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Ebeanstalk Coloring Books

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Design the perfect, colorful horse of your dreams. Get your creative mind galloping full speed, this black chalkboard horse will b...ring to life all the ideas prancing around in your imagination. Draw whatever you imagine with the four different chalk pieces of green, red, blue, and white. Place it on your desk or dresser as a display. And once you've decided on a different design, simply wipe it clean with the included sponge eraser. Horse designs are endless once you lasso Breyer Chalkboard Horse. INCLUDES: - A horse figurine that can be drawn on with chalk - A beautiful figurine that mirrors your imagination - Horse is detailed and stands 9.5 inches tall - Chalk comes in red, green, blue, and white - Eraser erases easily - 1 sponge eraser Developmental Skills: DexterityEducationImagination Read More

$19.99 $24.95 at Ebeanstalk

If you can imagine it, you can draw it with Breyer 's Learn To Draw Horses kit. The kit contains - An 8 by 11 32 page color glossy... instructional booklet that demonstrates how to use a stencil - Drawing with shapes - How to trace Drawing on a grid - And drawing from life. Contains: - Ten colored pencils - Four graphite pencils - One pencil sharpener - One eraser - Ten pieces of tracing paper - Ten pieces of drawing paper - One grid One sheet of stencils - One fully decorated Breyer Paddock Pal (1:24 scale) to draw from life. Click here to view more girls toys! Read More

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