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Navy SEAL Dogs promises to teach your children all about how the navy trains these specialist dogs for combat, the breed used and ...expectations of these dog soldiers. They will understand the background of the navy SEAL dogs, the agility of the breed and their ability to locate people, explosives and weapons with their senses of smell and hearing. This educational publication opens up a world of action adventure for kids. The ebook explains everything about helping soldiers on their missions with vivid illustrations and captivating photographs. Read it in black and white or absorbing full color on your kindle. This is a perfect ebook for kids to explore and discover the history of war dogs and the link between Belgian Malinois, working dogs and SEAL dogs. It includes explanations of: what the military has used dogs for in warfare stretching as far back as 600 BC, saving over 10,000 lives in warzones and frontlines worldwide; the close bond between these dogs and their handlers and ?Cairo? the SEAL dog who was part of the team that helped capture the terrorist Osama bin Laden. For instance did you know that there are over 2,500 war dogs in service today with about 700 deployed and serving overseas or that a daring navy seal skydiver and his dog hold the record for the highest man-dog parachute jump at an altitude of 30,100 feet? The facts, pictures and explanations in the publication will keep your child fascinated and entertained, giving fun and enjoyment whilst improving understanding and knowledge. You will understand why most of the western world?s military and law enforcement sectors choose the Malinois, whether it be for sport work, search and rescue, personal protection, detection, police or army work and how SEAL dogs are capable of working in military missions at sea, in the air and on land. You will see why these dogs are trained to detect and engage in ways that soldiers can?t such as explosive detection, reconnaissance, tracking, guarding, engaging the enemy, etc. You will discover what it is like for a soldier to take on, handle and train what will become a best friend. You will also get an understanding of some of the incredible equipment which has been developed to help these dogs perform their work; for instance, I was amazed that special dog goggles have been developed to help dogs recognize that there are people on the other side of a wall. Combat canines are elite warriors, trained fearlessly to venture into our skies by parachute jumping or rappelling down enemy structures. Imagine your heart pounding in your chest while peering out over the edge of a plane 13,000 feet above ground with your best friend harnessed to you. This book will make you understand the close bond which develops between the trainer and dogs and how both are totally reliant on each other for survival. Loss of either party has a tremendous impact on the one remaining and stories of loyalty will bring tears to your eye If you are a little bit like me, your child will be enthralled by the facts, photographs and information contained in the book. They will look at these remarkable dogs in a different light and will want to learn more about them. "We want to be in a situation under maximum pressure, maximum intensity, and maximum danger. When it's shared with others, it provides a bond which is stronger than any tie that can exist." - SEAL Team Six Officer "Anyone can just go in there and kill someone, but you can't get information from a corpse." - SEAL Motto Go ahead and get this Kindle edition by Lionel Paxton. You need download it only once and read it anytime or anywhere on your Kindle device, phones, tablets or PC. Delve into astonishing ebook features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading all about these amazing adventures of working dogs that love to work and enjoy learning and keeping busy! Read More

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Far away places and wide open spaces will be your destination when reading a good book. Let the story lift you up and transport yo...u to distant lands where unknown adventures await. With a good book, imagination is your only limitation. Read More

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<b>HAVE TONS OF FUN WITH JOE, SAM, & FRED AT A DINOSAUR BIRTHDAY PARTY IN THIS INTERACTIVE ADVENTURE BOOK! </b><br><br>Imagine wha...t it would be like to see a T-Rex eat cake, watch a Velociraptor try to open gifts, or take turns hitting a pinata with a Brontosaurus? In this rhyming picture book, the friends and you are in for lots of fun because you get to decide how the story goes!<br><br><b></b><i><b>Download the ebook version for FREE when you buy the paperback edition!</b></i> Read More

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An adorable adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover.An adorab...le adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover. Color(s): duck. Brand: JELLYCAT. Style Name: Anne Wilkinson 'If I Were a Duck...' Book. Style Number: 534276_3. Manufacturer part number BB444DK Read More

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A is for Adorable, B is for Boo ! The world's cutest dog takes on the ABCs, and his adventures are more precious than ever. Boo an...d his best friend Buddy are featured in their favorite situations and places alongside the letters of the alphabet. The ABCs have never been so furry&mdash;and fun! Book Details:Format: HardcoverPublication Date: 5/28/2013Pages: 32Reading Level: Age 2 and Up Read More

The Young Scientists Club
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Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Solar Energy to the Rescue Based on the popular Magic School Bus book series by Joanna... Cole and Bruce Degen, Young Scientists Club The Magic School Bus: Solar Energy to the Rescue fascinates children with the wonders of scientific discovery and sparks their interest in future science projects. Ms. Frizzle and her students take little scientists on a wild ride completely driven by solar energy. It is a great way to teach kids about the power of solar energy, its importance and how effectively it can be put to use in day-to-day life. Why You'll Love It: Join Ms. Frizzle and her students as they explore the greenhouse effect, collect real carbon dioxide, recreate global warming in a bottle and much more. Age: 5 years and up Features Multiple award-winning science kit Introduces children to the concept of solar energy Exciting and educational Educates children from greenhouse effect to global warming Read More

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Color and shine with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Color Wonder Metallic Paper gives your adventures an edge! Just like all Mess-F...ree Color Wonder products, the markers won't color on skin, furniture or carpets! Includes 12 pages of Mess-Free Color Wonder Metallic Paper and 5 Color Wonder Markers.Recommended Ages:3 &#8211; 15 Read More

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An adorable adventure book features tactile, engaging illustrations along with a wagging tail attached to the back cover. Color(s)...: lamb. Brand: JELLYCAT. Style Name: Anne Wilkinson 'If I Were a Lamb...' Book. Style Number: 534276_5. Manufacturer part number BB444LM Approxdimensions: 6 square By Anne Wilkinson Jellycat Books Kids' Wear Read More

Perfection Learning
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<p>One of the most popular titles of the I Can Read series, featuring that lovable dinosaur and his friend Danny! In <i>Danny and ...the Dinosaur,</i> Danny spends an entire day with his newly-found friend -- a dinosaur. Silly antics ensue in Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur!, when Danny turns six and invites the dinosaur to his birthday party. In Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp the duo enjoy boating, hiking and roasting marshmallows.</p><p>In the bonus book, Sammy the Seal spends a day on the town and finds out what really goes on outside the zoo on an average day. When Sammy makes his way down the street, an ordinary day becomes an extraordinary adventure as he searches for a place to swim and learns how to read and write in school.</p> Read More

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In the spirit of the classic 1950's sci-fi comics, gum cards, and movies, like "Weird Science", "Forbidden Planet" and the "Mar's ...Attacks" bubble gum cards, this book revisits the age of UFO hysteria and space adventure that made being afraid of the night sky --FUN! Full color, written in English, for all ages. The Plot: The Alien fleet descends apon Earth, meanwhile a galaxy away, Captain Wolverton and his crew battle for their lives against the treacherous Zecookie Aliens. Goofy and fun this story uses many of the classic situations that made 1950's science fiction so much fun. A modern classic. Read More

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<P>These fun, illustrated early chapter books feature the adventures?and misadventures?of the Pine City Porcupines, a hapless base...ball farm team, and their two batboys: Chad, an avid baseball fan with a huge baseball card collection, and Dylan, who doesn?t know a thing about the sport. The fictional series has a unique twist: Chad solves problems by using information from Topps cards of real figures from modern baseball history.</P> <p>Teddy ?Bear? Larrabee, a slugger on the Pine City Porcupines, gets his 823rd base hit on his birthday, August 23?and it?s a home run! The Bear is a big believer in the power of numbers, so he asks Pines batboy Chad to retrieve the ball from the stands. There?s only one problem: the crabby fan in the ballpark who caught it. Chad really wants to keep the Bear happy and slugging, so he?s just got to figure out what the fan would be willing to trade for that 823 ball.</P> Read More

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Templeton & Caruthers are two of the craziest cats in town! And these kitties know an adventure when they see one! Join them on ...the first of a series of stories. In this book, the duo are still hungry after their housekeeper leaves. They set out on a mission to find SNACKS! Includes 20 original pieces of art from Cassie Graus (featured on the Animal Planet CATS 101 show). Read More

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When the goddess Artemis goes missing, she is believed to have been kidnapped.And now it's up to Percy and his friends to find out... what happened. Who is powerful enough to kidnap a goddess? They must find Artemis before the winter solstice, when her influence on the Olympian Council could swing an important vote on the war with the titans. Not only that, but first Percy will have to solve the mystery of a rare monster that Artemis was hunting when she disappeared -- a monster rumored to be so powerful it could destroy Olympus forever. Read More

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<DIV><p><BR><I>Ola</I> is the enchanting story of a dauntless Norwegian boy who goes skiing one day and has many unusual adventure...s before returning home. He meets new friends, joins a merry wedding party, encounters a howling dragon, and learns bits of folklore from fishermen in the far north while pulling codfish from the icy waters.</p><BR><p>This delightfully illustrated book is at once a true glimpse of life as it once was in Norway and a tribute to Ingri and Edgar Parin d?Aulaire?s zest for living.<BR><BR><BR></p></div> Read More

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<P>It all started with her Uncle?s upcoming Chivalry and Romance and Loads of Frippery and Finery party?<BR><BR></P> <P>Madrigal P...ierce?s greedy brother Johann has returned to The Pierce School For Young People. He owns half the mansion and plans to sell it. Fortunately, Ophelia has been reading <EM>The Three Musketeers</EM>, and Linus, Ophelia, and Walter decide D?Artagnan could rescue the school from his wily ways and keep their best friend Walter from going back to England. Their plan goes horribly awry?again?when the evil Lady DeWinter appears instead. Can D?Artagnan and the Three Musketeers save the day? Or is the school and the trio?s friendship doomed!   </P> <P><EM>A fantasy steeped in classic literature?narrator Bartholomew Inkster brings Lemony</EM><EM> </EM><EM>Snicket?like irony to frame the story.?References to literature throughout the</EM><EM> </EM><EM>narrative make this a feast for middlegrade book lovers. Kids who like quirky</EM><EM> </EM><EM>adventure stories with idiosyncratic characters</EM><EM> </EM><EM>will enjoy a simpler kind of fun.</EM> ? Publishers Weekly</P> Read More

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<p>The small tri-colored cat Mina is always looking for adventures. Experience how Mina has to solve the riddle about a squirrel a...nd makes new friends ?<br> This is a story for cat friends of all ages with coloring pictures for the little ones.<br> <br> This children's book is complete fondly illustratet by hand. I hope you enjoy it ... :)<br> <br> Also in German version entitled <b>Minas tierische Abenteuer - Das Rätsel um das rote Eichhörnchen</b> as paperback and e-book available.</p> Read More

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? Do you love elephants? ? Have you ever wondered what's the difference between Asian elephants and African elephants? ? Wou...ld you like to ride an elephant in Nepal? Come and discover the unique qualities of Asian elephants with my friend, Graceful Grey! First, she will take you on a ride through the jungle, then you can cheer for your favorite team during the soccer tournament at the Chitwan Elephant Festival in Nepal and then meet curious and playful baby elephants at the Chitwan Elephant Breeding Center. With Graceful Grey as your host, you can also meet some of Nepal's gorgeous grey friends! With real life photos taken by the author in Chitwan, Nepal, this book is fun and educational for the whole family! Graceful Grey is book eight of the My Color Friends book series dedicated to exploring the colors of the world! Other colors in the My Color Friends books series include: White Went Around the World, Blue Went to Sea, Orange You Glad, My Friend, Mr. Brown, Pink's Garden and I Spy...Purple. Join the adventure of reading through the nations today! Read More

Eric Carle
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Eric Carle is one of the most celebrated children's book authors/illustrators of all time, with over 103 million copies of his boo...ks sold worldwide. Inspired by the amazing artwork in Eric Carle's books, this Pastel Action Musical is full of fun! The bright polka-dotted turtle holds the caterpillar on his back. As the caterpillar turns, You Are My Sunshine is played just for your little one to enjoy! Read More

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<b>The bestselling series by T. A. Barron!</b><br><br>Washed up on the shores of ancient Wales, the boy had no home, no memory and... no name... he was determined to find all three. <br><br>This best-selling series follows the adventures and training of young Merlin on the mist-shrouded isle of Fincayra, an enchanted land between earth and sky that is being destroyed by blight. With this land's inhabitants to guide him, the boy will learn that Fincayra's fate and his own quest are strangely interwined. <br><br>He is destined to become the greatest wizard of all time--known to all as Merlin. <br><br>"Fans who have followed young Merlin through his many adventures will still enjoy trekking with him." (<i>The Horn Book</i>) Read More

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A thirteen-year-old?s expectations of royalty give way to adventure in the first book in the post-apocalyptic Sword of the Spirits... trilogy from the author of The Tripods series.<BR><BR>In Winchester, roles are clearly defined. Warriors fight battles every spring. Dwarfs make the swords and the shields. Grotesque mutants are the servant class. Seers interpret the wishes and predictions of the spirits. And the Prince is the ruler of the city.<BR> <BR>Thirteen-year-old Luke has no reason to suspect that any of this will change. It?s been this way for least since the year 2000.<BR> <BR>But things are not what they seem, and soon Luke is thrown into a story of ambition and adventure in the primitive world of the future, expertly crafted by critically acclaimed Tripods author John Christopher. Read More

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Board book edition. The spirited and irresistible itsy bitsy spider has captured the hearts of generations of children by climbing... up that water spout. Now she's back?on a new magical journey!<br><br>This all-new itsy bitsy spider has exciting encounters with a fan, a mouse, a rocking chair, a cat and a big maple tree. Finally, the itsy bitsy spider finds a lovely spot to rest and spin a new silky web. Children will enjoy time and again the delightful adventures of the energetic itsy bitsy spider. Read More

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<h2><font color="orange">Go to BEFORE you order to let us know your little one?s name. We will send you a personali...zed link and you can then order from Amazon the personalized version. Enjoy! </font></h2> <br> <br> <h2><font color="black">Grayson will love to see his name in print!</font></h2> Children love to see their name in print and hear their name throughout their very own storybook. Hold a place in the heart of your sweet Grayson as he experiences many Grayson adventures growing through the seasons of the year, busy days and Sleep Tight, Sweet Grayson nights. Grayson will hear his name as he watches the snow fall in the winter to cuddling up with his Sugar Bear teddy bear at bedtime. He will frolic in the outdoor springtime, splash in the summer swimming pool, and enjoy jumping in rain puddles. <br> <br> All boy, and always adorable, Grayson is such a ?big boy??in just a blink of our eye it seems. Capture the moments of Grayson?s days and the sweet hugs of his nights. <br> <br> Give the special Grayson in your life a personalized bedtime story that?s sure to become one of his favorites. Don?t be surprised to hear the padding of little feet running with ?Sleep Tight, Grayson? in tow to read and read again. <br> <br> <b>This book is a wonderful new baby gift or special occasion personalized gift and is sure to be a favorite for that special Grayson in your life ?your son, grandson, nephew, or family friend. Order your copy today and let Grayson adventures begin!</b> <br> <br> Please remember this book?s title can be personalized in any boy?s name and makes a perfect personalized gift. Simply go to and let us know your little one?s name BEFORE you order. We will send you a personalized link and you can then order from Amazon the personalized version. Enjoy! <br> <h2><font color="orange">Check Out What Others Are Saying...</font></h2> <i>?What a perfect gift for our new baby! He?ll have it memorized by the time he?s one! Thank you for a heart-warming gift? ? Liliana</i> <br> <br> <i>?Thank you for your love of children and love for helping our son see and hear his name as he laughs and smiles and lives the seasons of life through a child?s eyes.? -- Michael</i> <br> <br> Tags: personalized children?s books, personalized gifts, personalized baby gifts, personalized, bedtime stories, bedtime story, Grayson, 1st birthday gifts Read More

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This breakthrough new book is filled with amazing insights and high-action adventures of the Jedi knight Kanan Jarrus. Plus the fo...ldable holocron provides a gateway to carefully-guarded exclusive digital content.<BR><BR>The holocron is an organic crystal-lattice device which stores phenomenal quantities of data and guarded secrets! Discover the history and secrets of Kanan Jarrus, the newest Jedi to emerge in the <i>Star Wars</i> universe! Who was his master? How strong is the Force within him? What are his fighting skills and what type of light-saber does he wield? This exciting storybook with exclusive links to rare online content, will reveal intriguing answers to many of these questions. Based on action and events from the first 10 episodes of <i>Star Wars Rebels</i>, this book features five tales from the perspective of Kanan Jarrus, the secret Jedi. Packed with action, adventure, great reading, humor, and bold visuals, <i>The Secret Jedi </i>provides a wonderful glimpse into the new world of <i>Star Wars Rebels</i>, and the Jedi leading the rebel team. But what makes this a truly unique package is ? the holocron! Packaged with each book will be a ?holocron? toy that when arranged properly, reveals a secret code to a gated website that includes a wide range of bonus content linked to the book and the broader Jedi world. Read More

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Come along with Toby the Fox on his Valentine?s Day adventure. Sneak through the snowy woods and stumble upon stashes of berries,... friendly fairies, mysterious stones, and good friends. This book is filled with fun felt characters, whimsical charm and humor! Recommended Ages: 3 to 10 (From the "KIDS' HOLIDAY" book series.) Read More

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<p>The mystery of the Tower at Ravenscliff is at last revealed in the long await continutation of The Ravenscliff Series.<br /></p...> <p>"The terror begins on page one and never stops! This is my kind of book-filled with magic and dozens of frightening surprises." -R.L. Stine<br /></p> <p>"A rich, riveting and sophisticated read. Readers will be hypnotized by its brew of New England Gothic, character driven suspense and childhood magic. I am hungrily waiting for the further adventures of Devon March." -Christopher Rice<br /></p> <p>"Seriously scary... Best described as Buffy meets teenage Goosebumps...Not for the squeamish!" -The Sunday Times London<br /></p> <p>A returning threat roams the halls of Ravenscliff Manor, the mad sorceress Clarissa, but she is only one of many problems facing Devon March. His budding relationship with Cecily takes a hit when he discovers she might be his (gulp!) sister, while his pal Marcus is mysteriously linked with the savage, gorilla-like beast that turns up in Misery Point on nights of the full moon.<br /></p> <p>The only way to solve these mysteries is to take another trip down the Staircase Into Time, with Devon emerging at the Ravenscliff of thirty years ago. A time when his guardian Amanda and the mysterious Rolfe are toddlers, and the Madman, Jackson Muir, is very much alive.</p> Read More

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The land is hit by a mysterious change in the weather. The temperature has dropped below freezing. Snow and ice blanket the entire... region, and a massive blizzard is on the way. With this new weather pattern, it can only mean one thing. Jack Frost is near.<br> <div>Flurry had hoped he could relax with his friends at the North Pole, but when Flurry's sister and another teddy bear cub go missing, panic ensues among the teddy bear community. Flurry and his best friend go on an epic adventure to not only find their friends but to save the entire land from Jack's evil. However, could these teddy bear cubs possibly defeat such an evil tyrant when so many have failed before?<br> </div><div>Find out what happens as Flurry and his friends take on the most ruthlessly evil villain the land has ever known, in this next installment of Flurry's epic adventures. </div> Read More

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<DIV>Little Polar Bear, the beloved young hero of seven popular previous adventures, finds his arctic homeland is warmer than usua...l this year, which creates a problem for his friends, the Beluga whales. Parents and children will love reading this warm story of friendship together. Hans de Beers stunning watercolors bring to life Lars, the Little Polar Bear in this latest edition in the popular Little Polar Bear series. Lars (the Little Polar Bear) leads the Beluga whales to safety from illegals hunters, and glaciers that threaten to seal the bay.</div> Read More

Barron's Educational Series
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This new title in the illustrated <i>Let's Read! </i> language-learning series is a real page-turner! It's a story for kids, writt...en in a bilingual French and English format, which encourages boys and girls who are independent readers in their own language to begin learning a second language. All <i>Let's Read </i> books present original stories of action and adventure geared to young readers' interests. Meanwhile, kids begin to learn a new language, compare it with their own, and start out on a path toward bilingual fluency. As they read, children discover that they don't need to learn every single new word that they encounter in the second language. As unfamiliar words appear and reappear in the story's context, they will pick up meanings effortlessly, just as they pick up and understand new words in their own language. The parallel text, illustrations, and dialogue balloons on every page give kids a child-friendly bridge to reading and speaking in a second language. <i> Let's Read </i> books are available in both French/English and Spanish/English editions. Read More

Disney Press and Blackstone Audio
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<BR><BR>[Children's Fiction (Ages 10-12)]<BR><BR> [Read by Feodor Chin]<BR><BR> Stan Lee presents a brand-new, magical, adventure!<BR><BR> When twelve magical superpowers are unleashed on the world, an Asian American teenager named Steven is thrown into the middle of an epic global chase. He'll have to master strange powers, outrun super-powered mercenaries, and ultimately unlock the hidden secrets of the Zodiac Legacy.<BR><BR> Read More

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England, 1757...Moonfleet. A village with a secret. An orphan lad with a dream. A band of wily smugglers. A legend of lost treasur...e. When young John Trenchard discovers a long-lost crypt, he finds cryptic Bible verses inserted into an old locket. This chance discovery leads to a quest for a legendary jewel, swashbuckling action, and an experience that will change John's life forever. This classic of adventure fiction has long been in the public domain and is available for free in many ebook editions. This print version is for those who enjoy the feel of a physical book in their hands, and who love a rip-roaring adventure in the style of Robert Louis Stevenson and Talbot Mundy. Read More

Bloomsbury USA Childrens
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<p>When Penguin finds a lost mitten on the ice one day, he wonders who it belongs to--after all, every mitten has a mate! Prolific... author/illustrator Salina Yoon's spare text and bright, energetic illustrations bring to life this endearing story celebrating love in its many forms, reminding us that the greatest adventure begins when you find your other half.</p> Read More

Listening Library
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"National Book Award-winner Polly Horvath's latest, a rabbity romp complete with whimsical illustrations and a quirky cast of char...acters, has both the look and feel of a classic children's book," raves <i>The Washington Post</i>.<br><br>In this hilarious chapter book mystery, meet a girl whose parents have been kidnapped by disreputable foxes, and a pair of detectives that also happen to be bunnies! When Madeline gets home from school one afternoon to discover that her parents have gone missing, she sets off to find them. So begins a once-in-a-lifetime adventure involving a cast of unforgettable characters. There's Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, who drive a smart car, wear fedoras, and hate marmots; the Marmot, who loves garlic bread and is a brilliant translator; and many others. Translated from the Rabbit by Newbery Honor-winning author Polly Horvath, and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall, here is a book that kids will both laugh over and love.<br><br><br><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i> Read More

Workman Publishing Company
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<DIV> Plant a pumpkinseed with a child, and cultivate wonder. This simple act of reconnecting with children with nature is Sharon ...Lovejoy's purpose and joy and gift. Author of <I>Sunflower Houses: Garden Discoveries for Children of All Ages </I>and <I>Hollyhock Days: Garden Adventures for the Young at Heart</I>, Sharon Lovejoy is a nationally known garden writer whose books, television specials, and projects at her learning landscape in California have introduced thousands of children to the pleasures of gardening.<br><br>In her newest book, <I>Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots</I>, she presents 12 spirited, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that parents and kids can grow together. Illustrated throughout by the author's own lyrical watercolors, each garden includes a plan, the planting recipe -- seeds, seedlings, and growing instructions spelled out step-by-step -- and activities. There's the Pizza Patch , a giant-size wheel garden planted in "slices" of tomatoes, zucchini, oregano, and basil. A Flowery Maze to get lost in. A Moon Garden of night-blooming flowers, including a moonflower tent. And Mother Nature's Medicine Chest.<br><br>Discovery Walks teach kids how the gardens work, and a chapter on gardening basics includes a child-friendly 10-Minute Plan for planting and maintenance, plus a list of the top 20 plants guaranteed to make gardeners out of kids.</DIV> Read More

Brand: Perfection Learning
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<DIV>Enter the world of Geronimo Stilton, where another funny adventure is always right around the corner. Each book is a fast-pac...ed adventure with lively art and a unique format for a value price!<br><br>Who Is Geronimo Stilton?<br>That's me! I run a newspaper, but my true passion is writing tales of adventure. Here on Mouse Island, my books are all bestsellers! What's that? You've never read one? Well, my books are full of fun. They are whisker-licking good stories, and that's a promise!<br></div> Read More

Brand: Greenwood
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<p>The famous tale from the Brothers Grimm included in this book is only one of the stories from around the world about a very dim...inutive but resourceful character trying to earn his or her place in the world. This international collection of stories revolves around a surprisingly frequent theme: an extremely tiny child who starts out in life either unwanted or humorously accident prone. A quest begins, often initiated by one of these accidents or by a spectacular event that could only befall someone two inches tall. The character must use wit, heroics, and even trickery, to survive a series of adventures that are sometimes exciting--sometimes harrowing.</p> Read More

Creative Editions
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<p>Like many little boys, Pinocchio likes to dabble in mischief, disobey his parents, and shirk his studies and chores. Like many ...ordinary boys, Pinocchio does what he pleases, with scant regard for the consequences. But the star of this tale isn't just any little boy. And he's certainly not ordinary. In fact, he's not a boy at all. With a head made of wood and his body carved from an enchanted tree limb, Pinocchio is a puppet. And a naughty one at that!</p> <p>Author Carlo Collodi and illustrator Roberto Innocenti treat readers to a wildly imaginative ride in this delightful story of an egoistic wooden puppet whose bad behavior leads him from one misfortune to another. In the end, lured by the promise of becoming a "real" boy should he change his wicked ways, Pinocchio tries to make amends. But will his good deeds come too late?</p> <p><b>Carlo Collodi</b> is the pseudonym of Carlo Lorenzini (1826-1890), an accomplished Italian journalist whose translations of French fairy tales in the late 1870s earned such praise that he was encouraged to write his own. <i>Le Avventure di Pinocchio</i> (<i>The Adventures of Pinocchio</i>), his most famous and beloved work, debuted in 1881 and is today considered a children's classic.</p> <p>Italian <b>Roberto Innocenti</b> taught himself the craft of illustration as a young man and has since become one of the world's most recognizable children's book illustrators. His work in such acclaimed picture books as <i>Rose Blanche</i>, <i>Nutcracker</i>, <i>A Christmas Carol</i>, <i>The Last Resort</i>, and <i>Erika's Story</i> has garnered wide critical acclaim and such honors as the Bratislava Golden Apple Award and a 2004 nomination for the Hans Christian Andersen Award.</p> Read More

Walter Foster
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<p>This charming book includes 11 drawing lessons, an engaging story, "reward" stickers, and a flip-down paper pad with drawing pr...ompts. Dinosaurs features the story of Nate, a small compsognathus that participates in the Dinosaur Olympics. As Nate "goes for the gold," he competes with many other dinos. While children follow along with Nate's adventure, they will learn how to draw all the characters featured in the story, including a flying pterodactyl, a massive sauroposeidon, and a terrifying tyrranosaurus rex.</p> Read More

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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When a troublemaking classmate hires a super-popular boy band to perform at her birthday pa...rty and then invites everyone except Shelly Siren, Echo, Shelly's best friend, struggles with the decision about whether to see her favorite band or stay loyal to Shelly. By the author of the Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series. Read More

Human Kinetics
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<html> <head> </head> <body> <p> In <i>Alpine Skiing</i>, Ronald Kipp, alpine sport education manager for the U.S. Ski and Snowboa...rd Association, introduces novice skiers to the basics of the sport, assists intermediate skiers in refining skills, and advises experts in specialized situations. He prepares you for your adventure with information on conditioning, selecting equipment, and familiarizing yourself with the skiing environment. You?ll then find easy-to-follow instruction on skiing fundamentals, such as the wedge turn, the christie and edging skills, parallel turns, and dynamic parallel skiing. You will also find additional guidance on the more challenging moguls, powder skiing, tree skiing, and racing slopes. </p> <p> Throughout the book Kipp shares consumer, technique, and safety tips collected from his years of experience as both a skier and an instructor. He also provides valuable information on travel and trip planning, including choosing a ski area and accommodations, packing, and flying with your gear. Lists of websites will help you find ski instructors and organizations, shop for equipment and gear, and plan trips around the world. </p> <p> <i>Alpine Skiing</i> is part of the Outdoor Adventures series, which provides you with the essential information on basic techniques and skills so you can be on your way to an adventure in no time. </p> </body> </html> Read More

Briony Isaacs
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'Parsley Pig Finds a Home' is the first in a series of short stories about a guinea pig named Parsley. As a 'pink eyed white' Pars...ley knows her appearance is very different to that of her family and other guinea pigs and this makes her very anxious. Still, she must leave her mother, bound for the pet shop to find a home. But will she find a 'two feet' to take care of her and the home she dreams of? Additional Titles include: Parsley Pig Gets new Friends Oliver Bunny comes to stay Pip Pig needs an Operation Jingle Pigs Periwinkle and the Poisonous Plant These titles are also available as Kindle downloads from the Amazon store. Please note that 10% of profits made from the sale of this book will go to genuine and reputable guinea pig rescue centers and organisations. Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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<div><span>Age Level: </span><b>9 and up</b><span> | Grade Level: </span><b>4 and up</b></div><div></div><div>"Watch out Hogwarts,... the 39th College is recruiting!"</div><br><div>An action-packed adventure set in a top secret college for kids. The first in a brand new series of books for kids by Sean Black, author of the bestselling Ryan Lock thrillers.</div><br><div>Twelve-year-old Extolziby lives with his family of lovable rogues, the Gruffs, on a crime ridden housing scheme in Scotland. When he is almost killed in a car accident, he finds himself transported to a secret Oxford college where regular kids are turned into super-human beings using the very latest technology.</div><div></div> Read More

Brand: Illumination Arts Publishing Company
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Ready for fun and adventure? Then join us in our magic tree house, where imagination takes flight as we blast off on the trip of a... lifetime. <i>Just Imagine</i> soaring in a supersonic jet, riding on a dolphin, sailing the seven seas, or exploring a deep, dark swamp. How about painting a rainbow, hosting a garden party for all our animal friends, or boarding a rocket ship bound for the moon?<br><br> Who knows what might happen and what we'll become as we set our minds free. After all, anything is possible when we <i>Just Imagine</i>. This oversized, lavishly illustrated book offers delightful surprises for readers of all ages. Wodin s inspiring paintings will be treasured for generations to come. Read More

Boyds Mills Press
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<div>With a pleasing blend of humor, adventure, mystery, and drama, author Sheila Kelly Welch presents a collection of seasonal ho...rse stories that appeals to a wide range of young readers. Here are twelve realistic tales of contemporary children and the difficulties they encounter in their everyday lives--lives in which horses happen to be key players. Even children who aren't horse-crazy will be able to identify with characters like Richie, Brent, Lynda, and Janelle, who not only face obstacles but grow and change as they overcome them. There to help them are their equine friends--Rosey, Splashes, Penny, and the others--who save the day, steal the show--and find their way into the hearts of story characters and readers alike.</div> Read More

Brand: Listening Library (Audio)
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It's been almost a year since Cyrus and Antigone Smith earned their places as Journeymen at Ashtown, home of an ancient order of ...explorers that has long guarded the world's secrets and treasures. While their studies go well, Cy and Tigs are not well liked since losing the Dragon's Tooth to the nefarious Dr. Phoenix. The Tooth is the only object in the world capable of killing the long-lived transmortals, and Phoenix has been tracking them down one-by-one, and murdering them.<br> <br> The surviving transmortals, led by legendary warrior Gilgamesh of Uruk, descend on Ashtown in force, demanding justice. Cy and Tigs find themselves on the run in a desperate search to locate Phoenix and regain the Tooth. In the process, they uncover an evil even more dangerous than Phoenix, one that has been waiting for centuries to emerge.<br> <br> The second book of N.D. Wilson's Ashtown Burials series delivers all the adventure, excitement, and suspense of the first?and more! Read More

Phidal Publishing Inc.
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Use the suction cup characters and your imagination to bring these Stuck on Stories to life! Read the stories and complete the Then, create your very own adventures by decorating each scene with your characters! 3 years and up.<P>© Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Read More

Perfection Learning
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Taran is bored with his life as an assistant pig-keeper, even though Hen Wen is an oracular pig. But Hen Wen runs away; and when T...aran goes to find her, he loses his way in the midst of the forbidden forest, leading him into a series of magical adventures. Read More

Random House
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A perfect gift for new parents, birthday celebrations, and happy occasions of all kinds, this collection of five beloved Beginner ...Books by Dr. Seuss?<em>The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, </em>and <em>Fox in Socks</em>?will be cherished by young and old alike. Ideal for reading aloud or reading alone, they will begin a child on the adventure of a lifetime! Read More

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Most young girls play with dolls and have tea parties-this girl creates a safe haven for the bunnies she meets outside her country... home. The story begins with a magical transformation that is followed by many adventures with the young girl and her new bunny friends. Her travels will take her through magical forests to rocky cliffs, and back home again with a final touch of magic. This book is filled with wonderful illustrations and storytelling. Read More

Roaring Brook Press
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<p>Action, adventure, and time travel combine in the final book of an award-winning trilogy.</p><p>Narrowly escaping from a gang o...f bullies, a boy slips into a grand old gallery--the perfect hiding place, full of mystery and treasures. Suddenly, a painting comes to life and the boy finds himself on an adventure led by a mischievous dog that has leapt from the canvas. The two slip into a Vermeer painting and are transported to Little Street, Delft in seventeenth-century Holland, where the boy has to use every ounce of his ingenuity to rescue his new friend from an untimely fate.<br> The third book in the "Boy, Bear" series, <i>The Hero of Little Street</i> is packed with thrilling escapades from start to finish. Gregory Rogers's cast of much-loved characters come together once again in this triumph of visual storytelling.</p> Read More

Perfection Learning
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FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Geronimo Stilton, is a quiet, mild-mannered mouse, who keeps getting pulled into adventures.... Narrated as if the books are autobiographical adventures, this series is Italy's most popular children's series and has been translated into English. Read More

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