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Manufacturer Part Number: CD-104355Updated with fun, colorful pages and engaging art, the best-selling Home Workbooks series is a ...favorite for both parents and teachers! This series offers educational and entertaining activities, puzzles, and games based on academic standards and provides the early learning language arts and math skills children need to be successful in school. An incentive chart and 140 stickers are included. Perfect for home, school, summer breaks, and road trips! 64 full-color pages Read More

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Kids can color and learn with their favorite Hot Wheels cars thanks to Crayola! This pad includes dozens of pages of coloring and activities such as mazes, hidden pictures, matching games and more, as well as 7 Pip-Squeaksâ?¢ washable markers and a reusable marker storage tray for easy portability. Recommended for ages 3 and up. Contents: 32-page activity pad, 7 Pip-Squeaks washable markers, Storage tray Read More

Callisto Media Inc.
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<div><div><b>#1 AMAZON BESTSELLER</b></div><div><br></div><div><i>The Smoothie Recipe Book</i> gives you 150 delicious smoothie re...cipes to help you cleanse your body and lose weight!</div></div><div><br>Smoothies are naturally packed with superfoods and antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables, making them the easiest and tastiest way to improve your health, and get glowing skin and hair! <i>The Smoothie Recipe Book </i>will make it easy to start enjoying smoothies on a daily basis and to get an extra boost of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants so that you can start losing weight right away!<br><br>With <i>The Smoothie Recipe Book</i> learn how to make delicious, healthy smoothies with:<br><ul><li>150 recipes for fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies--everything from breakfast smoothies to green smoothies and superfood smoothies</li><li>Use your blender for delicious combinations like Blueberry Blast and Strawberry Banana smoothies</li><li>Make smoothies that are fast and kid-friendly, like Pineapple Cherry Yummy and Popeye's Fruit Smoothie</li><li>Lose weight fast with low-fat, fiber-rich weight-loss recipes</li><li>Detox your system and restore balance through the power of smoothies</li><li>Improve your health, strengthen your immune system, and get glowing skin</li></ul><ul> </ul><ul> </ul></div> Read More

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MyPlate Cooking Demo Book: Teach your clients how to prepare easy and delicious healthful meals. This program uses the food groups... in MyPlate plus modern techniques and shortcuts so everyone can easily prepare a tasty and healthful meal. 50 lessons cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks plus basic ingredients and basic cooking techniques. Your cooking demonstrations will be very relevant and tie cooking and nutrition skills together! When you need to look your very best now...our cooking demonstration guides have been popular sellers for the past 15 years! Learning Objectives and Benefits: This program is ready to bring you very speedy delicious meals for today's time pressed cook or cooking impaired consumer: This presentation program consists of recipes, handouts, leader guides and lesson plans for the demonstrator PLUS a bonus PowerPoint show that teaches you how to shop with MyPlate food groups. You are guaranteed to have meal choices and topics that will please any audience! Use MyPlate food groups - fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein and fat-free/low-fat dairy products to make the perfect healthy meal in a snap. PLUS use modern cooking classes to teach today's busy cook how to prepare meals. Skillets, microwaves, rice cookers, toaster ovens make the job easy. You will look like a magician as you roll out multiple dishes that take a few minutes. This is cooking instruction and proper nutrition all rolled into one. Over 100 pages of leader guides and copy-ready handouts for 50 lessons PLUS 1 PowerPoint show with over 30 slides and speaker's notes You receive good value and you will be able to do more with less, quickly and in an engaging manner - we have tips all the way through to make this presentation kit work for you right now! Tips are given so the audience can help - keep them busy and having fun and make less work for you! Lesson topics include: MyPlate Fast Meals - Microwave, rice cooker, salad, pasta, lentils and more - provide good basic cooking instruction and MyPlate lessons for today's busy cooks. Healthy MyPlate Assembly Meals - for those who hate to cook MyPlate Breakfast - Break for breakfast - 5 easy and simple healthy breakfast dishes MyPlate Snacks - healthful and MyPyramid based MyPlate Cooking with Kids - get them eating healthier by helping you in the kitchen Harvest of the month - prepare a fruit and vegetable each month! If they learn how to make more, they will surely fill half their plates with them! Each lesson includes: instructional leader guide with important teaching lessons, e.g.: make ahead tips, freeze it for later instruction, portion control guides, food label reading lessons, lower the sodium tips and success tips to get the demo done easily and expertly shopping and equipment lists All meals and lessons help individuals get to 3 whole grains, 4.5 cups fruits/veggies and 3 dairy products plus healthy proteins and fiber each day. MyPlate food group and serving information is provided with each project. Read More

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Are You Struggling To Stick To The Paleo Diet? Cooking each and every day can be exhausting and time consuming. In today?s worl...d we are all busy with work, kids, and extracurricular activities. This business leads us astray from our diets and lifestyles. Finding a way to stick to a diet with quick and easy to make recipes is the ideal. If you follow the Paleo diet and want to learn how to cook meals ahead of time and freeze them, this is the book for you. Read More

Harbour Publishing
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Kale--one of the most nutrient-dense greens in existence--has been growing for thousands of years without any fuss. Yet, despite t...he fact that kale is lauded as a miracle food, and most people know that they should be eating it, many don't know how to make it taste good. <p>Here, kale-evangelist Sharon Hanna provides more than eighty simple but superb recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Dishes ranging from <i>Kale Chips</i> to <i>Kale and Potato Torta</i> or <i>Scalloped Kale with Browned Butter & Sage</i> will blow kale skeptics out of the kitchen. This garden-to-kitchen guide gives readers all they need to know to grow this super-sustainable crop organically--as edible landscaping, on balconies and boulevards and even indoors. And, aspiring locavores take note--purple, silvery-green, frilly, stately Tuscan and rainbow-hued kale can all be grown year-round throughout North America, helping families save hundreds of dollars a year on grocery bills. <p>Best of all, learn how to teach kids to love kale--both growing and eating it--with inspiration derived from this author's many years as an award-winning coordinator of an inner-city school garden program. <br/><br/><br/>Join the Kale conversation on Facebook. Read More

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Kusuma Cooray is one of Hawaii's most celebrated chefs, renowned as a pioneer in the blending of Asian spices and herbs with weste...rn ingredients to create flavorful and aromatic dishes that please both the eye and the palate. Several dishes - a caviar and blini appetizer created for Rudolf Nureyev, a soup celebrating a visit by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - are accompanied by lively anecdotes. Chef Cooray also provides some food history and serving suggestions - all written in her graceful and engaging style. Wine expert Richard Field contributes guidelines for wine selection and makes recommendations for ten specially selected recipes. A helpful glossary explains the characteristics and origin of the spices and herbs used in the recipes. In Burst of Flavour: The Fine Art of Cooking with Spices, Chef Cooray, originally from Sri Lanka, combines the foods of her South Asian childhood (spicy curries, fresh vegetables and fruits, curd, treacle) with her later discoveries as a culinary student in Europe (ripe cheeses, wine, crusty breads, creme fraiche) in new and imaginative ways. Throughout her diverse culinary education and experiences, Chef Cooray's love of spices and herbs never diminished. This compilation of more than 200 recipes showcases her bold us of fresh herbs and spices, from the familiar (nutmeg, fennel, saffron, basil) to the exotic (burnet, ajowan, mace, neem). Kusuma Cooray trained at Le Cordon Bleu, the National Baking School (London), and La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine (Paris). She was executive chef at the renowned Honolulu restaurant The Willows, and at The Banyan Gardens. Ms. Cooray is currently associate professor and chef-instructor at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific, University of Hawaii. Read More

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Designed by experts in education, this best-selling workbook features vivid and full-color illustrations to guide children step-by...-step through a variety of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities in phonics, reading, reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and math. Answer keys included. 544 pp. Read More

Carson-Dellosa Publishing
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Designed by experts in education, this best-selling workbook features vivid and full-color illustrations to guide children step-by...-step through a variety of engaging and developmentally appropriate activities in phonics, reading, reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and math. Answer keys included. 544 pp. Read More

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Vtech Touch & Teach Word Book Touch and learn with the Touch & Teach Word Book by VTech. Touch objects on 12 illustrated pages to ...learn over 100 words, letters, music and more. Join your child's favorite pals Cody and Cora the Smart Cubs in four different modes of play as they lead your child to discover and explore the magic of vocabulary. It's a hands-on learning experience that's as easy as the touch of a finger. Product FeaturesThe book features 12 pages that teach over 100 wordsFour modes of play including: What's That Word, Letter Fun, Music Time and Find ItSix word categories including food, the zoo, toys and clothes feature essential vocabulary words and your child'sCody and Cora, the Smart Cubs, guide your child through interactive playProduct Measures: 2.6 x 18 x 12Recommended Ages: 18 months-4 years Read More

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Give students the targeted, skill-building practice they need with these standards-based books! Each workbook includes more than 4...0 ready-to-reproduce practice pages. Easy-to-follow directions and fun exercises motivate students to work on their own. Every activity in each book is correlated to state standards. For use with Grade 5. Read More

Tiger Tales
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Encourage your child to observe and explore our world with these bright, colorful board books! Striking photographs feature animals, toys, clothes, food, and more. Comprised of more than 100 words and pictures, each interactive book is an excellent way to help your child build essential vocabulary skills by lifting the flaps and describing what he or she sees. Read More

Richer Resources Publications
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This is the first in The Single Sound System of Learning to Read. These phonics readers are designed to teach the student one soun...d at a time. Using this system, a person can learn to read easily and in a very short amount of time. There is no guess work involved in this system but just learing the sounds the letters make and then practicing them until the student has it down. The stories are funny and the pictures adorable. Read More

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<b>Perfect for introductory grammar lessons!</b> <b>What is a noun?</b><br> <br><b>Explore language</b> and discover the uses of n...ouns and their many grammatical forms from proper nouns to common nouns to abstract nouns.<br> <br><i>?Heller explores types of nouns: common, proper, abstract, concrete, compound, collective, singular, plural, and possessive... Its lush, exuberant full-color artwork will grab kids' attention.??<u>Booklist</u></i><br><br><i>?With humor, style, and succinct, admirable precision, Heller summarizes everything most people will ever need to know about this particular area of grammar. ... A treasure.??<u>Kirkus Reviews</u></i><br><br><i>?To say that Heller has a way with words is to understate a multifaceted talent... The rhymed text of this book is as witty and smooth as its predecessors ... Rarely does a book offer children so much to look at, listen to and learn.??<u>Publishers Weekly</u></i><br><br><i>?Striking graphic design with large clear objects in bold colors overflowing each double-page spread make the book a visual treat. The use of bold type for all the nouns is particularly pleasing and will make for easy reading aloud... Those who have found the others in the series successful will want this one.??<u>School Library Journal</u></i><br> <br><b>About the Explore! series:</b><br> <br>Dedicated to helping children learn a variety of nonfiction subjects, the <b>Explore</b> series uses pitch-perfect rhyming text and brilliantly illustrated images to make learning fun.<br><br><b>Books in the series:</b><br><br><b>Explore Language!</b><br>1. <u>Behind the Mask: A Book About Prepositions</u><br>2. <u>Cache of Jewels: And Other Collective Nouns</u><br>3. <u>Fantastic! Wow! and Unreal!: A Book About Interjections and Conjunctions</u><br>4. <u>Kites Sail High: A Book About Verbs</u><br>5. <u>Many Luscious Lollipops: A Book About Adjectives</u><br>6. <u>Mine, All Mine!: A Book About Pronouns</u><br>7. <u>Merry-Go-Round: A Book About Nouns</u><br>8. <u>Up, Up and Away: A Book About Adverbs</u><br> <br><b>Explore Nature!</b><br>1. <u>Animals Born Alive and Well: A Book About Mammals and Their Young</u><br>2. <u>Chickens Aren't the Only Ones: A Book About Animals Who Lay Eggs</u><br>3. <u>The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen, and Seeds</u><br>4. <u>Plants that Never Ever Bloom: A Book About Fungi, Ferns, and Other Plants Without Flowers</u> Read More

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<div>Spectrum Reading for Grade 3 includes focused practice for reading comprehension including fiction and non-fiction passages, ...main idea and story structure, integration of knowledge and ideas, and key ideas and details. Spectrum(R) Reading workbooks contain focused practice for reading comprehension, including letters and sounds, word recognition, integration of knowledge and ideas, key ideas and details, main idea, story structure, theme, and summarization. Each lesson features an illustrated story followed by exercise in comprehension. A variety of fiction and nonfiction reading passages combined with standards-based learning make these workbooks an essential resource for school success. A complete answer key is included. Spectrum, the best-selling workbook series, is proud to provide quality, educational materials that support your students? learning achievement and success.</div> Read More

Continental Press
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Is the roadrunner a real bird? With level E of Reading for Comprehension, your students will learn all about this kid-friendly top...ic and many more. This book for grade 5 students includes 46 high-interest, nonfiction articles with questions that reinforce key reading and writing skills commonly found on state tests. Multiple-choice questions test these reading skills: vocabulary, main idea and details, sequence, cause and effect, and inferences and conclusions. Students also answer open-ended questions to practice writing narrative text, descriptive text, persuasive text, and expository text. <p>Continental Press has expanded its product offerings to support students in key curriculum areas and at many levels of learning. We offer exceptional materials for students, parents, teachers, and administrators at fair and affordable prices.<p> We publish programs in a variety of subject areas, including: <p> -Early Literacy<br> -Phonics<br> -Language Skills<br> -Reading Comprehension<br> -Vocabulary<br> -Content Reading in Geography, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies<br> -Mathematics<br> -State Testing<P><i>A teachers guide or answer key is sold separately. Visit for details.</i> Read More

School Zone Publishing
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School Zone's I KNOW IT! Learning Workbook series provides a resource for basic skills that are taught from kindergarten through s...ixth grade. Written by specialists, these exciting workbooks are organized so that both child and parent can understand the directions. Amusing illustrations enhance the learning process. Read More

Continental Press
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Reading for Comprehension Readiness, Book 1 fosters reading readiness in the context of nonfiction reading. The book combines enga...ging factual articles with questions and activities that assess comprehension and build critical thinking skills. It lays the groundwork to build reading-for-information skills students will need in later grades. Vocabulary progresses from sight words and short vowels to long vowels and easily decodable blends. Fun Pages reinforce readiness skills like classifying, distinguishing real from make-believe, and following directions. Ideal for students in grades 1 and 2. <P>Continental Press has expanded its product offerings to support students in key curriculum areas and at many levels of learning. We offer exceptional materials for students, parents, teachers, and administrators at fair and affordable prices.<P> We publish programs in a variety of subject areas, including: <P> -Early Literacy<BR> -Phonics<BR> -Language Skills<BR> -Reading Comprehension<BR> -Vocabulary<BR> -Content Reading in Geography, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies<BR> -Mathematics<BR> -State Testing<P><i>A teachers guide or answer key is sold separately. Visit for details.</i> Read More

Brighter Child
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<div>Studies show that children who learn a second language also develop a larger vocabulary and a better understanding of the str...uctural and grammatical rules of their first language. With Brighter Child Spanish Grade 3, you can help your child acquire the Spanish speaking, reading, and listening skills that will make him or her more successful in the school years ahead. Offering 80 pages of full-color activities, easy-to-follow directions and complete answer key, children will have fun learning a second language. Features activities that teach: *Spanish time words *Parts of speech *The masculine & feminine in Spanish *Spanish introductions & greetings *Writing & listening skills *Spanish songs & chants The popular Brighter Child Workbook series offers a full complement of instruction, activities, and information in 51 subject-specific workbooks. Encompassing preschool to grade 6, this series covers key subjects including basic skills, English & grammar, math, phonics, reading, science, and Spanish. This series is helping prepare children by giving them a solid foundation in key skills necessary for success in the classroom!</div> Read More

HMH Books for Young Readers
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<p>This book is so filled with monkey-themed activities that it is sure to keep kids busy, making it perfect for trips. Perforated... pages make it easy to display a favorite piece of art or to share the many sheets of stickers.<br /><br />This super activity book includes the following:<br /><br /></p><ul><li>More than three hundred full-color stickers based on Eileen Christelow's wonderful, expressive monkey art</li><li>A learn to draw the monkeys spread and practice space</li><li>Drawing and coloring pages</li><li>Addition, subtraction, and pattern recognition activities</li><li>Finger puppets on cardstock to cut out and play with</li></ul> Read More

Random House
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This unique hardcover, which grew out of the popular website Spontaneous Smiley, will appeal to kids and adults. Who can resist th...e wacky, cute smiley faces to be spied in photos of colorful found objects? Young readers will enjoy learning their colors as they're identifying what the smileys are made from?an electrical outlet, a hubcap, even a piece of toast?and readers of all ages will appreciate the witty rhyming text, and its inspirational message about choosing happiness. Read More

Brand: Cardboard Box Adventures
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Chipper the Clown tells the story of a man who remembers his childhood dreams of only wanting to make people laugh. So he packs up... his things and goes off to join the circus as a clown. Then he is embarrassed when he finds out he isn't good at it. Nobody thinks he's funny. Who ever heard of a clown in a pinstriped suit? So what will Chipper do? He turns to the older, more experienced clowns for some good advice. This story is about the benefits of asking the right people for help and not giving up when following a dream. Read More

Barron's Educational Series
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Preschool boys and girls will enjoy hours of quiet-time fun with this activity book. It includes more than 80 easy-to-peel sticker...s that they can attach to engaging airplane illustrations throughout the book. They'll also find additional activities, which include dot-to-dot drawing pages, and counting, matching, and follow-the-maze games. With fun things to do on every page, younger children will have fun while they learn numbers, words, and colors. Read More

Sylvan Learning
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<b>Each Super Workbook is a $39 value for just $18.99! Includes a $10 discount coupon off your child's Skills Assessment at a Learning Center.<br></b><u><br></u><i>First Grade Language Arts Success </i>uses a systematic, age- and grade-appropriate approach to help your child succeed in school. Each section within <i>First Grade Language Arts Success </i>uses activities and practice tools to improve your child's reading skills. The exercises in this 3-in-1 Super Workbook include spelling games and activities, vocabulary puzzles, and reading skill builders that will establish a strong foundation in the language arts and engage your child in learning. <br><br><b>Why Sylvan Products Work<br></b><br>Sylvan Learning Workbooks won a <b>Honors Award from the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) as a top book series for children in the elementary-aged category</b>. The NAPPA is the nation's most comprehensive awards program for children's products and parenting resources, and has been critically reviewing products since 1990. The Award recognizes Sylvan Learning Workbooks as some of the most innovative and useful products geared to parents.<br><b><br></b>Sylvan's proven system inspires kids to learn and has helped children nationwide catch up, keep up, and get ahead in school. Sylvan has been a trusted partner for parents for thirty years, and has based their supplemental education success on programs developed through a focus on the highest educational standards and detailed research.  Sylvan's line of educational products equips families with fun, effective, and grade-appropriate learning tools.  Our workbooks and learning kits feature activities, stories, and games to reinforce the skills children need to develop and achieve their academic potential.  Students will reap the rewards of improved confidence and a newfound love of learning. Read More

Continental Press
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Finish Line Comprehension Skills: Author's Purpose is designed to provide additional practice in basic comprehension skills and st...rategies. In Part I, each major skill is presented through a variety of approaches. Each approach is addressed separately with a teaching lesson that explains it and walks students through a sample question and answer. Part II refers students to the introductory pages in Part I for help and then gives ample practice in each approach to the skill. Most of the passages have been written on a sixth- or seventh-grade level of difficulty. <p>Continental Press has expanded its product offerings to support students in key curriculum areas and at many levels of learning. We offer exceptional materials for students, parents, teachers, and administrators at fair and affordable prices.<p> We publish programs in a variety of subject areas, including: <p> -Early Literacy<br> -Phonics<br> -Language Skills<br> -Reading Comprehension<br> -Vocabulary<br> -Content Reading in Geography, Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies<br> -Mathematics<br> -State Testing<P><i>A teachers guide or answer key is sold separately. Visit for details.</i> Read More

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<p><strong><em>Equity is key to eliminating achievement gaps</em></strong></p> <p> </p> <p>This first volume of a four-book series... outlines a simple, yet powerful approach to creating the expectations, rigor, relevancy, and relationships necessary for any child to succeed. <em>Equity 101</em> describes school systems that have changed their climate, culture, and practices to foster high levels of achievement. Best-selling author Curtis Linton introduces the three essential characteristics of equity:</p> <ul> <li>Clear expectations for closing the achievement gap</li> <li>Commitment to rigorous curriculum</li> <li>Relationships that promote learning</li> </ul> <p> </p> <p>Readers will have access to online videos that are keyed to central concepts of the series.</p> Read More

Michigan Cannabis Business Association
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Every day, loving parents and caregivers are taken from their families for the simple crime of possessing, selling, or growing a s...afe, non-toxic plant. The children who love them often face serious social stigma, both from their peers and adults who judge them and their loved ones harshly. These issues can lead to low self-esteem, real damage to their most important relationship, and possibly to the child internalizing the judgements of others (believing they must be bad if their loved one is bad) and thus to acting out. Although social attitudes about cannabis are changing rapidly, the laws are much slower to be reformed, leaving thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens incarcerated and labeled as criminals, despite the fact that they never hurt anyone. Stinky Steve is here to help parents, guardians, and other grown-ups talk to kids about why someone they love is in prison for cannabis. By helping the children understand the injustice of cannabis prohibition, Stinky Steve wants to help them feel better about their situation and their loved one's incarceration so that they can begin to heal! Read More

Speedy Kids
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Take your child on an imaginary jungle adventure with the use of this themed coloring book. Coloring helps improve your child?s vo...cabulary as he learns to associate words with objects. It is also a fun activity to do when you want your child?s prewriting skills to improve in preparation for a lot of writing in school. Grab a copy of this book today! Read More

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Magic has always captivated and amazed children, but learning the secrets behind this mysterious art has never been easy ? until n...ow. Introducing <i>Children's Book of Magic</i>, an introduction to the world's most amazing illusionists, magic tricks and magicians. <p>Tracing the history of magic from its origins in Ancient Egypt to the rise of stage performance in the 1900s and up to and including magic of the present day, <i>Magic</i> also includes 20 tricks for kids to put on their own show by learning from the 8 schools of magic: production, vanishing, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escaping, levitation, and prediction. Card tricks, coin tricks, escapology, and more are presented in step-by-step sequences, while biography spreads highlight the great works of history's greatest magicians including Hieronymus Bosch, Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, and modern day performers such as David Blaine and Dynamo.</p> <p>With <i>Children's Book of Magic</i> kids can dive in and discover the secrets of sleight of hand, the power of performance, and the mysteries of misdirection needed to perfect their skills.</p> Read More

Brand: GreeHee Publishing
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<b>WINNER OF TWO AWARDS: NCPA Best Juvenile Fiction and COVR Visionary Fiction Finalist </b><BR> GreeHee The Journey of Five Tale...s of Tamoor Book One is the first of five books in an epic fantasy about a dragon - GreeHee. <BR> GreeHee is a deep thinking adolescent dragon with a gentle heart, born as a result of a prophecy. He wants his father to love and be proud of him, so he practices the dragon art wishing to become fierce. As the story opens a fairy has stumbled into his forest. He knows he should eat her but while he is considering how to, she asks him to take her home, saying her father will give him riches. Considering these facts, GreeHee decides to take her home where he intends to prove himself by devouring her entire family. <BR> So GreeHee begins an amazing, perilous, unimaginable journey of self-discovery directed by the unseen hand of fate, and the unlikely companionship of a fairy. <BR> GreeHee The Journey of Five consists of 34 short chapters, each a cliff-hanger. Though written for young adults ages 10 and up, it has been embraced by people of all ages. <BR> The book can read for the fantasy, adventure and mystery, as well as for metaphysical content. Members from both The Church of Religious Science and Unity have called it young adult metaphysical fiction and are using it in youth, as well as, adult reading programs. <BR> Additionally middle school teachers have read it to their classes because of the excellent life lessons GreeHee and the other characters learn as they race to uncover the meaning of the prophecy and face the evil that threatens Tamoor. <BR> A portion of each book is donated to the <b>SPCA.</b> <BR> Posters, Tshirts and more, of both book one and book two are now available through <b> </b><BR> The audio book will be released by summer of 2008 right here on Amazon. <BR> Board game, trading cards, and Book Two will be available in 2009 Read More

Houghton Mifflin
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<div>John James Audubon was a boy who loved the out-of-doors more than the in. He was a boy who believed in studying birds in, not just from books. And, in the fall of 1804, he was a boy determined to learn if the small birds nesting near his Pennsylvania home really would return the following spring.<br> This book reveals how the youthful Audubon pioneered a technique essential to our understanding of birds. Capturing the early passion of America?s greatest painter of birds, this story will leave young readers listening intently for the call of birds large and small near their own homes.</div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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This student workbook is part of the executive-caliber, active-learning, organizational-leadership training curriculum, designed f...or girls/young women between the ages of 10-14. Read More

Speedy Publishing Books
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Help our sharks find what they're looking for in this interactive but highly educational shark-themed activity book. Filled with m...azes, word puzzles, connect-the-dot images, and coloring fun, this book is the complete package. It is diverse so it appeals to most number of readers. This is the book that will help your child grow and become enriched mentally. This is the kind of book that you should keep at home. Read More

Sylvan Learning
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Success in math requires children to make connections between the real world and math concepts in order to solve problems. Success...ful problem solvers will be ready for the challenges of mathematics as they advance to more complex topics. The activities in this workbook are designed to help your children catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Best of all, they?ll have lots of fun doing it! Some of the great features you?ll find inside are:<br> <br><b>Tic-Tac-Toe</b><br>A twist on this classic game helps students develop a solid understanding of factors, prime numbers, and composite numbers.<br> <br><b>Dueling Denominators</b><br>Students gain practice determining the lowest common denominator between fractions and then adding them.<br> <br><b>Simply Simplify</b><br>Multiplying fractions can be easier if you simplify the fractions first, and students reinforce these skills by identifying numbers with common factors.<br> <br><b>Fitting In</b><br>Measuring the length of a book, CD case, and DVD case to determine how many will fit on a shelf gives students confidence in measuring objects in centimeters and finding an answer measured to hundredths.<br> <br><b>Fine Lines</b><br>Students practice recognizing points, lines, and rays by looking for pairs of lines in a picture and determining which are parallel, perpendicular, or intersecting.<br> <br><b> </b><br>Give your child?s confidence in math a boost with <i>5th Grade Basic Math Success</i>. Read More

Balzer & Bray
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<p>The fourth book in the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place?the acclaimed and hilarious Victorian mystery series by Maryrose W...ood, perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket and Trenton Lee Stewart?has a brand-new look.</p><p>Turning sixteen is a bittersweet occasion for Miss Penelope Lumley. Luckily, an invitation to speak at the annual Celebrate Alumnae Knowledge Exposition (or CAKE) at the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females provides just the diversion Penelope needs.</p><p>Optoomuchstic as ever, Penelope hopes to give her CAKE talk, see some old friends, and show off the Incorrigible children to Miss Mortimer, but instead she finds her beloved school in an uproar. And when Penelope is asked by the Swanburne Academy board of trustees to demonstrate the academic progress of her three wolfish students so they can judge the true worth of a Swanburne education, the future of her alma mater?and of her job as governess to the Incorrigibles?hangs in the balance.</p> Read More

Creative Teaching
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Research has shown that repetition is essential for the brain to learn and recall information. The engaging activities and puzzles... in this book will provide your child with repeated practice of grade level-appropriate vocabulary and language skills. Becoming fluent, or automatic, with these skills helps develop reading fluency and build a strong foundation in reading comprehension, an important skill for academic success.<p>Upon your childs completion of each activity, use the provided incentive chart and stickers to track progress and celebrate your childs success.</p><p>Whether students need extra practice with grade-level skills or a head start on next year, Stick Kids<sup>®</sup> Workbooks offer engaging activities, games, and puzzles that help make learning lots of fun. Each 56-page book features full-color activities, a list of the skills, and an explanation of why those skills are important for development. Also included are helpful tips, an answer key, a handy tracking sheet, stickers for acknowledging achievements, and appearances by the lovable Stick Kids!</p><p>These right-sized (7 x 9) skill practice workbooks are perfect for use at school, or as entertaining activities on the go. Tuck them into a backpack, purse, or travel bag. Great for school breaks, vacations, and year-long practice.</p><p><b>SKILLS</b></p><ul> <li>Color and number words</li> <li>Sight words</li> <li>Word families</li> <li>Spelling</li> <li>Consonant blends and digraphs</li> <li>Contractions</li> <li>Sorting and Categorizing</li></ul><p><b>HOW YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT LEARNING</b><ul><li> Work with your child in a quiet, calm setting.</li><li>Acknowledge your childs progress and respond to his or her comfort level.</li><li>Complete some activities together. Keep a positive attitude and provide words of encouragement to support your childs journey in becoming a lifelong learner.</li></ul> Read More

Teaching Resources
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<DIV>No cutting or stapling?just fold and they're ready to use! These adorable reproducible books give emergent readers plenty of ...practice reading and writing each of the top 100 sight words. Each mini-book teaches one high-frequency word and features an engaging rhyming poem that kids complete, then a word search to reinforce learning. Plus, teaching tips and extension activities! For use with Grades K-2.</div> Read More

A Happy Cute Production LLC
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Kids of all ages, get ready to sharpen your crayons and crank up your imaginations for a whole new kind of Hawaii activity book! W...e'll be taking you on an interactive tour to some of the most beautiful, unusual, often quirky places in paradise. Along the way, you'll learn tons of interesting facts about our islands, while creating a totally personalized travel journal to share with family and friends back home. Draw and color in the wild roosters on Kauai. Add your own hidden treasures on Lanai's Shipwreck Beach. Paint a tropical mural on the buildings in Waikiki. Dress up the reef fish while scuba diving off Maui's coast and much more. It's over 50 pages of fun and discovery guaranteed to keep you from being bored in the rental car, so let's get started! Read More

Barron's Educational Series
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This new title in the illustrated <i>Let's Read! </i> language-learning series is a real page-turner! It's a story for kids, writt...en in a bilingual French and English format, which encourages boys and girls who are independent readers in their own language to begin learning a second language. All <i>Let's Read </i> books present original stories of action and adventure geared to young readers' interests. Meanwhile, kids begin to learn a new language, compare it with their own, and start out on a path toward bilingual fluency. As they read, children discover that they don't need to learn every single new word that they encounter in the second language. As unfamiliar words appear and reappear in the story's context, they will pick up meanings effortlessly, just as they pick up and understand new words in their own language. The parallel text, illustrations, and dialogue balloons on every page give kids a child-friendly bridge to reading and speaking in a second language. <i> Let's Read </i> books are available in both French/English and Spanish/English editions. Read More

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<DIV><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Kumon workbooks are based on the "Kumon Method", an educational philosophy that aims at the full learning potential of each individual child. The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. As a result, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.</P></DIV> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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This coloring book is loaded with cuteness as it features several baby animals. Through its active learning component, coloring is... a great experience that makes your child aware of many things. It is also a well-loved activity that fosters stronger relationships when parents and children bond to discuss or complete the images. So here's a copy that your child will adore. Secure one today. Actual size of this book is 8.5?X11? *This title is also available in Amazon for Kindle. Read More

Dover Publications
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<div><div>Inexpensive activity book from noted illustrator Pomaska contains 28 delightful "coded riddle," "find the word," "follow... the dots," and other fun coloring puzzles that will help your child learn to read and spell through coloring and problem solving. Publisher's Note. Captions. 28 illustrated solutions.</div></div> Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>In his bestselling picture book <em>Dirt on My Shirt</em>, Jeff Foxworthy warmed the hearts of kids both big and little. Now, i...n this I Can Read edition, poems have been hand selected for beginning readers to enjoy. From meeting Auntie Brooke and Uncle Keith to searching for tadpoles and snakes, young readers will love discovering Jeff's vibrant neighborhood all for themselves. </p><p>Filled to the brim with hilarious poems and beautiful art, this book is the perfect addition to any I Can Read library! </p> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<b><i>The Baby Animals Book</i> is a great learning book for small children and beginning readers.</b> <br><br> From absolutely a...dorable baby mammals to baby alligators and scorpions, this full-color book is packed to the brim with color photographs of baby animals your kids will love. This book contains pictures of baby animals, birds, fish and reptiles that your kids will ask to see time and time again. <br><br> Buy <i>The Baby Animals Book</i> and introduce your kids to the world of baby animals today. Read More

School Zone Publishing
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This Big Second Grade Workbook combines popular 32-page School Zone workbooks into one convenient 320-page volume. Child-friendly ...exercises and full-color illustrations make learning fun. Use Big Workbooks to reinforce or review grade-level skills or prepare for the upcoming school year. Contents include: Spelling Puzzles, Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Addition & Subtraction, Math, Phonics Review, English, Insects & Spiders, Seeds & Plants, and Weather. <br><br> (Ages 6-7) Read More

Teaching Resources
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Invite children to explore the stories and rich, detailed artwork of this popular author-illustrator. Includes a profile of Jan Br...ett; before- and after-reading discussion ideas; and activities that help kids build vocabulary, learn about genres, and explore story elements. Plus, extensions in science, social studies, math, poetry, and more. Read More

Award Publications Ltd
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With glittering mermaids, and shiny dragons, and easy rhyming text, your child will love this fun introduction to mythical, fantas...tical, magical creature concepts - such as wizards, unicorns, mermaids, dragons and fairies. Other titles in this Super Sparkles Early Learning concepts series that present Colors, Numbers and Sizes are - THINGS THAT GO - OUT IN SPACE - UNDER THE SEA Read More

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