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Create a unique gift with this new fully personalized book for the special child in your life! Personalize this special baby book ...with baby and parent names and add a dedication (or choose our editor's lovely message) to say just how eager you are to meet the new baby! Featuring adorable patchwork illustrations from celebrated artist Lorena Siminovich, this baby album is a memorable gift for new parents who can then fill in all the important milestones as the first year passes. Customized to suit all families--moms and dads, two moms, two dads, and single parents too--this personalized baby book will become a keepsake for years to come! The day will come when your children aren?t little tots running around the house anymore. You?ll look back and wonder how the time flew by so quickly. You?ll want to look through old baby photos. While you could easily click through the hundreds and hundreds of photos stored on your computer, wouldn?t it be more gratifying to have a physical keepsake where you can hold on to all these special memories? This is the perfect opportunity to create a gift unique to your children?one that the family can gather around to reminisce and share stories and smiles. An album that you can show off to your child?s future spouse as he or she becomes a part of your family. This is a special experience that you can?t get by clicking through photos on a computer screen. This one-of-a-kind, personalized baby book from Petit Collage is the perfect gift to cherish those memories from your baby?s first year. Its high-quality, hardcover design is large enough to hold tons of photos, and there?s plenty of space to add unique, handwritten notes to share with your child as they grow. The pages are filled with an array of colors and designs as well as charming patchwork illustrations from artist Lorena Siminovich. And this special book can be customized for all families?mom and dad, two moms, two dads, or single parents. Track all the important milestones with pages dedicated to your baby?s first haircut, holiday, vacation, birthday party, and many more! But what makes this personalized baby book truly unique are the pages for outside-the-box categories that you don?t find in other baby albums. There are spaces for the parents to fill out facts about their own story?how they met, where they were living, where they went on their first date. You can fill in stories about the pregnancy as well?any strange or funny food cravings, the first time you felt the baby kick, who was at the baby shower. There are even fun pages for the baby?s handprints, birth announcement, and to fill in facts about the world at the time of the birth?the #1 song on the charts, top movies at the box-office. It?ll be a thrill for your child to look back as they grow older and literally see their story unfold right in front of them. It?s easy to personalize the book, and you can preview all the pages before ordering. Customize it with the baby and parents? names and share a personal dedication as well. Be sure to check out the ?How-To Video? under the blue tab for a step-by-step video guide on how to personalize your baby book. Whether you?re looking for a great baby shower gift to share with expecting friends, or you want a special album for your own family, this personalized baby gift will become a treasured memento for a lifetime. By Petit Collage 11 x 9 in 68 pp Hardcover Unjacketed ISBN 9781452114750 This book is also available as a non-personalized book: Petit Collage Baby Book Read More

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Will the baby grow up to be the Dalai Lama? How do you twist balloons into dogs? Which countries offer the best maternity benefits...? What are the most common baby names? What does a human face look like to a newborn? Crib Notes is the delightful, illustrated compendium of factsuseful and useless, and always fascinatingabout pregnancy and early childhood. This enchanting volume offers page after page of compelling trivia and practical information, made all the more playful by the juxtaposition of subjects. Growth charts, nanny salaries by region, ancient and modern gender predictors, bedtime story generators, and information and advice on scores of other topics make this whimsical book completely necessarya shower gift that will bring endless pleasure and the perfect cribside companion. Read More

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Written in an accessible QandA format, here, finally, is the go-to resource for parents hoping to understand and communicate with ...their gay child. Through their LGBTQ-oriented site, the authors are uniquely experienced to answer parents' many questions and share insight and guidance on both emotional and practical topics. Filled with real-life experiences from gay kids and parents, this is the book gay kids want their parents to read. Read More

Chronicle Books
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What’s in a name? It turns out, a whole lot. What does the name mean? Does it lend itself to nicknames? How many other kids will h...ave it? Is it mellifluous? Mellifluous—is that a name? This informative and entertaining volume from the editors of presents the 500 top names for boys and girls, breaking down each name’s meaning, ranking, and historical significance. Best of all, the book offers fascinating top ten lists throughout: the top ten names of billionaires, Beat poets, pirates, and more! Written in Babble’s signature irreverent tone, this is the ultimate contemporary baby-naming guide, perfect for every Tom, Dick, and Harry—and Braden, Hayden, and Jaden! Read More

Chronicle Books
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The latest addition to the best-selling Fortune-Telling series (450,000 copies sold), this gift book for expectant mothers divines... the secrets about the baby they carry. From determining the baby’s sex and temperament to decoding dreams and omens associated with pregnancy, this little book is a perfect way for moms-to-be and baby shower guests to consult with the cosmos. Read More

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