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Buns of Maui
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Picture yourself on a sandy beach, a faint breeze rustling the coconut fronds, the sun sinking in an orange sky. What are you dri...nking in your fantasy? Mai tai? Zombie? Beachcomber's Gold? All these drinks were created by the legendary mixologist Don Beach, a.k.a. Don the Beachcomber, a South Seas adventurer who dreamt up cocktails for everyone from Clark Gable to Marlene Dietrich to you. Don the Beachcomber's Little Hawaiian Tropical Drink Book contains thirty-nine of Don's best recipes including lû'au libations, Polynesian potions and tropical tonics, as well as invaluable mixing and bartending tips and advice on finding the best rums. So invite some friends over and get ready to enjoy the drinks of paradise, compliments of Don. Read More

Brand: iUniverse
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Fruit and cream, perhaps spiked with wine or spices, is a refreshing and different way to end a meal. Even more unusual is a fruit... soup for a first course, or even a main one. This book contains fruit based soups, some definitely desserts and others that can be served anytime. Let you spirit of adventure be your guide. Fruit soups are good for just about everybody from infants to the elderly. Read More

Voyageur Press
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<p><b>With<i> The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook</i>, you can recreate delicious local dishes, as prepared at some of the state's beloved restaurants and cafes.</b></p><p><b></b>Locally grown food can't be beat for flavor, nutrition, or beauty. From the Twin Cities to the North Shore and in between, many of Minnesota's best restaurants use locally grown produce and meats to create their finest dishes.</p><p><i>The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook</i> celebrates the best of our state with 100 local recipes from the state's finest restaurants, cafés, and bed and breakfasts, using incredibly fresh ingredients from regional farmers, markets, and organic producers. Restaurant profiles will tempt those who want adventures on the road as well as in the kitchenâ??you'll find yourself planning a trip to taste these inspired dishes.</p><p>Local favorite recipes range from breakfast to dessert and include: Lois's Buttermilk Pancakes, Wild Mushroom-Tomato Bisque, Barbecue Bacon Elk Burger, and Norwegian Rommegrot Cream Pudding.</p><p><i>The Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook</i> is beautifully illustrated with full-color, full-page photographs of the finished dishes, the ingredients, Minnesota landscapes, and the chefs and producers themselves.</p><p>This new edition is updated with 30% new material and restaurant information.</p> Read More

Random House
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<i>Dripping Thighs, Sticky Chicken Fingers, Vanilla Chicken, Chicken with a Lardon, Bacon-Bound Wings, Spatchcock Chicken, Learnin...g-to-Truss-You Chicken, Holy Hell Wings, Mustard-Spanked Chicken, and more, more, more!</i><br> <br><b>Fifty chicken recipes, each more seductive than the last, in a book that makes every dinner a turn-on.  </b><br><b> </b><br><i>?I want you to see this. Then you?ll know everything. It?s a cookbook,? he says and opens to some recipes, with color photos. ?I want to prepare you, very much.? This isn?t just about getting me hot till my juices run clear, and then a little rest. There?s pulling, jerking, stuffing, trussing. Fifty preparations. He promises we?ll start out slow, with wine and a good oiling . . . </i>Holy crap<i>.</i> <i>?I will control everything that happens here,? he says. ?You can leave anytime, but as long as you stay, you?re my ingredient.? I?ll be transformed from a raw, organic bird into something?what? Something </i>delicious<i>. </i><br><b> </b><br>So begins the adventures of Miss Chicken, a young free-range, from raw innocence to golden brown ecstasy, in this spoof-in-a-cookbook that simmers in the afterglow of E.L. James?s sensational <i>Fifty Shades of Grey </i>trilogy<i>. </i>Like Anastasia Steele, Miss Chicken finds herself at the mercy of a dominating man, in this case, a wealthy, sexy, and very hungry chef.  <br><br>And before long, from unbearably slow drizzling to trussing, Miss Chicken discovers the sheer thrill of becoming the main course. A parody in three acts??The Novice Bird? (easy recipes for roasters), ?Falling to Pieces? (parts perfect for weeknight meals), and ?Advanced Techniques? (the climax of cooking)?<i>Fifty Shades of Chicken</i> is a cookbook of fifty irresistible, repertoire-boosting chicken dishes that will leave you hungry for more.<br><br>With memorable tips and revealing photographs, <i>Fifty Shades of Chicken</i> will have you dominating dinner. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<h2>Low Carb dieters can finally eat bread - that tastes like bread - again!</h2> <h2>After months of low carb dieting and collec...tively losing over 100 pounds, Veronica and Laura Childs have released their newest book "Low Carb Breads, Crackers, and More."</h2> <h3>Are you fed up with making 'something like a bread dough' out of hard to find, or annoying to prepare, ingredients?</h3> <h4>Tired of that boring old microwave muffin but don't want to put questionable ingredients into your body?</h4> <h4>Don't have the time to blanch, chop and strain expensive vegetables just to enjoy a slice of low carb pizza?</h4> <h2>We were too! As authors of <b>The Low Carb High Fat Diet</b>, our friends and readers consistently requested a better low carb bread than they could find in a grocery store or online.</h2> <h4>The criteria, based on reader feedback, was for recipes that were:<br></h4> <ul><li>Low carb versions of basic dietary staples - breads, crackers, wraps, pizza, muffins and a few sweeter treats.</li> <li>Real food made with real ingredients - no fake sugars, no chemical additives, and fewer factory processing.</li> <li>Low carb crackers fit for a party, and bread that the entire family would eat (so busy cooks could stick to their diet without having to prepare two separate meals every night).</li> <li>Easy to find ingredients, preferably locally purchased, at low to moderate cost.</li> <li>Fast preparation - so busy moms, singles and families could get out of the kitchen sooner.</li> <li>Complete and verifiable nutritional data.</li> <li>More baked, less microwaved, low carb recipes.</li></ul> <h2><b>"Low carb dieters have been missing more than a decent slice of bread. We need crackers for cheeses and dips; hot rolls to accompany soups and stews; a quick pizza dinner, and some baked treats, too."</b></h2> <h4>"We need stuffing for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. We need better buns and bagels."</h4> <h2>This book is our personal baking binder, whittled down to the top 40+ recipes including pitas, bagels, and donuts. You'll also find a bonus of favorite dips that are suitable for both casual meals and large family gatherings.</h2> <h3>Every recipe has nutritional information and most have photos, descriptions and serving suggestions. With your health and budget in mind, you'll also find an introduction to low carb baking and the easy to find ingredients we use.</h3> <h5>Our contact information is inside the book should you have any questions. We are always thrilled to hear from you and assist you on your low carb diet adventure.</h5> Read More

Right For Your Type
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<b>MORE THAN 150 RECIPES CRAFTED FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE A DIET</b><br><br>Based on his revolutionary and highly effective Blood Type ...Diet ®, Dr. Peter J. D?Adamo with personal wellness chef Kristin O?Connor has written a set of practical, personalized cookbooks, so you can <i>eat right for your type </i>every day!<br><br>Packed with recipes specifically designed for your Blood Type A diet, the Personalized Cookbook features a variety of delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks, soups and other temping treats that make eating right for your type easy and satisfying.  It is an essential kitchen companion with masterfully-crafted recipes that make cooking with plant-based proteins, whole grains, organic vegetables and fruits an exciting and healthy adventure.  In this book, you will find delicious recipes for <i>Blueberry Macadamia Muffins</i>, <i>Roasted Artichoke Greek Salad</i>, and <i>Moroccan Tofu Tagine</i>.  In addition to over 150 recipes and beautiful color photos, this book also includes:<br><br>    <br>? Valuable tips on stocking the Blood Type A pantry and freezer<br>? Creative ideas for last minute meals<br>? A four-week meal planner<br>? Recipes tagged for non-Secretors and suitable substitutions<br><p>Previously published as <i>Personalized Living Using the Blood Type Diet (Type A)</i><br> </p> Read More

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Introducing The Messy Gourmet Cookbook, from the creators of the award winning Web site Created to promote fun, ...adventurous cookingand removal of the inevitable stains that resultMessy Gourmet has garnered accolades from the venerable (Encyclopedia Britannica) to the irreverent (Yahoo! Top 50 websites).Now you can experience the thrills, chills and spills of cooking with The Messy Gourmet Cookbook! From Cream of Dracula soup to pine nuts, this book is chock-full of scrumptious, messy creations, and stain removal tips. Cast off your cooking fears, experiment, and experience the joy of accidental cuisine.This unique messy outlook is shared by the seven Messy Gourmets--Bloody, Sexy, Smelly, Smokin, Tacky, Tipsy, and Trendy. And dont forget Pot Luck--recipes and tips that are just too good to leave out.So whether youve got a dinner party to cater or just want an entertaining read, youre bound to find a lot to loveThe Messy Gourmet Cookbook is a smorgasbord in book form! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Are you a high roller looking for something more adventurous than The Joy of Cooking? Then this is the book for you. The Weed Coo...kbook: How to Cook with Medical Marijuana has over 45 of the most delicious marijuana edible recipes to satisfy your cravings! Time tested and approved by cannabis cooks and marijuana experts! This is one of the LARGEST weed cookbooks published! If you have come across this book then you're likely an experienced cannabis enthusiast looking to expand your appreciation of marijuana in the art of food preparation. That, or you're ready to make a killer brownie. We aim to be your go-to resource for cooking with cannabis - whether that means whipping up the occasional treat or incorporating cannabis into your day-to-day diet. This book will answer questions like: - How to make the best marijuana brownie or cookie recipe. - How do I make bud butter? - How much marijuana do I use? - What are the effects of eating medical marijuana? - How to make a pot brownie and cake in 5 min. ?and so much more! Contained herein are The BEST marijuana brownie, cookie and other munchies recipes you have ever seen, and tasted! There are over 45 cannabis cooking recipes to make full meals, light snacks, after dinner sweets and delicious drinks and cocktails. Also included are tips on how to make tinctures and weed butters, pot flower and ganja glycerin drops. Recipes in this book are easy to prepare, great tasting and relatively cheap. They have been tested and approved by generations of family and friends. Enjoy them with those special friends who will appreciate them. Enjoy them on your own! A FEW OF THE RECIPES: Weed Tea Mint Julep CannaCoffee Milkshake Green Dragon Mac & Cheese Stuffed Pepper Supreme Green Eggs & Ham Weed Omelette Cajun Seafood Pasta Marijuana Meatballs Red Pepper Linguine Pot Meat Loaf Special Brownies Space Cakes Peanut Butter Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Truffles Chronic Bud Brownies Banana Bread Raspberry Chocolate Cups Ganja Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese Pizza Supreme ...AND MANY MORE! Plus, learn how to make: -CannaButter -Ganja butter -Basic bud butter -Hempy oil -Cannabis cooking oil -Alcohol Tinctures -Glycerin Tinctures Get this book today and start enjoying these easy to make recipes with your friends and family. You?ll be the hit of the party! Eat Responsibly! Read More

Shadow Mountain
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Author Josi S. Kilpack invites you to take one last culinary adventure with her favorite amateur detective and lifelong baker, Hoffmiller. Over the course of twelve culinary mystery novels, Sadie has used her unique talents to help solve cases ranging from missing persons to murder. She has traveled the world, uncovered secrets, and even fallen in love. By her side throughout her adventures has been her trusty Little Black Recipe Book. After all, who would not confess if it meant enjoying a slice of her delicious cheesecake?<P> Contains all 124 recipes from Lemon Tart through Wedding Cake--plus 25 all-new bonus recipes! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<b>Discover how to cook 50 delicious, mouth watering and adventurous dishes made from some of the CHEAPEST and most nutritious of ...ingredients... the stuff others throw away. OFFAL! .</b> <br> Cooking with offal is an exciting, rewarding and CHEAP way to put healthy and hearty meals on the table. In this book Curtis Pritchard has compiled over 45 authentic recipes from around the world showing you how easy and delicious it is to cook beef hearts, lambs brains, chicken livers, calf's testicles and much much more. These recipes are offal, not AWFUL!!! <br> <b>Some of The Recipes You Will Learn</b> <ul><li>Braised Stuffed Lambs Hearts</li><li>Devilish Devilled Kidneys</li><li>Claret Braised Oxtail</li><li>Crispy Lambs? Brains</li><li>Sister Mary's Rooster Combs and Testicles</li> <li>Goats Trotters Curry</li><li>Much, much more!</li></ul> <br> <b>Pick up your copy today!</b> Read More

Good Books
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<div>          Lizzie Glick moves from "running around" to the adventures and anxieties of adulthood in the three-book series, Liz...zie Searches for Love. But one characteristic remains ever-present in all the books: Lizzie's love for food! Now you can make Lizzie's homemade oatmeal bread with strawberry jam and her tantalizing creamsticks. Lizzie's Cookbook is a collection of over 175 easy-to-follow recipes for the food that Lizzie cannot resist.                     The recipes were selected by author Linda Byler's daughter, Laura Ann Lapp, who spent hours with her grandmother poring over her well-worn cookbooks for the best of Amish cooking. From Chicken Stew with Dumplings to Veggie Soup and Homemade Pizza, from Pumpkin Whoopie Pies to Garden Mint Tea, this collection of recipes is sure to bring you as much pleasure as it does Lizzie. This recipe-packed book joins the three books in the Lizzie Searches for Love series and cites the passages in their pages where Lizzie picked up her fork and dug in with finger-licking vitality.</div> Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<p><b><u> Vegetable Spiralizer Slow-Cooker Cookbook: Ultimate Beginners guide to Vegetable Pasta Spiralizer: Top Spiralizer Slowco...oker Recipes For Weight loss, Gluten-free, Paleo, Low Carb & Holiday to Help You Lose Weight & Feel great- for Paderno, Veggetti & Spaghetti Shredders!</u></b></p> <p>Spiralizing is one of the best ways to incorporate vegetables in your diet. Moreover, the fun spaghetti like texture of these vegetables actually makes them better to eat as compared to the normal, dough pasta. Spiralizing vegetables is considered an art form and in many cases, it can be hard to achieve the right consistency. </p> <p>Moreover, you can use them in plenty of creative ways which can allow you to eat healthier versions of your favorite dishes. The book is also beginner friendly and consists of straightforward guidelines and easy-to-follow instructions to kick-start your exciting spiralized cooking adventure. </p> <p><b>This is What you?ll Discover in This Spiralizer slow-cooker Recipe Book:</b></p> <ul><li>Slow-cooker spiralizing for beginners. </li> <li>Spiralizing without a spiralizer. </li> <li>Spiralizing for weight loss. </li> <li>Essential kitchen tools and shopping guide</li> <li>Top 10 Gluten Free slow-cooker Recipes</li> <li>Top 10 Delectable Paleo slow-cooker Recipes</li> <li>Top 10 Mouthwatering Low-Carb slow-cooker Recipes</li> <li>10 Ultimate Weight Loss slow-cooker Recipes</li> <li>And many other recipes too that focus on different things. Apart from these recipes, you can also discover how to use the Spiralizer efficiently like a pro.</li></ul> <p><b>Some Delicious Vegetable Spiralizer Slowcooker Recipes You Can Start Making Now:</b></p> <ul><li>Meatball and Zucchini Noodles</li> <li>Crockpot Soup</li> <li> 28Chicken and Broccoli Sauce</li> 29 <li>Lasagna as a Pasta</li> 31 <li>Slow Cooker Roast Chicken with a Side of Veggeti</li> 37 <li>Butter Chicken with Zucchini Noodles</li> 49 <li>Slow Cooker Beef with Zoodles and Vegetables</li> 61 <li>Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage</li> 77 <li>Slow Cooker Southern Style Green Beans</li> 83 <li>Mediterranean Chicken</li> 85 <li>Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes</li> 86 <li>Slow Cooker Chicken Zucchini Soup</li> 98 <li>Slow Cooker Cream of Chicken</li> <li> ? And So Much More</li></ul> <p><b>This Healthy and delicious Spiralizer recipes all list nutritional information & have all the nutritional features of:</b></p> <ul><li>Low fat</li> <li>Low sugar</li> <li>Low calorie</li> <li>High fiber</li> <p>Cut out calories, unhealthy eating habits with the help of this Book. You can also find out more recipes which allow you to make good use of your spiralized veggetti in creative ways. Before long, you will be able to incorporate it into your meals on a regular basis!</p> <p>So Start Spiralizing your way to <b>better health, Ideal weight, boundless energy & vitality, a healthy long life and a beautiful YOU!</b></p> <p><b><u>Scroll up to the top of the page and download your copy NOW before the Price Goes Up to see immediate benefits!</u></b></p> Read More

Forgotten Books
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The aim of this book is to present in a convenient form such directions for making and using fireless cookers and similar boxes, that those who are not experienced, even in the ordinary methods of cookery, may be able to follow them easily and with success. The fact that their management has been so little understood has been the cause of failures among the adventurous women who, attracted by their novelty, have tried to experiment with them and have come to the mistaken conclusion that they are not practical, have limited scope, and are altogether a good deal of a disappointment. Such women have made the statement that they are not adapted to cooking starchy foods; that they will not do for most vegetables; that raised breads and puddings cannot be cooked in them, and that there is little economy in using them! It has invariably been found, however, that a better understanding of their management has resulted in complete success, followed inevitably by enthusiasm.<BR>(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)<BR><BR><B>About the Publisher</B> <BR><BR>Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.<BR><BR>Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text. Read books online for free at Read More

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<b>Prepare a Memorable Christmas Dinner Feast with Easy and Delicious Recipes! Kitchen-Tested Classic and New Recipes for the Hol...idays or Any Special Occasion!</b> Christmas is a magical time of the year when families and friends get together to celebrate. Celebrations means food, and lots of it! Families get around majestic Christmas dinner tables for meals that have been thought about and planned for days and even weeks in advance. <b>With Christmas Feast, your Christmas dinner preparation will be easy with eight exciting menu ideas for all types of celebration.</b> These include: The ?Laid Back? menu is for those who want to enjoy simple, flavorful food without all the fuss. There are also two menus for those of you who prefer more formal dinners, the ?Traditional? and the ?Elegant? menus. More preparation is involved, but they will amaze your guests. For the adventurous, why not try something from the ?International? menu and wow your guests with something different this year? We did not forget a ?Vegetarian? menu. This has been designed to impress and let them wonder. Why bother preparing meat for this special vegetarian celebratory dinner? Watching your waistline? We have given thought to this also. The ?Light and Flavorful? menu, even though light in calories, is very heavy on taste. Finally, you cannot pass on the season?s best harvest products. Finally, the ?Seasonal? menu, is focus on using local and seasonal produces to make this a Christmas meal to remember. This book has been designed to make your Christmas tastier than ever before! It will take you through the hors d?oeuvres, appetizers, main courses, sides, desserts and cocktail drinks. All of the recipes are sure to be a delight for all of your guests and will have them talking for months. Inside you will find the need-to-know tips for cooking the perfect Christmas dinner meal and kitchen-tested full proof recipes to make a memorable Christmas feast. <b>The recipes all include pictures, nutritional facts, step-by-step instructions, easy to find ingredients and preparation. Grab your copy today and let?s get cooking!</b> Read More

AuthorHouse Publishing
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This book is about all the adventures that I have experienced in my journey to places where most people do not get to go. This is ...not just about all the stars and celebrities and their wine cellars but is about people, monuments, things, and places along the roads of this great country of ours. Since about 1995, wine cellars, have become extremely popular on both the East and West Coasts and of course in the Midwest. My company is devoted exclusively to the design, consultation, and construction of custom wine cellars. I have built wine cellars for stars, celebrities, sports figures, CEOs, top restaurants, and of course wine enthusiasts across the country. I now travel around the country in an American Eagle motorhome seeing more of the country in a month than most people might see in a lifetime. I choose to live anywhere The Wine Cellar RV will take me. I could be eating lunch in Manhattan with a friend or building a wine cellar for a star or celebrity across the country. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit through the United States. Read More

Sasquatch Books
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Out-of-this-world ingredients (consider the King crab and the salmon from the Copper River) combined with creative chefs makes for... adventurous and sophisticated eating. This much-lauded cookbook profiles a dozen Alaska chefs who are developing and perfecting the tastes and flavors of the Last Frontier. Whether they are located in downtown hotel restaurants or remote lodges or far-flung towns, these chefs are finding wonderful local ingredients and either inventing new dishes or re-interpreting classics. The traditional Alaskan Seafood Chowder is a hearty and malleable recipe that takes advantage of the fact that Alaskan kitchens usually have a good supply on hand of various kinds of fin- and shellfish. Naturally, the book offers up a good half-dozen other fish recipes as well. The Wild Mushroom Tart reflects the bounty of the many forests&#8212;and fortunately excellent foraged mushrooms are showing up at farmers markets in the lower-48. Alaska is famous for its long summer days that produce bumper crops and outsized vegetables. Cream of Alaskan Summer Squash and Fresh Sweet Basil Soup is a terrific solution to too many zucchinis (an issue for many home farmers). Roast Cornish Hen with King Prawn is a perfect and unexpected marriage of fish and fowl&#8212;a combination that perhaps could only have been invented in Alaska. With over 120 recipes, this second edition of The New Alaska Cookbook reveals that the culinary world up north has continued to evolve in many new and delicious directions Read More

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Meet Charlie and his grandma, Nana!<br><br> Charlie was very sad that he had to stay inside on a rainy day.<br><br> Nana has an ...idea! She suggests that Charlie begin and adventure--his first cooking lesson!<br><br> Follow along as Nana teaches Charlie how to gather ingredients, make lunch and cookies and learn the basics of cooking.<br><br> Children love to help cook. In addition to being a fun story to read to your children, this book includes easy-to-make recipes that little ones are sure to enjoy helping you make and eat. Read More

The History Press
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Early settlers of the Big Bend honed a culture of self-reliance, resilience and creativity. Today, this is reflected in the divers...e art, music and cuisine of the area that draw visitors undeterred by its isolation. Though sparsely populated, Big Bend is home to nationally acclaimed restaurants and chefs, as well as generations' worth of family recipes. Travel town by town and plate by plate in this culinary and cultural tour through the Big Bend. Indulge in a slice of jalapeño chocolate cake from Lajitas. Taste the way Big Bend Brewery's beer makes beef stew irresistible. Take a bite of an innovated classic with the rich pistachio fried steak in Marfa. From barbecued cabrito in Marathon and pozole in Fort Davis to adventures foraging in the desert, savor a part of Texas unlike any other. Author Tiffany Harelik guides the journey with interviews, history and, of course, recipes. Read More

Oxmoor House
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<b>2015 IACP Cookbook Award Winner</b><div><br></div><div>Organized around the places and ways we cook outdoors: the backyard gril...l, the picnic, the campsite, or the cabin, <i>The Great Outdoors Cookbook </i>draws on the long tradition of cooking and living in the great outdoors. Discover the tradition and evolution of outdoor cooking in the West with stories, quotes, and historical photos from the rich archives of <i>Sunset</i> magazine from camp cooking, dutch oven cooking, pit barbecuing, to today's fresh, modern, healthy approach to cooking and eating outdoors. With 200+ fresh recipes and 150+ full-color photos, this book has everything readers need to experience the ultimate outdoor cooking adventure - from menu planning and packing tips, to easy step-by-step cooking techniques, from the best advice on supplies and cookers to strategies for eating well and cooking outdoors -- that's all here and so much more. All in celebration of the life lived outdoors. <div><br></div> <div>Features include:<br> <ul type="disc"> <li>Over 175 recipes that cover the full range of outdoor cooking </li><li>More than 125 full-color gorgeous photos </li><li>Step-by-step instructions for outdoor cooking techniques, including grilling, smoking, Dutch oven and solar oven cooking </li><li>Expert advice on the latest outdoor cooking equipment: grills, smokers, camp stoves, fire pits, outdoor pizza ovens, and more </li><li>Menu planning and food packing suggestions </li><li>Nutritional data for every recipe</li></ul></div> <div><br></div> </div> Read More

Forgotten Books
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Wholesome food, well prepared, is a basic requirement in the lives of all of us, and the needs of the human body do not vary in respect even when we go vacationing. The only real difference between appetites at home and in transit is that appetites on vacation usually are more robust. Appetites in trailers are no exception. Three meals a day can be well executed with a minimum of effort in the snug convenience of a trailer kitchen. Adventuring in a trailer opens opportunities for adventuring in new foods, to anyone who will explore the possibilities of this vagabond existence; and for summer camps and kitchenettes, these menus are equally convenient. Meals for the trailer need not be drab or uninteresting. Fresh food on every roadside stand, wholesome food in cans challenge the homemaker to feed her traveling companions interesting food, well prepared. Good food which is adequate and appetizing need not be elaborate or intricate to prepare. It is hoped that the martyr spirit dominating homemakers of an earlier day will not reappear in the trailer. Some of the same spirit of adventure that prompted the pioneer homemaker to feed her family well as she swayed across the continent in her covered wagon may still be required of todays trailer homemaker. New frontiers are hers without the same hardships and hazards. Today strailer homemaker, if she has taken a step in the fashionable direction of keeping up with the times, will dominate her meals not be dominated by them.<BR>(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)<BR><BR><B>About the Publisher</B> <BR><BR>Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.<BR><BR>Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately p Read More

Delight Publishing
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The Inca warrior's harvested this Ancient Aztec "Mother Grain" named Quinoa ("keen-wa") widely known for the food's unique nutriti...onal properties is now scientifically proven with research to assist in the elimination of; breast cancer, celiac disease, food allergies, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, childhood asthma, gallstone prevention, migraines, cardiovascular post menopausal symptoms, and for the gluten free "inulin" stabilizing qualities that are most beneficial for easier weight loss in the treatment of obesity. Follow along with easy to cook yummy satisfying recipes rendering a most decadent and delicious Indo, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, American, European and Tex-Mex-Spanish style Quinoa Fusion dishes featuring; Appetizers, Breads, Entrées, Pub Foods, Fritters, mouth watering Dipping Sauces, Burgers, Pasta, Pizza and luscious Quinoa Desserts. Enjoy this worldwide culinary tour, and join the exploration in the adventure of cooking delightful scrumptious Quinoa Fusion style dishes! Read More

Good Books
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<div>          Lizzie Glick moves from "running around" to the adventures and anxieties of adulthood in the three-book series, Liz...zie Searches for Love. But one characteristic remains ever-present in all the books: Lizzie's love for food! Now you can make Lizzie's homemade oatmeal bread with strawberry jam and her tantalizing creamsticks. Lizzie's Cookbook is a collection of over 175 easy-to-follow recipes for the food that Lizzie cannot resist. The recipes were selected by author Linda Byler's daughter, Laura Ann Lapp, who spent hours with her grandmother poring over her well-worn cookbooks for the best of Amish cooking.                     From Chicken Stew with Dumplings to Veggie Soup and Homemade Pizza, from Pumpkin Whoopie Pies to Garden Mint Tea, this collection of recipes is sure to bring you as much pleasure as it does Lizzie. This recipe-packed book joins the three books in the Lizzie Searches for Love series and cites the passages in their pages where Lizzie picked up her fork and dug in with finger-licking vitality.</div> Read More

Speedy Publishing LLC
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451 Best Beer Brewing Recipes: Brewing the World's Best Beer at Home Book 1 is the ultimate book on making quality beers at home. ...This book has recipes to fire the imagination of even the most seasoned home brewer. George Braun adeptly covers the full range of brewing possibilities - accurately, clearly, and simply. From ingredients and methods to recipes and equipment for brewing beer at home, 451 Best Beer Brewing Recipes: Brewing the World's Best Beer at Home Book 1 is loaded with valuable information on brewing techniques and recipe formulation. A perennial best seller, it's a must-have for every new and seasoned brewer's library. This book will help you take control of your home brewing. It's the perfect resource for when you're ready to move from extract to all-grain and from kits to formulate your own recipes. This book is dedicated to all those who wants to learn the secret recipes of the world's best beer and to brew these gifts from the gods in the comfort of home. You adventurous beer makers will be rewarded for your efforts by having the experience of tasting some of the world's most unique, delicious beer available to only an elite few... of course; you can share the experience with special friends! George Braun is an experienced and respected brewer. With his in-depth knowledge and years of experience in beer brewing, he loves to help other brewers make great beer and expand their knowledge while enjoying the adventure at the same time. He always speaks from personal experience, humbly including any mistakes he has made to help others avoid making them too. He is a real treat to read. "You will be rewarded by having the experience of tasting some of the world's most unique and delicious beer available only to an elite few... "Let the party begin!" Read More

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67 tasty dump cake recipes that use common and inexpensive ingredients. Each recipe can be prepared in just 5 to 10 minutes and th...en baked for an hour. The entire process is simple and uncomplicated, even your kids can do it! Finally, no more slaving in the kitchen just to prepare a delicious dessert! Feeling adventurous? Don?t hesitate to experiment with other flavors using your favorite fruits and other ingredients. Use the various recipes in this book as your guide in creating your own signature dump cake flavour. I hope you and your family will enjoy these dump cake recipes. Keep on baking! tags: (dump cake, dump cake cakes, dump cake recipes, dump cake cookbook, dump cake recipe book, dump cake deserts, dump cake easy recipes) Read More

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<DIV><FONT face="Times New Roman"><DIV><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">When America?s first two- and four-wheeled c...ontraptions carried their intrepid wayfarers into the great unknown more than a century ago, a new industry was born?the roadside eatery. Roadhouses, diners, burger joints, truck stops, and, yes, the drive-in have since become venerable descendants of the travelers? inns that once dotted the wagon trail. And if anyone knows the roadside eats of today, it is the hungry biker. Whether hankering a slice of fresh apple pie or chicken fried steak and all the fixins?, riders have always sought and found the best highway chow, from lowdown grub to haute cuisine.</P><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"> </P><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">In <B><I>Biker Billy?s Roadhouse Cookbook</I></B>, America?s Biker Chef takes us on an unprecedented tour de force of roadhouse recipes, history, and memorabilia. Journey along with Biker Billy as he explores more than a dozen famous historic and scenic highways and byways?including Route 66, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Natchez Trace, and the San Juan Skyway?and the great eateries and recipes that line them. Discover topnotch but little-known eateries cherished by local riders. From blue-plate specials to grits, from key lime pie to a Colorado red chili fiery enough to carry you a thousand miles, Biker Billy dishes up more than 100 recipes to write home about.</P><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"> </P><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Seasoned road warriors, sofa adventurers, and food aficionados will find the full flavor and feel of America?s tastiest roadside cuisine in <B><I>Biker Billy?s Roadhouse Cookbook</I></B>. Garnished with history, tall tales, pictures, and maps, scrumptiously woven together as only Biker Billy can do.</P><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"> </P><DIV><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Praise for the author?s previous book, <I>Biker Billy?s Hog Wild on a Harley Cookbook</I></P><P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><BR>?Few symbols offer the macho rush of a big motorcycle, so these recipes collected from Harley enthusiasts threaten no male self-image. . . . Hufnagle has plenty of attractive recipes for all appetites to relish.?<I></I></P><I>?Booklist</I></DIV></DIV></FONT></DIV> Read More

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A book for hungry adventure travelers. Simple and inexpensive recipes that can be cooked on a one or two burner stove with limited... sources of water and refrigeration. Read More

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Lamb Lover's Cookbook contains over 100 mouth-watering ethnic dishes, casseroles, soups and stews, BBQs, crock-pot and pressure co...oker recipes, Weight-Watcher recipes, and recipes for every cut of lamb you can imagine. There also are recipes for making sausage (even one that doesn't require any special equipment or casings), marinades, and rubs. With recipes compiled from hundreds of home kitchens, Internet recipe swaps, and five-star restaurants, the Lamb Lover's Cookbook will be the only cookbook you need. When you want to try a new recipe with those chops you purchased at the supermarket or with that whole lamb stashed in your freezer, a quick flip through this cookbook will give you lots of ideas. You will love this cookbook's back-of-book index. It is professionally written to ensure that you can quickly find a recipe by name, category, meat cut, or major ingredient. The cookbook is filled with photos of BBSAI members' beautiful, exotic Barbados Blackbelly and American Blackbelly sheep. You will want one for yourself and several more for gifts! Read More

Running Press
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<div><p><B>Bring the Flavor of Vietnam to Your Kitchen</B><BR><p>Salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy: these are the flavorful te...nets of Vietnamese cuisine. This exhilarating culinary culture is rich but light, deeply flavorful but made with simple ingredients, and filling while also easy to prepare. That?s the message that authors Van Tran and Anh Vu wanted to bring to a hungry crowd when they opened their banh mi stall in London, an international city that surprisingly lacked the tastes of the authors? childhoods in Hanoi. As their business expanded, The Vietnamese Market Cookbook followed. The recipes are simpler than you might think but explode with the purest flavors of vegetables, seafood, lean meats, spices, chiles, and treasured Vietnamese condiments like fish sauce. Old and new favorites collide: Asparagus and Crabmeat Soup, Papaya Salad with Crispy Anchovies, Claypot Chicken with Ginger, Sea Bass Carpaccio, Kumquat Jasmine Iced Tea, and Crème Caramel. From chapters like “Sweetness and Happiness? to “Spiciness and Adventure? and “Saltiness and Healing,? this lusciously filling book will bring a little bit of Vietnam into your home.<BR><BR></div> Read More

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This brand-new title in Barron's lavish series of palate-pleasing and recipe-filled <i> Golden Books </i> conjures up those wonder...ful pastry shops of Paris--rich with heavenly aromas and delights that gratify both the eye and the taste buds. <i>The Golden Book of Baking </i> presents 300 glorious recipes and color photos that guide home chefs toward perfection in the art of creating and enjoying the very finest baked delicacies. The kitchen-proven recipes are categorized as follows: <BR> <BR> <LI> <B> Cookies, Bars, and Brownies: </B> raspberry delights, Bavarian apple cones, marbled cream cheese squares, and many more <LI> <B> Small Cakes: </B> apple and pecan cupcakes, strawberry cream cupcakes, pecan and banana friands, and many more <LI> <B> Butter Cakes: </B> basic pound cake, double chocolate pound cake, pecan crunch yogurt cake, upside-down apple cake, and many more <LI> <B> Layer Cakes: </B> tricolored cake, Black Forest cake, strawberry cream gâteau, and many more <LI> <B> Pies and Tarts: </B> lemon and lime meringue pie, chocolate and hazelnut tart, fruits of the forest pie, coconut cream tart, and many more <LI> <B> Pastries: </B> almond bows, coffee éclaires, almond and walnut baklava, peach puff, and many more <LI> <B> Yeast Cakes: </B> apple crumble kuchen, stollen, brioche, chocolate chelsea buns, and many more <LI> <B> Savories: </B> scones, spicy Thai rolls, pepper and olive tart, ham and onion spirals, and many more <BR> <BR> This book's team of three expert authors have graded their recipes for classic and modern baked delicacies on a scale of 1, 2, and 3 to indicate level of difficulty. Most recipes fall into categories 1 and 2, but adventurous home chefs who think they can match the expertise of Paris's finest <i>pâtisseries </i> are invited to test their skill by attempting challenging recipes like the Red Fruit Dacquoise layer cake, or a baking sheet filled with authentically French Chocolate Éclairs! The book's introduction includes important recommendations regarding ingredients, preparation methods, and baking equipment. More than 300 full-page, taste-tempting color photos show each baked delicacy, fresh from the oven and ready to serve and enjoy. This handsome volume features a ribbon place marker and gold-tipped page edges. Read More

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This is the first Haitian cookbook on the North American market! With African, French, Arabic and Amerindian influences, the food... and culture of Haiti are fascinating subjects to explore. From the days of slavery to present times, traditional Haitian cuisine has relied upon staples like root vegetables, pork, fish, and flavor-enhancers like Pikliz (picklese, or hot pepper vinegar) and Zepis (ground spices). This cookbook offers over 100 traditional Haitian recipes, including traditional holiday foods and the author's favorite drinks and desserts. Information on Haiti's history, holidays and celebrations, necessary food staples, and cooking methods will guide the home chef on a culinary adventure to this beautiful island. Recipe titles are given in English, Creole, and French. Complete with b/w photos and illustrations. Read More

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<b>MORE THAN 150 RECIPES CRAFTED FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE B DIET</b><br><br>Based on his revolutionary and highly effective Blood Type ...Diet ®, Dr. Peter J. D?Adamo with personal wellness chef Kristin O?Connor has written a set of practical, personalized cookbooks, so you can <i>eat right for your type</i> every day!<br><br>Packed with recipes specifically designed for your Blood Type B diet, the Personalized Cookbook features a variety of delicious and nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks, soups and other temping treats that make eating right for your type easy and satisfying.  It is an essential kitchen companion with masterfully-crafted recipes that make cooking with lean, grass-fed meats, cultured dairy products, organic vegetables and fruits an exciting and healthy adventure.  In this book, you will find delicious recipes for <i>Maple Sausage Scramble</i>, <i>Salmon Filled Radicchio Cups</i>, and <i>Turkey Ginger Stir-Fry</i>.  In addition to over 150 recipes and beautiful color photos, this book also includes:<br><br>    <br>? Valuable tips on stocking the Blood Type B pantry and freezer<br>? Creative ideas for last minute meals<br>? A four-week meal planner<br>? Recipes tagged for non-Secretors and suitable substitutions<br><p>Previously published as <i>Personalized Living Using the Blood Type Diet (Type B)</i><br> </p> Read More

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<span><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="128" style="border-collapse:collapse;"><tr style="height:118.5pt;">...<td style="width:96pt;padding:0.75pt 0.75pt 0pt 0.75pt;border-top:none;border-right:none;border-bottom:none;border-left:none" width="128"><span><span>Recipes from L'Astrance, a three-star Michelin restaurant with only 25 seats, located near Trocadéro in Paris Pascal Barbot is one of the most highly-acclaimed chefs in the world. His discretion only serves to heighten interest in his work. This long-awaited book is the first time he shares his vision of food and his recipes</span></span><br /><span><span><br>In this beautiful cookbook Pascal Barbot, one of the most reputed and internationally-acclaimed French chefs, reveals his concept of cooking in the restaurant he created with Christophe Rohat in 2000: the three-star Michelin restaurant L'Astrance. In a series of about fifty "narrative recipes" he describes how and where he found the inspiration for his recipes, how he finds his products, how he uses, prepares and cooks them. These "narrative recipes" are completed by texts by Chihiro Masui. For each menu she gives her tasting impressions that serve as an introduction for the dishes presented in the book. </span></span><br /><span><span> </span></span><br /><table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="600" style="border-collapse:collapse;"><tr style="height:118.5pt;"><td style="width:450pt;padding:0.75pt 0.75pt 0pt 0.75pt;border-top:none;border-right:none;border-bottom:none;border-left:none" valign="bottom" width="600"><span><span>The products used in the recipes, magnificently photographed by Richard Haughton and often little-known in the West, are presented alongside each dish. In order to allow the home cook to recreate a bit of "haute gastronomie" at home, Pascal Barbot reveals secrets of his basic recipes in the deluxe version of the book, in a 64-page separate booklet. It includes sauces, condiments, pastries.<br><br>Clients come from all over the world, reserving their tables months in advance, in order to sample the unforgettable taste experience that is offered at L'Astrance. There is no fixed menu. The experience is based on confidence in the chef Pascal Barbot who creates ten unique dishes each day. The culinary adventure can last a whole afternoon or evening: very finely crafted dishes, indefinable flavours, unexpected associations, subtly presented dishes with beautiful colours, unusual foods and condiments for European tastes - a multitude of surprising pleasures for the palate. The head waiter is always available for explaining the composition and foods in each dish, accompanied by his calm, discreet and helpful staff.</span></span><br /></td></tr></table><span><span> </span></span><br /></td></tr></table><span><span> </span></span></span> Read More

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The women featured in this book successfully challenged one of the last frontiers of male domination - the commercial fishing grou...nds of Alaska. A generation ago, they might have been celebrated as pioneers. In today's world they were simply living their dreams. They worked every job, from captain to cook and in nearly every northern fishery, even the Bering Sea king crab grounds made infamous by TV's Deadliest Catch. They share eighty mouth-watering seafood recipes and many funny and harrowing stories of their adventures. Tempting dishes such as Seafood and Sausage Gumbo and Smoked Salmon and Egg Salad Sandwiches are practical and unpretentious. Pacific Rim flavors infuse recipes such as Seafood Enchiladas or Salmon Dumplings with Coconut Curry Sauce. And filling feasts could include Thai Clam Chowder and Linguine with Mussels and Cider, Bacon, and Shallot Cream Sauce. These dishes are fresh, original, and surprising easy to make. Your taste buds will never be the same! Also inside: Tips for cleaning, preserving, and preparing fish; how to pair wine with seafood; a glossary of commercial fishing terms; an explanation of fishing methods; on-board fashion tips; and information about sustainability. Read More

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<p>'I am going to cook you the best meal you have ever tasted in your life?' Harry Palmer to Sue Lloyd in ?The Ipcress Files?</p><...p>'Len was a great cook, a smashing cook. I learned a lot about food from playing Harry Palmer' Michael Caine</p><p>If you look carefully at Harry Palmer's kitchen in the classic film ?The Ipcress Files? you will notice a newspaper pinned on the wall. This is one of Len Deighton's classic cookstrips, the series that ran for two years when he was the Observer food writer. Because before he became famous as the thriller writer of his generation, Len Deighton had trained as a pastry chef. He was also a brilliant graphic artist (his credits include the first ever UK cover for Kerouac's ?On The Road?). ?The Action Cookbook? is the perfect mix of these two passions, created for the hero of his third passion.</p><p>?The Action Cook Book? was once an instructional book for the bachelor male ? a guide to sophisticated cooking for the would-be Harry Palmer. It now has a great following as a fabulous piece of nostalgia as well as retaining real credibility as a genuinely useful cook book.</p><p>If you need to create the basic wine cellar (basic to Len Deighton ? decidedly aspirational to the rest of us), or to learn how to cook full-bodied meals with a seductive touch (how could you resist brain soufflé? ? ?brains are a very good constituent for a souffle. They are delicious fried, or in any of the piquant wine sauces?), then this is the book for you.</p> Read More

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If there is one word to describe Japanese cuisine then it has to be artistic in its purest sense. No other cuisine is so in harmon...y with nature, reflecting the rhythm of the seasons. No other accords food such awesome respect. No other prepares it with such an eye to detail - color, texture, flavor, balance - each ingredient's roll perfectly defined in the final dish. In Japan they first feast with their eyes, then comes the aroma, then taste, the palate pleasure.The secret to preparing Japanese cuisine at home is an understanding of the basic ingredients and of how a meal is composed; the culinary methods used are basically very simple.We trust that this book will encourage people at home to be adventurous and start preparing and cooking Japanese food in their own kitchens, however, the most important requirement of all is a love of good food prepared and presented with a sense of harmony. Read More

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<b>Simple and Easy Recipes for Delicious Homemade Ice Cream</b> <br><br>Next in her series of homemade recipe books is this one fo...r your ice cream maker. Cathy has brought together a collection of <b>143 simple, easy and unique recipes</b> for delicious ice cream, sorbets, sherbet and frozen yogurt. There are even some non-dairy and sugar-free recipes plus a bonus recipe for your dog. As in her other books, she gives you what you want - the recipes!<br><br> Give some of these a try: English Toffee with Butter Brickle, Mocha Mousse, Butterscotch Pudding, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cinnamon (pictured on the cover). Yum!<br><br> You'll find some really different ones too like Guinness Stout, Hot Cayenne, and Lemon Dill Mustard. That is if you're adventurous enough! Read More

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<p><font color="#cc661e"><b>Kickstart Your Fat Burning and Break Through a Stall</b></font></p><p><i><b>Including the Science and ...Theory behind the Fat Fast Protocol - Why it Works, How to Get Started and 50 Tasty Recipes.</b></i></p><p><b>The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook</b> is so much more than just a cookbook. </p><p>This unique outing in the Keto Living series from Ella Coleman, will take you on a journey into the exciting world of Fat Fasting, an excellent strategy to break through a stall in weight loss and guide you to a state of Nutritional Ketosis. </p><p>The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook starts by taking you back to the origins of Low Carb dieting and Fat Fasting and looks at the relevant pioneering studies and their astounding conclusions. </p><p>The misconception that a Fat Fast means staring at a block of cream cheese for three days is quickly put to rest! </p><p><font color="#cc661e"><b>Including Delicious Fat Fast Recipes Such As...</b></font></p><ul><li>Parmesan Chicken Balls</li><li>Shiritaki Noodles with Artichoke Pesto Sauce</li><li>Pork Sausage with Mushrooms and Spinach</li><li>Marscarpone Lime Creams</li><li>...And Dozens of other Sweet and Savory Recipes</li></ul><p><i><b>As this Simple, yet Effective Protocol is examined further, Important Questions are raised and answered. </b></i></p><p>What criteria qualifies as experiencing a weight loss stall, and are <b>you</b> a candidate for Fat Fasting? </p><p>What are the guidelines and safety considerations of a Fat Fast? </p><p>What is Nutritional Ketosis? Why does it matter and how can it be measured effectively? </p><p>What kind of higher fat foods are most suited for a Fat Fast? </p><p>With questions such as these, and many more answered, the Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook then delivers 50 Delicious Savory and Sweet Recipes designed to make the whole journey an adventure. </p><p><i><b>And More...</b></i></p><p>Alongside this fantastic insight into the Fat Fast protocol, are other useful tools including :-</p><p></p><ul><li>Nutritional Information - Net Carbs, Protein and Fats Counted and Fat Percentages Calculated for Every Recipe</li></ul><p></p><p></p><ul><li>An Appendix of where to easily source additional Fat Fasting Recipes</li></ul><p></p><p></p><ul><li><b>Both</b> US Standard and Metric measurements</li></ul><p></p><p> <b>The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook</b>, is a truly comprehensive guide to this unique protocol.</p><p><b>NOTE:</b> The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook is also now registered with the <b>Kindle Matchbook</b> system, meaning that if you prefer to purchase the paperback copy of this book, you will automatically qualify to be able to download a free digital copy of the Kindle book. It's your choice!</p><p></p><p><u>Scroll up and grab a copy today.</u></p> Read More

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Mason jar meals are the up and coming trend for meals on the go. Gone are the days of putting your food in plastic containers or e...ating a sandwich. If you're too busy to cook daily, or you're wasting too much money on expensive but convenient fast food, then this book will help you on all those aspects. In this book, you'll discover what mason jars are, and how you can utilize them to make incredibly quick and healthy meals for your daily adventures. Mason jar meals can be kept fresh for days, and are easy to transport. Whether you take them to work, or to the beach, or to the park, mason jar meals can fit into you everyday lifestyle. This book provides you over 40 inexpensive, simple, and easy meal recipes for storing into mason jars. You can have anything from a salad in a jar, burrito in a jar, or even pancakes in a jar! You will learn simple methods of placing each ingredient in the jar so that they are layered beautifully and taste wonderfully. Here's Some More of the Recipes You will Learn About - Peach Parfait - Layered Salads - Caprese Pasta Salad - Quiche on the Go - Shepard's Pie - Granny Apple Dessert - Japanese Soba - and much much more! DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY TODAY Comments From Other Readers "I had such a blast creating some of these meals with my daughter. My daughter is constantly busy with school and her part time job that she has barely any time to eat! She finally had half a day to spend with me and we used this book to create all these wonderful meals together. I especially like the wilted Kale salad. Jennifer Jones did a great job on this book." - Haley S. (Atlanta, USA) "I love making the citrus chicken udon. I'm a construction worker and have barely any time to eat. I use this mason jar cookbook to make meals for the week, and store them in my fridge. Mason jars have changed the way I eat drastically! This book really showed me the light." - Greg K. (Seattle, USA) "Excellent writing, fantastic recipes. This is the mason jar book that everyone should have. There's more than enough recipes for you to try." - Julie D. (Boston, USA) Tags: Mason Jars, Mason Jar Recipes, Mason jar cookbook, Mason Jar Salads, Mason Jar Recipes, Mason Jar Meals, Meals in a Mason Jar, Mason Jar Lunch, Mason Jar cookbook, Meals in Jars, Desserts in Jars, Mason Jar Desserts, Grab and Go Meals, Quick and Easy recipes, Easy Recipes in Jars, mason jar lunches, mason jar salads, survival pantry, mason jar gifts, mason jar food, mason jar preppers Read More

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An adorable adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover.An adorab...le adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover. Color(s): duck. Brand: JELLYCAT. Style Name: Anne Wilkinson 'If I Were a Duck...' Book. Style Number: 534276_3. Manufacturer part number BB444DK Read More

Chronicle Books
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A is for Adorable, B is for Boo ! The world's cutest dog takes on the ABCs, and his adventures are more precious than ever. Boo an...d his best friend Buddy are featured in their favorite situations and places alongside the letters of the alphabet. The ABCs have never been so furry&mdash;and fun! Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 5/28/2013Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 2 and Up Read More

The Young Scientists Club
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Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Solar Energy to the Rescue Based on the popular Magic School Bus book series by Joanna... Cole and Bruce Degen, Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Solar Energy to the Rescue fascinates children with the wonders of scientific discovery and sparks their interest in future science projects. Ms. Frizzle and her students take little scientists on a wild ride completely driven by solar energy. It is a great way to teach kids about the power of solar energy, its importance and how effectively it can be put to use in day-to-day life. Why You'll Love It: Join Ms. Frizzle and her students as they explore the greenhouse effect, collect real carbon dioxide, recreate global warming in a bottle and much more. Age: 5 years and up Features Multiple award-winning science kit Introduces children to the concept of solar energy Exciting and educational Educates children from greenhouse effect to global warming Read More

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Color and shine with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Color Wonder Metallic Paper gives your adventures an edge! Just like all Mess-F...ree Color Wonder products, the markers won't color on skin, furniture or carpets! Includes 12 pages of Mess-Free Color Wonder Metallic Paper and 5 Color Wonder Markers.Recommended Ages:3 &#8211; 15 Read More

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An adorable adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover. Color(s)...: lamb. Brand: JELLYCAT. Style Name: Anne Wilkinson 'If I Were a Lamb...' Book. Style Number: 534276_5. Manufacturer part number BB444LM Approxdimensions: 6 square By Anne Wilkinson Jellycat Books Kids' Wear Read More

Brand: Castle Books
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<DIV><p>Clare Ferguson has created over 40 recipes for outdoor eating, whether you are planning a grand barbecue at the beach or a...n informal light meal cooked al fresco. Here are dishes inspired by world cuisines, including soups and salads which can be prepared at home, and delicious fish and meat recipes to cook over hot coals. Fresh fruity drinks, wicked cocktails, and indulgent desserts are all part of the mouth watering selection on offer. Cooking in the open air adds an appetite-arousing, smoky savor?and a sense of adventure. <BR><BR>Along with these delicious recipes you will find ideas for marinades and rubs to give your fish or meat a piquant flavor and tenderness, and tips on the equipment that you can use to make your outdoor feast easy to prepare and carry. This book will give you ideas for that perfect outdoor feast in summer or winter.<BR><BR>Barbecues, by their very nature, involve primal sensations: heat, light, the gorgeous smell of sizzling snacks. This book takes readers through the equipment they need, the fuel and charcoal, and the amazing appetizers, starters, meats, vegetables, side dishes, and desserts that can be prepared on a grill. </p></div> Read More

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An adventure book of Jeep excursions inclusive of recipes from DeNittis' adventures out on the trails and in the back-country. Thi...s collection of five star recipes will have you as the back-country chef extraordinaire in no time. Impress your friends with your savvy use of five star food and fancy culinary lingo by the campfire. JGA is packed with great outdoor photos, food presentation photos, easy to use checkoff lists, menu builders, recipes, and food safety tips. Don't leave the pavement without it! Even if you don't own a Jeep the Jeep Grille Adventures Camp Kitchen & Cookbook is for any outdoor, expedition, adventure or camping enthusiast. All the recipes have been "Trail Tested" and cooked with equipment packed in the back of a Jeep and/or Jeep Trailer depending on the amount of people and length of trip. Just think how easy preparation would be inside an RV or other solid camping unit. This fun to read, easy to use book is more than just a cookbook, it's a book filled with stories of past excursions and just plain fun. Follow the wide array of two track trails that Chef Mark has traveled and traversed along with the food enjoyed on those trips. How else would you expect a chef to eat in the outdoors? Chef Mark DeNittis experience includes being the Culinary Director for Adventure Magazine with over-site of, Culinary educator, former food editor of and Culinary expert with many professional accolades. Read More

Michelle Eastman Books, Inc.
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Join the Dust Fairies on their messy nighttime adventures, and discover how one misfit fairy uses his talent to create something l...egendary. His story will have families looking at dust bunnies in a new light and may actually give kids an excuse NOT to clean their rooms. (picture book, ages 3-9) Read More

Big Idea Books & Just Me Music
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VeggieTales<br/> Personalized Mission Possible Adventure Series (6 books)<br/><br/> Your child's name is inserted throughout eac...h story making them the hero in each book! <br/><br/> #1 - <I>Island of the Care-a-Beans</I><br/> Let the special child in your life be the star in this exciting VeggieTales Mission Possible series with Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber!<br/><br/> Every child wants to be the star in their own adventure! In this new, VeggieTales Mission Possible series, kids get to be the star in every book! In this first exciting story, your child will jump on board the "Get Up'n Go Machine" and learn the importance of caring about others.<br/><br/> The Island of the Care-a-Beans is in danger of sinking into the ocean! Bob the Tomato is worried silly. Larry the Cucumber is looking for a superhero. But all this adventure really needs is that special child in your life!<br/><br/> And this is just the beginning!<br/> In the next Mission Possible, the "Get Up'n Go Machine" is off to an all new place! Only this is an underwater adventure filled with mystery and...Seaweedles? That's right! See what happens next in book 2, <I>Jellyfish Jam</I><br/><br/> The best part of each Mission Possible is that whoever that extraordinary child is in your life, he or she will get to be the star in each adventure! It's fun! It's exciting! It's VeggieTales! Read More

Cengage Learning
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Are you always doodling heroes and villains for your own comic adventures? Have you ever imagined creating your own comic book for... others to read? With "Web Comics for Teens", you can! "Web Comics for Teens" introduces you to the skills, tools, and programs you need to create your own web comics, comics, and cartoons published on the World Wide Web. The book begins with an introduction to basic pencil and ink drawing techniques to help you hone your illustration skills. You'll learn how to create memorable characters that come to life and how to develop your own unique drawing style. From there you'll discover how to compose and lay out a comic strip and get tips to help you create a great story. Once you have the basics of the story down you'll learn how to incorporate popular comical themes to add wit and humor to your comic. When your story is complete the book will show you how to use Flash software to bring your web comic to life with awesome backgrounds, cool animation, and sound effects. And if you want to take your art to the next level, you'll get the tips and information you need to host and publish your web comic on the internet where you can share it with others. With "Web Comics for Teens", you could be the next web comic star! Read More

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The Steve Surname Adventures: Book 3 (Non illustrated edition) Steve?s pet wolf, Jeremy, is missing. So Steve and a villager, Wil...lypoo, set out to find him... Join Steve as he travels to the mainland where passive mobs are behaving very strangely; fire-farting squid, swarms of bats, and wolf packs. Will Steve and Willypoo find Jeremy? Or will they discover more on this search than just a friendly wolf? Based on the characters from Minecraft. This book is a Hi-Interest, Low-Reading Age text (Hi-Lo), suitable for reading age 7+. Read More

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