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Hardy Boys Books

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Frank and Joe bring their detective skills to the athletic arena in this all-new Hardy Boys Secret Files mystery!It’s time f...or Field Day at Bayport Elementary and all the kids are excited! Whatever grade wins gets a pizza party, and the person with the highest personal score also gets a special prize. But when the field equipment is sabotaged the day before the events are supposed to start, it looks like Field Day might not happen after all—unless someone can find out who is behind the mess of ruined rackets, tangled jump ropes, and flattened balloons. Can Frank and Joe crack the case and save Field Day?Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 4/3/2012Pages: 112Reading Level: Age 6 and Up Read More

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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $65: Use Code 469773 - Original Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy Mysteries In 10-Volume Collection Sets. When... we were growing up, no one could capture our imagination or fill a rainy day with excitement like that spunky, blond-haired sleuth, Nancy Drew or those two brothers, Joe and Frank Hardy, commonly known as the Hardy Boys. Thanks to these original mysteries in two 10-volume hardcover sets, you can now introduce a whole new generation to the unforgettable characters and captivating adventures that have entertained so many for so long. Nancy Drew collection includes: The Secret Of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, The Bungalow Mystery, The Mystery At Lilac Inn, The Secret Of Shadow Ranch, The Secret Of Red Gate Farm, The Clue In the Diary, Nancy's Mysterious Letter, The Sign Of the Twisted Candles, and Password To Larkspur Lane. Hardy Boy Collection includes: The Tower Treasure, The House On the Cliff, The Secret Of the Old Mill, The Missing Chums, Hunting For Hidden Gold, The Shore Road Mystery, The Secret Of the Caves, The Mystery Of Cabin Island, The Great Airport Mystery, and What Happened At Midnight. Read More

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Books have full color covers and printed pages that turn. Titles may vary. Each book: 1 1/2"W x 3/4"H

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