. Toward the end of the workbook, some questions ask about more than just colors ? like what fraction of the arrows point up, or what fraction of the letters are vowels. Answers are nicely organized by page number in the back of the book to allow students, parents, or teachers to quickly check the answers. There is ample workspace for students to write large answers and still fit their solutions comfortably into the space provided. The problems appear in a large font size, since students usually write larger than standard textbook fonts. High-quality, durable, bright paper is used (instead of standard workbook paper, which often tears easily and appears dull in color). Read More

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<b>Your Kids Will Love This Large Print ABC Coloring Book!</b> <br><br> This book was created for very young children that are starting to learn their ABCs and numbers. <br><br> Each easy-to-color full page letter is accompanied by an animal whose name starts with the letter as a friendly reinforcement. <br><br> The numbers 1 - 9 are also included with each having the appropriate number of animals as well to help with counting skills. <br><br> As a bonus there are 15 large simple animal images at the end making for a total of 50 giant images (each printed on its own page) to color. <br><br> Take a <b>Look Inside</b> to see examples of the images! Read More

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'Tractors, Diggers and Dozers - A Picture Book For Kids, includes Tractor History, Diggers, Bulldozers / Dozers and Excavators' an...d is a non-fiction introduction to the wonderful world of heavy equipment. Apart from the great photographs within this book, Lilley Light presents the humble beginnings of the Tractor and provides an historical summary that is easy for children to appreciate and absorb. Tractors, Diggers and Dozers - A Picture Book For Kids is the perfect learning tool for children. For those younger ones with a fascination for the machines they see working in their local neighborhood there are lots of pictures to enjoy. For those a little older there are descriptions of the mighty machines and how they have developed over the years. So who is this book for? Anyone who is interested in, or fascinated by, those large machines that help us build, farm, mine and repair things. In particular, this book is intended for parents who want to share the learning process with their children and wish to read to their younger aged children or for older children wanting to read for themselves. There are lots of photos to look at as you read through this book to help understand the meaning of the words ? ?a picture is worth a thousand words? as they say, making it easier to understand and retain the information presented. Read More

Shiloh Kidz
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<div>Hey parents and teachers. . . Children of all ages will enjoy learning Bible stories and scripture verses with these easy-to-...make crafts! From refrigerator magnets to musical instruments, each craft is paired with an important biblical lesson that can be applied to your kids? lives today. Bible stories include Creation, Noah, Daniel, Moses, and scenes from the life of Jesus. This craft book is a perfect resource for parents, Sunday school teachers, and home educators. As a bonus, it features a full-length album download with 14 fun Bible songs, including ?Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho,? ?What a Mighty God We Serve,? and ?The B-I-B-L-E.?<BR><BR></div> Read More

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: This fun <i> children's book </i> follows the story of a duck who simply doesn't want to be a duck. Ducky tells... his mama, " Mama, I want to be a bunny. Bunnies have a lot of fun, so now I'm going to be a bunny. " So Ducky Duck goes to be a bunny. But it doesn't stop there. Oh no, Ducky wants to be many things, anything but a duck. Will any of his new identities work out for him? Ducky Duck has lots of friends who help him along during his identity crisis. Benny Bunny, Beavis Beaver and Donnie Deer are great characters who add a touch of valuable education about animals in this wonderful bedtime story. More about this book: Ducky Duck is part of a collection of <i> kid's books </i> that all include a valuable life lesson. These <i> illustrated children's books </i> are humorous and entertaining. Enjoy this <i> funny children's book </i> with your kids. This is one <i> animal book </i> that is sure to make your kids laugh. Suitable for children <b> 4-8 </b>/ <i> kindergarten book </i> to <i>beginner readers </i> Read More

Tiger Tales
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Invite your child to learn all about opposites with this fun book, full of bright, bold artwork! A lovable cast of animal introduces young readers to some common opposites (loud/quiet, fast/slow, in/out). Read More

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This Story Takes the Cake! Albert Takes the Cake is a hilarious story set in Georgia?s rural Okefenokee swamp. Albert the Alligato...r is an amusing, and often foolish character in the Vintage Comic Stories series that not only entertains, but teaches important life lessons now. If you haven?t already done so, you should order a book from the classic 60?s style Vintage Comics by the wonderful and established children?s author J.E. Bell. She is a dedicated mother and the author of over 20 excellent stories. If there?s one thing this author knows it?s kids and how to put a smile on their face and joy into their hearts. This book is part of the Vintage Comic Stories series and would be a great addition to any learning child?s collection. This particular book? takes the cake! The story begins when the friendly swamp characters Blue Jay and Bumbazine start baking a cake for Pogo Possum?s birthday. As you probably already guessed from the title of this brilliant and hilarious classic, the cake does not get to Pogo Possum immediately. The cake is stolen by Albert Alligator. There is a sudden twist in the story after Albert eats the cake. Moral of the story: you can?t have your cake and eat it too, Albert. These fun swamp characters are always getting into wild and crazy shenanigans your children and grandchildren will enjoy over and over again. The other fun swamp characters in this book include a Turtle, Mouse, and even Beetle. Everyone is in on the fun as Albert takes the cake in this thrilling and inspiring book sure to impress any young reader. Albert Takes the Cake is not only colorful and entertaining, but it?s extremely witty and creative as well. The stories they will read in the Vintage Comic Stories series are stories they will look back on with fondness for years to come. You really can?t go wrong when you invest in a book they will actually want to read. And Albert Takes the Cake is one of those books! Read More

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Thanks for checking out another addition from Curious Kids Press. In this book you will find 15 amazing animal facts accompanied b...y high quality photos! At the end of this book you will also discover 5 quiz questions for testing your knowledge. This book is perfect for a "read-along" learning experience with your child. Grab your copy today! Read More

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Jam-packed with hundreds of curriculum-based activities, exercises and games in every subject, <em>Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 1</...em> reinforces what kids are learning in the classroom. The workbook's lively layout and easy-to-follow explanations make learning fun, interactive, and concrete. Plus it's written to help parents follow and explain key concepts. Includes phonics, spelling, vocabulary, find the rhyme, addition, subtraction, skip counting, time, money, maps, science, brain boxes, and much, much more.<br /> Read More

Emerald Books
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Designed for students of a variety of ages, abilities, and learning styles, this unique collection of reproducible hand-drawn maps..., worksheets, and activities brings a wealth of learning opportunities to your classroom or homeschool. Through hands-on mapping projects and other creative activites, students explore the fifty fascinating states of the Union and learn about Washington, D.C., U.S. territories, and the United States as a whole. <br><br>Fully flexible, Maps of the United States is designed so that you can use it as a workbook for one student or duplicate the activities of your choice for classroom or family use. In addition to more than sixty reproducible student pages, Maps of the United States contains many mapping activities for exploring both the historical and contemporary United States, a multitude of other student explorations and conceptual social-studies exercises from which you can choose, and an appendix featuring print and online resources. <br><br>*Excellent companion to Heroes of History biographies.<br>*Over 50 outline maps drawn in historical map style<br>*Geographic highlights for each state<br>*Study questions<br>*Reproducible maps Read More

Hairy Dog Books
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In this rhyming picture book, baby hippo wakes up with a problem. She has the hiccups, and they won't let her sleep. Under the daw...ning African sun, she walks around her lakebed home and asks for help from an assortment of animal neighbors. Monkeys, a zebra, an elephant, a lion, and an aardvark are just some of the animals that share their own special cures for the hiccups. The delightful illustrations, upbeat rhymes and funny content make this an excellent read-aloud for the whole family. More than fun, it is also educational. The 10 species depicted in this book really do live together in Africa. Better still, the animals' cures are all true-to-life habits particular to each one, so the rhymes help kids learn. To top it off, there are two informative pages at the end of the book. For example (**Spoiler Alert**) baby hippo finally finds relief after walking full circle and back to her mother. In addition to being heartwarming, it's also true. Mother and daughter hippos form strong social bonds among these otherwise anti-social animals. The animals in this book are: hippopotamuses, vervet monkeys, a plains zebra, an African elephant, a cheetah, warthogs, a giraffe, a lion, an aardvark, and crested porcupines. It's a great chance to add some new animals to your child's mental zoo. Everyone knows elephants and lions, but aardvarks and crested porcupines? Here's the verse about the aardvark: Silly, stringy, sticky licker, Aardvark's tongue delves deep inside. "A termite mound stops hiccups quicker Than any other cure I've tried." Read More

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<b>For Ages 1 to 5 years old. Grades: preschool to grade 1.</b> If you want a head-start for your child, this book is ideal for te...aching basic subtraction. It explains how to subtract in a fun, pleasant format. <b>Fully illustrated with colorful images that kids will love.</b> The natural progression of the numbers and questions is specifically designed to make learning fun, easy and enjoyable. Read More

Golden Books
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Everything you need to know about the awesome and adorable rescue pups of Nickelodeon?s <i>PAW Patrol</i> is featured in this hard...cover Big Golden Book that?s sure to thrill boys and girls ages 3 to 7. Kids will love learning all about Chase, Rocky, Marshall, Skye, Zuma, Rubble, and their tech-savvy leader?a 10-year-old boy named Ryder. Read More

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Kumon's research has discovered that children learn more easily when they tackle one skill at a time. That's why Kumon Focus on Wo...rkbooks shine a spotlight on one challenging maths topic per book and help children improve these essential skills and gain confidence in their abilities. Each workbook utilises the Kumon Method - a step-by-step, incremental approach that helps children learn at their own pace and without anxiety. By rigorously practising each skill, the child will be proficient in the mathematics that is crucial for future learning. Read More

Brand: Fulcrum Publishing
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<DIV>Discovering Geography of North America with Books Kids Love uses favorite and well-known books to help students learn more ab...out geography.</DIV> Read More

Brighter Child
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<div>Brighter Child Math provides children in kindergarten with necessary math instruction. Offering 80 pages of full-color activi...ties, easy-to-follow directions, and complete answer key, children will have fun learning important math skills. Features activities that teach: *Numbers 0 to 20 *Sequencing *Shapes & patterns *Position words *Graphing *Time & money concepts The popular Brighter Child Workbook series offers a full complement of instruction, activities, and information in 51 subject-specific workbooks. Encompassing preschool to grade 6, this series covers key subjects including basic skills, English & grammar, math, phonics, reading, science, and Spanish. This series is helping prepare children by giving them a solid foundation in key skills necessary for success in the classroom!</div> Read More

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After their home burns down, fourteen-year-old Nick, his younger brother, and their father move into a ramshackle Victorian house ...they've inherited. When Nick opens the door to his attic room, he's hit in the head by a toaster. That's just the beginning of his weird experiences with the old junk stored up there. After getting rid of the odd antiques in a garage sale, Nick befriends some local kids-Mitch, Caitlin, and Vincent-and they discover that all of the objects have extraordinary properties. What's more, Nick figures out that the attic is a strange magnetic vortex, which attracts all sorts of trouble. It's as if the attic itself has an intelligence . . . and a purpose.<BR><BR>Ultimately Nick learns that the genius Nikola Tesla placed the items-his last inventions-in the attic as part of a larger plan that he mathematically predicted. Nick and his new friends must retrieve everything that was sold at the garage sale and keep it safe. But the task is fraught with peril-in addition to the dangers inherent in Tesla's mysterious and powerful creations, a secret society of physicists, the Accelerati, is determined to stop Nick and alter destiny to achieve its own devious ends. It's a lot for a guy to handle, especially when he'd much rather fly under the radar as the new kid in town.<BR><BR>Fans of intrigue, action, humor, and nonstop surprises are guaranteed a read unlike any other in <I style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Tesla's Attic, </I>Book One of the Accelerati Trilogy. Read More

Parragon Books
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1 lonely badger, 2 helpful whales, 3 friendly seabirds singing songs and telling tales! Come along on a beautifully illustrated co...unting journey in this whimsical picture book by award-winning author and illustrator Charles Fuge. Kids will love learning to count along with animals from all corners of the world. Read More

Random House
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It's a book of magic tricks perfect for chapter book readers! When Jack and Annie went back in time to meet Houdini, they learned ...that the most famous magician of all time didn't use real magic at all. It was a trick! Now they've tracked down all the best, most fun, most tricky magic tricks and put them together in one book. With simple instructions, easy-to-follow diagrams, and tips from Jack and Annie, <i> Magic Tricks from the Tree House</i> is tailor-made to teach kids how to wow friends and family in their very own magic shows. Includes facts about famous magicians and famous tricks. Read More

Barron's Educational Series
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This picture book's little boy visits the zoo, where he learns that "Giraffes doo-doo from way up high," and "monkeys doo-doo righ...t in front of you!" But our cheerful little boy is different from the zoo animals, because he has learned how to sit on the toilet. Parents who share this humorous picture book with their child will discover that it's a pleasant and positive way to introduce them to toilet training. The color illustrations on every page will make boys and girls laugh as they begin to comprehend the story's point. The book concludes with confidence-boosting tips that parents and toddlers can read together. (Ages 2-4) Read More

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<P>Stories are natural invitations for learners to explore the mathematics of their own lives and the lives of others. With all th...eir rich, supportive details, they present powerful opportunities for students to think mathematically. </P> <P>In this follow-up to their enormously popular <I>Read Any Good Math Lately?</I> David Whitin and Sandra Wilde continue to explore the importance of children's literature in the teaching and learning of mathematics. They show how books help portray mathematics as it really is: a tool for making sense of our world. </P> <P>Using a wealth of books and frequent samples of children's work, Whitin and Wilde highlight the voices of children and teachers who use mathematically oriented children's books. They explain ways books have been used to explore mathematical concepts, the importance of children's spontaneous reactions, and the role of mathematical conversation. You also hear from two authors who create these books, how their ideas originated and what they were trying to accomplish. </P> <P>The second part of <I>It's the Story That Counts</I> focuses on the books themselves, exploring multicultural themes and images in books, books on the number system, statistics, and probability, and books for adults. The final chapter presents a series of mini-essays on the best of new books for young readers, culminating in a list of over three hundred new books arranged by category. </P> <P>Throughout <I>It's the Story That Counts</I>, you gain a greater understanding of the rich potential children's literature offers for mathematical investigations. Anyone interested in restoring the story to the world of mathematics will value what Whitin and Wilde have to say. </P> Read More

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<b>IP Grinning presents... '299 Funny Jokes for Kids', a fun, funny, and often cheesy joke book.</b> <br><br> Kid's jokes are a wo...nderful, natural way for children to improve their reading. They are able to practice their reading skills whilst enjoying themselves. <br> Joke books for kids have the added benefit of improving memories, and importantly, instilling confidence. Children are given a great reason to talk in front of groups and with practice are able to feel comfortable doing it. <br> Kid's joke books are also a fun way for a family to interact, laughing - or moaning - at the jokes. <br><br> <b>Reviews for IP Grinning joke books:</b> <br> <br> <b>Child appropriate jokes, April 24 By A-J (Australia) </b> Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: 101 Jokes for Kids (Joke Books for Kids) (Kindle Edition) <br> Got it for my son's 10th birthday, he loved it and I love the fact it gets him reading. I personally can't comment on the content as we have just spent 4 hours on the road, many of them listening to these jokes! <br> <br> <b>Substitute Teachers Take Note, March 29, 2013 By Donna Galloway</b> Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: 101 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids (Joke Books for Kids) (Kindle Edition) <br> This is fun and the elementary kids that I sub like to call it up and use it for our free time or great for indoor recess. I am afraid that I will need a new set of 101's before too long, the kids are learning these! <br> <br> <b>Happy grandkid, March 11, 2013 By Priscilla Branham </b>Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: 101 Jokes for Kids (Joke Books for Kids) (Kindle Edition) <br> I bought this for my grand child. He loved reading it on the kindle. He was trying the jokes out on all the family members. <br> <br> <b>My son loves 'em., February 22, 2013 By James Leonard </b>Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: 101 Knock Knock Jokes for Kids (Joke Books for Kids) (Kindle Edition) My six year old gets a kick out of these corny little knock knock jokes. It entertains him, and makes him laugh. <br><br> <b>See if these tickle your funny bone:</b> <br><br> What happened to the man who crossed a T-Rex with a chicken? He got tyrannosaurus pecks! <br><br> Why does no-one ever hear pterodactyls using the bathroom? Because they have a silent P! <br><br> Why do you rarely see a lionfish? They can?t hold the rods with their paws! <br><br> What do you call a man floating in the sea? Bob! <br><br> Why was the alien green? It hadn?t taken its space sickness pills! <br><br> Why do dogs always run in circles? Because they don?t know how many sides a rectangle has! <br><br> Why don?t crabs share their food? Because they're shellfish! <br><br> <b>Scroll up and Buy this Book Now - your child will love going back to it again and again.</b> Read More

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Marco loves the food, parades, and fun of Cinco de Mayo. This year he's one of the dancers. As he listens to the mariachi music, M...arco thinks of the brave Mexicans at the first Cinco de Mayo. Find out the different things people do to celebrate this holiday! <br><br>Learn the history behind the days people celebrate in the Holidays and Special Days series, part of the Cloverleaf Books? collection. These nonfiction picture books feature kid-friendly text and illustrations to make learning fun! Read More

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"Dance, Little Monster, Dance! (Suitable for ages 2-6) New Revised Edition DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE TO READ BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOKS...? If your child is of preschool age or a beginning reader and enjoys rhyming stories and poetry, your child will love this cute ballerina story by Kally Mayer! Increase your children's reading skill and make reading fun and enjoyable! This is a tale of an adorable little monster who is afraid to start a new ballet class because it is a totally new experience for him. Follow his journey as old and new friends encourage him to face his fears while he experiences some hurdles and giggles along the way! Children's rhyming story with full color, beautiful illustrations! Find out what happens at the big dance recital! Children often feel unsure and nervous about trying new things! Join the Little Monster on his journey to learn something new and teach your child how to have the confidence to achieve anything! Read More

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<div>Brighter Child Reading provides children in grade 3 with necessary reading instruction. Offering 80 pages of full-color activ...ities, easy-to-follow directions, and complete answer key, children will have fun learning important reading skills. Features activities that teach: *Compound words *Contractions *Plural endings *Suffixes & prefixes *Synonyms & antonyms *Common, proper, & possessive nouns *Articles & punctuation *Irregular, helping, & linking verbs *Adjectives & adverbs *Subjects & predicates *Sentences & paragraphs The popular Brighter Child Workbook series offers a full complement of instruction, activities, and information in 51 subject-specific workbooks. Encompassing preschool to grade 6, this series covers key subjects including basic skills, English & grammar, math, phonics, reading, science, and Spanish. This series is helping prepare children by giving them a solid foundation in key skills necessary for success in the classroom!</div> Read More

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This colorful math workbook introduces a novel visual method for students to master their long division skills. The creative helps to engage student interest, while the visual layout ties into one of the current pedagogical drives in education ? namely, to use visual strategies since research has shown them to be effective learning tools. These visual problems also help to develop visual skills. This volume focuses on long division with remainders. The back of the book features a table of answers to help students check that they are practicing correct techniques (or it may serve as a grading key for teachers or parents). A concise description of how to do pyramid math is given in the introduction. The first page is partially completed and includes annotated instructions to help students get started. There are also completely answered examples on the front and back cover. Studying these examples and checking the answers to the first page will help students become confident that they understand what to do. The interior is printed in full color with aesthetic visual patterns. The 8? x 10? pages are nearly the same size as standard school papers that students are used to working with. Each problem includes its own dedicated workspace. Both the answers and workspaces are numbered for easy correspondence. The workspaces encourage students to show their work, and the structure of the workspaces shows students how to organize their work in neat columns; students also get a little practice paying attention and making the correspondence between the answers and workspaces (otherwise they may inadvertently write a solution in the wrong place). The copyright notice permits parents/teachers who purchase one copy to make photocopies for their own children/students only. This is very convenient if you have multiple children/students or if a child/student needs additional practice. Teachers may also wish to display these colorful problems using a projective camera or a transparency overhead. Read More

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Let the educational and whimsical illustrations teach you and your child how to do foot reflexology. This wonderful healing tool eliminate headaches, flu, colds, sinus problems, earaches, stomachaches, sore throats, and more. Read More

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<div><div><I>Sight Words</I> workbooks introduce children to the most common words in the English language. Learning to recognize ...these high-frequency words is an important step in learning to read. The activities in these books give kids practice with sight words, putting them on the path to becoming successful readers.</div></div> Read More

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<b>Learn the ABCs with Rocket, the dog who inspires kids to read and write!</b> This irresistible alphabet book from the creator o...f the <i>New York Times</i> bestsellers <i>How Rocket Learned to Read</i> and <i>Rocket Writes a Story</i> is sure to appeal to kids, parents, teachers, and librarians. <br>  <br> From finding <b>a</b>corns, to <b>b</b>alancing on a <b>b</b>all, to offering a <b>c</b>ookie and a <b>c</b>rayon to a <b>c</b>row, readers will love exploring the wonderful world of Rocket and his friends. The whole cast is featured, among them the little yellow bird, the owl, Bella the squirrel, and more. Even Goose from the beloved and bestselling Duck & Goose books makes a cameo appearance! With charming and delightful scenes for every letter, here's an ode to the wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet.<br><b><br>Take off the dust jacket to find a fun alphabet poster printed on the inside!</b> Read More

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