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An adorable adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover.An adorab...le adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover. Color(s): duck. Brand: JELLYCAT. Style Name: Anne Wilkinson 'If I Were a Duck...' Book. Style Number: 534276_3. Manufacturer part number BB444DK Read More

Chronicle Books
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A is for Adorable, B is for Boo ! The world's cutest dog takes on the ABCs, and his adventures are more precious than ever. Boo an...d his best friend Buddy are featured in their favorite situations and places alongside the letters of the alphabet. The ABCs have never been so furry—and fun! Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 5/28/2013Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 2 and Up Read More

The Young Scientists Club
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Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Solar Energy to the Rescue Based on the popular Magic School Bus book series by Joanna... Cole and Bruce Degen, Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Solar Energy to the Rescue fascinates children with the wonders of scientific discovery and sparks their interest in future science projects. Ms. Frizzle and her students take little scientists on a wild ride completely driven by solar energy. It is a great way to teach kids about the power of solar energy, its importance and how effectively it can be put to use in day-to-day life. Why You'll Love It: Join Ms. Frizzle and her students as they explore the greenhouse effect, collect real carbon dioxide, recreate global warming in a bottle and much more. Age: 5 years and up Features Multiple award-winning science kit Introduces children to the concept of solar energy Exciting and educational Educates children from greenhouse effect to global warming Read More

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Color and shine with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Color Wonder Metallic Paper gives your adventures an edge! Just like all Mess-F...ree Color Wonder products, the markers won't color on skin, furniture or carpets! Includes 12 pages of Mess-Free Color Wonder Metallic Paper and 5 Color Wonder Markers.Recommended Ages:3 – 15 Read More

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An adorable adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover. Color(s)...: lamb. Brand: JELLYCAT. Style Name: Anne Wilkinson 'If I Were a Lamb...' Book. Style Number: 534276_5. Manufacturer part number BB444LM Approxdimensions: 6 square By Anne Wilkinson Jellycat Books Kids' Wear Read More

Eric Carle
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Eric Carle is one of the most celebrated children's book authors/illustrators of all time, with over 103 million copies of his boo...ks sold worldwide. Inspired by the amazing artwork in Eric Carle's books, this Pastel Action Musical is full of fun! The bright polka-dotted turtle holds the caterpillar on his back. As the caterpillar turns, You Are My Sunshine is played just for your little one to enjoy! Read More

Harper Collins
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<p>In this Splat the Cat story for beginning readers, Splat loves watching his favorite superhero, Super Cat, on the family TV, bu...t when the set breaks, Splat has no way to watch his cherished cartoon. Splat asks himself, "What would Super Cat do?" and decides to save the day by winning a brand-new TV. The only problem is that winning the TV requires Splat to enter a cake-baking contest . . . which turns out to be a little trickier and stickier than expected. Splat's messy adventures will delight beginning readers.</p><p><em>Splat the Cat Takes the Cake</em> is a Level One I Can Read book, which means it's perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences. This book focuses on the phonics sound ?<em>ake</em>. Phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. A child who has mastered these relationships has an excellent foundation for learning to read and spell. According to the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, a child who has learned phonics has a method to recognize familiar words and "decode" unfamiliar ones.</p><p>Supports the Common Core State Standards</p> Read More

Schwartz & Wade
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"National Book Award-winner Polly Horvath's latest, a rabbity romp complete with whimsical illustrations and a quirky cast of char...acters, has both the look and feel of a classic children's book," raves <i>The Washington Post</i>.<br><br>In this hilarious chapter book mystery, meet a girl whose parents have been kidnapped by disreputable foxes, and a pair of detectives that also happen to be bunnies! When Madeline gets home from school one afternoon to discover that her parents have gone missing, she sets off to find them. So begins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure involving a cast of unforgettable characters. There's Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, who drive a smart car, wear fedoras, and hate marmots; the Marmot, who loves garlic bread and is a brilliant translator; and many others. Translated from the Rabbit by Newbery Honor-winning author Polly Horvath, and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall, here is a book that kids will both laugh over and love. Read More

America Star Books
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"I wonder if I'll ever have a home and someone who'll love me?" Ponders Hairy. Hairy is a little black and white puppy whose life ...has started out badly. Hairy is only a couple of months old when she finds herself abandoned on the streets. Hairy is taken to an animal shelter where she finds a little girl staring at her one morning. Even though Hairy is frightened she believes this girl might be someone special to her. Hairy's life is about to take a change for the good and will soon go on adventures she never could have imagined. Marcy Ramsey lives in Wichita, Kansas and has been married almost 26 years to a wonderful man, named Bob. Marcy and her husband never had any children, but consider their dogs to be their family. Marcy is a licensed teacher and has learned the importance to pass on the excitement of reading to all of the students she works with. Marcy has a twin sister who is also a published author. Read More

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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - By Jules Verne. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Se...a (French: Vingt mille lieues sous les mers: Tour du monde sous-marin, literally Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas: An Underwater Tour of the World) is a classic science fiction novel by French writer Jules Verne published in 1870. It tells the story of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilus, as seen from the perspective of Professor Pierre Aronnax after he, his servant Conseil, and Canadian whaler Ned Land wash up on their ship. On the Nautilus, the three embark on a journey which has them going all around the world. The novel was originally serialized from March 1869 through June 1870 in Pierre-Jules Hetzel's periodical, the Magasin d?Éducation et de Récréation. The deluxe illustrated edition, published by Hetzel in November 1871, included 111 illustrations by Alphonse de Neuville and Édouard Riou. The book was highly acclaimed when released and still is now; it is regarded as one of the premiere adventure novels and one of Verne's greatest works, along with Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Center of the Earth. The description of Nemo's ship, the Nautilus, was considered ahead of its time, as it accurately describes features on submarines, which at the time were very primitive vessels. Thus, the book has been able to age well because of its scientific theories, unlike some other of Verne's works, like Journey to the Center of the Earth, which are not scientifically accurate and serve more simply as adventure novels. Read More

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Captain No Beard and his pirate ship The Flying Dragon set sail for a voyage of the imagination with his fearless crew of four: Fi...rst Mate Hallie, Mongo the Monkey, Linus the loudmouthed lion, and Fribbit the floppy frog. Normally a young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and three stuffed animals, once they board his bed their world is transformed into a magical vessel, sailing the seven seas on dangerous and exciting adventures! Captain No Beard - An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life named to Kirkus Reviews' BEST OF 2012 for Children's Indie Books, and garnered the star of remarkable merit! "Roman charms with an imaginative,whimsical picture book that will entertain even the oldest pirates." Kirkus Review Read More

Katherine Tegen
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<p>Thirteen-year-old Falcon Quinn and his neighbors, Max and Megan, board bus number 13 for school on an ordinary day in Cold Rive...r, Maine. Only the bus doesn't take its ordinary route, and Falcon and his friends soon find themselves in an extraordinary place?on Shadow Island, at the Academy for Monsters.</p><p>With a student body stranger than the cast of any monster movie Falcon has ever seen, the academy is home to creatures and oddities of all kinds. In the academy's atmosphere, Falcon's friends begin to unleash and enjoy their monster natures, from flying with Pearl, <em>La Chupakabra</em>, to decaying with the "Zombie Snap." Falcon has always felt different, with his one bright blue eye and one shadow-black eye, but is he really a <em>monster</em>? Will he discover the other thing that makes him different when he finds himself in the Black Mirror? And when he learns that the school's mission is to teach students to hide their aberrant natures, Falcon and his friends need to find a way to fight back for their monster selves.</p><p>Bestselling author Jennifer Finney Boylan introduces Falcon, Max, Megan, and their band of monster friends in this first installment of a hair-raising and sidesplitting adventure of monstrous proportions.</p> Read More

Archie Comics
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Sonic and Tails from the SEGA games and Archie <i>Sonic</i> comic books battle evil on the journey home in a graphic novel co-starring Lupe and the Wolf Pack.<br><br> Sonic and Tails have defeated the evil wizard Ixis Naugus. Now for the hard part: getting home in one piece! It?s one adventure after another as Sonic faces Mutates, Robians, and Kodos?s gang of thugs. All the while, a mysterious presence strikes out at Sonic from space!<br><br> Also in this volume you?ll find the entire Wolf Pack saga! Lupe and her pack of Freedom Fighters left home years ago to fight Dr. Robotnik, and now they too must make the long trek home. But the elements are against them, and the Wolf Pack will make a discovery that will change Lupe?s family forever! <br><br> <i>Sonic Archives Volume 18</i> collects <i>Sonic the Hedgehog</i> issues 67-70. Read More

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<div>One of the most popular and most quoted books in English, <I>Alice's Adventures in Wonderland</I> was the creation of Charles... Lutwidge Dodgson (1832?1898), a distinguished scholar, mathematician, and author who wrote under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Written for young readers but enjoyed equally by adults, the wonderfully fantastic tale is credited with revolutionizing children's literature and liberating it from didactic constraints.<BR>The story is deeply but gently satiric, enlivened with an imaginative plot and brilliant use of nonsense, as it relates Alice's adventures in a bizarre, topsy-turvy land underground. There she encounters a cast of strange characters and fanciful beasts, including the White Rabbit, March Hare, Mad Hatter, the sleepy Dormouse and grinning Cheshire Cat, the Mock Turtle, the dreadful Queen of Hearts, and a host of other unusual creatures. A selection of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.</div> Read More

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From the co-author of the bestselling <i>Chicka Chicka Boom Boom</i> comes this adorable counting adventure for children of all!  Suzanne Tanner Chitwood's colorful collage artwork features mischievous mice dancing through the story.  Readers can count down the Congo Line and tally up the Tangoing, Tip-Toeing mice on every page, and learn about time, too!<p>A rollicking, rhythmic romp through the numbers.  Read it out loud-it rocks.</p> Read More

Rita M. Reger
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In the second book of the "Adventures of Pepe Quackamole" series, "Pepe Quacks the Case of the Wailing Miner," Pepe Quackamole, a... sombrero-wearing, scarf-toting, rubber duck and Fred, his water-shy, desert frog friend, learn about the mysteries and histories of the old mining town of Jerome, AZ. When a new friend needs help, Pepe trades his sombrero for a miner's helmet and plunges underground in search of answers and a new, fun adventure! Read More

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Following the adventures of <em>Dinosaur Hideout</em> and <em>Dinosaur Breakout</em>, twelve-year-old Daniel Bringham once again t...ravels back to the time of dinosaurs to learn more about the prehistoric creatures he loves. This time he has an unexpected companion. <p>Daniel decides to travel to the past one more time. He wants to find out if a dying female dinosaur he saw on his last trip is Roxanne, the fossil he and Pederson found in Dinosaur Hideout. Daniel figures he'll be going alone, but he's figured without Pederson and his friend Mildred Roost, another paleontologist.</p> <p>Mildred insists on coming with him. Daniel thinks it'll wreck everything -an old lady will just slow him down, and if she gets killed, he'll blame himself. But he's reckoned without a tough old bird with lots of tricks up her sleeve, tricks that could save both their lives.</p> <p><em>Dinosaur Stakeout</em> includes a glossary of names and technical terms and a book list kids can use to expand their knowledge of dinosaurs.</p> <p><strong>Judith Silverthorne</strong> is a multiple-award winning Regina-based writer. She is the author of seven Coteau novels for young readers, including: <em>The Secret of Sentinel Rock</em>, <em>The Secret of the Stone House</em>, <em>Dinosaur Hideout<em>, <em>Dinosaur Breakout</em>, <em>Dinosaur Stakeout</em> and <em>Dinosaur Blackout</em>.</p> Read More

Random House Australia
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<DIV><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Gibblewort is a nasty little goblin who loves playing horrible tricks on his friends and on mothballs. But when he decides to mail himself to Australia for some sun, things begin to go very wrong. From being cuddled by an octopus at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef to being nearly run over by city traffic, trouble follows Gibblewort wherever he goes! This hilarious collection features three of Gibblewort's most memorable adventures: <I>Goblin in the Bush</I>, <I>Goblin on the Reef</I>, and <I>Goblin in the City</I>.</P></DIV> Read More

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This adventure hurls Zach the little hippo from the safety of the junk cupboard into the outside world. Left behind after a picnic..., what will he do? Where will he hide? Will he ever get back to the junk cupboard and his friend Candy? Find out in this book how Zach, the adventurous hippo gets back home. Read More

Neumann Press
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<div>Long used by most Catholic schools and countless homeschooling families, the <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are tried and t...rue, well-loved companions for children developing their reading skills. The <I>American Cardinal Readers</I> begin following the family adventures of John, Jean, and Baby, with simple sentences to ease your child into reading stories. As he or she progresses through the series, the books grow longer, the vocabulary expands, and the stories become more complex, guiding and challenging young readers to enhance their reading comprehension.<BR><BR>Young readers also become acquainted with classic children?s authors and poets, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and beloved Catholic writers like St. Therese of Lisieux, G.K. Chesterton, and Francis Thompson. Explore the realm of literature from short stories, parables, poems, fables, and folk tales, the narratives accompanied by charming black and white illustrations.<BR><BR>The <I>American Cardinal Readers </I>are a necessity and a treasure in the library of any homeschooler or Catholic family interested in immersing their littlest readers in quality literature. These hardcovers are guaranteed to withstand the test of time in every way. Order your set now!<BR></div> Read More

Bengal Studio
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Bud the Bunny is a children's picture book that starts with simple sentences and builds into a tongue-twisting alliterative advent...ure. The repetition encourages vocabulary building and the joyful illustrations by Eisner nominated Travis Hanson bring to life Bud's journey and all he encounters along the way. Read More

Two Lions
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<p><b>The classic tale by award-winning author Marjorie Flack is back in print for the first time in decades!</b></p><p>Walter is ...a lazy mouse. He is so lazy that he always misses school and spends all his time in bed. He is so lazy that eventually his family forgets about him and moves away?without him. Alone and scared, Walter heads out into the world to search for his family. He travels through a dark forest and soon meets a turtle and some frogs. Walter decides to create a new home on Mouse Island. His froggy friends live nearby, and Walter tries to teach them things. With his own island?and friends who depend on him?Walter must learn to take care of himself. There is no time to be lazy! But will Walter ever see his family again? First published in 1937 and back in print for the first time in decades with Marjorie Flack?s own illustrations, this is a classic tale of adventure and friendship, and the importance of perseverance. An introduction from noted librarian Nancy Pearl is included.</p> Read More

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<b>The climactic conclusion of a supernatural romantic trilogy starring a savvy, sharp-tongued heroine who taps into ancient Norse... secrets.</b><br><br>After surviving her (shall we say) intense adventure in Iceland, Katla is psyched to be back for a blissfully uneventful senior year of homecoming and fashion explorations. But her hopes of dodging unfinished business are dashed by the arrival of two Icelandic exchange students: Marik, an oddly alluring merman-in-disguise, and Jinky, a tough gypsy girl. It seems Katla not only enraged the Snow Queen by rescuing her boyfriend, Jack, she also was tricked into promising her frail baby sister to the water queen ? and Marik has come to collect. What?s worse, Katla doesn?t dare confide in anyone lest she endanger them, so even her soul mate, Jack, is growing suspicious. And now Katla?s stork dreams, her guide for matching babies with mothers, have become strange and menacing as well. Hold on for a thrilling finale as the heroine of <i>Stork </i>and <i>Frost </i>calls on her wits (and her wit) to protect those she loves and face a final mythic disaster. Read More

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The third book in the award-winning Starlight Series continues the adventures that form a bond of love between Miranda and Mr. Cassius Taylor, owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch and Starlight allows Miranda to come to his ranch as often as she can and tend to Starlight's needs. Miranda secretly works with Starlight, teaches him tricks and manners, and even rides him. Unaware of this, Mr. Taylor hires a trainer who uses rough methods to subdue the horse. Miranda feels compelled to come to Starlight's rescue any time she sees an adult mistreating him. Readers will keep turning the pages as they share Miranda's many escapades; close calls, joyous adventures, developing friendships, heartaches, and triumphs that are found in this must-read volume. Read More

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his album/ activity book is packed with quizzes, experiments, games, superb things to make, and eye-popping facts that every detective will want to know! Uncover the truth about Tintin's worst enemies, his adventures in space, and Professor Calculus's strangest inventions. Learn what it's like to walk on the Moon and become an ancient Egyptian mummy. Puzzle over secret codes, word searches, mazes and quizzes -- and discover just how much you know about Tintin! Amaze your friends with spectacular light experiments, practical jokes, and make-it projects, including a feather head-dress. English edition. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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What Happened To Digby is a delightful children's book with beautiful paintings to illustrate the story. Follow Digby?s adventure he runs away to the water?s edge. Will Teddy find him in time? Read More

Mountain Press Publishing Company
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Fidget and her brother Echo are two young peregrine falcons embarking upon their first adventures of freedom. Both falcons were ha...tched in an incubator by humans and then placed in a box nestled on a cliff. <i>Fidget s Freedom</i>, the first in this two-book story, describes their lives up to Fidget s first flight. <i>Fidget s Folly</i> takes up the story as the two youngsters learn to hunt and fend for themselves. New adventures await them as they grow into wild, independent masters of the sky.<br><br><br>This fictional but biologically accurate story is based on the experiences and observations of scientists who successfully reintroduced peregrine falcons into the wild in North America. The peregrine s population had dwindled by the 1960s because of the use of the pesticide DDT, which causes egg shells to be thin and then break during incubation. Two subspecies of peregrine falcons were placed on the federal list of endangered species in 1970, and DDT was banned in 1972. Because of extensive reintroduction efforts with chicks like Fidget and her brother, peregrine falcons were delisted in the 1990s.<br><br><br><i>Fidget s Folly</i> is published in cooperation with the Raptor Education Foundation, whose mission is to advance environmental literacy through educational programs, books, and research services. Read More

HMH Books for Young Readers
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<P>Two adventurers count a myriad of colorful friends at the zoo?now in a bilingual board book edition.</P> <p>A raring-to-go boy ...and his grandfather put on their new hats and set off on a counting adventure at the zoo, where they see eagles, lizards, wart hogs, and other colorful zoo friends. The English and Spanish bilingual text is set in two colors for easy reading.</P> <br>  Read More

Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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<p>Monkeys, frogs, butterflies and birds make a brilliant first-word adventure - with exuberant illustrations to hook in young rea...ders.</p> Read More

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Sand Crab has a dream, a dream that will take him on the adventure of a lifetime, an adventure that will take Sand Crab from the b...each to the very bottom of the ocean and ultimately to a new way of life. From the best-selling author of Pedro the Ugliest Dog In The World and Fing comes this beautifully illustrated fable about life. Read More

Scholastic Paperbacks
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<div>The thrilling conclusion to the award-winning fantasty trilogy from NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Jenny Nimmo!<br><br>Gwy...n can feel danger coming in the wind. Somehow he knows the warnings have to do with the broken toy horse that holds the evil spirit of a prince who lived long ago. When Gwyn discovers that the prince's dark soul has escaped from the horse and is seeking revenge Gwyn, Emlyn, and Nia have to figure out how to save the mysterious soldier who claims to be Nia's distant cousin. With the help of the Snow Spider, can they recapture the prince's soul without hurting the Chestnut soldier?<br>Nimmo's fast-paced page turner fantasies appeal to boys and girls with their magical adventures.<br></div> Read More

Brilliance Audio
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Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes is the utterly beguiling tale of a ten-year-old blind orphan who has been forced into a life o...f crime. One fateful afternoon, Peter steals a mysterious box that contains three magical pairs of eyes. When he tries the first pair, he is instantly transported to a hidden island where he is presented with a special quest: to travel beyond the known world and rescue a lost kingdom from its treacherous ruler. With the help of the Fantastic Eyes and some unlikely friends, Peter embarks on an unforgettable, swashbuckling adventure to save a people in need?and to discover his true destiny. ?Jonathan Auxier?s strange and inventive debut, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, is a beautiful adventure told in a dashing and assured voice. It?s Little Nemo in Slumberland meets Oliver Twist. I enjoyed it tremendously.? ? Audrey Niffenegger, author of the bestseller The Time Traveler?s Wife Read More

Mikaya Press
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<p> Here's the story of the Great Pyramid and the people who built it. In the author's telling, the Old Kingdom comes alive: a na...tion of farmers living on the green edge of a harsh desert with a king who was a god in life and in death. Tens of thousands of farmers left home each year to chisel hard stone without iron tools and move 10-ton blocks up steep grades without the use of a wheel, all to the glory of the Pharaoh. </p><p> <b><i>Wonders of the World</i> series</b> </p><p> The winner of numerous awards, this series is renowned for Elizabeth Mann's ability to convey adventure and excitement while revealing technical information in engaging and easily understood language. The illustrations are lavishly realistic and accurate in detail but do not ignore the human element. Outstanding in the genre, these books are sure to bring even the most indifferent young reader into the worlds of history, geography, and architecture. </p><p> <i>"One of the ten best non-fiction series for young readers."</i><br /> - Booklist </p> Read More

Perfect Square
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Pokémon Trainer Black meets White, a Pokémon Trainer who runs a growing talent agency for performing Pokémon. Will Black catch sho...w biz fever too? Meanwhile, mysterious Team Plasma is urging everyone to release their beloved Pokémon into the wild! What are they thinking?! All your favorite Pokémon game characters jump out of the screen into the pages of this action-packed manga! Read More

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It's yet another adventure in Transportania with brothers Hunter and Robin, and their free-spirited friend Archer. But this time i...t's serious. Tridente is planning on something that is too dangerous for even the three of them. They face storms, feathers, curses, and some broken parts. Will all of them survive or just one? Read More

French & European Pubns
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The fearless boy reporter explores for sunken pirate treasure with his friend Captain Haddock.<br><br>The Adventures of Tintin (Le...s Aventures de Tintin) is a series of comic strips created by Belgian artist Herge the pen name of Georges Remi (1907 1983). The series first appeared in French in Le Petit Vingtieme, a children's supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtieme Siecle on 10 January 1929. Set in a painstakingly researched world closely mirroring our own, Herge's Tintin series continues to be a favorite of readers and critics alike 80 years later.<br>The hero of the series is Tintin, a young Belgian reporter. He is aided in his adventures from the beginning by his faithful fox terrier dog Snowy (Milou in French). Later, popular additions to the cast included the brash, cynical and grumpy Captain Haddock, the bright but hearing-impaired Professor Calculus (Professeur Tournesol) and other colorful supporting characters such as the incompetent detectives Thomson and Thompson (Dupond et Dupont). Herge himself features in several of the comics as a background character; as do his assistants in some instances.<br>The success of the series saw the serialized strips collected into a series of albums (24 in all), spun into a successful magazine and adapted for film and theatre. The series is one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century, with translations published in over 50 languages and more than 200 million copies of the books sold to date. <br>The comic strip series has long been admired for its clean, expressive drawings in Herge's signature ligne claire style. Engaging, well-researched plots straddle a variety of genres: swashbuckling adventures with elements of fantasy, mysteries, political thrillers, and science fiction. The stories within the Tintin series always feature slapstick humor, accompanied in later albums by sophisticated satire, and political and cultural commentary. Read More

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
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<b>Carnival at Candlelight<br></b>Merlin has asked Jack and Annie to help on another Merlin Mission. This time they head back into... history to Venice, Italy, in the 1700s. With the help of some new friends, a research book, and a mysterious rhyme from Merlin, the heroes will save the beautiful city from a flood! <br><br><b>Season of the Sandstorms<br></b>Armed only with a research book and a book of magic rhymes, Jack and Annie go back 1,200 years to the Golden Age of Baghdad. Their mission is a mystery until bandits attack a camel caravan and Jack and Annie are given a strange box to protect. What?s in the box? And how will it help the ruler of Baghdad spread wisdom throughout the world?<br><br><b>Night of the New Magicians<br></b>A mysterious note from Merlin sends Jack and Annie to Paris, France for the 1889 World?s Fair. Their mission: find four ?new magicians? and protect them from an evil sorcerer who plans to kidnap them and steal the secrets of their magic. How will they ever find the magicians in the bustling crowd? And will their own magic be any match for the powers of the evil sorcerer? <br><b><br>Blizzard of the Blue Moon<br></b>Merlin has sent Jack and Annie to New York City to rescue a beautiful magical creature?the unicorn. Where will they find a unicorn in a big city? And what about the blizzard that?s burying New York in snow? Only once in a blue moon do all the right elements come together to make magic in such a special way. Read More

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Long, long ago there were no beautifully colored birds like we see today. Raven and his friend Jay are tired of the dull gray col...or of their feathers. Raven has an idea to change this and leads Jay on an adventure, but his plan turns out to be full of surprises--even for him. Author Dotty Cline based this delightful tale on an Athabascan myth. She cut the brightly colored illustrations from finger paintings created by her grandchildren. Read More

Gallopade International
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<b>When you purchase the Library Bound mystery you will receive FREE online eBook access! Carole Marsh Mystery Online eBooks</b> an easy, effective, and immediate way to read your favorite Carole Marsh Mystery on the go! Each web-hosted <b>Online eBook</b> is filled with the same exact pages as the book, plus additional features like pages that flip with a fun sound as you read, a full chapter directory, full-screen and thumbnail viewing capabilities, and more! <br /><br /> <b>Online eBooks</b> allow readers to access their book anytime, from anywhere by using a computer, tablet, or other device with Internet access. <br /> They require <b>NO</b> additional access or hosting fees When you purchase a library bound Carole Marsh Mystery book, you get unlimited access to the <b>Online eBook</b> version for <b>FREE</b>.<br /> You don t need to download <b>Online eBooks</b> they are available to you online 24/7! <br /> <b>Online eBooks</b> are available exclusively from Gallopade, and are compatible with Macs, PC, iPad, and other devices with Internet access.<br /><br />Mystery-writing Mimi, along with Papa, Christina, and Grant, visit a place few people have gone before Antarctica! Scientists at the world s c-c-coldest and windiest continent roll out an icy welcome mat for the group but someone doesn t want them snooping in his b-b-business! Bundle up and come along for the buuummmpppyyy ride in the oh-so-cool(!!) Bagglund vehicle! Play with p-p-pesky penguins! Slip and slide in ice-skimming skidoos! You ll even learn how to make a ěsnotsicleî! Now, where are those missing penguins? (Pass the hot cocoa, please!)<br /><br />The story will give kids the scoop on Antarctica including how the continent formed, how cold it is, who owns the continent, who wants to own it, the history of adventurers who went there and the wildlife, including penguins. Environmental issues are also addressed. Mimi is way too cold! Papa lands the Mystery Girl on an ice floe (that means it will float away!). Grant encounters penguins up close and personal. And Christina is intrigued by how you even survive here. There's plenty of history, science, and strange characters to make a mystery!<br /><br />This mystery incorporates history, geography, culture and cliffhanger chapters that keep kids begging for more! This mystery includes SAT words, educational facts, fun and humor, Built-In Book Club and activities. This book includes a map, inline glossary definitions, and lots more! This Carole Marsh Mystery also has an Accelerated Reader quiz, a Lexile Level, a Fountas & Pinnell guided reading level and a Developmental Reading Assessment. Read More

Houghton Mifflin
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<div>?He was a good little monkey and always very curious.? This is how H. A. Rey and his wife, Margret, first introduced their no...w beloved troublemaker-hero to young readers in 1941. In this hefty Spanish/English bilingual treasury, Curious George fans will find eight stories based on the popular primate, painted in Rey?s original watercolor and charcoal style: <I>Curious George Takes a Train</I> (2002), <I>Curious George Visits a Toy Store</I> (2002), <I>Curious George and the Dump Truck</I> (1999), <I>Curious George and the Birthday Surprise</I> (2003), <I>Curious George Goes Camping</I> (1999), <I>Curious George Goes to a Costume Party</I> (2001), <I>Curious George Visits the Library</I> (2003), and <I>Curious George in the Big City</I> (2001). A wonderful collection for your own mischievous monkey.</div> <div>For more monkey fun, investigate and discover all the latest on Curious George books, promotions, games, activities, and more!<BR></div> Read More

America Star Books
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Timbo is a huge African elephant. But all the water dries up, so he decides to go to the far north to look for water. In his adven...ture, he meets Pedro, a human being he has never seen before. Pedro takes Timbo to his village where the elephant enjoys all the water he finds there, but eventually Timbo wants to go back home. Pedro devises a plan so that the elephant herd can have enough water. On his way home, Timbo experiences many exciting adventures. Marc Paulissen was originally a lawyer. After several years of legal practice, he decided to follow his heart and became a copywriter. In his spare time, he writes, among other things, children?s books including the stories of Timbo & Tombo. Read More

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
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<p><strong>A sci-fi classic returns to print in its true, best, and original form! </strong></p> <p> With renewed interest in Alex...ander Key's extraordinary 1968 novel, fans can dive into Escape to Witch Mountain as it was meant to be read. The powerful, thrilling story of Tony and Tia?twins joined by their paranormal gifts, on the run from evil forces that seek to suppress their forgotten pasts?is more gripping and relevant than ever.</p> <p align="center"><strong>Praise for <em>Escape to Witch Mountain</em>:</strong></p> <p align="center"> <em>"Action, mood, and characterization never falter in this superior science fiction novel?"</em><br> <strong>Library Journal</strong></p> <p align="center"><em>"Fantasy, science fiction, mystery, adventure?the story is all of these, with enough suspense and thrills to keep young readers glued to its pages from first to last."</em><br> <strong>Book World</strong></p> <p align="center"><em>"Fascinating science fiction."</em><br> <strong>Elementary School Library Collection, Bro-Dart Foundation</strong></p> Read More

Little Brown Books for Young Readers
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<!--StartFragment--> The How to Train Your Dragon series chronicles the adventures and <i>mis</i>adventures of Viking underdog Hi...ccup Horrendous Haddock III and his dragon, Toothless. In Book 9, a dragon rebellion is coming--filled with the meanest, nastiest dragons in the Archipelago. Razor-wings, Tonguetwisters, and Vampire Ghouldeaths are attacking Vikings and seem to be seeking one soul in particular: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third! Only a King can save them...and only a champion with all of the King's Lost Things can be King. In his adventures, Hiccup has collected quite a few "things" himself. But can a scrawny Viking save the entire Archipelago from certain doom? To find out, Hiccup will have to outwit a witch, fight his arch-enemy, and beat back an army of bloodthirsty dragons with just one sword.<br><br> <!--EndFragment--> Read More

Fred Pinsocket Productions
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<span>Fred Pinsocket is a little spaceman who</span><span> just can't get enough of his favorite food! </span><span>Children and t...heir grown-ups can sing along with Fred as he flies across the galaxy,</span><span> gathers bananas by the bunch and loads them into his blue and silver rocket.</span><span>  F</span><span>red's adventure comes to life in sturdy, colorful, board book format.</span><span> </span><span>Playful illustrations </span><span>activate children's imaginations and </span><span>are d</span><span>esigned to</span><span> leave room for exploration and conversation between parents and children.  </span>The song I Love Bananas is offered for FREE (download) as a musical companion for the picture book.<br><span></span><div><div><div><div><ul><li><span>Great for bedtime. </span></li><li><span>Great for the car.</span></li><li><span>Fits easily in a large pocket or purs</span></li><li><span>Made in the USA</span></li></ul></div></div></div></div> Read More

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Please note that 10% of the royalties from the sale of each book --- Cat Paws Through History, Ko-Ko the Cat Meets Napoleon Bonapa...rte,--- will be donated to the A.S.P.C.A. --- The American Society For The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In closing, Ko-Ko and I thank you for your kind consideration of our book.<br><br>To visit the Isabel H. Stepanian Author Page and check out the "Cat Paws Through History" book trailer: <br> <br>1) Scroll to the top of the product details page where you see the book title "Cat Paws Through History. <br>2) Beneath the title click on "Isabel H. Stepanian." <br>3) The book trailer will be displayed on the right hand side of the screen. <br><br>"It all began when Mumzy and Popzy placed me in that chicken coop of a carrier from Saks Fifth Avenue, and off we went...once again. Little did I know as to what was to befall my poor, furry person. <br><br>"But alas, was I to suspect as to what awaited me on the other side of the ocean?...To say, that it was to be an adventure,...was most assuredly an understatement.<br><br> "Humph!...Phffft!...What is a cat to do?...For at first, unbeknownst to me, I believed that Napoleon was a most delicious pastry...Boy!...Was I ever wrong!... Phffft!" Ko-Ko the Cat muttered in a miffed fashion, as he stuck a single whisker in the air in an aristocratic manner, and crossed his forepaws in a regal way. <br><br>And thus the reader steps into the mind of Ko-Ko the Cat --- an informative and opinionated feline. His views of the philosophies, manners and etiquettes of life are quite enchanting: Filled with laughter and joy. Curious as a cat can be, he teaches and amuses the reader as he experiences history and encounters historical figures while he travels through the world with his human parents. Read More

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A cute childrens book about Buddy, a dirt bike, who is nervous about a race and finds a way to overcome his fear. The excellent co...lorful illustrations are very captivating. The author grew up racing dirt bikes and wrote this first book of a upcoming series to give young readers with an opportunity to read about dirt bikes and learn life lessons along the way. Read More

Square Fish
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<p>Henry Holt Books for Young Readers is proud to publish this 50th Anniversary Edition of Lloyd Alexander's classic <i>The Book o...f Three</i>, the first book in the Chronicles of Prydain, with a new introduction by Newbery Honor-winner Shannon Hale. This anniversary edition is filled with bonus materials, including an interview with Lloyd Alexander, a Prydain short story, the first chapter of the next Prydain book (<i>The Black Cauldron</i>, a Newbery Honor book)<i>, </i>an author's note, and a pronunciation guide. </p><p>Since <i>The Book of Three</i> was first published in 1964, young readers have been enthralled by the adventures of Taran the Assistant Pig-Keeper and his quest to become a hero. Taran is joined by an engaging cast of characters that includes Eilonwy, the strong-willed and sharp-tongued princess; Fflewddur Fflam, the hyperbole-prone bard; the ever-faithful Gurgi; and the curmudgeonly Doli--all of whom have become involved in an epic struggle between good and evil that shapes the fate of the legendary land of Prydain.</p> Read More

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