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Eric Carle is one of the most celebrated children's book authors/illustrators of all time, with over 103 million copies of his boo...ks sold worldwide. Inspired by the classic book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this clip-on book all about numbers will become your baby's favorite! The book has great activity features on each page, crinkle texture inside, a teether on the cover, a squeaker, and a hanging clip so your baby can have fun and learn anywhere! Read More

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Eric Carle is one of the most celebrated children's book authors/illustrators of all time, with over 103 million copies of his boo...ks sold worldwide. Inspired by the classic book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this book will make bath time much more enjoyable for your little one! The book also comes with 5 squirties, based on other great books by Eric Carle, for your baby to play with and splash around with in the tub! Read More

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When Nancy Silverton began serving sandwiches one night a week at Campanile, her and husband Mark Peel?s award-winning restaurant,... she envisioned a laid-back and intimate evening when she?d be able to relax, chat with customers, and have some fun devising new and creative recipes. Well, she hasn?t had much time to relax: Sandwich Night became one of Campanile?s busiest nights, a vastly popular weekly tradition in Los Angeles and the place to be on Thursdays. And since then, sandwiches have become the latest craze to hit the American food scene.<br><br>The reason for Sandwich Night?s success is easy to understand: the sandwiches are incredible. They?re gourmet meals that happen to sit on bread, the furthest thing away from the boring old sandwiches that we usually content ourselves with. Instead of PB&J or tuna salad, how about Braised Artichokes, Ricotta, and Mint Pesto with Pine-Nut Currant Relish? Or Eggplant, Seared Tuna, and Anchoïade? Or even Bacon, Avocado, and Watercress? These open-faced sandwiches are innovative dishes that taste wonderful, look beautiful, and are perfect for entertaining.<br><br>The closed-faced sandwiches are delicious new takes on well-loved standards like the Croque Monsieur, the Monte Cristo, the Reuben, and, of course, everyone?s favorite, the Classic Grilled Cheese. Also included are Nancy?s creative sort-of sandwiches?Fondue the Swiss Way, Snackbreads, and Skewered Mozzarella?and tea sandwiches, wonderful creations that will banish memories of limp watercress and insipid egg salad forever. As if this isn?t enough, there are the mouthwatering sandwich cakes and cookies, like the Open-Faced Berry Brioche Sandwich, Chocolate Cake Club Sandwich, and Almost Oreos.<br><br>There are recipes for some truly addictive bar snacks, like Cheese Fritters and Candied Spicy Walnuts, to serve before the meal. And there are also recipes for tantalizing spreads and condiments that go well beyond the ordinary. Finally, for the cook who wants to make everything from scratch, Nancy has included recipes for different breads, from Brioche to Hot Dog Buns, based on those from her world-famous La Brea Bakery.<br><br>Written in Nancy?s charming, down-to-earth style, these recipes are versatile and easy to follow. As good to look at as they are to eat, these sandwiches offer a new, creative solution to entertaining and will be a valuable addition to the home cook?s repertoire. The result: Sandwich Night is sure to be a hit in your home, too.<br><br><br><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i> Read More

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This series of books, written by Sun Jiayu and Han Feng, uses intersting pictures and lively methods to show this classic story Gr...imm's Fairy Tales, which makes children not only could enjoy the happy process of reading but also can improving their expressing ability. Read More

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This Story Takes the Cake! Albert Takes the Cake is a hilarious story set in Georgia?s rural Okefenokee swamp. Albert the Alligato...r is an amusing, and often foolish character in the Vintage Comic Stories series that not only entertains, but teaches important life lessons now. If you haven?t already done so, you should order a book from the classic 60?s style Vintage Comics by the wonderful and established children?s author J.E. Bell. She is a dedicated mother and the author of over 20 excellent stories. If there?s one thing this author knows it?s kids and how to put a smile on their face and joy into their hearts. This book is part of the Vintage Comic Stories series and would be a great addition to any learning child?s collection. This particular book? takes the cake! The story begins when the friendly swamp characters Blue Jay and Bumbazine start baking a cake for Pogo Possum?s birthday. As you probably already guessed from the title of this brilliant and hilarious classic, the cake does not get to Pogo Possum immediately. The cake is stolen by Albert Alligator. There is a sudden twist in the story after Albert eats the cake. Moral of the story: you can?t have your cake and eat it too, Albert. These fun swamp characters are always getting into wild and crazy shenanigans your children and grandchildren will enjoy over and over again. The other fun swamp characters in this book include a Turtle, Mouse, and even Beetle. Everyone is in on the fun as Albert takes the cake in this thrilling and inspiring book sure to impress any young reader. Albert Takes the Cake is not only colorful and entertaining, but it?s extremely witty and creative as well. The stories they will read in the Vintage Comic Stories series are stories they will look back on with fondness for years to come. You really can?t go wrong when you invest in a book they will actually want to read. And Albert Takes the Cake is one of those books! Read More

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<p>This great value paperback collection brings together three classic stories about the much loved bumbling pirate told in comic format. In the style of Tintin and Asterix, these stories will delight all Captain Pugwash fans as well as make a fantastic introduction to the cowardly captain, his greedy crew, their deadly rival Cut-throat Jake and the clever cabin boy Tom. In The Secret of the San Fiasco, Pugwash takes his crew on holiday to the wild west coast of Scotland. But in reality he is searching for the wreck of a ship from the Spanish Armada said to be laden with treasure. But Cut-throat Jake is not far behind and lifts the treasure from under the Captain's nose. The Battle of Bunkum Bay sees Pugwash taking on the might of both English and French navies and becoming embroiled in a major battle, all for more treasure. And in The Quest of the Golden Handshake Pugwash and crew snatch a genuine treasure map from under the nose of Cut-throat Jake and set sail for The Land of the Stinkas. Little do they know they have stowaways hiding on board, but cabin-boy Tom knows how to deal with them.</p> Read More

Archie Comics
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Celebrate everything Archie with this fun, full-color collection!<br><br>Contains over 400 pages of classic, much-loved comic book... stories?you?ll be entertained beyond belief!<br><br>Continuing the immensely successful THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS series, Book Four brings together even more of the best Archie stories for comics fans of all ages!<br> <br>THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS Book Four collects the most fun, humorous and heartwarming Archie tales from the past seven decades. All of the stories included in this volume are personally chosen by creators, fans and contributors alike, and feature special behind-the-scenes anecdotes. This is a must-have for all Archie?and comic book?fans everywhere! Read More

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<p>Fans of <em>Man of Steel </em>and <em>Batman Classic</em> will love this brand-new I Can Read Level 2 adventure featuring the w...orld?s greatest super hero! In <em>Superman Classic: Day of Doom</em>, a Kryptonian monster named Doomsday goes on a rampage through Metropolis, destroying everything in his path. Will Superman be able to save the day?</p><p>I Can Read books are designed to encourage a love of reading. <em>Superman Classic: Day of Doom</em> is a Level 2 book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.</p><p></p> Read More

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The first book every comic book geek Dad will want to read to his child! And the first-ever touch-and-feel Superman book.<BR><BR>E...ach of 6 spreads in this irresistibly cool package features classic Superman art and a special interactive feature. Budding Superman fans can:<BR> <BR>·        tap his rippling chest of steel<BR> <BR>·        experience the magic of X-ray vision<BR> <BR>·        pull the tab bringing Clark Kent into the phone booth as Superman flies out<BR> <BR>·        touch his silky red cape<BR> <BR>·        be dazzled by his sparkly Fortress of Solitude<BR> <BR>·        and pet a furry Krypto<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Tons of fun for children of all ages! Read More

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<p><em>Batman Classic: Who Is Clayface?</em> is an exciting, action-packed book perfect for children who have mastered the reading... basics, but still need some help reading alone. Part of the I Can Read series, <em>Who Is Clayface?</em> is designed to encourage a lifelong love of reading.<br /> <br />In this adventure, Clayface, who can twist his malleable body into different forms, is out to cause trouble at a Gotham City bank. It?s up to our superhero, Batman, to stop the super-villain and discover exactly who he is.<br /> <br />Full-color illustrations make the battle between Batman and Clayface jump off the page.<br /> </p> Read More

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<div>Appealing to the casual comic book reader as well as the hardcore graphic novel fan, this ultimate AtoZ compendium describes ...everyone?s favorite participants in the eternal battle between good and evil. With nearly 200 entries examining more than 1,000 heroes, icons and their place in popular culture, it is the first comprehensive profile of superheroes across all media, following their path from comic book stardom to radio, television, movies, and novels. The best-loved and most historically significant superheroes—mainstream and counterculture, famous and forgotten, best and worst—are presented with numerous full-color illustrations, including dozens of classic comic covers. Each significant era of the superhero is explored—from the Golden Age of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s through the Modern Age—providing a unique perspective of the role of the hero over the course of the 20th century and beyond. This latest edition has been revised to reflect updates on existing characters, coverage of new characters, and recent films and media trends in the last several years.<BR></div> Read More

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The first book every comic book geek Dad will want to read to his child! And the first-ever touch-and-feel Batman book.<BR><BR>Eac...h of 6 spreads in this irresistibly cool package features classic Batman art and a special interactive feature. Budding Batman fans can:<BR><BR>·        Lift-the-flap to uncover Batman?s alter-ego, Bruce Wayne<BR><BR>·        See a glow-in-the-dark Bat-Signal<BR><BR>·        Zoom the Batmobile with a pull-tab<BR><BR>·        Swing Batman through Gotham City on a Batrope<BR><BR>·        Press buttons on Batman's computer <BR><BR>·        Look into a mirror to see Batman?s familiar little helper (complete with mask and Robin attire)<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Six touchables make for endless entertainment for all ages! Read More

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An expert on traditional holidays and the special baked treats that mark them, veteran chef and cookbook writer Beatrice Ojakangas... presents recipes for twenty-one seasonal occasions and cultural holidays. She takes you from spring to winter with recipes like heart-shaped coffee cake for Valentine's Day, Austrian carnival doughnuts or spicy rabbit cookies for Easter, and cinnamon-walnut kamish bread or challah for Rosh Hashanah. For Christmas, the biggest baking season of the year, Ojakangas offers enticing recipes for thirty-eight classic and fancy cookies, eighteen yeast breads, thirteen quick breads, nine cakes, ten bar cookies and brownies, and many more. With these recipes, every holiday is sure to be memorable. <P>In addition to its array of delectable foods, The Great Holiday Baking Book is brimming with holiday lore from cultures around the world. Ojakangas also provides helpful tips and practical information about hosting a cookie-swap party, organizing your bustling holiday kitchen, involving the kids in baking fun, and more. With its variety of specialties and treats for almost every gala occasion, The Great Holiday Baking Book is sure to become an indispensable part of your feasts and celebrations. <P>Beatrice Ojakangas is the author of more than a dozen cookbooks, including The Great Scandinavian Baking Book (1999) and Scandinavian Feasts (2001), both published by the University of Minnesota Press. Her articles have been published in Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Cuisine, and Redbook, and she has appeared on television's Baking with Julia Child and Martha Stewart's Living. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota. Read More

Ryland Peters & Small
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<p>Following on Dan May's first book <em>The Red Hot Chile Cookbook</em>, this new collection of 100 recipes for fiery sauces, mar...inades and rubs showcases the best and most flavorfuk chiles the world has to offer. Arranged by geographical region from Africa and the Mediterranean to South America and the Caribbean, this book is bursting with exciting flavors. Spanning mild to super spicy, here you'll find all kinds of traditoinal offerings from around the globe. Every recipe is easy, versatile and comes with a serving suggestion, for example the La Kama spice blend from Morocco goes well with chicken or pulses; the eye-wateringly hot Ethiopian Berbere Paste adds depth and pizzazz to casseroles as well as making an unusual and memorable dip; and anchiote paste from Mexico's Yucatán pairs perfectly with pulled prok, turkey or rice. As well as plenty of short, simple recipes for sauces and marinades, there are bigger recipes for truly impressive and authentic dishes, such as Moroccan tagines, Indian curries and Mexican classics.</p> Read More

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Originally published in 1896 by Thomas Stuart, "Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them" is an exceptional collection of classic cocktails, including multiple ways of serving absinthe, champagne, gin, beer, and whiskey. There is even a chapter of "temperance" drinks and another on how to concoct your own bitters -- including orange bitters, wormwood bitters, and even Angostura bitters. The editors of this edition have included a modern resource section with suggestions for online vendors that sell hard-to-find bitters, syrups, mixers, wine, liqueurs, and spirits. "Stuart's Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them" is part of the Classic Cocktail Guides and Retro Bartender Books series published by Kalevala Books. Read More

Drawn and Quarterly
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Get shipwrecked with Moomin on an abandoned island in the eighth volume of the beloved "Moomin" hardcover seriesLars Jansson retur...ns with the eighth volume of the classic Moomin hardcover comic series, and the whole gang is back in action. Sniff is causing trouble with another of his get-rich-quick schemes, Moominmaiden falls in love with the inspector's bad-boy nephew, and Moominmamma is offering up plum cake to whosoever should need it. As always, the experiences of the Moomin family are poignant, melancholy, and strangely wise, with just a dash of the drolly funny and a pinch of slapstick. Without a doubt, Jansson's "Moomin Book Eight" is a treat for the whole family. ALSO AVAILABLE "The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My "/ 978-1-897299-95-1 / $16.95 "Moomin & the Comet" / 978-1-77046-122-2 / $9.95 "Moomin & the Sea "/ 978-1-77046-123-9 / $9.95 "Moomin Book One" / 978-1-894937-80-1 / $19.95 "Moomin Book Two "/ 978-1-897299-19-7 / $19.95 "Moomin Book Three "/ 978-1-897299-55-5 / $19.95 "Moomin Book Four "/ 978-1-897299-78-4 / $19.95 "Moomin Book Five "/ 978-1-897299-94-4 / $19.95 "Moomin Book Six" / 978-1-77046-042-3 / $19.95 "Moomin Book Seven "/ 978-1-77046-062-1 / $19.95 "Moomin Builds a House "/ 978-1-77046-108-6 / $9.95 "Moomin Every Day" / 978-1-77046-043-0 / $22.95 "Moomin Falls in Love" / 978-1-77046-107-9 / $9.95 "Moomin's Winter Follies" / 978-1-77046-098-0 / $9.95 "Moominvalley Turns Jungle "/ 978-1-77046-097-3 / $9.95"Who Will Comfort Toffle?" / 978-1-77046-017-1 / $16.95 Read More

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<DIV>It?s a marriage of two classics: <I>The Nutcracker</I> and Advent calendars.  Front cover flaps part like stage curtains to r...eveal 24 full-color illustrated story-books. Books are numbered, and like the peekaboo windows of Advent calendars, they?re meant to be opened and read, one per day, from December 1 until Christmas Eve. From a first glimpse of the Stahlbaum house (#1) to the duel between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King (#14) to the magical Sugar Plum Fairy (#20), the<br>board books retell the complete story. In addition, with their gold-thread loops and four different trim sizes, the jewel-like books are designed to be hung on the Christmas tree year after year<br></DIV> Read More

Award Publications Ltd
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Favourite classics are vividly brought to life in colourful picture books, each with a lively audio CD and fold-out Picture Word G...uide. The 'see and say' rebus reading method is a tried and tested way to engage children in the first stages of reading. The 20 minute audio CD features 'listening' and 'interactive' versions of the story. For ages 4 and up. Perfect for sharing together or for children to enjoy by themselves... ideal for storytime, bedtime, travelling, or just about anytime! Read More

Golden Books
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EVERYONE KNOWS THE STORY of the poky little puppy, who had to go to bed without any strawberry shortcake. This book, which was one... of the original 12 Little Golden Books that launched in October 1942, is now available in an upscale, 52-page edition that features all of the artwork that was later cut when World War II era paper rationing took its toll. It's the perfect way to honor Little Golden Books' 65th anniversary - and the bestselling picture book of all time. Read More

Golden Books
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?Run, run, as fast as you can!? Catch Richard Scarry?s gingerbread man as he returns to Little Golden Books after a decades-long h...iatus. Originally published in 1953, <i>The Gingerbread Man</i> makes a perfect ?Christmas gift, ready to delight any child who loves this favorite funny folk tale. Read More

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Jake and his pirate friends are having fun casting shadows shaped like treasure chests and crocodiles. But silly Captain Hook thin...ks the shadows are real! Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this funny Little Golden Book based on the hit Disney Junior preschool series <i>Jake and the Never Land Pirates.</i> Read More

Brand: Sports Illustrated for Kids
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From the editors of Sports Illustrated Kids comes <em>The Big Book of Who: Football</em>, a 128-page collection of the brightest s...tars in America's favorite sport, past and present. Profiles, facts and stats will bring the best players in pro football history to life with all of the classic touches that Sports Illustrated Kids is famous for - terrific, age-appropriate writing and exciting sports photography. Gridiron greats such as, from Sammy Baugh to Cam Newton, Jim Brown to Emmitt Smith, Dick Butkus to Ray Lewis will be profiled. <br><br><em>The Big Book of Who: Football</em> is a book young sports fans will return to again and again as a lively, exciting and encyclopedic resource. Read More

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<b>Bella Boots And The Mouse - Children's Books</b> <br> <br>Bella Boots the cat spent the evening in the basement searching for a... fat and tasty little mouse, but the mouse was smart, and Bella got caught. <br> Bella Boots and the Mouse is a classic bedtime story book that will help your children sleep with the hope of sweet dreams. <br><br><br><br><br> <br> Tags: Children's Books, Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, children's books, children's story book, kids books ages 4 8, kids books ages 9 12, toddler books, early readers bedtime Read More

Golden Books
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A daddy bunny plays with his baby bunny and says, ?What will our baby be when he grows up?? Everyone, from the baby?s mother to bi...g sister to Great Aunt Bunny, seems to know: a clown, a policeman, a candy store owner. But the baby only nibbles on his carrot and looks wise . . . for he knows he will grow up to be a nice daddy bunny! Read More

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Tesoros de lectura, A Spanish Reading/Language Arts Program, offers a balance of authentic Spanish literature and translations of ...classics and nonfiction text that builds reading skills and strategies in oral language, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics and writing to develop a strong foundation and a lifetime and love of reading. Promotes master of oral language, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills. Provides weekly and unit practice for test preparation. Read More

National Geographic
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<b>Named one of the Best Children's Books of 2012 by <i>Kirkus Reviews</i>!<br></b><br>"Add a little natural wonder to your poetry... shelves. Because if we?re talking about the best possible compliment to your eyes and ears alike, few have as many perks and grand moments as this." <b>?<i>School Library Journal </i>starred review</b><br> <br>"Out of a windless August night/A luna moth in ghostly light<br>Beat softly on my window screen/Tick-tick-ticking-all silver green.<br>She whispered secrets in my ear--/I am but a stranger here.<br>The stars are scrawled across the sky/By ghostwriters, the Moon and I.<br>You will not see me here tonight--/I have a thousand stars to write."<br><br>What could be better than cuddling up with your child and this book on your lap and allowing your imaginations to soar with the words and images? Lovingly selected by U.S. Children's Poet Laureate J. Patrick Lewis and paired with vibrant animal photography, this collection of poems is an exuberant celebration of the animal kingdom and a beautiful introduction to this genre of literature. Designed for family sharing but targeted to ages 4-8, this dynamic, fresh, yet still classic collection of animal poems is a must-have for the family bookshelf.<br><br>Featured poets include J. Patrick Lewis, Dorothy Aldis, Emily Dickinson, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, Jack Prelutsky, Elizabeth Madox Roberts, Robert Louis Stevenson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and many more.<br><br>Divided into chapters that group the poems by theme for extra resonance, the collection is a mix of old and new, classics, and never-before-published. A foreword from Lewis, sets the scene for helping children appreciate this gift of language and this visual feast for the eyes. Chapters include:<br>Welcome to the World (birth of animal young)<br>Big Ones (large animals--elephants, hippos, rhinos, bears)<br>Little Ones (small animals--worms, insects)<br>Winged Ones (birds and other flying creatures) <br>Water Ones (aquatic animals--fish, dolphins, crabs)<br>Strange Ones (curious creatures--armadillos, centipedes)<br>Noisy Ones (loud animals--lions, hyenas)<br>Quiet Ones (silent or still animals--hens, rabbits, snakes)<br>Last Thought (a reflection on the world we share with animals) Read More

Price Stern Sloan
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The bestselling Wee Sing line is now tailored for the most modern Wee Sing fans! These eight classic Wee Sing titles are now in a ...great new package?a book and CD in a reusable blister! Read More

Award Publications Ltd
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Favourite classics are vividly brought to life in colourful picture books, each with a lively audio CD and fold-out Picture Word G...uide. The 'see and say' rebus reading method is a tried and tested way to engage children in the first stages of reading. The 20 minute audio CD features 'listening' and 'interactive' versions of the story. These books are a great aid for encouraging and developing reading skills. They are perfect for sharing together or for children to enjoy by themselves. They are ideal for storytime, bedtime, travelling, or just about any time! For ages 4 and up. Read More

Random House
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A lush treasury of 19 fairy tales that generations of children have grown up on, lushly illustrated by Diane Goode.

Golden Books
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<p><i>The Monster at the End of This Book</i> is THE bestselling <i>Sesame Street</i> Little Golden Book of all time. Now availabl...e as a sturdy board book for boys and girls ages 0 to 3, it stars a frantic Grover trying in vain to prevent readers from turning the pages and finding the monster at the end of the book. The original Little Golden Book has sent generations of readers into gales of laughter and has become a true modern classic.</p> Read More

Kids Can Press
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America, with all its diversity, is not easily defined. David J. Smith's If America Were a Village takes a snapshot - past, presen...t and future - to help define America for children. Using the same successful metaphor of the international bestseller If the World Were a Village, the book shrinks down America to a village of 100. The metaphor helps children easily understand American ethnic origins, religions, family profiles, occupations, wealth, belongings and more. Shelagh Armstrong's expansive illustrations imagine America as a classic, vibrant small town. Who are the people living in this vast and varied nation? Where did they come from? What are they like today? How do they compare with people in other countries? The book's simple statistical analysis provides a new way of learning about where people live in America, the state of their health, the shapes and sizes of families, what they use and more - forming a concise picture of a country. If America Were a Village is part of CitizenKid: A collection of books that inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Spark is a bedtime rhyming picture book for children. Children will enjoy the rhyming rhythm, and the funny color illustrations wi...ll make them giggle with delight. Every child is afraid of the dark, but not with Spark. Spark is a nightlight that keeps things nice and bright. ?No monsters, no worry. No creepers in a hurry. No snakes. No Spiders. No Skeleton bike riders.? What other things will Spark keep out at night? There is only one way to find out! You and your children will have to read every single page! Sure to become a classic! Read More

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Tesoros de lectura, A Spanish Reading/Language Arts Program, offers a balance of authentic Spanish literature and translations of ...classics and nonfiction text that builds reading skills and strategies in oral language, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics and writing to develop a strong foundation and a lifetime and love of reading. Unit assessments are provided in student book, consumable format for each grade. Offers assessment for unit skills with validated test questions. Read More

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A classic story of friendship between man and beast. Saved from the jaws of the evil tiger Shere Khan, young Mowgli is adopted by... a wolf pack and taught the law of the jungle by lovable old Baloo the bear and Bhageera the panther. The adventures of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the snake-fighting mongoose, little Toomai and the elephant's secret dance, and Kotick the white seal are all part of Mowgli's extraordinary journey with his animal friends. Brilliantly introduced by bestselling author, Christopher Paolini. Read More

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<i>Planes: Fire & Rescue</i> features a quirky crew of elite firefighting aircraft devoted to protecting historic Piston Peak Nati...onal Park from raging wildfire. When world famous air racer Dusty learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he must shift gears and is launched into the world of wildfire air attack. Dusty joins forces with veteran fire and rescue helicopter Blade Ranger and his courageous air attack team, including spirited super scooper Lil' Dipper, heavy-lift helicopter Windlifter, ex-military transport Cabbie, and a lively bunch of brave all-terrain vehicles known as the Smokejumpers. Together, the fearless team battles a massive wildfire, and Dusty learns what it takes to become a true hero. Boys and girls ages 2 to 5 will love this Little Golden Book based on the film! Read More

Candlewick Press
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<b>La primera amiga de todos los niños! For the first time, four classic Maisy toddler titles are available in dual Spanish-Englis...h editions.</b><br><br>Young children are invited to meet Maisy?s favorite animals, check out her wardrobe, see what?s on her menu, and peek at what she has in her toy box ? all through vibrant, toddler-friendly illustrations by Lucy Cousins identified in both Spanish and English. Read More

Grosset & Dunlap
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A board book adaptation of the classic story by Hardie Gramatky features the beloved little tugboat that single-handedly rescues a... stranded ocean liner. For children under three. Read More

Harper Festival
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<p>Nobody Owens, known to his friends as Bod, is a normal boy. He would be <em>completely</em> normal if he didn't live in a spraw...ling graveyard, being raised and educated by ghosts, with a solitary guardian who belongs to neither the world of the living nor of the dead. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for a boy. But if Bod leaves the graveyard, then he will come under attack from the man Jack?who has already killed Bod's family . . . Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns with a luminous new novel for the audience that embraced his <em>New York Times</em> bestselling modern classic Coraline. Magical, terrifying, and filled with breathtaking adventures, <em>The Graveyard Book</em> is sure to enthrall readers of all ages. </p> Read More

Golden Books
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<i>Once there was a little bunny. He was all alone. One day he found an egg. He could hear something moving inside the egg. What it?</i><br><br>So begins the Golden Easter classic about a bunny?and a little duck that is about to hatch! Read More

Golden Books
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<br></br><b>Book Details:</b><ul><li>Format: Hardcover</li><li>Publication Date: 1/10/2012</li><li>Pages: 24</li><li>Reading Level...: Age 2 and Up</li></ul> Read More

Random House
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Kids will love this noise-filled Bright and Early Book classic from the one and only Dr. Seuss! Mr. Brown is a sound-making wonder...! He can <i>hoo hoo</i> like an owl and <i>buzz buzz</i> like a bee. It is so much fun to make noises that you hear every day, like <i>moo</i> and <i>tick-tock.</i> But stranger sounds are fun to make, too . . . like the <i>pip</i> of a goldfish kiss and the <i>grum grum</i> of a hippo chewing gum. Encouraging imaginative play while learning to read, <i>Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? </i>will keep kids laughing (when they?re not <i>tick-tock</i>ing).<br> <br>Combining brief and funny stories, easy words, catchy rhythm, and lively illustrations, Bright and Early Books are an ideal way to introduce the joys of reading to children. Read More

Kinza Press
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Join dear Montmorency as he indulges his sweet tooth, the Pasha of Salonica whose family fears for his health, Aisha Featherstone-...Pugh who is having trouble with her ablutions, and the Masjid Mouse from Merry Lane who never forgets his prayers in a delightful collection of rhymes relayed in the style of the classics. Using rich and vibrant language, T. J. Winter transports us to a fabulous world of unforgettable characters while Anne Yvonne Gilbert brings the rhymes to life through her heartwarming illustrations, ensuring this book its place as a treasured classic amongst children living in both the East and the West. Read More

Random House
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Jonathan Swift's classic travel adventure has been adapted into an easy-reading Stepping Stones early chapter book, while keeping ...all the fun, humor, and unusual perspectives of the original story.<br><br>Gulliver has an itch to travel around the world, but whenever he steps on a ship, bad luck seems to find him. He is shipwrecked, abandoned, marooned, and mutinied against, and each time lands in a strange and curious place. First he discovers the kingdom of the six-inch-tall Lilliputians, then the country of the giant Brobdingnagians, then the island of the academic Laputans, which floats in the sky, and finally the noble realm of the horselike Houyhnhnms. Who knew there were so many unusual creatures under the sun? Read More

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<p>Discover the humor and fun of <em>Paddington</em> in this I Can Read storybook. Ever since the young bear entered the Browns' h...ome, everything from having tea to taking the London Underground has been an incredible adventure. But when Paddington meets Millicent, an evil taxidermist, the whole family takes off on their biggest adventure yet!</p><p>With full-color images from the movie, <em>Paddington's Adventures</em> is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.</p><p><em>Paddington</em>, the first-ever live-action film with CGI animation based on the classic book series, lights up theaters on Christmas Day 2014. With Harry Potter producer David Heyman and an all-star cast including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville, and Sally Hawkins, <em>Paddington</em> is a film that is sure to capture your heart.</p> Read More

Brand: Armadillo
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Behind a hedge of tangled thorns, a palace sleeps. Every magical moment of this classic story is captured in bright, charming pict...ures by illustrator Jenny Press. Perfect for reading aloud to small children, or for more confident readers to enjoy by themselves. Read More

Brand: Outskirts Press
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What is Wordishure?<br><br> It is a collection of seven children's stories in one book. The first six chronicle the adventures a...nd lessons of the various inhabitants of Wordishure. Story number seven brings all the characters of the first six together for one grand adventure.<br><br>These stories are written for children of all ages and can be enjoyed by parent and child alike. Each adventure includes Biblical lessons that will inspire the reader and also start a dialogue between parent and child about God and personal accountability. Children tend to have a natural love for Jesus Christ, but sometimes they grow away from Him as they get older because they never truly got to know him. Some just seem to love Him because they sit in church every Sunday and they see that their parents are pleased when they say they love Him. Children need to get to know Jesus at a level they can understand, and that their decision to follow Him requires a willingness to change their heart and behavior.<br><br>I have written the Tales of Wordishure because I have seen very few pieces of Christian literature that are written in the style of children's classics such as "The Ugly Duckling," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Hansel and Gretel," or "The 3 Little Pigs." The Lord used parables to help people understand the mysteries of God. Tales of Wordishure does the same thing, but at a level that children can understand and have fun with at the same time. <br><br>There is no magic in Wordishure. Today's popular children's literature emphasizes the use of witchcraft, numbing the child at an early age to think that it is okay. Wordishure is an alternative. There are fantastic situations in the stories, but all are resolved through prayer, proper decisions by the characters, and trust in the Lord. Children need to know at an early age not to put their trust in secular fantasies, but to trust in sound Biblical doctrine.<br><br>Where is Wordishure?<br><br>It is an imaginary realm where modern technology does not exist. It is a world seen from a child's point of view. <br><br>Are there adults in these stories?<br><br>There are parents in all the stories, and although never named, they are seen as wise and to be obeyed. <br><br>Are there wicked villains in Wordishure?<br><br>There are no true villains or fear of death in Wordishure, only the misunderstood, or creatures that have lost their way from following God's word.<br><br>What is the age range for the reader?<br><br>Children of all ages call enjoy The Tales of Wordishure. The characters in the stories fire up the imagination of the smallest child, while word play and Christian principles hold the attention of the older kids and adults. <br><br>Why is there a scripture verse at the beginning of each story?<br><br>Each story is built around a Bible principle that the child should learn as the story progresses. Some stories have more than one Biblical lesson, though! Read More

Grosset & Dunlap
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Discover a treasure trove of beautifully illustrated books with our new series, G+D Vintage! Featuring books from our Wonder Books... line originally published in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, there?s something for every reader in these timeless stories accompanied by classic illustrations.<br><br>A is for airplane, M is for merry-go-round, and V is for vegetables! Kids will love learning their ABCs with this vintage-illustrated book full of animals, toys, and much more. Read More

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Baby Bear?s father helps him feel better after a scary dream in this reissue of a classic picture book from celebrated and award-w...inning author and illustrator Frank Asch.<BR><BR>Baby Bear and his parents are having a sleepover at his grandparent?s house when he hears a scary noise. He looks through the cellar door keyhole and sees a dragon! Then he dreams the dragon comes upstairs and eats his milk and cookies. Bear is scared, but luckily his father shows him that the dragon is not what he thinks?and there are plenty of milk and cookies to comfort him.<BR> <BR>This refreshed edition of a beloved classic features the original text and art with an updated cover. Read More

Random House
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Join Richard Scarry?s Lowly Worm as he introduces more than a hundred words in this board book classic. From <i>tree</i> to <i>sun...</i> and <i>car </i>to <i>airplane,</i> this is a perfect choice for children who are beginning to learn preschool concepts! Read More

Golden Books
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This lively poem by the author of <i>Goodnight Moon</i> tells the tale of one little boy?s letter. What happens after the boy drop...s it into the mailbox? How does it get to his grandma?s house? Children will enjoy this rollicking tale <br>of the seven little postmen who got the mail through. Read More

Pan Macmillan
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<P style="BORDER-TOP-COLOR: ; BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: ; BORDER-BOTTOM-COLOR: ; BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: "><B>A new edition of Rudyard Kiplin...g's classic moral tales of the Indian jungle, complete with the original illustrations</B></P> <p>This collection of animal stories are wonderfully told, and interweave moral lessons with classic tales. They include the stories of Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves in the Indian jungle; Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, a brave mongoose; and Toomai of the Elephants, the story of a young elephant handler. Gloriously illustrated with the original line artwork, this beautiful hardcover edition of classic tales, first published in 1894, is a truly special gift to treasure. Read More

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