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Eric Carle is one of the most celebrated children's book authors/illustrators of all time, with over 103 million copies of his boo...ks sold worldwide. Inspired by the classic book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this clip-on book all about numbers will become your baby's favorite! The book has great activity features on each page, crinkle texture inside, a teether on the cover, a squeaker, and a hanging clip so your baby can have fun and learn anywhere! Read More

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Eric Carle is one of the most celebrated children's book authors/illustrators of all time, with over 103 million copies of his boo...ks sold worldwide. Inspired by the classic book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this book will make bath time much more enjoyable for your little one! The book also comes with 5 squirties, based on other great books by Eric Carle, for your baby to play with and splash around with in the tub! Read More

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Breyer Wild Blue - Classics Horse & Book Set Breyer Wild Blue - Classics Horse & Book Set makes an ideal gift or can be added to's library for fun reading and playing. Why You'll Love It: It's a combination pack that includes an interesting novel and a toy figure. Age: Horse figure: 4 years and up, Novel: 8 years and up Features Interesting combination of novel and toy figure from the story Captivating story Encourages reading Recommended Ages:8 and up Read More

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More classic children's tales for first grade readers.

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<span>In "Christopher Dragon Shopping with Friends" (The Tales of Christopher Dragon, Book 2)<span>  </span>Christopher Dragon and... his new friends prove that love and friendship can exist regardless of color, size, and different lifestyles. </span><span>This second book in Mary Kagan Draper's wonderful bedtime rhyming children's series continues the author's imaginative and adventurous development of this soon to be classic friendly dragon.<span>  </span>The author's talent nicely combines with the award winning illustrator's magnificent illustrations so children can follow the story beautifully. <span> </span>Christopher is brightly colored with shiny green and red hair and belly with purple wings.</span><br> <span><span>      </span>The author transitioned Christopher Dragon from a time of knights so bold in the days of old, to modern times with a bedtime rhyming tale in Tales of Christopher Dragon Book 1. In this second book in the series, his new friends continue to prove that love and friendship can exist regardless of color, size, and different lifestyles. The children take Christopher Dragon, a new librarian in their grade school, to the mall to go shopping for jeans and other things that will help this kind new friend adjust to his new world. His magical size does not prevent the children from helping him adjust to his new surroundings.<span>  </span>He takes the children to a toy store and buys them a kite.<span>  </span>Of course they want to fly the kite right away and they head to an adventure in the park.<span>  </span>After Christopher Dragon rescues the kite, they return to the mall for a hamburger. Stove burner trouble ensues and Christopher saves the day with fire from his snout.<span>  </span>A stop for ice cream will top the day.</span><br> <span><span>      </span>Award winning VPK teacher and award winning illustrator have teamed up to create this delightful bedtime rhyming tale that teaches good values.<span>  </span>Dragon stories in verse can be awkward at times - but not in this dragon fairy tales series. Smooth flowing verse, combined with the beautiful illustrations, will keep your child's attention and enhance vocabulary and other oral language skills by association. With adult encouragement, the rhyme will help your child build a vocabulary of words that rhyme and have similar sounds. <span> </span>The Christopher Dragon series of books teach the values of friendship such as sharing, planning activities together, bonding and accepting other's differences.</span><br> <span><span>     </span>An editorial review by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite had this to say about this dragon fairy tale:<span><span>  </span></span><span>Mary Kagan Draper's children's book, "Christopher Dragon Shopping with Friends"<span>  </span>(The Tales of Christopher Dragon - Book 2) is imaginative and entertaining. Christopher is also a great role model for children. They learn that being different is okay, and that everyone has unique skills and gifts that make them special."<span> </span>Jack Magnus also said, Patti Brassard Jefferson's illustrations are bold, with bright colors and a fluid comic book style that will tempt artistic children to try their own hands at drawing Christopher and his friends. This is a great book for kids to read on their own or with an adult, and everyone will have a grand time reading about this very personable dragon. Mary Kagan Draper's children's book, Christopher Dragon Shopping with Friends: The Tales of Christopher Dragon Book 2 is highly recommended</span></span><span>.<span>  </span></span><span>FIVE STARS</span><br> <span><span>       </span>More beautifully illustrated adventures come in the first book "Christopher Dragon Meets the New World" (The Tales of Christopher Dragon, Book 1). </span><br> <span><span>       </span><span> </span>(The Tales of Christopher Dragon, Book 3) entitled "Christopher Dragon Goes to the Beach" was published February 2015 </span> Read More

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Wholesome food, well prepared, is a basic requirement in the lives of all of us, and the needs of the human body do not vary in respect even when we go vacationing. The only real difference between appetites at home and in transit is that appetites on vacation usually are more robust. Appetites in trailers are no exception. Three meals a day can be well executed with a minimum of effort in the snug convenience of a trailer kitchen. Adventuring in a trailer opens opportunities for adventuring in new foods, to anyone who will explore the possibilities of this vagabond existence; and for summer camps and kitchenettes, these menus are equally convenient. Meals for the trailer need not be drab or uninteresting. Fresh food on every roadside stand, wholesome food in cans challenge the homemaker to feed her traveling companions interesting food, well prepared. Good food which is adequate and appetizing need not be elaborate or intricate to prepare. It is hoped that the martyr spirit dominating homemakers of an earlier day will not reappear in the trailer. Some of the same spirit of adventure that prompted the pioneer homemaker to feed her family well as she swayed across the continent in her covered wagon may still be required of todays trailer homemaker. New frontiers are hers without the same hardships and hazards. Today strailer homemaker, if she has taken a step in the fashionable direction of keeping up with the times, will dominate her meals not be dominated by them.<BR>(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)<BR><BR><B>About the Publisher</B> <BR><BR>Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.<BR><BR>Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately p Read More

Two Lions
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<p><b>The classic tale by award-winning author Marjorie Flack is back in print for the first time in decades!</b></p><p>Walter is ...a lazy mouse. He is so lazy that he always misses school and spends all his time in bed. He is so lazy that eventually his family forgets about him and moves away?without him. Alone and scared, Walter heads out into the world to search for his family. He travels through a dark forest and soon meets a turtle and some frogs. Walter decides to create a new home on Mouse Island. His froggy friends live nearby, and Walter tries to teach them things. With his own island?and friends who depend on him?Walter must learn to take care of himself. There is no time to be lazy! But will Walter ever see his family again? First published in 1937 and back in print for the first time in decades with Marjorie Flack?s own illustrations, this is a classic tale of adventure and friendship, and the importance of perseverance. An introduction from noted librarian Nancy Pearl is included.</p> Read More

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<P>Few stories are as widely read and as universally cherished by children and adults alike as <I>The Little Prince. </I>Richard H...oward's translation of the beloved classic beautifully reflects Saint-Exupéry's unique and gifted style. Howard, an acclaimed poet and one of the preeminent translators of our time, has excelled in bringing the English text as close as possible to the French, in language, style, and most important, spirit. The artwork in this edition has been restored to match in detail and in color Saint-Exupéry's original artwork. Combining Richard Howard's translation with restored original art, this definitive English-language edition of<I> The Little Prince</I> will capture the hearts of readers of all ages.</P> <p>This title has been selected as a Common Core Text Exemplar (Grades 4-5, Stories). Read More

Oxmoor House
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<br>Everyone loves chili, soup, and stew, and most folks make their own. It's a food that just tastes better-and is still more aff...ordable, especially for a crowd-when you make it yourself. Across the South and throughout the nation, there are are loads of chili cook-offs, soup contests, and stew variations, and scores of people looking for the ultimate bowl recipe (or at least something better than what they threw together last weekend). Enter <em>Southern Living</em> - the master of hearty, spicy, comfort-in-a-bowl food.<br><br>This must-have book is chock-full of legendary lick-the-bowl-clean recipes for hearty chilis, hot and cold soups, and stick-to-your-ribs stews, plus all the toppings, fixings, and inspiration you need for a comforting soup supper, a spicy tailgate, or a downright delicious chili chow-down. Chapters range from meaty and meatless chilies, stick-with-you stews, and classic soups to scrumptious serve-alongs such as corn bread, Cheddar and sweet potato biscuits, and homemade crackers, chips, and tortilla strips. The selection includes quick stovetop soups, easy slow-cooker stews, and seriously spicy bowls. There's even a chapter of chili-laced recipes (Frito Pies, chili dogs, and more) and soup-er clever ideas for using, freezing, or sharing the leftovers-if there are any!<br> Read More

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<p>Young readers will love this new Batman adventure featuring three favorite DC Comics Super Heroes!</p><p>When Mr. Freeze and th...e Ice Pack bring a blast of villainous cold to Gotham City, it's up to Batman to break the ice. With a little help from Wonder Woman and the Flash, the World's Greatest Detective will stop these criminals in their icy tracks.</p><p>Perfect for beginning readers and Super Hero fans, <em>Batman Classic: Winter Wasteland</em> is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.</p> Read More

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Behind a hedge of tangled thorns, a palace sleeps. Every magical moment of this classic story is captured in bright, charming pict...ures by illustrator Jenny Press. Perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves. Read More

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Doc McStuffins gets a little beluga whale toy named Lulu who can grow in water. The problem is, Lulu wants to be big now! Growing ...boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book retelling an episode from the popular Disney Junior series <i>Doc McStuffins.</i> And they'll also love finding out Doc's secret to getting bigger?patience! Read More

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The dinosaurs are missing from the Umi City Museum, and Team Umizoomi must use their mighty math powers to find them! Fans of Nick...elodeon ages 2-5 will love this charmingly-illustrated Little Golden Book. Read More

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<DIV>Annabella P. Hill (1810-1878) was a socially prominent Georgia native whose encyclopedic treasury of 19th century recipes, co...oking advice, and household hints was first published in 1867. This classic receipt book is considered one of the most influential books of the post-Civil War South A facsimile of the 1867 edition.</div> Read More

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<p>Everyone's favorite patchwork elephant, Elmer, is back in this brand-new 25th anniversary board book edition of David McKee's c...lassic tale, <em>Elmer</em>. Elmer the elephant is bright-colored patchwork all over. No wonder the other elephants laugh at him! If he were ordinary elephant color, the others might stop laughing. That would make Elmer feel better, wouldn't it? The surprising conclusion of this comical fable is a celebration of individuality and the power of laughter.</p> Read More

Book Jungle
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Howard Pyle (1853 - 1911) was an American illustrator and writer of books for children. In 1900 he founded the Brandywine school ...of art and illustration. He is best known for his classic The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and a 4 volume work on King Arthur. Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates; Fiction, Fact & Fancy concerning the Buccaneers & marooners of the Spanish Main was written for children. Pyle has a gift for making his characters spring from the page as real flesh and blood people. Pyle begins with the lure of the pirate life, which lurks beneath the surface of many a respectable person. "WHY is it that a little spice of deviltry lends not an unpleasantly titillating twang to the great mass of respectable flour that goes to make up the pudding of our modern civilization? And pertinent to this question another--Why is it that the pirate has, and always has had, a certain lurid glamour of the heroical enveloping him round about? Is there, deep under the accumulated debris of culture, a hidden groundwork of the old-time savage? Is there even in these well-regulated times an unsubdued nature in the respectable mental household of every one of us that still kicks against the pricks of law and order? To make my meaning more clear, would not every boy, for instance--that is, every boy of any account--rather be a pirate captain than a Member of Parliament?" Read More

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From the editors of Sports Illustrated Kids comes <em>The Big Book of Who: Football</em>, a 128-page collection of the brightest s...tars in America's favorite sport, past and present. Profiles, facts and stats will bring the best players in pro football history to life with all of the classic touches that Sports Illustrated Kids is famous for - terrific, age-appropriate writing and exciting sports photography. Gridiron greats such as, from Sammy Baugh to Cam Newton, Jim Brown to Emmitt Smith, Dick Butkus to Ray Lewis will be profiled. <br><br><em>The Big Book of Who: Football</em> is a book young sports fans will return to again and again as a lively, exciting and encyclopedic resource. Read More

Golden Books
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t?s Farmer Brown?s birthday, and the animals are deciding what they?ll do for him on his special day. <br><br><i>?Cluck! I will him eggs,? said the hen. / Said the rooster, ?I?ll wake him in the mornings, then.? / ?Baa-aa, we?ll give him wool,? said the sheep. / ?For our fleece is soft and warm and deep.?</i> Read More

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<div><div>A true masterpiece of book design and illustration for beginning readers, this collection pairs well-known nursery tales... with uniquely beautiful period illustrations that look as fresh and vital today as they did six decades ago, when the book was first published in Great Britain. Never before published in the United States, <I>My First Nursery Book </I>features four beloved stories: “Who Killed Cock Robin?,? “The Gingerbread Man,? “Three Little Pigs,? and “The Three Bears.? Franciszka Themerson, a Polish avant-garde artist and filmmaker who returned to children?s book illustration as a refugee in London in the 1940s, is regarded as one of the great talents in classic children?s book illustration. Finally, American children can experience and enjoy this remarkable volume, filled with stunning illustrations that will bring a new audience to Themerson?s genius.</div></div> Read More

Little Simon Publishing
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<I>Chicka chick boom boom!<BR> Will there be enough room?</I><BR> <BR> There is always enough room for this rolicking alphabet cha...nt that is been a children's favorite for over 20 years!<BR><BR>Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault's rhythmic rhymes and Caldecott Honor illustrator Lois Ehlert's bold, cheerful art has made the <I>Chicka Chicka</I> series a classic! For the first time ever, the complete edition of the original<I> Chicka Chicka Boom Boom</I> story will be available in a new lap-sized board book that will surely delight a new generation of <I>Chicka Chicka</I> fans. Read More

Random House
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Jonathan Swift's classic travel adventure has been adapted into an easy-reading Stepping Stones early chapter book, while keeping ...all the fun, humor, and unusual perspectives of the original story.<br><br>Gulliver has an itch to travel around the world, but whenever he steps on a ship, bad luck seems to find him. He is shipwrecked, abandoned, marooned, and mutinied against, and each time lands in a strange and curious place. First he discovers the kingdom of the six-inch-tall Lilliputians, then the country of the giant Brobdingnagians, then the island of the academic Laputans, which floats in the sky, and finally the noble realm of the horselike Houyhnhnms. Who knew there were so many unusual creatures under the sun? Read More

PlainTales, Inc.
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<DIV><DIV><DIV>King Midas is obsessed with gold: counting it, touching it, imagining it. But when a strange young man grants his w...ish for a golden touch, things don?t go quite as he planned?particularly for his daughter Marigold. In these selections from classic American author Nathaniel Hawthorne?s charming retellings of Greek myths, children meet Midas and another engaging troublemaker, Pandora. The myths had, Hawthorne wrote, been around so long that they were ?legitimate subjects for every age to clothe with its own garniture of manners and sentiment, and to imbue with its own morality.? Ultimately Hawthorne?s retellings of the myths are less didactic than simply entertaining, told in a conversational style that makes them perfect for children.</DIV></div></div> Read More

Grub Street Cookery
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Mustard has a long and fascinating history weaving back through many different cultures. It was being cultivated even earlier tha...n 4000BC. The peppery flavored leaves of the plant can be eaten and are indeed one of the mainstays of southern American soul food cooking and its seeds can be pressed to make oil as well as used whole. This is the first authoritative book on the subject and covers all aspects of its history, cultivation and its many and varied uses, both culinary and medicinal. There is something here for everyone from the professional chef, who may want to learn how to make mustard from scratch, to the home cook. The bulk of the book is dedicated to over 150 recipes using mustard as an ingredient and includes recipes for sauces, soups, starters, fish, poultry, game, meat, vegetables, pickles, baking, savories and puddings. There is also a section on making mustard at home.Among the tempting treats to try are Mostarda di Cremona, now a fashionable relish on many tables, glazes for baked hams, chicken wings with mustard and lime, mackerel in black treacle and mustard, lapin moutarde (one of the classics of the French kitchen), glazed salt beef with mustard sauce, mustard seed sausages, mustard greens in coconut milk, piccalilli (probably one of the most famous pickles), spiced gingerbread and mustard seed and allspice biscuits.Robin Weir is the co-author, with his wife Caroline of Ices the definitive guide one of Grub Street's best-selling titles. He has had a lifelong interest in food and is an enthusiastic amateur cook. Rosamond Man has written extensively on food and is the author of a number of highly successful cookbooks including The Complete Meze Table. Read More

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Presenting a thrilling new voice in children's literature-a witty, gripping adventure story featuring a boy and his not-so-tame dj...inni. <BR>Nathaniel is a young magician's apprentice, taking his first lessons in the arts of magic. But when a devious hotshot wizard named Simon Lovelace ruthlessly humiliates Nathaniel in front of everyone he knows, Nathaniel decides to kick up his education a few notches and show Lovelace who's boss. With revenge on his mind, he masters one of the toughest spells of all: summoning the all-powerful djinni, Bartimaeus. But summoning Bartimaeus and controlling him are two different things entirely, and when Nathaniel sends the djinni out to steal the powerful Amulet of Samarkand, Nathaniel finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of magical espionage, murder, blackmail, and revolt. <BR>Set in a modern-day London spiced with magicians and mayhem, this extraordinary, funny, pitch-perfect thriller will dazzle the myriad fans of Artemis Fowl and the His Dark Materials trilogy. And with the rights sold in more than a dozen countries, and a major motion picture in the works, the Bartimaeus trilogy is on the fast track to becoming a classic. Read More

Golden Books
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Alice and Martin Provensen?s illustrations are so delightful that children will want to join the fuzzy duckling on his stroll thro...ugh the countryside, meeting animals along the way. This adorable counting story by Jane Werner Watson is as fresh today as it was in 1949. Read More

Brand: NorthSouth
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<DIV><p> </p><div>This classic retelling of the Night Before Christmas comes complete with a glittery cover and a detachable, glit...tery Christmas tree ornament!</div></DIV> Read More

Two Lions
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<p><b>You?ve never met a babysitter like Mr. Pudgins!</b></p><p>When Mr. Pudgins comes to watch John, Pete, and Janey, all kinds o...f crazy things happen. Faucets run soda pop instead of water, the bathtub takes them for a ride, a case of the hiccups releases birds into the house, and friends step out of the mirror! Somehow all evidence of their antics is erased by the time Mother and Father get home. Mr. Pudgins is the best babysitter ever! But what happens when John, Pete, and Janey grow older? Ruth Christoffer Carlsen?s classic novel, first published in 1951, celebrates the power of the imagination through one unforgettable babysitter. An introduction by noted librarian Nancy Pearl is included.</p> Read More

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<p>Ever since Amelia Bedelia made her debut almost thirty years ago, young readers have been laughing out loud at the antics of literal-minded but charming housekeeper. From dressing the chicken to drawing the drapes, Amelia Bedelia merrily does exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Rogers tell her to do. But even when things get a bit mixed up in the process, Amelia Bedelia always finds a way to make everything turn out perfectly in the end. </p><p>Peggy Parish's beloved classic is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help. Through Amelia Bedelia's hilarious adventures, kids learn the difference between literal and nonliteral language and begin to grasp wordplay. </p><p>Supports the Common Core Learning Standards. </p> Read More

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When hot rods race into town, it's up to Deputy Mater to slow them down and teach them the rules of the road! Boys ages 2?5 will l...ove this action-packed Little Golden Book featuring Mater and Lightning McQueen from Disney/Pixar's <i>Cars.</i>  Read More

Tuttle Publishing
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<i>"Tom Potts was fooling with a gun<BR>(Such follies should not be),<BR>When?bang! The pesky thing went off<BR>most unexpectedly!..."</i><BR><BR>Long before Richard Scarry or Dr. Seuss, an American artist delighted a generation of children and their parents with hilarious, topsy-turvy illustrations and slightly subversive tales told in rhyme. This was illustrator/author Peter Newell.<BR><BR>Originally published in 1908, <i>The Hole Book</i> remains as profoundly enjoyable and incredibly popular as ever. With humorous text and irresistible drawings, this classic work will delight readers of all ages with the story of Tom Potts' bullet, which leads him through all sorts of unexpected scenes and adventures, each funnier than the last.<BR><BR>Peter Newell (1862-1924) began his career as an artist drawing portraits, using crayons as his medium. In his fantastic humor, many believe, is the first appearance of the gentle humor of the absurd which <i>The New Yorker</i> has subsequently developed to such a high level. Read More

Laughing Elephant
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<DIV>Lewis Carroll?s duo of novels about a girl named Alice and her surreal adventures have been popular since their publication i...n 1865 (<i>Alice?s Adventures in Wonderland</i>) and 1871 (<i>Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There</i>). Neither book has ever been out of print. But many parents find the originals too difficult for young children, and thus the publication of many simplified and abridged versions of Alice.</div><DIV> </div><DIV>Our <i>Alice in Wonderland Picture Book</i> features illustrations of several major episodes of the story from Italian mid-century illustrator Maraja. Accompanying these vibrant images is a very simple text. It serves as a marvelous introduction to Carroll?s world of marvelous madness. </div><BR> Read More

Golden Books
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<i>Mr. Peabody & Sherman</i> hits theatres March 7, 2014!<br><br>DreamWorks Animation brings Jay Ward's classic cartoon <i>Mr. Pea...body & Sherman</i> to the big screen in an all-new comedy adventure for the whole family. Mr. Peabody is the world's smartest person who just so happens to be a dog. When his "pet" boy, Sherman, uses their time-traveling WABAC machine without permission, the events in history spiral out of control to disastrous and comical results! It's up to this most unexpected of father-son teams to put things back on track. Children ages 5 to 9 will love this hardcover Big Golden Book that retells the entire story of the new film.  Read More

Golden Books
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As a group of African animals hang out at the local watering hole, they share funny stories about how the zebra got its stripes. ...At the end of the book, fun facts explain why zebras really have stripes. For any child intrigued by zebras, this colorful, informative book is a must! Read More

Golden Books
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Girls ages 2-5 will love this exciting full-color Little Golden Book retelling of the new Barbie fall 2012 direct-to-DVD movie.

Brand: Arcturus Publishing Limited
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<DIV>This brilliant, full-color activity book has a fun Christmas theme running throughout. Packed with hours of Christmas fun, book will be a great present or stocking filler. Includes classic puzzles, such as spot-the-differences, and many more fun things to make and do, it is the perfect book for entertaining children aged six and above throughout the holidays.</DIV> Read More

Golden Books
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Nina, the littlest elf in Santa's workshop, doesn't finish the teddy bear she's making in time for it to get loaded onto Santa's s...leigh-but, encouraged by Santa Claus himself to not give up, she works far into the night to finish it. While Santa is out delivering presents, a baby is born. Santa comes back for Nina's now-finished bear?and guess who he takes along to deliver it? Read More

Golden Books
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The Triceratops are coming over for lunch. Do you serve them plants or fish? That's what Buddy and his dinosaur siblings need to f...igure out before Tank and Trudie Triceratops arrive at the train station. This Little Golden Book retells an episode of the new PBS Kids animated series <i>Dinosaur Train</i>. It explains to young readers the difference between herbivores and carnivores?so that the next time you're dining with a dino, you'll know what to expect! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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A fun parody of a classic children's song. The story 'Five Little Elephants Jumping On the Bed' is a wonderful highly illustrated for beginner readers. Filled with humorous illustrations and large print, this book can easily become your family's favorite bedtime story. Read More

Tuttle Publishing
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<i>"When Fritz,<BR>the Janitor's bad kid,<BR>Went snooping in the basement,<BR>He found a rock snugly hid<BR>Beneath the window ca...sement.<BR><BR>He struck a match with one fell swoop;<BR>Then, on the concrete kneeling,<BR>he lit the rocket and?she?oop!<BR>It shot up through the ceiling."</i><BR><BR>Long before Richard Scarry or Dr. Seuss, an American artist delighted a generation of children and their parents with hilarious, topsy-turvy illustrations and slightly subversive tales told in rhyme. This was illustrator/author Peter Newell.<BR><BR>Originally published in 1912, <i>The Rocket Book</i> remains as profoundly enjoyable and incredibly popular as ever. This classic work will delight readers of all ages with the story of how a rocket launched from the basement floor of an apartment building and how it interrupts the day.<BR><BR>Peter Newell (1862-1924) began his career as an artist drawing portraits, using crayons as his medium. In his fantastic humor, many believe, is the first appearance of the gentle humor of the absurd which <i>The New Yorker</i> has subsequently developed to such a high level. Read More

Newmark Learning
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Classic, beautifully illustrated stories from around the world introduce young learners to rich literary texts and vocabulary. Lap... books for shared reading engage children and develop oral language. Built-in tips for reading the book with children help build skills. Activities on the inside front and back covers reinforce comprehension. Trim Size: 10" x 10" Read More

Award Publications Ltd
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Favourite classics are vividly brought to life in colourful picture books, each with a lively audio CD and fold-out Picture Word G...uide. The 'see and say' rebus reading method is a tried and tested way to engage children in the first stages of reading. The 20 minute audio CD features 'listening' and 'interactive' versions of the story. For ages 4 and up. Perfect for sharing together or for children to enjoy by themselves... ideal for storytime, bedtime, travelling, or just about anytime! Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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<DIV>It?s a marriage of two classics: <I>The Nutcracker</I> and Advent calendars.  Front cover flaps part like stage curtains to r...eveal 24 full-color illustrated story-books. Books are numbered, and like the peekaboo windows of Advent calendars, they?re meant to be opened and read, one per day, from December 1 until Christmas Eve. From a first glimpse of the Stahlbaum house (#1) to the duel between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King (#14) to the magical Sugar Plum Fairy (#20), the<br>board books retell the complete story. In addition, with their gold-thread loops and four different trim sizes, the jewel-like books are designed to be hung on the Christmas tree year after year<br></DIV> Read More

Golden Books
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First a story, and then a kiss from Mother Bear, and Father Bear carries Little Bear to bed. And that's when the fun begins. Fathe...r Bear gets to Little Bear's room, but Little Bear is missing! Little readers will see him hiding in the MOST obvious place but Father Bear cannot seem to find him. Is he under the stove? Is he in the garden? Is he in the woodbox? Only when Father Bear walks past the mirror does the silliness end, and in a very tasty way. With this, one of the most charming bedtime tales ever, Richard Scarry has once again proven his timeless appeal. Read More

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Pixar Animation Studio's 13th animated feature film, Disney/Pixar <i>Brave</i>, is an epic adventure set in the rugged and mysteri...ous Highlands of Scotland. Determined to carve her own path in life, a skilled archer named Princess Merida defies a sacred age-old custom?and inadvertently unleashes a beastly curse upon the kingdom. To set things right, Merida embarks on a perilous quest and discovers the meaning of true bravery. This Little Golden Book retells every exciting moment of the film. Read More

Candlewick Press
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<b>La primera amiga de todos los niños! For the first time, four classic Maisy toddler titles are available in dual Spanish-Englis...h editions.</b><br><br>Young children are invited to meet Maisy?s favorite animals, check out her wardrobe, see what?s on her menu, and peek at what she has in her toy box ? all through vibrant, toddler-friendly illustrations by Lucy Cousins identified in both Spanish and English. Read More

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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<b><i>The definitive anthology of children's poetry, collected by a beloved author</i></b> <BR> <BR> Years in the making, this ful...l-color treasury contains nearly two hundred poems, all of them handpicked by Bill Martin Jr. Traditional children's poems are presented alongside contemporary pieces, and the collection is capped off with tributes by Eric Carle and Steven Kellogg, two of Bill Martin Jr's best-known collaborators. This essential compilation also features original illustrations by award-winning artists, including Ashley Bryan, Lois Ehlert, Steven Kellogg, Chris Raschka, Dan Yaccarino, Nancy Tafuri, and Derek Anderson. This beautiful anthology is sure to become a classic. Read More

Pook Press
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Walter Crane (1845-1915) was one of the earliest contributors to children's literature and one of the most influential illustrator...s in the development of children's colour picture books. Crane began working for Edmund Evans in 1864 producing bright, colourful children's books which revolutionised the type of children's books available. He created a series of 'Toy Books' between 1865-1875 which contained fairy stories, nursery rhymes and other tales of adventures. His wonderful Japanese influenced illustrations with their bright, bold, flat colour and black outline never failed to entertain both children and adults. This book 'The Song Of Sixpence Picture Book' is one of many 'Toy Books', it contains the stories, Sing A Song Of Sixpence, Princess Belle Etoile and An Alphabet Of Old Friends. Many of the earliest children's books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Pook Press are working to republish these classic works in affordable, high quality, colour editions, using the original text and artwork so these works can delight another generation of children. Read More

Saddleback Educational Publishing
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You'll be kept in suspense with these four Edgar Allan Poe short stories! The Pit and the Pendulum, The Fall of the House of Usher..., The Cask of Amontillado, The Murders in the Rue Morgue.<BR><BR>These literary masterpieces are made easy and interesting. This series features classic tales retold with color illustrations to introduce literature to struggling readers. Each 64-page softcover book retains key phrases and quotations from the original classics.<BR><BR> Saddleback's Illustrated Classics. These literary masterpieces are made easy and interesting. This series features classic tales retold with color illustrations to introduce literature to struggling readers. Each 64-page softcover book retains key phrases and quotations from the original classics. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<b>Bella Boots And The Mouse - Children's Books</b> <br> <br>Bella Boots the cat spent the evening in the basement searching for a... fat and tasty little mouse, but the mouse was smart, and Bella got caught. <br> Bella Boots and the Mouse is a classic bedtime story book that will help your children sleep with the hope of sweet dreams. <br><br><br><br><br> <br> Tags: Children's Books, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, children's books, children's story book, kids books ages 4 8, kids books ages 9 12, toddler books, early readers bedtime Read More

Parragon Books
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Two retellings of beloved Classic Disney movies in one book. Read the story of the Lion King then flip over the book to enjoy the... tale of the Jungle Book. All with original movie artwork. Read More

Golden Books
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<p>The devious diesels of Sodor are up to no good, and Thomas must set things right! The successful <i>Thomas & Friends</i> movie ...<i>Day of the Diesels</i> is retold in the classic Little Golden Book format that young boys ages 2-5 will love.</p> Read More

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