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JayJo Books
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The perfect way to teach children about asthma, this entertaining and educational book emphasizes that by learning what asthma is,... kids with asthma can live active and normal lives. The ABCs of Asthma matches each letter of the alphabet with corresponding words associated with asthma. It explains what asthma is, things that trigger asthma episodes and items used in treatment. Read More

Robert Rose
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<p> <i>Medically-proven strategies for parents and caregivers.</i> </p><p> <b>The Complete Kid's Allergy and Asthma Guide</b> give...s parents a comprehensive, authoritative guide with common-sense guidelines, recommendations and tips on dealing with the asthmatic condition and the multiple allergic problems of children. Developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Sick Children, this book provides the most up-to-date, expert advice available, with easy-to-read information about every aspect of allergy and asthma. </p><p> The guide includes:<ul> <li />The most common types of allergic problems <li />How an allergy or asthma develops <li />How to minimize allergic reactions <li />How to avoid allergens and irritants <li />How to prevent a child's asthma from getting worse <li />How to prepare for an emergency </ul></p><p> For a child who has not yet received a medical diagnosis, <b>The Complete Kid's Allergy and Asthma Guide</b> provides parents with vital information on how to read the signs of allergy and asthma -- from keeping a food diary, to monitoring asthma symptoms, to tracking allergic reactions. A record of these observations is crucial to isolating a child's allergy and asthma triggers. </p><p> This comprehensive guide offers daily coping strategies (how to check food labels, managing social situations, traveling tips), as well as dealing with more serious aspects of preparing for and handling severe allergic and asthmatic reactions. </p> (20031209) Read More

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Run, ride your bike and enjoy yourself next to Jake Jameson, the most active child alive (according to his mother). But also yourself to join him in a story that will--literally--take your breath away. While Jake is playing with his friends, he begins to have difficulties when breathing and is whisked away to the Emergency Room. He is diagnosed with <b>Asthma</b>, as so many children are today, and must learn all about the condition and how to take care of himself. This brilliant guide allows children to learn about Asthma through a kid-friendly, entertaining story.<div><br><div></div><div><i>This book is part of the <b>Storybook Illustrated Guides</b> (, which main goal is to serve as an educational resource that will benefit parents and children alike. The fictional stories include characters, who are just like you/your child, that discover why they are different and learn that they can overcome and lead normal lives. Each book is fundamentally divided into three sections:</i></div><div><ol><li><i>Created for parents and caregivers, practical and useful tips to help recognize symptoms of conditions covered in each book.</i></li><li><i>The stories themselves, illustrated to capture children's interest while educating them about various illnesses.</i></li><li><i>A list of online resources that adults can use to learn more about conditions.</i></li></ol></div><div></div><div><b>Table of Contents:</b></div><div><ul><li>Tips for Caregivers of Children with Asthma</li><li>Chapter 1: Bumps and Bruises</li><li>Chapter 2: The Elephant on Jake's Chest</li><li>Chapter 3: Jake's Diagnosis</li><li>Chapter 4: Jake's Triggers</li><li>Chapter 5: Jake Gets a New Job</li><li>Chapter 6: Jake Learns to Manage</li><li>Chapter 7: Beating Asthma</li><li>Glossary of Terms</li><li>Helpful Resources</li></ul></div></div><i>"My niece suffers from asthma, so I know that it's great when she learns that she's not alone and that everything is not lost! This book has really nice stories and will surely help a lot of kids out there."</i> <div>-- Hazel Larsen </div> Read More

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