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This is a warm, fun-filled fantasy story for children with a difference: the hero is Ben, a boy with Asperger Syndrome. When Ben a...nd his friend Andy find an old bottle in the school yard, they little realize the surprises about to be unleashed in their lives. Bound up with this exciting mystery is the story of how Ben is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and how he and his family deal with the problems and joys that come along. Blue Bottle Mystery is a delight to read that is more than just another kid s book. For the first time, the issues and frustrations that a child may have with Asperger Syndrome are explored within a fictional format especially for children. Its portrayal of Ben as the central character offers other children with autistic spectrum disorders and their peers a positive role model. It is a valuable teaching tool that demystifies children with Asperger Syndrome, justifying their individuality as valid and interesting. In Blue Bottle Mystery Kathy Hoopmann has combined her love of children with her passion for fantasy literature to produce a delightful read for anyone who loves an adventure and wants a unique insight into the mind of an Asperger child. Ben finds an unusual old bottle buried in the school yard, and in a roundabout way it helps Ben and his family find out what is causing some of the persistent problems he has both at home and at school. ISBN-13: 9781853029783 Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Limited Publication date: 12/6/2000 Series:An Asperger Adventure Series Edition description: New Edition Pages: 96 Sales rank: 647,912 Age range: 9 - 12 Years Product dimensions: 5.50 (w) x 8.50 (h) x 0.25 (d) Read More

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From the bestselling Baby Whisperer franchise, a concise, detailed, reassuring guide to feeding your newborn -available exclusivel...y as a $1.99 eBook. ISBN-13: 9781451650389 Publisher: Atria Books Publication date: 7/12/2011 Sold by: SIMON and SCHUSTER Format: eBook Pages: 160 Sales rank: 100,031 File size: 16 MB Note: This product may take a few minutes to download. Read More

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